10 Ways 《How to Promote Your Podcast》

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How to Promote Your Podcast,Podcast Directories,Create an Email List,Promote on social media Podcast Directories

Why is it important to promote your PODCAST?

Podcasts are the latest attraction for content creators online. All they want is to communicate with people, interact with them, and keep content engaging. Other than video or documentary, these podcasts are efficient production. It helps to gather up people around you and bring the topic of their interest in town.

Currently, we have numerous types of podcasts such as video, audio, graphical, and much more. You have the opportunity to come up with any category, genre, and type according to personal interest.

Creating a podcast is hectic at once, but its promotion is the second challenge for sure. The launch takes you 99.0% energy, and its promotion requires you to have a refuel and give 100% of your attention in there, Buffer explained.

A good podcast is not just about publishing a new episode, but a well-designed and strategized episode that comes up with results.

Making the real deal

Simple publishing of your podcast is just like throwing cards in the air. It may get a catch or may not. When you want people to listen to you, the message has to be direct, channelized, and precisely designed for sure. The planned promotion of your podcast refers to reach out to the target and assured audience in person.

It is about delivering your message to them directly. When you are welcoming the listeners, they will come back to listen to you and became part of the series. All you need is to come up with a real-time strategy for promoting your podcast. It makes response original, rapid, and always growing in the future.

Podcast Directories

Reaching out to podcast directories and publish your podcast, there is like entering a marketplace. The possibility to sell out something is better where there are relevant customers already exist.

You do not have to create a platform of your own to start a podcast and run the strategies to pull over the audience. At the podcast directories, several people do millions of searches every day.

Neiman lab reported, about 70% of all podcast listening happens on iTunes. The rest of the directories are a part of the race but with a little less proportion. In short, you have a market to grab by accessing these directories once for all. It does not take much of your time and effort as these directories are designed for podcasts.

Create your profile, upload the podcast, and go live. Make sure to keep the podcast up to date, add relevant tags, searches, and topics that provide leads to boost search results.

Out of millions of visitors, you will be able to bag a good number of listeners for the content online. It reduces your marketing efforts and even controls the marketing budget. There is no need to drag the audience to the podcast but bring the podcast to them, so there will be more listeners.

Create an Email List

Even a popular and professional podcaster believes in creating email lists and reaching people’s inbox efficient for the overall promotion. It brings you the direct and relevant audience with the best responses on the episodes.

Creating an email listing eventually lets you come up with the ultimate options in reaching out to more people. It involves producing a well-constructed message, images, and graphics as well. All these things combine to turn out as an ultimate opportunity for you in time.

The email marketing providers are out there to help you making email lists and reach out to the target audience.

Using these lists, you can share and send the latest podcast episode links, posters, timings, teasers, joining live invites, and much more. On the other hand, it brings you an idea about the confirmed audience. People respond to emails and bug on them after some time. The message exists in the medium, and the person can access it at ease and convenience.

Remember, it turns out to be a long-term investment and message dissemination from your side. It never expires and remains there always until the receiver does not put it into junk. To avoid the junk folder, you should make the email interactive, appealing, and convincing for the reader.

Promote on social media

When it comes to promotion tools, we have a wide range of resources right now. It is now a past to access promotional tools with limited opportunities. Currently, social media is letting you in for the right game at the right time. One profile and a few clicks can do the real magic.

There are billions of users online taking social media seriously. It is now more than just communicating but exchanging ideas, promotes business, managing sales, sharing content, and much more.

Everyone has a social life online, and they make sure to do every possible thing in this life. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many others are just the right options for the promotion of your podcast.

It is not just about their ease of use but the relevant and helpful tools available there. Using these tools, one can come up with the best response.

Social media is not just about sharing but reaching out to numerous other people through optimization. The use of tags, sharing posts, adding descriptions and keywords, helps in getting the best response for sure. The only thing to manage is the face value of the podcast. It has to be attractive and flaming. People get attracted to the best-presented information online.

Using the latest strategies, you can come up with the ultimate social media promotion for the podcast. It seems long-lasting and builds you a multi-platform audience for the transmission. Later you can help live sessions on these platforms to engage the audience with your original podcast transmission.

《How to START your Podcast》

Run a giveaway contest

Running a giveaway contest is nothing new for the promotion and marketing of any product. The content you produce with the podcast is a product that requires some add or attractions.

Asking people to subscribe to your podcast is lame when you cannot show them the perks of subscribing. In the world, it is all about getting something out of giving something.

The giveaway contest is a part of adding attraction to the podcast subscription. It motivates people to subscribe to you for one reason that is getting a prize out of it. You have to give one gift at a time people and move on. Eventually, you will end up with several subscribers who will listen to you in the future. It is a winnings situation for you.

The podcast insights explained a simple contest running method that does not burden you with the marketing budget. It is about asking people to subscribe and share the screenshot with you by tagging any social media handle like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can shortlist the winner and offer them a prize that may not be too expensive but useful and of good quality.

Along with the prize, you should give podcast hosting to the person. Make the winner a part of your podcast for one episode. It will not only attach the winner but a related audience to your podcast automatically. You will have a definite number of listeners for your podcast. Their growing interest will never let them set back from your broadcast.

Convert the audio to YouTube

Most people know YouTube as a video sharing platform, which is a fact. However, there is a possibility to do every possible thing with this one platform. Thankfully, the developers have made it flexible enough to help every content creator out there. With the help of some smart options, you have the liberty to upload the podcast to YouTube.

To promote the podcast on YouTube, simply convert the mp3 file into an mp4 file at first. Using any of the audio converters, it is possible to change the format in no time. Then upload it in the designated settings for the podcast upload on the portal using a branded image.

You can add any of the moving images as well to make it more interactive. In case you want to add a little more effort in the overall production phase, it is possible to add some text visuals on the screen. It makes the podcast interactive for the people who like to listen and watch podcasts as well.

Using the YouTube feature for converting podcast audio helps in reaching out to a different and larger audience. The tags of the same category and optimization work not only for YouTube but also for the other platforms in line.

It enables reaching the audience with a different approach and makes them stick to your podcast for a long. Eventually, you will be able to create some video-based content after inspiration from others.

Create a Website

Through the podcast website, it is easier to engage the audience and make the connection easier. You can launch the new episodes, increase engagement through the social media live sessions, uploads videos, and much more.

The website provides the source to send direct notifications to the listeners about the new coming episodes, promote the old podcasts, and much more.

While deciding and making the podcast website, it is necessary to know the best sources that help. WordPress is the best platform that provides the quick set up solution to develop a website and host podcasts for the listeners.

It comes with multiple plugins that not only help in managing podcast episodes. But, with the best podcast hosting solution and offer the subscription of multiple podcasts on a single site.

All you need the best domain or hosting services for the website creation and go for the installation of WordPress. On the platform, you can browse the multiple theme options some are free to get or some are paid. Choose the theme, install the podcast plugins for the website, and there you go to create the podcast website that increases engagement.

Transcribe the audio

In the promotion of the podcasts, it is integral to understand the listeners first. There are multiple audiences inside and outside the geographical boundary that provides the best resource to increase the followers. You can use the transcription technique to increase the podcast’s approach or listenership.

It is better to hire the persons who are providing the freelancing services related to transcribing the audio of podcasting. You can find the multiple good rated writers on Fiverr who only understand but, create the best content.

A podcast with the written content increases the ratio of understanding about things or more. It raises the interest of the listener and gives a better understating of the conversation. You can make the podcast more influential for the listener when it comes to the proper hand notes.

The process to transcribe the audio is truly based on language understanding and conversation true spirit or more.

You can create the written podcasts to upload it with the episodes or encourage the audience to review the written content and join to watch or follow further podcasts episodes or more. You can share the transcription of the podcast on the various channels that raise the engagement and link the people with stories.

It raises interest and increases the podcast’s promotion return. There is multiple software available with the mobile phone versions that provide the best facility for audio transcription.

Leverage your podcast guests

It is another way to increase the engagement with the podcasts by sharing it with the blogs and other relevant sources. When a website is developing on WordPress for the podcast promotion, then it is easier to link or create the blog sections to increase engagement.

You can invite the bloggers as guests to promote and link their content with the podcast’s audio. Moreover, it is good to invite the guests while recording for the new podcast episode.

You can get benefit from personal references and invite them by paying gratitude or some leverage. There are multiple ways through which it is easier to leverage the guests in your podcast.

It is an opportunity to grow more in the competitive market and benefit from their social network. You can add some links and social media proof or share the podcasts on their social profile.

Moreover, a better way to give the guest leverage is to devote a full or portion of the episode. You can ask them to share a story about their life that people are always interested to know about them. You can add some content other than the interview.

There can be audio that creates curiosity in the listeners to connect and share it with others. It is good to add some introduction at the beginning of the podcast. The introduction gives the guest some space to collect better words for audience engagement.


Usually, the podcaster relies on personal promotion and believe it’s enough for the engagement. The partnership of other brands or podcasters provides you with the opportunity to explore things and get more traffic. You can share the latest episodes and send the direct notification to the target audience and indirect audience.

Like most people promote brands like shirts or multiple other things. As well as the partnership promotion of the podcast can exist between the companies and other podcasters. Those who do not have enough investment for the promotional campaign can get the benefits from this strategy.

Remember, the collaboration and partnership with the guests, celebrities, or brands provide the scope to grow. It helps to widen the range of the targeted audience and impact them. You can hire and link with the known personalities and collaborate with them for the episode or multiple episodes.

Moreover, it is good to involve the different voices that boost response every time you launch the podcast.

We can say the partnership is the crossway to promote the podcasts. It increases the potential audience’s interest in the content. It offers multiple benefits like no need to invest a lot in marketing and promote both brands using existing setup or resources.

Before going into the partnership status with any company or other content creators it is necessary to debate the benefits you share and receive in contrast. Further, you can trade the content and engage the podcaster to work together and generate something with mutual interest.

Be a Guest on Other People’s Podcasts

Cross-promotion and collaborations are not new for content creators around the globe. For conventional media, people use this strategy. In online content creation and promotion, it matters a lot.

Collaborations are a winning situation for both content creators at the same time. They share their audiences to have a boost on production and come up with a unique content idea as well.

Being a guest on other people’s podcasts will introduce you to their subscribers and audience. Eventually, you will get subscribers from others and share your audience with them at the same time. Never take it as sharing the fame with another person; in fact, it is about multiplying your subscribers automatically.

The audience online is liquefied. The audience uses to watch and listen to content that is attractive, catchy, and appealing. The performance of your podcast will be different from the other one due to its content and optimization.

Appearing as a guest will get you some kick boost with your optimization. When you do not have specialized optimization skills, it is possible to attach to someone else. Their SEO will benefit you in getting better with the overall optimization ranking.

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