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Best Vector Graphics Software DesignEvo Vector Magic Affinity Designer Snappa DrawPad Lunacy Artboard Sketch CorelDRAW,How To Choose Good Vector Graphics Software? What is Vector Graphics Software? Why Use Vector Graphics Software?

When you first start a blog or a business online, you will come across two common types of images used widely in Computer graphics. These are divided into two main types: raster or vector images. Raster graphics are images made from various pixels.

In contrast, vector graphics are made from paths, lines, dots, curves, shapes, or polygons. To be precise, vector images are based on mathematical equations.

Since vector is graphics, it can be resized without disrupting the quality. They are widely used on eCommerce sites or for business promotion in general.

However, if you want to take advantage of vector graphics, you need proper vector graphics software. There is a wide variety of vector graphics software out there. Although this is a benefit since you get a range of options, it is also a disadvantage because it becomes challenging to select the best software.


If you search for vector graphics software with manipulation and object creation capabilities, along with text support, rendering, fill, and stroke functionality, there is no better choice than Inkscape.

The vector graphics tool can be utilized in various industries, for example, engineering or marketing. Additionally, it is also ideal for web graphics and cartooning industries. Inkscape is equipped with powerful tools to aid companies working with vector graphics.

It takes vector art and vector graphics development to the next level with its advanced editing and creation tools.

The software offers a wide range of tools, including flexible drawing tools, text tools, Bezier, and spiro curves. In addition to this, you also get Broad file format compatibility. It is an exceptional tool designed especially for illustrators, web designers, and designers in general.


  1. Deployment: SaaS, cloud, web based.
  2. Image editing tools.
  3. 2D drawing capabilities.
  4. Rendering.
  5. Data export and import.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Powerful and comprehensive tools.
  3. User friendly features for professionals, amateurs, and beginners.
  4. Advanced capabilities.


More editing and development features can be added.


This vector editing software is free of cost.


DesignEvo is one of the most widely used logo makers out there. It features millions of logo icons, shapes, fonts, and even more than 5000 logo templates.

To be precise, this software is the one platform that provides every tool needed for log making.

The templates allow you to create a captivating logo that appears professional, with a predefined style that is guaranteed to impress your viewers.

In addition to the thousands of logo templates, the vector editing tool also shows an easy way to customize and design a logo from scratch. The software simplifies the logo making process from scratch to a huge degree.

It is a logo maker which offers more than 10000 templates for logo making. You also get several stylish fonts and professionally designed icons that help you design eye-catching logos to capture your customers.

DesignEvo is ideal for creating vector files that do not pixelate on scaling, making it an ideal tool for creating promotional and marketing tools. You can use the SVG and PDF logo files by printing them or online.


  1. Offers 24/7 support.
  2. Deployment: SaaS, cloud, Web-based.
  3. Image and logo editing capabilities.
  4. Templates


  1. Intuitive.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. A wide range of icons available.
  4. A plethora of templates to choose from.


  1. Not easy to upload custom elements.
  2. Limited tools for customization.


  1. Free Plan: This allows you to create low resolution files in JPG and PNG formats. Edit and re-download features are limited, and the highest resolution you get is 300px.
  2. Basic: The plan starts from $39.99 as a one-time payment. Allows you to create high resolution files of up to 5000px, providing lifetime support and editing and re-downloading capabilities.
  3. Plus: If you are looking for a vector graphics editor, this plan is most suitable since it allows you to work with PDF and SVG files along with the features of the Free and Basic plans.

Vector Magic

Vector Magic is the leading online software used widely to convert JPG or PNG files to SVGs or PDFs.

It is a quick and efficient software that uses the original bitmap. Software is well known for its ability of traces out any graphic to produce an appropriate vectorization.

For graphic designers or businesses searching for an image conversion tool from raster files to vector graphics, this is the best option since it boasts a seamless and uninterrupted conversion process. It is ideal to create a logo or require a vector graphic tool for tracing logos.

Compared to other vector graphic software, this is reasonably priced and relatively straightforward to use. The software offers a range of export options for your finished image.

It allows you to convert the everyday image files, for example, JPG, PNG, or GIF files, into the vector file format, which includes SVG, PDF, and EPS vector files.

It is an exceptional tool designed without any complicated features, allowing beginners, designers, and even professionals to develop vector files with ease.


  1. Image editing and tracing features.
  2. Offers many templates.
  3. Drag and drop options.
  4. 2D drawing tools.


  1. Live previews are a great way to evaluate what your result will look like.
  2. Offers a range of tools for vector graphics creation and editing.
  3. Easy to use controls.


  1. With complex images, it is difficult to manage the settings.


  1. Online Edition: The software offers the online plan at $4.99 a month, which offers automatic vectorization features, vector output in EPS, SVG, and PDF formats.
  2. Desktop Edition: The plan is billed only once at a rate of $295. It offers all Online edition features along with other advanced vector editing tools.

Affinity Designer

We recommend Affinity Designer to those brands, graphic designers, or companies searching for a UX or UI design creator software. It is a comprehensive software designed especially for graphic and web designers, professional illustrators, and game creators.

In addition to creating UX/ UI designs, it also allows one to create icons, concept art, and typography.

The software equips designers with a contour tool that creates logos, abstract shapes, and architectural designs possible. For this purpose, the software uses artboards of any size.

Additionally, the software also provides a pixel preview functionality and 100 percent zoom. This allows users to maintain precision in their artwork and preview vectors in retina resolution.

It works well with Mac, Windows, and iPad, making it a flexible video editing software. You can create a plethora of marketing and promotional material for your business. It’s easy to use and direct platform when it comes to vector editing.


  1. 2D drawing tools.
  2. Collaboration tools.
  3. Image editing and image libraries.
  4. Creating prototypes.
  5. Wide range of templates.


  1. Quick and efficient when it comes to launching.
  2. Easy to understand and straightforward to use.
  3. A range of features for prototype and image development.


  1. Small errors in the software
  2. Lacks additional features required by professionals.


  1. Mac: the plan is starting at $50 and is compatible with all Mac devices.
  2. Windows: it starts at $50 a month and is compatible with all Windows Devices.
  3. iPad: the plan starts from $20 a month and works on iPads.


Snappa is the best platform to access a premade variety of templates. There is no better option than this software when it comes to designing for creating graphics for any part of your business.

The software shows off an easy interface with comprehensive features, which means whether you are a designer or not, you can design graphics for your business is a breeze! You can access several image dimensions for social media posts, blogs, emails, display ads, and infographics.

Since you are presented with several premade templates, it saves you from starting and designing from scratch. The templates guarantee more views, engagement, and appreciation from viewers!

In addition to the templates, you can also access their media library, composed of more than 5,000,000+ free, high-resolution stock pictures. Hence, there is no need to pay for high quality stock photos anymore!

You don’t require any experience since you can choose from more than 200 fonts, vectors, and shapes and more than 100000 vectors and shapes.

Additionally, you can even remove the backgrounds from any graphic. It has become super easy to remove the background from any graphic that you wish to use in your designs.


  1. Many templates to choose from.
  2. A large variation in fonts to jazz up your designs.
  3. User friendly interface
  4. Easy to remove background from graphics.


  1. No graphic designing experience is required to use the software.
  2. A wide variety of professionally designed fonts.
  3. Allows you to remove background from images.


  1. Does not support animations and gifs.
  2. Lack of professional features.
  3. Limited file formats for graphics.


  1. Starter: this is free to use; however, one user can only use it. It offers more than 600 templates, with 5 million stock photos, and allows up to 3 downloads per month.
  2. Pro: This program starts from $10 per month. The program offers all the features of the Starter plan in addition to unlimited downloads per month and social media integrations. It also allows you to upload custom fonts and remove backgrounds from images.
  3. Team: The plan offers all features included in the Starter and Pro programs with the addition of 5 users and even team collaboration features. It is priced according to $20 per month.


DrawPad is an essential tool for every type of graphic design project. It boasts easy to use image creation and composition features.

It is the ultimate solution for your graphic designing problems allowing you to make sketches, paintings, and drawings on your desktop.

In addition to this, it also allows you to create custom logos for adverts which includes banner ads or billboard graphics. You can also draw icons, diagrams, and other web graphics.

Whether you are looking for a graphic designing tool for professional use or casual use, DrawPad is an exceptional tool that caters to all your professional and everyday demands.

The software also offers several text designs such as curved text or zig-zag font styles that help grab your viewers’ attention.


  1. 2D drawing features.
  2. Image Editing tools.
  3. Image tracing tools.
  4. Templates to use for graphic designing.
  5. Rendering.


  1. Offers a free trial.
  2. A user friendly interface allows you to work without difficulty.
  3. Simple assimilation.


  1. Slightly higher priced compared to other vector editing software.
  2. The drawing tools require improvement.


  1. Professional: the plan starts from $34.99 a month, offering a wide variety of professional editing tools.
  2. Home: starting from $29.99 a month, the plan offers unlimited use. However, it is limited to non-business use only.
  3. Professional Quarterly Plan: starting at $2.77 a month, this plan is suited for all professional graphic designers, offering many necessary editing tools.


It is extremely easy to use vector graphics editing software to offer a wide range of full-fledged graphic editing features. Its advanced editing features include photos, icons, illustrations, masked images, and much more!

It is ideal for editing graphics for designers, amateurs, and even creators. The software offers most features from Sketch, which allows you to read and save Sketch files.

Photos are already taken, and graphics have been drawn already by the software creators. Plus, they have been integrated with the software by the software creators themselves.  

It is compatible with both the old and new versions of Sketch files. In addition to this, it has been designed specifically to be used with Windows and works seamlessly when offline.

Packed with several features, the modern editing tool is lightweight and uses AI. It even offers a dark mode.


  1. Drag and drop features.
  2. Image editing and creating tools.
  3. Data import and export


  1. It boasts an organized and clean interface.
  2. It has been designed intuitively.
  3. The software features all tools needed in a sketch alternative.


  1. Features require improvement.
  2. Offers only the basic Sketch features.


The software is free of cost.


If you are searching for slightly less costly vector editing software, this might be the right option for you. It is simple and direct to use, which means even beginners can get the hang of it easily.

Artboard offers the usual clip object tools in addition to a plethora of already developed styles and clip art. It offers several shapes-creating tools which allow you to create drawings from scratch.

In addition to this, the freehand drawing tool is simple to work with and gives the best results. It offers drawing, and vector editing tools, designed to cater to the demands of professionals, amateurs, and even beginners.

With a plethora of vector editing tools, it is ideal for creating advertising, promotional, and marketing material for businesses, brands, and much more!

It allows you to upload on several social media platforms, offering support for file formats like JPEG, PDF, etc. The images created using this software are exceptional quality-wise.


  1. Drawing tools.
  2. Supports several file formats such as JPG, PDF.
  3. Professional vector editing tools.
  4. Clip art tools.


  1. Easy and direct to use.
  2. Excellent value for the money.
  3. A good alternative to Adobe Photoshop.


All the layer properties become harder to manage.


There is no information regarding the pricing plans for this software.


The sketch is a native macOS application designed to work seamlessly with its plugins and extensions. To take your designs to the next level, it even offers browser-based tools.

It offers fundamental tools that cater to meet your demand when creating pixelated icons or formulating new concepts for your latest products. This enables you to utilize your full protentional to create exceptional designs.

Its intuitive vector editing tools allow you to start on your next project without any complications. The user-friendly interface enables even beginners to work with this software with ease.

When using Sketch, you work with precision while focusing on the details since you can zoom in on the pixel level. This helps you modify each layer of your graphics to create flawless designs.

Sketch allows for seamless exports and import options, enabling you to share files without any disruptions, which helps speed things up.


  1. Allows prototype creation.
  2. Drag and Drop options.
  3. Collaboration tools.
  4. A library of features.


  1. Light weight platform.
  2. Prebuilt themes and built-in plugins allow you to create impressive designs.
  3. Resource library goes a long way when it comes to creating versatile designs.
  4. An easy and fun editing tool.


  1. Lacks versions for other systems such as Windows.
  2. Lacks print-medium settings.


  1. Standard: It starts at $9 a month, allowing you to create and share thousands of projects.
  2. Business: The pricing for this plan varies since it allows you to select features you need according to your business requirements. Offers a plethora of professional vector editing features.


The Corel App is compatible with a range of platforms including Windows, and Mac, offering an advanced vector graphic editing tool to everyone. It allows seamless collaboration whether you are working with your colleagues or with clients.

It allows you to collect feedback from several viewers. In addition to this, the advanced features help you deliver high quality results in less time. It allows you to manufacture, engineer, and make and market with its advanced features.

CorelDraw has been designed for industries, designers, and even businesses from all over the world, making it a highly versatile vector editing tool. You can even use it for illustrations, choosing from the 1-, 2-, or 3-point perspective options.

You can add an existing group of objects and edit or move them according to your preferred perspective. The multipage view makes it much easier to edit or manage and view your projects on one screen.

This feature makes it much easier to compare designs, shift pages around, or maneuver objects across each page without disruption.


  1. A vast image library.
  2. Image editing and tracing.
  3. Premade templates.
  4. Tools for collaboration.
  5. Image editing.


  1. An exceptional platform for designers with the most advanced features.
  2. Comprehensive editing tool.
  3. In-depth features.
  4. Seamless use and installation.


Different functionality in PC and Mac.


  1. Individuals: starting from $399 per year, this plan offers professional feedback tools. It allows you to access the newly designed updates and features.
  2. Business: this plan has been designed especially for medium to large teams, starting from $399 per year. It offers several features of the induvial plan along with advanced vector editing tools.
  3. Customize Plans: These plans are based solely on your preferences and hence priced accordingly. The plan allows you to select from a wide range of features.

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a professional vector editing tool that allows you to work on all platforms. The fast and flexible tools are designed to cater you the demands of every professional graphic designer.

The precision vector tools allow you to reach new heights in vector editing. It will enable you to create lines, points, shapes, and much more using efficient tools. You can even create UI designs and mockups with the help of the styles, anchors, symbols, and pages.

As for the image and photo editing tools allow you to blend, adjust lighting, and use filters to create the most impressive graphics to impress your clients. It features almost all the necessary photo editing tools required to create the best photo effects.

Gravit Pro is an exceptional vector graphics software when it comes to creating marketing materials, icons, UI designs, websites, social media, and presentations. Unleash your creativity by using its advanced tools designed with precision and flexibility.

The software offers professional vector editing tools, including preset shapes, Pen, smart controls, and Bezigon. You can even use Boolean operations, plus you can vectorize both borders and offset path contours.


  1. Boolean operations.
  2. Offers a range of typography options.
  3. Image editing tools.
  4. Web and UI designing features.
  5. Real-time collaboration.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Flexible editing features.
  3. Professional vector editing tools.


  1. The vast features require time to get the hang of.
  2. Not designed for beginner graphic designers.


  1. Gravit Designer: this free plan offers 500B storage, color space, and PDF export options.
  2. Gravit Designer Pro: this plan starts at $49 per month and offers unlimited cloud storage, color space, PDF export, and advanced export options. In addition to this, you can also work offline, and the software is fully adapted for all touch devices.

How to Choose Good Vector Graphics Software?

The plethora of options available in today’s market can make it an overwhelming task to select the best vector graphics software that meets all your company requirements. If you\re aiming to make the right decision, there are certain aspects you must look out for:

Your Budget

Nothing matters more than your budget when selecting vector graphics software. You must quickly analyze whether you can pay for the subscription of vector graphics software or not. To make your decision easier, you could weigh the features a paid software offers against the open-source tools.

Image Editing Tools

Most paid vector graphics offer the tools for image editing, which includes illustration through the joining of a series of lines, colors, and shapes. 

Make sure the graphics software you are selecting offers this specific feature because it is necessary for scaling down the smaller images, such as logos, or scaling up the larger images, for example, graphics used for billboards, etc.

You will also need this tool for the adjustment of gradients and color images.

File Export

This is one of the most important features to consider in vector graphics software. You must ensure you can export files into various formats that include EPS and SVG and the common file types such as PDF, JPG, and PNG.

Templates and Typography Tools

A quality vector graphics software will offer ways to create the latest fonts or add existing fonts to your files.

As for the templates, lots of software offer free templates, or even paid ones that you can use to build your images. The templates are offered in a wide variety which includes stock images and even logs shapes.

Collaborative Features

For businesses with frequent collaboration, the selection of vector graphics software that offers cloud capabilities is necessary since it will provide you with seamless collaboration and sharing of files.

What is Vector Graphics Software?

If you have recently discovered vector graphics and want to take advantage of their capabilities of being resized without affecting their quality, you require vector graphics software.

When working with vector graphics, you will need to compose and edit vector images you cannot do on ordinary graphics editing software.

To be precise, vector graphic software is a computer program equipped with features that allow you to edit and compose graphic files. Additionally, the software also allows you to share, save, or export your developed graphics onto your computer.

With vector graphics editing software, you can save vector files in various formats such as SVG, PDF, VML, EPS, or WMF.

Since vector graphics are based on mathematical equations, the software allows you to develop images using geometric and mathematical commands instead of user clicks and strokes commonly used in drawing software.

The function of vector editing software is not limited to developing and sharing vector graphics only. This software can also scale vector files indefinitely without adversely affecting their quality.

Using this software, you can easily create high-definition illustrations, which are mainly used for games, and other multimedia. They are also widely used on the web, for blogs, or eCommerce sites.

The most common types of Vector Graphics software have the capabilities of providing users with vector imaging tools and several editing options. In addition to this, this software also allows users to export files into just one or several types of files.

A vector graphics software equipped with the right advanced features can take you to the next level of graphic editing. Whether you are a business owner or running an eCommerce website, vector graphics editing software is necessary.

Why Use Vector Graphics Software?

Using vector graphics software brings a wide range of benefits. Graphic designers most commonly use the software. There are two key reasons why we recommend using vector graphics software:

High Quality Images

The main reason for the popularity of vector graphics is their high quality, compared to an average raster file. Vector graphics are created using this special software which ensures the quality of the graphic is not affected while you are editing the image.

In addition to this, since the images are not created using pixels, they can easily be resized or rescaled, allowing you to stretch the image infinitely without ruining its quality.

Small File Size

Although vector graphics are of the highest quality, vector graphics software allows you to create an image file that is not too heavy or large. This makes it much easier to store the graphic file on your computer or database.

The small file size also gives other benefits, for example, making the files easy to upload. Plus, the file takes less time to upload, and it ensures that no quality is lost when it is uploaded.

Ideal for Creating Logos

When it comes to creating logos, designers look for software that can help them create a sharp, blur free, and smooth image. Plus, they also ensure the quality of the image remains unaffected even when it is scaled up or down. This makes it an ideal software for logo designers and businesses too.

Perfect for Creating Illustrations

In addition to creating logos, vector graphics software are also ideal for creating illustrations. This allows them to create smooth illustrations, blur free, and with good scalability.

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