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Best Warehouse Management Software Fishbowl Cin7 Oracle Netsuite Magaya SAP inFlow Aptean Catalyst WMS SkuVault,How To Choose Good Warehouse Management Software? What is Warehouse Management Software? Benefits of Using Warehouse Management Software

Managing an inventory is a hard thing if you don’t do it correctly. Most people are already aware of the inventory management software.

With the software, you can easily manage all the information on a single platform. It connects with any eCommerce platform and fetches the data from there.

You will see the complete orders, tracking, and various other information in the inventory management tool.

With this, you can see a quick summary of all the data that you have entered so far. It will give you the complete supply chain summary.

We will see everything you need to know about this inventory management software. We will begin with the basic overview and will also cover why you need one of these solutions.


Fishbowl is one of the best warehouse management software for managing inventory. There are all the integrations available to apply for your website.

The software has advanced inventory management features to track all the things available on your website. The tracking can be done based on the serial number, lot number, revision levels, etc.

One of the best things about the software is the integration part. It integrates with all the shopping websites, plugins, taxation software, etc.

Warehouse management is just one of the products of the company. There are many amazing products to try out. All of these will also integrate.


Integration: The integration includes all the famous apps in accounting, shipping, taxation, other Fishbowl apps, eCommerce, mobile OS, platforms, etc.

Multiple locations: Fishbowl allows you to track multiple locations making it easier for managing and shipping.

Tracking: You can track all the orders using various criteria.

Barcode: It converts your mobile into a barcode scanner. Scan the items, and they will be there in the software.

Automation: With so many integrations available, you can easily automate all the processes. You will surely find your favorite apps in the integration menu.


  1. Various integrations are available.
  2. The software is easy to manage.
  3. Business intelligence and a lot of factors to track.
  4. Support from the team is great. Just chat with the representative, and you will get the answer you are looking for.


  1. It takes a bit more time when you have more integrations. For example, if you are using it with Quickbooks, it will take more time.
  2. Costs you for extra reports.


  1. There is a free trial to try out the software.
  2. You will have to ask for the demo to know the pricing.


If you are looking for another great alternative for warehouse management software, Cin7 is the perfect choice for you.

It comes with the inventory and efficiently to provide a completely seamless experience.

Cin7 fulfillment services include all the channels whether you are selling the products on an eCommerce store, wholesale or multichannel.

If you are looking for a great reporting system, Cin7 makes it a lot easier for you. It has very detailed reports that include everything.


Order Management: It has a complete order management workflow. You can also create pick groups to organize everything.

Multichannel: Selling across multiple channels will surely bring you more revenue but managing them is hard. Therefore, Cin7 supports multiple channels.

Reports and Stats: Want to know the metrics of the sales? Here, you will get advanced reports and metrics that include all the things you want to know.

Integrations: There are many integration options to connect various apps. So, you can automate the work with the integrations.


  1. Easy to manage.
  2. The reports are huge and will include all the metrics.
  3. Various updates to keep your software up to date.
  4. Custom fields to customize some parts of the software as per your need.
  5. They have various integration options.


  1. The price is going up as time passes.
  2. The updates can sometimes be buggy.
  3. Limiation when cusotmizign the code


  1. The ECommerce plan starts from $395 a month, where you will get 2 users and up to 24k sales a year.
  2. Wholesale will also cost you the same, but it has 12k sales per year with more B2B features and 3 standard users.
  3. The multichannel plan will cost you $695 with 7 users and 30k sakes per year. It has various multi-channels features.

Oracle Netsuite

You can surely go with Oracle Netsuite if you are looking for standard and effective software.

The company is already one of the leading IT giants. Therefore, it’s reliable and trustable. The software is also great.

Netsuite comes with the new age of technology to get the best warehouse management. It’s like a cloud ERP for managing your finance.

The product already has more than 24k customers across the globe. You can take a free tour t the product to understand it better.


Financial Management: Financial management is where all the financial modules are available such as billing, global accounting, etc.

Fulfillment: It has all types of fulfillment options, whether you are doing inbound fulfillment or outbound.

Production and Supply Chain: It has production and supply chain management features. It includes planning, collaboration, tracking, etc.

Order Management: You can also manage the products at an individual level. That’s why the entire product management module comes into existence.


  1. It’s by a standard company. This makes it reliable and trustable.
  2. You will get various management features just like an ERP. This includes features like supply chain management, HCM, etc.
  3. Details of each section are there in the report.
  4. Fully customizable.


  1. Fewer integration options with any third-party software.
  2. Contract and pricing are not user-friendly. They are huge.


The pricing is not there directly. You will have to contact the team and get a custom quote for the software. With the number of features it has, the pricing of the software will be expensive. Therefore, you can expect the pricing to be more.


You can surely go with the warehouse management software. It allows you have end to end solution with a single SCM (Supply Chain Management).

The software integrates with your logistics in the way you want. There will be no challenges on your way when you are using this.

It has features that support all logistics (3PL), freight forwarding, etc. Along with this, their performance is super-fast.

Magaya is known for logistics and supply chain. These are the two modules where the software has the maximum amount of focus.


Delivery Tracking: You will get the complete feature to track all the things at the product level.

Logistics Management: This is the main feature for which the software is known for.

Transport Management: You will get transparent management along with logistics.

Flexibility: There are multiple ways to store and manage the data. You can store the data using any f the ways.


  1. The software focuses on logistics and transport more.
  2. Delivery tracking is available.
  3. Tracks, reports, and record-keeping is made a lot easier than other software solutions here.
  4. The software is fast and stores everything in the cloud
  5. Mobile WMS is available for better accessibility.


Even though the main focus is on logistics, features like route optimization and management are not available here.


The pricing isn’t directly available for all the people. You will have to contact them and request a demo t get the pricing of the software. There is monthly pricing here. Therefore, you can expect a good deal here.


If you are using SAP and you want to manage the entire warehouse using SAP, you can use their warehouse management module.

The software allows you to take control of all your management needs for the warehouse.

Digitalization is very much important in every single place. Warehouse management can easily be accelerated using the right software.

SAP is a well-known company that managed various operations. This will ensure that you get the best features at an affordable rate.

We will now look at the features to know more about SAP warehouse management software.


Cost-cutting: SAP will;p you with the cost-cutting solutions. You will get the best resources here.

Analytics: Tracking error is an important thing to keep in mind when choosing warehouse management software. SAP will ensure that you have the best analysis here.

Integration: SAP is a well-known software for automation and integration. Here, you get the best integration features to connect it with other things.

Business Tools: If you want modules for business planning, supply planning, and stuff like that, there are various features here.

Products: There are many products by SAP. You can connect them with ease to get the best experience. This is specially made for businesses with a huge turnover. You can surely get other products too.


  1. Easy integration with ERP
  2. It’s one of the best warehouse management solutions if you see it from a business perceptive.


  1. Lacks some of the features for small business
  2. Advanced Configuration required.


The pricing of SAP warehouse management software is not available. You will have to request them the quote, and they will stay in touch with you. This is the only way to get the software for you.


Inflow is an inventory control software for all types of eCommerce stores. The product is easy to use and user-friendly.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or you are running a business with a huge turnover. Inflow inventory management is best for you.

The software pricing is affordable, and that’s why it is a good choice for small businesses.

These are the two other modules that come with it. The pricing and the plans are good for small businesses running on a tight budget.


Sales and Inventory Management: You will get the purchasing and the sales management modules here.

Bulk Change: If you want to change the price of all the products at once, you can do that too. In the same way, there are many similar features.

Integrations: There are many integration options. You can choose them depending on the plan you choose. Some plans only allow a certain number of integrations, and a higher plan allows all of them.

Add-ons: You can surely purchase extra add-ons if you want.


  1. The software is easy to use and fast.
  2. The UI is great, even for a small business.
  3. Inflow has integration limitations as per the plan. This can be good for small businesses.
  4. There are a lot of features if you are running a small business.


  1. There are no big features for medium and big-sized businesses.
  2. The tool is simple.


  1. The light plan – $71 per month. It has 100 sales per month and only allows 2 integrations.
  2. A standard plan with 3 integrations with 1000 sales – $179 per month.
  3. The last plan is worth $449. It allows 10 members, unlimited integrations, and allows up to 10k sales or orders.

Aptean Catalyst WMS

Aptean is yet another tool for warehouse management. You can use this powerful WMS.

Here, you will not only get access to inventory management, but you will also have access to it.

There are efficient and a good amount of resources. There are constant improvements in the software to ensure that you get the best features.

The software allows you to increase the ROI and increase the scalability of your business. You can surely get started with it.

Let’s see the features, pros, and cost to find out more about the warehouse management software.


Reports: These are all the reports are given to get the best results. It will help you in tracking the data efficiently and increasing the ROI.

Accuracy: The fields and the number of options given in the tool are perfect for improving overall inventory accuracy.

Summary: You can see the complete supply chain without having to waste your time. You can gain visibility across the entire chain of supply.

Robust and Scalable: The system is robust, and you can easily scale it. So, if you are a small company using it and you like it, you can keep using it for the future.


  1. Reports are great.
  2. It is easy to use as the interface is navigable.


  1. Lacks some of the mandatory features.
  2. Export options are very few.
  3. You won’t get the perfect API. As a result, It becomes hard to integrate it with other tools.


You will have to contact them to get the pricing. There aren’t direct plans given to get the pricing. You can contact them, and their team will get back to you with the custom quote as per your requirement.


You probably might be making sales at a good speed, but what about the other things? With this software, you can also ship faster and get the maximum sped there.

SkuVault will allow you to organize your inventory, manage the powerful integration, and give the best working efficiency with workflows.

You can surely start using this inventory management software if you are having a huge inventory and want to manage it with ease.


Easy Integrations: There are a lot of integration options available, starting from Amazon to Walmart. Just connect the software with sKUvault, and that’s it.

Accounting: Accounting is yet another thing where most eCommerce owners struggle with. You can easily use the accounting here.

Channel Management: There are options for multiple channels,

ERP: It has the ERP.

Decision Making: It’s always better when you make decisions based on the data. It allows you to make the decision based on the data you entered.


  1. Multichannel management
  2. Fast and reliable service. 
  3. It allows you to have a lot of integration options.


  1. The cost is high. Even the highest plan only includes 2 users. To add extra users, you will have to pay more.
  2. Less customization


  1. A growth plan – $269 with 2000 orders
  2. Pro plan – $409 with 5000 orders
  3. The entire price – $809 will give you up to 20000 orders

The charges for an additional user will depend on the plan. If you are using the growth plan, the pricing to add more users will be more. In the same way, if you are using the enterprise plan, the cost to add a new user is very less.

3PL Central

If you want to serve your customers in the right way, you can surely use 3PL central. It is one of the most efficient solutions you can use.

It’s a complete warehouse management software, and you can surely use 3PL. It doesn’t matter how you are selling; you can use this too.

Recently, they even acquired Skubana. It’s an eCommerce operations platform. So, you are also going to get benefit from that.


Intelligence initiative: You will get the suggestions and based on the data you have stored on it.

Reports: The reports will make your work easier by sending you the right data with every single detail.

Efficient Operations: There are many options given here, such as tracking, billing, etc. You can use various operates here as per your need.

Paperless Warehouse: You can use the software and forget about the appears. All the things are available here.

Automation: You can automate most of your operations here.

Visibility: It will improve the bottom line of the business. This will allow you to see the entire supply chain of your business in one go. Hence, you can analyze better. 


  1. The software to use.
  2. There are a lot of options available here for eCommerce operations.
  3. You can use the products by 3PL that includes smart scan and billing automation. This will help you with the automation.


  1. There are a lot of options given. However, the features are only a few.
  2. For some people, the UI takes a lot of time to g through different features. In simpler words, it’s not easier to open all the options.


You can contact them and get the exact pricing of the solution. The pricing will depend on your requirement and the software you want to use.


The next alternative for warehouse management is Manhattan associates. It’s software used by professionals across all industries.

You can use this software for any industry. The software has the capabilities to support all the distress. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which sector you are running; you can surely use this software.

Here, you are getting complete order fulfillment features. That’s how your warehouse management becomes easy.

The capabilities include optimization, cross-docking, and vendor performance. There are features to optimize man and machine resources to get the best results for our eCommerce business.


Order fulfillment: You will get order level and product level tracking for fulfillment.

Simple and easy: You can easily add the order details and start using the tool.

Integration: it’s possible to integrate it with some of the tools but don’t expect to integrate with all of them.

Automation: it has Seamless Material Handling Requirement (MHE) integration for automatic information capturing.

Scheduling: You can schedule your guided check, check out, door management, yard management, etc.

Other Tools by Company: They have various eCommerce tools you can use. Each of them will be useful for various needs. You will get labor management, billing management, etc. All these are pretty useful. You can connect all of these.


  1. The UI looks simple but is extremely helpful when you want to explore it. Just hover over it, and you will find the right option.
  2. Features for all the industries.
  3. Simple and fast


  1. Freezes sometimes.
  2. Needs improvement in various sectors.


There is custom pricing here. You can contact them with your requirement and get the pricing as per your need. If you have more orders, the pricing will be more. Therefore, you can contact them and get the rest of the details.


Our last warehouse management software solutions are a bit unique. It includes various software in a single place.

Many people are using POS to manage their offline store. Along with this, they are also selling things online. If you are also the one doing both of these things, you just found the right tool.

Here, you will get POS integration, as well as there are various eCommerce solutions all in a single place.

You can surely try out the software and see whether it’s good for you or not.


POS: You will also get integration with POS. This is very much useful for people selling products in the store.

Multi-channels: The features are given for all the channels. If you are selling in multiple channels, you can use this software and integrate it for all of them.

Unlimited: Here, you will get unlimited orders for all the plans. Therefore, it’s perfect for a small business too. You can go with the most basic plan and get all the things you need.

CRM: It has a complete CRM inside it.


  1. There is a whole bunch of features for eCommerce.
  2. All plans value for money and include most of the features.
  3. The UI is great.
  4. There are a lot of integration options.


  1. Might not be great for a huge company.
  2. Warehouse management features are limited. You will surely get various other features.


  1. The premier plan – $85 a month, where you won’t get multichannel or B2B store features.
  2. The enterprise plan with most of the features will cost you $169.
  3. Global enterprise is the plan for people with global stores. Here, you will get multiple currencies and multi-country channel access. The price is $255 a month.

You will also get a free trial for 30 days.

How to Choose Good Warehouse Management Software?

There are various things you can keep in mind when you are choosing the inventory management software. We are going to see all these things here.

Here are some of the criteria to keep in mind when choosing the inventory management software.

You don’t necessarily need all these, but these features will surely help you.


The first thing you will need is reports. You need to ensure that the software you are planning to go with has all the analytics and reports feature.

If you can see the metrics, you will know the next steps you have to take. Reports will always help you in doing better.


As an eCommerce business owner, you will be using a lot of software and tools. You will have to ensure that your software is supported here.

Some of the warehouse management software also allows you to have integration with tax software. This will automate your taxation also.

Therefore, you need to see if there are enough integration features available. Just make sure that the software you are using is available.

Multi Channels

If you have more than one warehouse, you also need to see if there are features for the same.

The multichannel feature depends on you. If you are selling the products at various channels, you will have to make sure that you are getting this feature.

You can surely check out this. For example, you might be selling products in wholesale, retail, or you might be selling directly on a website such as Amazon.

Therefore, you can surely check out this feature.

Transport and Logistics

You can always see if there are transport and logistics options available. Therefore, you can check out the transport and logistics feature.

These features are not available in all the software. You will have to do complete research to find the best tool here. You can surely see all these features.

What is Warehouse Management Software?

Warehouse management software is a great way to manage your warehouse and inventory.

The software will allow you to have a complete solution where you can add all the data and track everything.

Choosing the best shipping software is important for many reasons. If you choose the best software, all these things are automated.

With this, you can integrate your software with any of the platforms.

For example, we can assume that you are using BigCommerce to sell products, Quickbooks for accounting, and similarly, you also have a logistics partner that you want to track.

The automated software will integrate with all these and give you all the information in one place. You can track the information from a single place.

With this, you can fetch the products directly from BigCommerce. It will sync with Quickbooks too. Further, logistics can also be tracked from the same place.

Now, logistics automation is not possible everywhere. Therefore, there are limited software solutions where this will work.

There are many more unique features that you will get.

Most of these software solutions have been limited as per the number of orders you are getting. So, if you are getting 1000 orders, you can go with their basic plan and so on.

This is how you can choose the best plan. Some of them also have custom pricing where you will have to contact them to get a quote. You can surely contact them and get the exact pricing.

There is very little shipping software with just one-time pricing. Most of them will have monthly pricing. So, you can expect that.

Now, if you are wondering what are advantages you will get if you use shipping software, then let’s see the same.

Benefits of Using Warehouse Management Software


One of the biggest and we think the best benefit you will get here is time-saving.

Managing your warehouse will surely take a lot of time if you do it manually or with non-specific software.

Various features are not available. Most importantly, you will have to enter the data manually.

The software can fetch these things and show the data directly on it.

Inventory Management

You can see the entire inventory management with the warehouse management platform.

The managing warehouse is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of data and a quick summary of data.

You can see how many products are available, how many orders you are getting, etc.

It’s like having a computer where you can see all the files. This is much needed when you are running a huge website.


The software will surely cost you something. Most probably, the charges are to be paid every single month.

However, you will still save a lot of money on other things. When you get inventory management software, you can cut the cost at various places.

When you have access to the data, you can surely start using it to track the usage and cut the cost.

All in one Place

There are various integrations available in all of these warehouse management solutions.

You won’t have to switch from one website to another. Instead, you will get all the information at a single place from where you can manage all these things.

Isn’t it great? Comparing two software and making sure that the data matches is quite a complex thing.

Here, you can integrate two software. Let’s assume it’s Shopify and Quickbooks.

You can take the data from Shopify, fetch the data from Quickbooks, and manage the warehouse in the smartest way possible.

In this way, you won’t have to open any other website again. All these are available in a single place.

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