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Best Survey Software Nicereply SurveyMonkey Pulse Insights Qualtrics Survey Anyplace Zoho Survey SoGoSurvey,How To Choose Good Survey Software? What is Survey Software? Benefits of Using Survey Software

How To Choose Good Survey Software?

Survey Customization

You will first need to see how much customization does the tool allow you. If the tool doesn’t allow you to add your brand details, it won’t work in a great way. Therefore, you need to see this.

Further, you also need to see whether you can change the font, colors, and small things of the surveys or not.

If everything is good, you can proceed to the next step.

Survey Type and Questions

You can use the survey in many ways possible. Most people use it to collect data. However, you can also use it for ticket surveys, etc.

So, the survey software should compete for your requirement.

Moreover, there are many question types. You can add polls, email opt-ins, etc. You can always look for the same.

Usually, the software uses the word “engage” for this. So, you can look for tools with better engagement features.


How can we forget one of the most important features the software must-have?  You always need to see for the integration.

The survey software should integrate with all the other apps you are using. This can be the marketing tool or the CRM.

You can surely ignore the rest of the features. However, you should never ignore this one.

The integration will also help you with automation. Automation is where you don’t have to manually enter the data.

When you integrate the survey software with an app, it will fetch the data directly from there.

Analytics and Insights

Without proper analytics and insights, your survey software is as good as nothing. You will surely need better analytics.

Remember, you are not just looking for the survey software that has stats. Instead, you are looking for better analytics and insights.

If the survey software has experience management, it will be more beneficial for you. Therefore, you can always look for the same thing.


SoGoSurvey is one of the best platforms you can use if you want to take the survey and enhance the customer experience.

It’s one of the best solutions for increasing customer experience by taking the right survey.

The company has been giving the experience management feature for a long time now. Therefore, you can surely trust the company and rely on this.

SoGoSurvey is also used by many top companies to increase their user experience.

It can be considered as one of the most comprehensive and secure experience management platforms out there.


Experience Management: The software allows you to collect data from all the key interactions. You can use the data to improve the customer experience and also for marketing purposes.

User Surveys: You can surely add the user survey where you can ask the questions and the users can answer them.

Automation: It has automated feedback collection for customer experience and employee experience. This will save you time. It used NLP to analyze the text and show it to you.

Analytics: There are all the details available for you to measure and take actions as per the data.


  1. It has a complete experience management feature that allows you to track the interaction.
  2. You can use it for customer experience and employee experience.
  3. You will also get the survey templates to save your time.
  4. There are many other products to use.
  5. Integration with other tools is also available here.


  1. It is expensive as there are a lot of features in a single software.
  2. You will also have to get their other products for all the features.


Plus plan: $25 a month where you will get simple skip logic and you can export the data.

Pro plan: $66 a month with more questions and better analytics

Premium plan: $99 a month with advanced features.


If you are looking for the easiest form builder for taking surveys, JotForm is the ultimate destination for you.

It comes with one of the easiest and also one of the best features to create surveys.

The tool looks simple but it also allows you to collect payments directly from the survey. Therefore, you can surely go with this tool.

You will also get the best analytics and reports to collect and analyze the data. You can also edit the reports in PDF format.


Easy form builder: If you are new to the business and want to go with the easiest form builder, you can use their drag and drop builder.

Templates: You will also get many templates to choose from. Select any template and customize it as per your wish.

Payments: Jotform’s forms can also collect the payments for you. So, if you have any other thing in your mind that includes payment, you can use it here.

Integration: You can also integrate Jotform with the best tools like Hubspot, Google Sheets, Slack, etc.


  1. It is one of the easiest form builders to create powerful surveys.
  2. The payment collecting feature is also there.
  3. There is a free plan for individuals and small businesses with less budget.
  4. It allows integration with other apps.


The higher plans don’t have more features except for form, analytics, and payments.


Starter: Free plan with 5 forms, 100 submissions, and 10 payment submissions.

Bronze: $24 a month with 25 forms, 1000 form submissions, and 100 payment submissions.

Silver: $29 a month with 100 forms, 1000 payment submissions, and 10k form submissions

Gold: $79 a month with unlimited forms, unlimited payment submissions, and a 100k form submission limit. There are many more features here.


You can always use an online form builder by Wufoo to automate your workflows.

It’s by SuveyMoney which has a good name when it comes to collecting data using surveys.

Wufoo allows you to collect payments and create a unique experience for all your users.

The online survey builder is easy to use as well as gives a good user experience.

Their plans have various limits but you will surely get the most interesting features even in the basic plan. Therefore, all the small businesses can get the best features with it.


Collect payments: Collecting payments with form is extremely easier with Wufoo form builder.

Easy online builder: Thinking about the entries of the survey is hard but creating a survey should be easier. Here, you can use their online form builder and create as many surveys as you want.

Automation: Wufoo has various apps for integrations. The workflow builder makes your work even smarter.

Customizable: There are various templates to choose from and all the templates are also fully customizable. ­­­


  1. The workflow builder helps you with automation.
  2. It won’t take more time to create forms.
  3. Pricing for the survey builder is affordable even if you want to use the automation feature.
  4. Their plans are awesome.


  1. The integration part might be a bit hard.
  2. Some elements require customization as drag and drop builder is not available for them.


Free plan: Basic features with various limitations and almost no good features.

Starter: $14.08 a month with custom branding, automation, and confirmation email. You will get 10 forms with 1000 entries. 

Professional: $29.08 a month with payment features, unlimited forms with 5000 entries, and better security.

Advanced: $74.08 a month with 25k entries, more users, API requests, and file storage features.

Ultimate: $183.25 a month with unlimited data collection and advanced features.


For the people who are looking for some advanced tools to help them out, SuvreySparrow is here to help.

The advanced omnichannel survey solution is for you if you are looking for something more advanced than regular surveys.

There are many advanced features here which you can leverage. You will get enterprise-level features here.

If you are someone who is just looking for a small survey tool, this might not be the right tool for you.


Customer Experience: There are various types of surveys you can create. It has classic forms, chat surveys, and also offline kiosks surveys.

Easy calculations: Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, and Net Promoter score will help you with better answers.

Automation: You will get webhooks, visual workflows, and API to do your automation.


  1. You will get all the features for the advanced survey and customer experience.
  2. You can always use the SMS sharing feature here.
  3. The 360-degree assessments are something that every small business love.
  4. You can also use it for offline kiosks.


The tool gets complex as it has a lot of features.


Personal plan

  1. Free: Very limited features
  2. Basic plan: $19 a month with all logic, scoring, and 1000 responses a month
  3. Premium plan: It will cost you $49 a month with 10k responses

Business plan

  1. Business: It starts at $149 a month with 50k responses per month.
  2. Enterprise: The pricing is $449 a month with 100k responses a month


  1. Free plan to try it out
  2. Basic: $99 a month with NPS basics.
  3. Premium: It will cost you $249 a month with 10k responses.

The 360 assessments will cost you $790 a year for 10 assessments.


Have you seen those flawless responsive survey which is very interactive? You can build those with the help of Survio.

It’s one of the best tools you can use to create a responsive survey that will invite the user to fill up.

Templates are also available if you don’t want to do things on your own. You can use the templates to create the surveys.

If you see it from the top view, the tool is very basics and gives you the ability to create the surveys. However, the surveys are interactive.

Therefore, if you are just looking for a tool where you can great surveys and don’t want more extra features, you can surely go with Survio.


Market research: Collection of quantifiable data is easy with Survio.

Templates: Templates make your work easier by giving you the best survey forms.

Easy and Free: You can use the form builder to create the best interactive surveys.

Support: If you face any issues during any stage, their support team is also available for you.


  1. Survio is very easy to use.
  2. Data collection is easier.
  3. There are great templates and all the surveys are customizable in the best possible way.
  4. You will get responsive surveys here.
  5. There are a ton of survey settings. Also, there are many question types here.


  1. The tool is very basic and there are no extraordinary features.
  2. Integration and automation features are not impressive.


Survio Basic (For single user)

  1. Personal: $16.58 a month with 1000 responses.
  2. Business: $33.25 with 10k responses and white label.
  3. Elite: $66.58 with 50k responses.

Survio Pro for multi-users

The plan starts at 100 euros per month and gives you various advanced features.


Just like the previous one, it’s one of the survey software for creating interactive and responsive surveys.

However, the main difference here is that you will get way more features here compared t the previous one.

You will also get CSAT, NPS, and CES here which are missing in many survey software.

Starting from creating forms for the survey to integrating it with other tools, Nicereply has it all. Therefore, it’s become a survey solution that we recommend.


Integration: There are many apps available for integration including Live Agent, Pipedrive, Freshdesk, etc.

Measurable Insights: CES (Customer Effort Score), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Satisfaction score are something that will help you with many things.

Customizable: You are free to customize it as per your need. You can even add your signature in the emails.

Tickets: It works great with the tickets. If you are handling a huge amount of tickets, this will be perfect for you.

Easy to use: The tool has easy to use form builder where you can create any type of survey. Not to mention, there are also various types of surveys available here.


  1. The pricing is superb. You can select the number of surveys you handle and they will suggest you the best plan.
  2. You can also use it for all types of surveys.


  1. The features are great but if you are expecting something extraordinary, this is not the right tool for you.
  2. It doesn’t have any complex features.


Mini: $39 a month with 3 agents and 100 responses amount.

Start: $79 a month with 10 agents and 250 responses a month. You will get all the features here.

Grow: $159 with 25 agents and 1000 responses a month.

Business: $239 a month with 2500 responses a month with 50 agents.


SurveyMonkey has been on the internet for a long time and you can surely expect the best results here.

The survey software doesn’t have any extraordinary features but it surely has all the features to take the surveys and also the analytics are the best.

You can do comprehensive research on your customers and know what they want. The tool helps you go beyond the surveys and take the best advantage of the technology here.

There are various use cases here unlike many other survey tools. Therefore, you can surely start using this for the best results.


Surveys: You can create the best type of surveys here with any question type, quiz, etc.

Integration: SurveyMonkey has support for various apps and solutions.

NPS: You can also use the NPS to improve the customer experience for your product.

Engagement: You can engage with your customers.

Analytics: You will get in-depth reports for everything.


  1. It has been on the internet for a long time and is trusted by global leaders.
  2. There are many use cases. Therefore, it is safe to say that it has multiple usages.
  3. The UI is simple and interactive.
  4. There are various measurable insights and scores given.
  5. Support is great.


  1. As a market leader, you might expect some cutting-edge tech here that is not present.
  2. Limited branding. You can’t create fully white-label surveys here in most of the plans.


Personal plans

  1. Flex: $29 a month with only 10 questions per survey and 1k responses a month.
  2. Standard: $99 a month with 1k responses and custom logo
  3. Advantage: $32 a month with 5k responses
  4. Premier: $99 a month with unlimited surveys and 7.5 responses a month


  1. Business plan – You will need at least 3 users for this.
  2. Advantage: $25 per user per month
  3. Premier: $75 per user per month with analytics and more control.

Pulse Insights

The next survey tool you can use is Pulse Insights. It’s one of the unique tools to increase customer engagement and improve the overall customer experience.

You can get 360-degree insights into every customer with this. Progressive profiling will also allow you to run better marketing campaigns.

Some features let you create the best surveys for better engagement.


Highly Customizable: You can customize it in the way you want without worrying about anything

Awesome User Interface: They have a more than 10% response rate for a reason. Their UI is awesome and the features they provide are also great.

Analytics: You will get detailed analytics here. This will help you know your customers better.

Optimization: Optimize your surveys with insights. You can also run A/B testing here.

Integration: Easy integration with many apps.            

Profiling: The 360-degree view of the customer will help you in making better decisions. You can use this in many possible ways.

Viewable results: You will see an increase in the engagement rate and get the best results with the help of this tool.


  1. Engagement is more.
  2. Your customers will love the survey as they look awesome.
  3. The insights and analytics are awesome.
  4. You can use A/B testing to optimize the survey in the better way possible.


The features are very limited to the survey. You won’t get new exciting features here.


You can contact them and get the pricing of the tool. They will contact you for the details and give you the best suitable pricing as per your requirements.


You can always use Qualtrics if you are looking for the best survey tool in the market. Here, you are getting a lot more features than you expect.

It’s known as the core customer experience survey software out there.

In simpler words, there are plenty of software that does the same thing with fancy features.

However, the main features that are the center of attention here are related to the engagement.

Qualtrics is a huge company with plenty of products. You can use any of them here as per your need.


Experience: You can use it t increase all the experience. By all, we mean to say you can increase customer experience, you can increase employee experience, and you can also increase brand experience with this.

XM Services: You will get many XM services here. XM services will help you with experienced management and increasing your brand power.

Survey tool: For the people who are looking for a regular survey tool where they can collect the data of the users and ask the questions, you can use that product too.

Design: You can always use it to increase the design and the product experience. There are features to help you with this.


  1. You will get almost everything that you want here.
  2. All the products have the feature you want.
  3. You can integrate it with any other software and tools.


  1. The features are scattered with different products.
  2. It becomes complex for a non-technical person to use all the features.


You will have to contact them to get the pricing. They will give the pricing as per your requirement. The pricing is not given directly.

Survey Anyplace

As the name says, it’s software that allows you to take the survey anywhere you want. You can use it on your website or you can use it on your app too.

SurveyAnyPlace has quizzes, surveys, and they also have assessments to help you out with the data collection.

One thing that we like about SurveyAnyPlace is that you can get the branded PDF report via email. With this, you can have it save someplace safe and it also helps you with automation.

The features are great and the UI is also great. However, the plans are not perfect.


Scoring: You can get the score and the measurable insights with this tool. When you have a score, it becomes easier for you to understand the insights.

Survey type: SurveyAnyPlace will allow you to create a quiz, surveys, assessments, etc.

Data with Insights: The data collection mechanism is perfect. Moreover, the analytics page will show you all of them in the best way possible.

Integration: Integration with all the other apps is quite easy here. You can integrate it with one click with any app you want.


  1. It is easy to use.
  2. There are many survey types here.
  3. Integration features are great.
  4. The essential plan is the affordable one where you will get enough features.


  1. Pricing is something that we are not impressed with. You will have to contact them if you want more features. The two-priced plan doesn’t cover all the things.
  2. No advanced features are there in the tool.


Essential: $39 a month with all the essential features you want. You now have 400 responses per month.

Professional: $59 a month with all the features. You will get 2000 responses in this plan.

There are two more plans for which you can request the pricing as per your need.

Zoho Survey

Zoho is a popular CRM you might be knowing about. With this, you can have complete customer resource management.

However, if you are planning to check out the survey creation tool by Zoho, you surely aren’t wrong.

You can always get the best when it comes to Zoho. Zoho survey gives you an easy way to create surveys and collect the data.

As it’s a CRM, there is an easy connection option. If you are using Zoho CRM, you should surely check out Zoho surveys too. You will love it in that case.


Easy builder: It provides a drag and drop builder to create the surveys. You can simply drag the element from the side panel and drop it to create the form.

Survey Types: Zoho provides various survey types to have the data.

Templates: Templates are there to directly import the ready-made survey and then customize it as per your need.

Integration: Integration support is awesome. There are many cool apps to connect Zoho surveys with.

Analytics: You will get detailed stats here for all the surveys you have created and the responses they have got.


  1. Easy to use builder can help you create the best surveys.
  2. The templates are available for each industry, unlike many other survey software. There are more than 250 templates.
  3. Easy integration with CRM.
  4. The plans are also great. They have added the features in each plan very cleverly.
  5. Zoho surveys are affordable as compared to many other survey software.


  1. The features are not advanced.
  2. You won’t get a score and 360-degree view of customers.


Free plan: Limited features

Plus plan: $25 a month with unlimited surveys and responses

Pro plan: $35 a month with white labeling features and many similar features.

Enterprise: $75 a month for admin and 2 other users with department creation feature.

What is Survey Software?

This is a very interesting question. Before we get into the list of the best survey software, you must know what it is.

Survey software might sound like a very simple word.

A newbie might think that it will be software that helps you run surveys for the customers. If you are thinking the same, you are correct here.

Survey software is software that allows you to collect data from the customs. You can run various campaigns where you have a set of questions and the user can answer them.

With the data, you can improve your customer experience and also use the same data for marketing purposes.

However, the software will do a lot more advanced things than just collecting the data.

It helps you with experience management. This is where the software will give you better insights and analytics of the data you have collected.

With the proper data and the right analytics, you can shape your product and improve the overall customer experience.

The extra features are the reason why you need to pay fr this tool.

For example, there is an integration feature in many survey software. As we move to the list, you will learn the same thing.

The integration feature allows you to integrate the survey software with other apps.

If you are using a CRM, you might want to see the survey data on your CRM too, right? If a customer says something, you might want to see the surrey answers when you open the customer’s profile.

This is why integration is important. You can integrate it with other apps and see the data at all the other places too.

Benefits of Using Survey Software

There are many benefits of using survey software. Every online business must use it to make their product better. Here are some of the benefits you will get if you start using survey software.

Better Product

The first and the most important reason why you should be using the survey software is because of the product you have to offer.

If you are not giving the best product experience to the users, they will eventually stop paying for it.

Therefore, you will have to constantly improve your product if you want to increase your revenue.

The best way to implement new features is by asking the users for the same. Surveys will help you do that.

When you know your customer better, you will surely make the product better. In this way, your revenue will also increase and you will retain more customers.


You will increase the engagement with your customers.

There is much software that has the poll option. Polls are a great way to know your customer and understand their needs without wasting more time.

Everyone loves to give their opinion on something. Therefore, you can ask them polls and get the answer in the least possible time.

Additionally, the surveys will also help you with the engagement. With the surveys, you are asking users to interact with your brand. The more they interact with your brand, the better it is for your brand.

Make the customer feel Special

When you add a survey, it clearly shows that you want to listen to your customers.

Everybody loves when someone hears them out. This is a great way to hear them and listen to them. They might surely have some new ideas for your product.

It’s always better to keep the view open and take suggestions.

If you ask the customers for their problem and then solve it, you will make them feel heard. When you do this, your customers won’t leave.

Every customer will prefer the solution to their query rather than leaving the product. Surveys can help you with this.

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