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Benefits of Video Conferencing

Whether you want to call it the need of the hour or technological advancement, video communication has conquered almost all aspects of our lives. It started with our social lives, the concept spread through educational fields and has now made its way into the business world in the form of video conferencing(one of teleconferencing).

If you don’t know what video conferencing is, it is a pretty simple concept. Video conferences are online meetings that connect people sitting in different meeting rooms through personal devices and gadgets. You can use your laptops, mobile phones, or desktop computers to communicate with people in different locations.

This technology enables comfort, productivity, and staying connected to the global team members. By taking up this form of communication, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort going into traveling all around the world.

Besides being the modern way to communicate, video conferencing has several significant advantages and benefits. This is why it has slowly become a popular trend worldwide.

To name a few, these benefits include having a remote, digital workforce, simplifying usability and management, real-time face communication with ease, and reduced redundancy to improve value.


GoToMeeting was initially released in July 2004 and is a LogMeln software that allows online meetings, video conferencing, and desktop sharing. The idea of GoToMeeting is to enable the user to meet their clients, colleagues, customers, and other computer users to create a real-time, online connection so they can communicate with ease.

For 16 years, consumers worldwide have loved this software for business use since it is professional and easy to navigate. Apart from this, it comes with both budget-friendly and high-end options. If you are a beginner and just want to start your experiences with online meetings, you can choose the GoToMeeting free plan.

This free plan will allow you and your colleagues to come together and collaborate. You can screen share, chat through messages, send VoIP audios, and communicate through webcams, all with high quality.

In case you want more advanced features, you can choose one of the two plans by GoToMeeting. The professional program gives you the ability to add 100 to 150 participants in a meeting.

This plan will cost you $12 a month and has an annual building of $144. In contrast, the Gotomeeting business plan is a much more popular option and costs $16 a month and has an annual billing of $192.


  • Joining the meeting is very easy. If you want to invite people, you can send them a link to the conference. If you want to join a GoToMeeting session, you just have to click the link that is sent to you, and it will take you directly to the session.
  • You don’t have to necessarily purchase a plan to be able to use the platform. Use the free version as well.
  • You get plenty of favorable and beneficial features, even in the free plan.
  • The platform values the privacy of its users, which is also a bonus point.


  • Sometimes people have problems with audio on a GoToMeeting. They seem only to solve the problem if they restart their device.
  • The smaller the screen you’re using, the harder it is to view other attendants.


TeamViewer is a desktop software application that allows remote control, online meetings, desktop sharing, file sharing, and, most importantly, web conferencing. The best aspect of this TeamViewer is that it is available for various kinds of interfaces, including Windows desktop, Windows UWP, Android, Chrome, Blackberry, and Linux.

The platform offers solutions that include global video collaboration, remote assistance for IoT, mobile device support, remote access, remote support, remote monitoring and patch management, etc. You can also integrate the application with others such as Amazon, zendesk, Freshworks, Microsoft, IBM, and many more.

Because of these many high-quality and real-time features, so far, TeamViewer has more than four hundred thousand downloads every day, over 2 billion connected devices, and 45 million devices online on the platform at the same time.

To find out why it is so popular and well-loved, you can download TeamViewer for free or request a free commercial trial.


  • The organization of data becomes very easy through TeamViewer.
  • You can also use it on your phone for easy navigation and keeping track of clients.
  • It was a great security system and can detect issues with your devices and notify you immediately.
  • This remote access solution saves a lot of disk space.
  • It supports multiple screens, which are always a relief.
  • The best benefit of all is that you can reboot and connect back to the same host machine. Thanks to this feature, in the cases of unwarned reboots, you don’t have to worry about losing connection to the host.


  • A lot of people have had complains about having backup issues if their internet connection isn’t stable.
  • More substantial and more significant files take much more time to upload.
  • The customer support is not as impressive as you would expect.


Since it launched in 2001, FreeConference has been able to provide fast and efficient free conference solutions to its consumers. Today, Free conference is one of the largest websites providing teleconference services online.

Apart from video conferences, FreeConference offers free screen sharing and several conference plans for the user’s ease. Furthermore, the platform provides a dedicated dial-in, gallery and speaker view, security, toll-free dial-in, and much more. There is also a 24/7 live chat option available on the website to help you with your queries.

You can sign up for free or choose from three different conferencing plans. The free plan gives you a capacity of hundred participants on a single call and five web participants.

You also get unlimited conference calls on local numbers and online whiteboard, SMS messages, PINless entries, mobile, and desktop apps, document sharing, email support, and much more.

The starter package costs $10 a month and offers 100 call participants and 15 web participants and everything else in a free plan. What’s new in this package is that you can access toll-free and international dial-in numbers, 1000 minutes every month. You also get advanced features such as caller ID, audio recording, and higher security.

The best value Pro package costs approximately $35 a month and offers up to 100 web participants, everything in all the other packages, plus YouTube streaming, and much more.


  • Even the free package has plenty of beneficial features.
  • Setting up meetings is very easy.
  • Video and audio are very clear, and the quality is excellent.
  • You can easily invite participants to the meeting or enter a meeting through invitation.


  • The limit on saving the recordings of meetings is very low for some users.
  • Some people have had issues with the connectivity of the software.


Jitsi is different. It is a complete collection with an open-source and free multi-platform video conferencing, instant messaging, and voice call applications. These applications are accessible through web platforms, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and IOS.

This project was released three years ago on February 5, 2017, and is available in various languages, including Asturian language, English, and many more. For this reason, Jitsi has a massive fan-following across the world.

Even though there are several different facilities that the platform provides, Jitsi Meet and Jitsi video bridge are the heart of the company. These are video conferencing services that allow connectivity without a hassle.

Other facilities include recording, simulcasting, dial-in, and audio features. Apart from this, Jitsi guarantees better quality, low latency, and an inexpensive solution to your communication problems.

The website allows you to download the application through Google Play, App Store, or f-droid. Once you download it, you don’t have to sign up or pay anything. It is absolutely free and effortless to use.

So far, Popular and reputable companies around the world, such as The New York Times, Mashable, Comcast, and Wired are using Jitsi as their source of communication.


  • Unique features such as raise hand, screen share, and chatting are easily accessible on the platform.
  • Jitsi is overall very secure and does not induce any privacy problems.
  • Since Jitsi is an open-source service, people have started considering it as an alternative to Zoom.


  • You cannot set up a future meeting.
  • You cannot make the adjustments to the size during screen sharing.


Livestorm is online software that allows web conferencing and sharing live streams in real-time. This software is top-rated for product demonstrations, online lessons, sales webinars, onboarding sessions, and live meetings.

The operating system is entirely web-based, and it is accessible in 25 different languages. These particular features are why Livestorm is a crowd favorite on a worldwide scale.

You can access all of these basic, unique, and advanced features by subscribing to the platform on a monthly or yearly package.

In either case, the basic package is free. Its features include unlimited webinars and moderators, a maximum of 20 minutes, and ten people on every webinar and ten on-demand registrants.

The premium package costs you €99 on a monthly package and €89 on the yearly one. This package enables you to use for hours and a hundred attendees on a webinar. Plus, you get unlimited on-demand registrants.

The enterprise package starts at five hosts and provides additional advanced services and custom packages.

All the paid plans provide premium customer support, access to a private road map, and high-security features, and you can also try a free trial without any day-limit. The trial gives you unlimited webinars of 20 minutes each and a maximum of ten registrations on every session.


  • The Livestorm interface is straightforward to use, even for those who have never used it before.
  • The entire process is automated for ease.
  • You can use it for vast amounts of documentation.
  • You don’t need any plugins to use Livestorm.
  • The interface is modern and stylish, so it’s easy on the eyes.


  • You have a limited recording time of 2 hours.
  • The platform does not allow a lot of customization.


Whereby aims to improve the quality of business meetings online. An entire team can have an online session with high-quality audio and video and complete ease.

Whereby gives you the ability to have multiple users and rooms with 50 people in a single meeting. You can personalize the room, chat in it, and record the session. Some of the most reputable and well-known customers of Whereby include Shopify, Trello, and Techstars.

Suppose you choose from two different plans, namely, the Pro plan and the Business plan. These packages cost 9.99 and 59.99 US dollars a month, respectively. The pro plan lets you add a maximum of 12 people in a single meeting with no time limit and additional locked rooms for added privacy.

You get three meeting rooms, branded rooms, and screen sharing. Recording your sessions can cost you $5 extra.

The business plan is an upgraded version. It allows 50 people and no time limit for a meeting. You get 10 to 200 meeting rooms, which are branded, encrypted, and high-quality. It also enables recording, calendar integration, and easy screen sharing with priority support. Plus, multiple users and admins can monitor and handle the account.


  • The app is straightforward to load and set up.
  • You don’t have to apply any codes or waste any time.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Joining the meeting and inviting participants is very easy.
  • You can also customize the links, a unique option not found everywhere.
  • Drag and drop Windows feature helps you keep track of Stand-up updates.


  • Some people have faced frequent connection issues.
  • The video quality decreases as the room increases in size.
  • Audio quality could be better, according to some users.


Bigbluebutton is a software that allows web conferencing for Linux / GNU servers. It is free, and it integrates content management and learning systems. The project launched on March 11, 2020, and has been a hit ever since.

Whether you are a teacher or a developer, bigbluebutton has something for everyone. The navigation is simple. You land on the website and sign in or install the software. You may choose one of the three options available as teachers, schools, and developers on the top right of the screen.

We’ll go with Developers here as an example. Once you click on the option, a new window will open. This window will give you the opportunity to “try it now,” which you will click on. Next, it will show you the green light features that you will get by becoming a member of bigbluebutton. These include personalized rooms, custom designs, user authentication, and recording management.

If you still don’t seem to understand how everything works, you can watch the tutorial with us on the platform.

Generally, the platform is free. But it does offer nine pricing plans if you want advanced features and benefits. You can get access to 150 participants with a minimum of 150 dollars every month.


  • Its free version is better than a lot of comparative paid platforms.
  • It is one of the best tools for education online.
  • You can fill in real-time surveys and have shared boards.
  • You can chat in real-time.
  • The presentation tools are very beneficial.
  • You get on-demand webcasting and screen sharing.


  • The server is a bit expensive if you want to access the advanced features or run it for more extended periods.
  • You don’t get a private chat.
  • There is no option for mobile access.


Uberconference is another modern and feasible web conferencing platform for online meetings and other uses. The company ensures intuitive and creative approaches to help clients take their business meetings up a notch.

It has robust features and a user-friendly interface, along with many other advantages that make it a hit among the crowd.

The platform offers voice intelligence, screen sharing, and video conferencing without any pins or downloads.

The process is easy. Go on to and sign up for free and don’t have to create another separate account necessarily. Use your Google, LinkedIn, or office 365 profile to sign in, which is super convenient.

You can also take a $15 a month business package with live video, screen sharing, and no pins. The free package gives you a maximum of 10 participants, 45 minutes of maximum conference duration with Pins required.

However, the business package allows you 100 participants, five hours of maximum conference duration, international access, and you don’t need any pins whatsoever.

Other features include HD quality audio, call recording, mobile apps, HD video, unlimited conferences, and screen sharing.The most popular and reputable companies that are working with uber conference right now, and are an advocate to it, include HubSpot, WeWork, Stripe, and Square.


  • Uberconference is very easy and straightforward to use.
  • Screen share and chat functions are some of the most popular and best features on the platform.
  • Action item tracking and internal meetings are also great features of Uberconference.
  • You can also schedule a meeting and use post-meeting tools.


  • You can not host any committee meetings.
  • Minutes management is not an option.


If you know anything about video conferencing, you have probably heard of this particular service before. Since its launch on April 21, 2011, ZOOM has been a crowd favorite for how easy it is to use and its extraordinary features.

The best part about this platform is that you can download it on your computer or simply sign in through the browser and join a meeting.

The platform is generally free if you use the basic version. This vision gives you an allowance of a hundred participants, unlimited one-on-one meetings, and 40 minutes of time limit on group meetings. However, the Pro, business and enterprise packages offer advanced and exceptional features on 14.99 and 19.99 dollars.

To start a meeting or join one on Zoom the browser, you can go onto the website, sign in, enter a meeting code, and password. And that’s it! You’re in!


  • The platform is the easiest to use.
  • You can share the link to the meeting publicly, and attendees can join in with ease.
  • You don’t need to download the software to access it necessarily.
  • The ability to access it through your mobile phone is a bonus.
  • You don’t have to buy a plan either necessarily; you can use it for free.


  • Some people have had problems with privacy and security on Zoom.


Webex was founded in 1995, and it is an American company that creates and manufactures video conferencing and web conferencing applications. Since it has the highest amount of experience in the domain, it is one of the most trusted platforms for businesses to hold online meetings.

You can download the software quickly and host a meeting without any hassle. Signing up is free, and you choose from various plans and pricing if you want access to advanced features.

Some of the most prestigious WebEx partners included CNN, Ellen, live nation, global citizen, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.


  • WebEx is swift and easy to use.
  • The video call tree is tremendous for a free platform.
  • The implementation and setup are straightforward.
  • The international reputation of the brand is another bonus for security and trust.
  • You can easily integrate it with Office.


  • WebEx prices are a bit too high for some people.


BlueJeans was founded in November 2019, and it is a Verizon project. It provides cloud-based services for video conferencing, enabling participants from across the globe to connect.

You can download or log into a blue jeans account through the platform. If you want to go through a free trial first, you also have that option available. Once you think you are satisfied with the services, you can go for a monthly or annual payment and buy one of the three plans called standard, Pro, and enterprise, starting from 9.99 dollars a month to 13.99 dollars and getting a customized plan.

These plans offer extremely beneficial features such as mobile conferencing, smart meeting features, exceptional recording time, and much more.


  • The blue jeans interface is straightforward to use.
  • The platform is very stable and works seamlessly.
  • The audio quality is excellent even through laptops.


  • The running time is considered very slow.

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