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Best Webinar Software Platforms Virtual meetings

What is a Webinar?

When you can’t meet in person, have the meeting online! A webinar is a virtual conference held live over the Internet. A host is able to make speeches, presentations, show videos or slides, and even offer others in the viewing audience to participate.

Think of a webinar is an online meeting. Your live image, or your choice of model, is showed to the group as is the presenter. Most webinar platforms allow the host to manage and control what is being viewed, heard, and shared by the group at large.

Participants can mute or unmute their video and audio feeds and can text to the group in a chatbox, if available. Those without a digital connection, depending on the platform, can participate via a call-in number.

Webinars are perfect for offices or businesses that still need to meet for visual presentations and discussions.

They allow families to connect to see loved ones remotely, and webinars office conferences and other significant events a way to still hold the performance. However, the members or presenters are not all in the same location.


WebinarGeek is perfect for those looking to launch a registration-based digital marketing campaign. The software integrates with your CRM tools allowing you to invite viewers into your live shows, replays, hybrid shows, automated shows, or shows on demand.

The generalized flow starts from a registration page, either with or without a cost. The user registers for the show in question and is taken to the webinar page at the appropriate for the virtual experience.

These could be great for performances, educational seminars, speeches, or any other type of informational presentation.


WebinarGeek is one of the more advanced webinar platforms due to its advanced integrative and luxurious features. As mentioned, you don’t have access to just live webinars. Instead, you can host live shows, replays, hybrid shows, automated shows, or shows on demand.


  • Easily create webinars of all varieties including videos on demand
  • Integrate payment wall into the registration process
  • Ability to show a presentation and presenters live video feed side-by-side


  1. Connects with some email services but not enough
  2. Hubspot CRM integration costs extra
  3. Plans are limited by number of live viewers


  1. Starter Package is 9 Euros per month on an annual payment and includes up to 25 live viewers per webinar. This is the most basic package and includes WebinarGeek branding, 50 GB bandwidth p/m, and all of the standard features.
  2. Premium Package is 29 Euros per month on an annual payment and includes up to 100 live viewers per webinar and 250 GB bandwidth p/m plus the standard features.
  3. The Advanced Package is priced on request for larger institutes.


ClickMeeting webinar tools help an individual or business redefine their interactions with their audience.

Its interface allows preparations and invitations for pre-launch of the live videos, a full suite of interactive features during the webinar, and post-event analytics and audience connections to maximize the client-business relationship.

ClickMeeting is user-friendly and features costly interactive artist studio meetings virtual world.


Everything is customizable with ClickMeeting. From the invitations to the registration page, the experience can be tailored to the type of virtual event the host will be creating. PayPal is easily integrated as the paywall platform.

Post-event the analytics allow for emails that can be targeted to specific individuals that may have a higher conversion rate. However, the features shine during the webinar. The host can show slides, draw on a whiteboard, screen share, and even offer on the fly Google translation services.


  1. Rich features including Google text translations
  2. Whiteboard style speaker control
  3. User Friendly Interface


  1. Limitations on the number of visible speakers for webinars and meetings limits large group applicability
  2. Plan prices are based on user set limitations on the number of attendees for each webinar
  3. Recorded webinars and on-demand webinars not available at the lower price point


  1. Live Package is geared to live webinars only and costs $25 per month with an annual billing agreement and allows 25 people in a meeting.
  2. Automated Package is geared to both live and pre-recorded webinars and costs $40 per month with an annual billing agreement and allows for 25 people in a meeting.
  3. Enterprise Package is for custom needs of larger businesses catering to large crowds.


With a live page builder, WebinarNinja allows you to format unique pages that convert and retain customers and clients for the long term. It offers a webinar platform total solution built around ease of performance and speed of execution.

With the simple click of a button, a full-featured platform is created based on the first webinar created. So, you don’t have to worry about different systems for different parts of the campaign. Everything is built within the same network.


Because WebinarNinja is a full-service webinar platform, it offers a range of necessary features at all price levels. Event hosts can create live seminars, automated and pre-recorded sessions, series of events, and hybrid assemblies.

PowerPoint slides can be integrated into the presentation such that no screen sharing is required. Screen sharing, Q&As, polls, and embedded videos are all offered.


  1. Complete integration of webinar landing page to live sessions to thank you page automated
  2. All types of video including pre-recorded sessions at all price points
  3. Landing page hosted on their own platform


  1. Prices are not cheap even with the lowest package
  2. Landing pages are useful but simplistic
  3. Limited integrations with other digital tools


  1. Starter Package is $39 per month with annual billing with 100 live webinar attendees
  2. Pro Package is $79 per month with annual billing with 300 live webinar attendees
  3. Plus Package is $129 per month with annual billing with 500 live webinar attendees
  4. Power Package is $199 per month with annual billing with 1000 live webinar attendees


WebinarJam uses cloud-based servers to deliver high-quality audio, high definition video at 30 FPS to any device, whether it is a mobile device or desktop browser. It is ideal for presenting slides, videos, images, or anything that requires definition and quality.

The software is easily integrated into your company’s current webpages. The platform can be registered and branded with your logos and attached to email and SMS systems. A drawing board is easily accessible by the host, who can also inject videos, polls, handouts, and surveys into the meetings.


WebinarJam offers all of the standard features of a high-end Webinar online meeting platform with the bonus of high-quality audio and video. Specific features include a Panic Button, an Always-On-Room, and a Control Center.

Each webinar can be hidden behind a paywall with a personalized landing page and email campaign or SMS integration. The Panic Button ends the current seminar if there are technical glitches and moves everyone instantly to a new meeting room.

The Always-On-Room is a personalized and branded webinar page that always stays the same for every one of your live meetings. The Control Center puts the attendees, hosts, and all aspects of the show into the hands of a single leader.


  1. High quality audio and video experience
  2. Page builder and email/SMS invitations and reminders included


  1. Limitations on types of webinars
  2. Extra services come at a cost


  1. Basic Package is $499 / year and allows up to 500 attendees
  2. Professional is $699 / year and allows up to 2,000 attendees
  3. Enterprise is $999 / year and allows up to 5,000 attendees


Demio is a very sleek and modern take on the new standard virtual meeting. Unlike other platforms that focus on the extras and integrations, demio delivers a webinar in a browser that works, is seamless, and is entirely distraction-free. With demio, simplicity is vital, and effectiveness is dollars. Because everything is customizable, even your webinar page CTA can be branded to fit your needs.


Because Demio is browser-based, it loads 25x faster than application-based webinars. It is compatible across all the major browsers and operating systems. Though the platform is minimalistic, the features are still just as powerful as the rest.

These include a full line of post-meeting analytics, private and public chats, the ability to bring guests to the stage, and complete marketing app integration.

Demio makes it easy to share live, series based, hybrid, automated, or on-demand performances to unlimited registrants anytime and anywhere in the world.


  1. Distraction free and fast browser-based video feeds
  2. Unlimited sessions, unlimited registrants, unlimited storage
  3. Detailed analytical insights


  1. Packages are still based on attendee number per session
  2. Little post event automated client interactions


  1. Starter Package is $34 per month with annual billing and includes a 50-attendee room. The session is limited to a 3-hour time slot and only includes live events.
  2. Growth Package is $69 per month with annual billing and includes a 150-attendee room. The sessions can be held up to 5-hours long and includes full branding and automated events.
  3. Business Package is $163 per month with annual billing and includes a 500-attendee room. This package is the premier business package that includes Marketo Integration and 8-hour sessions.


GoToWebinar is a leader in the online meeting world. It is trusted by multinational corporations, non-profits, and governments for quality and reliability in services.

It has the status of a leader in the industry because it provides access to users across the globe that have little to no digital connections.

Commonly, required meetings occur at inconvenient times. Web (VoIP) Audio and Phone Audio come standard on all plans.

This means that the participant gains the ability to join the meeting from a phone rather than relying on an internet connection.


GoToWebinar is powered by LogMeIn and provides all the standard benefits from all of the significant Webinar platforms.

This includes full-service registrations, CRM integrations, automated emails, payment processing, and post-event analytics and reporting.

At higher packages, GoToWebinar includes new features like recorded events, video transcripts, video editing software, certificates, and custom channel URL page. Branding is available at all package levels.

GoToWebinar has been around since it started as GoToMeeting and only improves on the features, functionality, and user flow.


  1. Full range of high-quality features and service with a history of proven market success
  2. Audio connections available at each package level
  3. Unlimited cloud-storage and branding available at each package


  1. Recorded events require a Pro membership
  2. Requires an app to be downloaded if not using the in-browser streaming
  3. Video editor tools are not as powerful as other offline editing tools


  1. Lite Package is $49 per month billed annually and includes up to 100 participants
  2. Standard Package is $99 per month billed annually and includes up to 250 participants
  3. Pro Package is $199 per month billed annually and includes up to 500 participants
  4. Enterprise Package is $399 per month billed annually and includes up to 3,000 participants


Easywebinar truly makes webinars easy and accessible. Its services don’t just include access but also security. With industry-standard protocols (DTLS/SRTP), video from the host to the servers are encrypted with 128-bit AES and through https connections.

Latency in HD video feeds and screen sharing moments are a thing of the past. Easywebinar has built a platform that allows anyone and everyone access, even through social media.

EasyCast enables the host to broadcast live event via multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

Easywebinar isn’t just for live events. It caters to all types of formats, including video-on-demand, replays, recorded live sessions, summits, hybrid events, encores, and automated events.


Scheduling features all constant contact with attendees before the event with multiple touchpoints. Full-service registration pre-event and full-service analytics and reporting post-event allow the host company or individual the peace of mind to focus on the product, not the system.

Up to 4 presenters can be made for each session, and the host can make audience members presenters at any time. Real-time chats and interactive features allow for smooth engagement with the audience to improve conversion and retention.


  1. Platform has no latency and HD quality sound and video
  2. No video hosting is required as everything is included with the packages
  3. EasyCast allows for Social Media integration and live streaming


  1. Little information on look and user interface
  2. Lacks the feature rich platforms of others


  1. Standard Package is $59 per month billed annually and includes up to 100 participants
  2. Pro Package is $90 per month billed annually and includes up to 500 participants
  3. Enterprise Package is $349 per month billed annually and includes up to 2000 participants


If live events and human interaction isn’t your thing, that is okay! Not everyone wants to host significant events and speak in front of thousands just for a few leads. Instead, build a following with pre-recorded sessions and let the platform do all the work for you.

EverWebinar isn’t going to sell you on the features of live events. It is feature dedicated to on-demand and pre-recorded events. This allows you to focus on your life or other projects rather than communications and selling.

All videos stream in HD quality and can be paired with quizzes, polls, questions, and handouts, just like the other live platforms.


Because the focus of EverWebinar is on the pre-recorded sessions, the features are geared towards non-live performances. You won’t be buying more than you need.

These features include a landing page, browser-only platform needs, urgency and scarcity values, detailed analytics, email and SMS integration, and clickable offers.

EverWebinar also gives you the power to chat live with attendees during the events so that it feels more real to the user. They can get live answers from you as they need them.


  1. Pre-recorded session focus for non-live hosts
  2. Live chat options allow the host to continue to connect during the events
  3. Pre-made landing pages included with all plans


  1. There are no entry level or simplified plans
  2. Landing Page is too basic


  1. Installment Plan is $199 paid 3 times per year, aka, $199 for 4 months, for all features.
  2. Annual Plan is $499 per year for all features.
  3. Biennial Plan is $799 every 2 years for all features.


Marketed as the #1 virtual meeting platform, BigMarker provides webinars, summit, and virtual conference solutions to tech giants like Google, Nielsen, McDonald’s, Panasonic, SoFi, and PWC.

Their browser-based system runs through the cloud and offers brandable content and interactive features for fixed client touchpoints.

You can automate the videos and embed them into your websites for high-end marketing, product demos, and resource onboarding. BigMarker is a reliable and trusted provider of webinar services.


BigMarker is a full-service webinar platform with all of the bells and whistles that you would expect from any of the other high-end systems.

This includes sharing video feeds, slides, screen shares, and multiple presenters all through their dedicated servers, yours, or through Facebook and YouTube.

The integration with other platforms is diverse and sleek and includes systems like SalesForce, HubSpot, MailChimp, and keap.

Landing pages can be created for evergreen seminars, and automated funnels can be produced for instant conversion boosts. On-Demand video series can also be included in the marketing material for your brand or company.


  1. Cheaper option of most webinar platforms for the quality of the software
  2. Integration services are easy and provide rich features
  3. Browser-based system and Social Media live streaming are a solid requirement


  1. On-Demand videos with a landing page are at a higher package price point
  2. Not all Payment walls are included in the intro package, only at a higher price point
  3. Education side has fees


  1. Starter Package is $79 per month billed annually and includes 100 attendees.
  2. Elite Package is $159 per month billed annually and includes 500 attendees.
  3. Premier Package is $299 per month billed annually and includes 1000 attendees.
  4. White Label Package is priced on request and includes 10,000 attendees.


Everyone knows Vimeo. Vimeo has been a top player in digital video sharing and socializing for years. Vimeo produces its own webinar platform called Livestream.

Because of Vimeo’s success in the digital video industry, its tech can’t be outmatched and is trusted by big players like LinkedIn, Deloitte, Nikon, and Kansas State University for their webinar needs.

Livestream provides you with all of the tools you need for expert live streaming, including “adaptive streaming” (video quality adaptation), video management, live production graphics, and priority support.

No matter who you are engaging with, they will know the name Vimeo. That trust in Vimeo is trust in your content. Trust builds sales and loyalty.


All of the plans are chock full of quality features. These include 1080p full HD streaming across all devices and browsers, brand control for your specific media window, ad-free streaming on social media, video management in an automatically recorded archive, live polls, Q&As, instant chats, graphical overlays, and countless live events.

Vimeo prides itself on the security and protection of the content of its creators. The host can control all videos in the necessary ways to ensure safety.


  1. Vimeo is one of the top video hosting websites in the industry
  2. It provides tech unmatched by most webinar platforms
  3. Most required services are available at all package levels


  1. Little marketing integration offered
  2. Platform built more for video sharing and live feeds rather than interactive webinars
  3. Payment wall available at higher levels


  1. Live Stream Today at $79 per month billed annually includes Vimeo Premium membership
  2. Vimeo Enterprise is priced upon request and includes enhanced security and storage
  3. Vimeo OTT is priced upon request and is the beginner package for subscription-based channels

Webinars OnAir

Webinars OnAir harnesses the power of Google Hangouts to efficiently build a webinar platform that has all of the other features but at half of the cost.

It is not affiliated with Google, but rather it has made its webinar platform on the Google+ structure.

Without having to pay for private hosting, the cost savings can be passed onto the consumer while still maintaining a high-quality product.

This service is excellent for those looking to market their brand and try to increase conversions or brand awareness. The power is in the simplicity of the platform and the universal features offered.


Note that this service provides all of its features to each of its three different package levels. The levels are priced monthly, not annually, like most of the others.

The features include but aren’t limited to the following: email reminders, polls, surveys, recordings of webinars, 10 speakers at once, public and private chats, screen shares, auto-messenger integration, social media integration, customizable templates, paywall structures, one click in event offers, and white label branding.

At the end of the event, instead of closing the window, each participant can be redirected to your landing page for your product.


  1. All features are available at each package level
  2. The least expensive webinar platform on the market
  3. Third party app integration is sleek and powerful


  1. No on-demand video sessions available
  2. No landing page offered for registration and fees.


  1. Basic Package is $20 per month and includes up to 25 attendees in a live session
  2. Professional Package is $60 per month and includes up to 100 attendees in a live session
  3. Premium Package is $100 per month and includes unlimited attendees in a live session

What are the benefits of Webinar platforms?

Webinar platforms are perfect for situations that require visuals for a group setting, but the participants are not physically together.

This could happen during a meeting between companies that takes place between different offices, coasts, or even countries.

Unlike regular telephone conferences, the host can control the screen, which allows them to show a slide deck, image, or video as if they were all in the same room viewing a projection or monitor.

The only difference is that people can participate from the comforts of their own office or home.

Beyond the boardroom, webinars can be used by educators to teach, family, and friends to reconnect, and organizations for general meetings. The flexibility of control allows the host to manage how the participants interact during the group session.

Break out rooms can be assigned for smaller group interactions. Webinars are significantly more interactive than telephone conferences, which allows them to be more user friendly, more interactive, and, therefore, more productive.

Being able to see someone or something dramatically enhances the experience and the quality of work-life.

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