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Best Screenwriting Software StudioBinder

Are you a professional screenwriter who wants a break in the Hollywood movie industry, then you must need high-quality screenwriting software?

However, the problem is that many screenwriting software is available in the market due to which you might get confused to know which one is best for you.

So in this article, we will help you in finding the best screenwriting software. Screenwriting software allows you to spend most of your time in writing without worrying about typeface, line spaces, and some other things.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about screenwriting software. So read this article till the end.

How to Choose Good Screenwriting Software?


The software you are going to use for screenwriting must have a simple interface so that it will be effortless for you to use that software while writing scripts.

Make sure that you don’t need to read the manual while or before using the software. If you have to read a manual to use the software, then instead of saving your time, it will waste it.

Ensure all the tools are present at one place, and at the same time, all tools are distinctly visible. The menu layout should be clean with minimum or no interruptions.


Screenwriting software should provide the writer with an option to choose from one template from various templates. Templates help the writer to plot the story quickly.

Moreover, templates can provide the writer with all the necessary elements of a screenplay as per the writer’s requirement.

With good screenwriting software, a writer can easily find the headline, dialogue, character names, and other templates’ elements. Basically, a template saves the writer’s time and makes their writing job much more manageable.


It is a feature on which you cannot compromise. As a writer, you need to collaborate with other writers, editors, and other important members during the writing process.

So, in that case, a collaboration tool will be beneficial for you to streamline the process and organize everything with a single software.


It is an excellent and easy to use screenwriting software for writing and editing screenplays. Moreover, WriterDuet’s main feature that sets it apart from others is that it allows real-time collaboration.

WriterDuet comes with a wide range of templates, outlining tools, and tagging features. Furthermore, the best thing about this software is that it is cloud-based. So you can use it from anywhere in the world.

If you have a team of multiple writers who want to write and edit scripts simultaneously without running each other work, then WriterDuet is the perfect choice for you because of its real-time collaboration feature.


  • WriterDuet supports multiple browsers as well as multiple devices.
  • It has a wide range of formats, due to which it offers high customizability.
  • It allows you to install multiple plugins for better customization.
  • WriterDuet allows you to take backup in cloud storage devices like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • It has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • It comes with an inbuilt tutorial, due to which it became easy to use by writers.


  • Easy to use
  • Balanced interface
  • Excellent tool for collaboration work
  • Works great on both mobile and desktop.


  • You can only write three scripts for free.
  • While working offline, you cannot collaborate with other writers.
  • To take full benefit of WriterDuet, you must upgrade to a Pro account.


  • Plus: $7.99 / month if billed monthly and $5.00 / month if billed annually.
  • Pro: $11.99 / month if billed monthly and $7.42 / month if billed annually.
  • Premium: $15.99 / month if billed monthly and $9.992 / month if billed annually.
Best Screenwriting Software WriterDuet


It is one of the best writing tools not only for writers but also for novelists and authors. Scrivener comes with various features, which include a drag and drop tool, organizing notes, and editing multiple documents at the same time.

Furthermore, Scrivener provides the writer with various screenwriting templates due to which writers can write and organize them according to their needs.

This software is available for the three main operating systems Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux. However, to unlock the full potential of Scrivener, you need a bit of understanding of this software, especially if you are using the software for the first time.


  • Scrivener allows you to rearrange files using a simple drag-and-drop tool.
  • A writer can instantly switch from editing one section to editing the whole document.
  • Scrivener provides the writer with an option to import files from various Word processors and extensions.
  • Writers can easily compile various documents to form a single chapter.
  • It gives writers an option to choose their own font.
  • It provides all the essential features in one place to make the writer’s work easy.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial period.
  • Video tutorials are available to have a better understanding of the software.
  • Writers can set a writing goal to track their performance.
  • Personalized setup and interfaces.


  • It might be challenging for first-time users to use the software.
  • You need to buy a different license if you want to use the software on other operating systems.
  • Scrivener might require some paid updates.


Scrivener comes with a 30-day free trial but to use it permanently and unlock its features you need to purchase it. Moreover, it offers the following three plans:

  • iOS: You need to pay $19.99 to use it on an iOS operating system, which includes iPad, iPhone, and iPod.
  • macOS: You can buy a standard license for $49 and an educational license for $41.65.
  • Windows: You can buy a standard license for $49 and an educational license for $41.65.

If you want to use Scrivener on both windows and mac, then you can make a bundle purchase for $80, and you will get a separate license for both operating systems.

Best Screenwriting Software Scrivener


It is screenwriting software that is specially designed for motion picture screenplays, which makes it a perfect choice for writers who are associate with the film, television, or gaming industry.

Moreover, it comes with various handy features like an action-to-dialogue calculator, multiple language support, cross-device compatibility, etc.

Currently, Fade In is one of the most affordable screenwriting software present in the market that comes with various marvelous features.

You might be surprised to know that the American director Rian Johnson works on famous movies like Star Wars: Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, and some others also use this affordable software for the screenwriting work.

Furthermore, Fade In is also used for the screenwriting process of the video game The Bioshock Series. This thing shows that this software is very capable; that’s why various big companies are using it.


  • It offers automatic script formatting, which is very useful for writers.
  • Fade In comes with a built-in auto-complete typing feature.
  • Full-screen mode so that writers can write without any distraction.
  • It supports multiple file formats like text, HTML, and some more.
  • Fade In provides writers with an opportunity to do a real-time collaboration.
  • Fade In provides complete image support, which means you can add images directly into your document.
  • It provides software updates for free.


  • Offer cloud storage devices. So the user can access their document from anywhere in the world.
  • Supports cross-compatibility.
  • Provide a free demo
  • Simple user interface
  • Provide revision control


  • Sometimes causes compatibility issues while working between inside and outside the film industry.
  • The free version of Fade In shows a watermark on all your work.


  • Free Plan: Fade In offers a free demo version for a limited time. So users can check out all the features of Fade In for free.
  • Paid Plan: You can purchase the full version of Fade In by paying a one-time fee of $79.95.
Best Screenwriting Software Fade In

Highland 2

Highland 2 is software that has the easiest to use interface. Anyone can become a master in using this software within 5 minutes.

Moreover, Highland 2 comes with the four primary screenwriting tools, which includes navigator, the bin, live margins, and revision mode.

It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and android. This software is great for blog writers, and screenwriters who are just starting out.


  • It provides a sprint feature by which you can track time while you are working on your script.
  • It comes with automatic formatting mode, so the writer does not need to worry about the format.
  • Highland 2 provides you the opportunity to design your own themes.
  • Plenty of keyboard shortcuts, which make the writer works very easy.
  • It has a tool for adding images and importing files to the documents.
  • 5 dark and 5 light themes for writing.


  • Highland 2 provides regular updates.
  • The software has an excellent customer support.
  • Scratchpad feature allows the writer to take and leave notes.
  • A lifetime free version is available.


  • The free version of Highland 2 comes with a watermark.
  • Highland 2 is only available for mac.


  • Free: They provide lifetime access to their tool but with limited features.
  • Pro: To access all the features of Highland 2, you need to pay a one-time fee of $49.99.


It is a multipurpose scriptwriting and production tool that is widely used by large teams and companies who want to plan, write, and shoot with from a single platform.

Celtx user interface is straightforward, due to which any writer can use it effortlessly. Moreover, it comes with various useful tools that help with script format, writing, cost management, reporting, and collaboration.

It is a cloud-based software due to which users can access it from anywhere in the world. Currently, the software has more than 6 million global users.


  • This software is simple and easy to learn.
  • Works in both online and offline mode.
  • It is a multipurpose software that supports both production and budgeting.
  • Celtx supports real-time collaborations.
  • Celtx has a rich text editor module for novel writing.
  • It provides fully cloud-based solutions.
  • Celtx has a revision tracking feature.


  • It works offline, which means you don’t need to stay connected to the internet to use the software.
  • It supports a team and multiple members.
  • Celtx is an all-in-one pre-production management.


  • Now the free version of Celtx is not available.
  • The copy-paste tool can be improved.


  • Scriptwriting Plan: $7.50 / month if billed annually and $10 / month if billed monthly.
  • Video Production: $13.50 / month if billed annually and $15 / month if billed monthly.
  • Game Production: $13.50 / month if billed annually and $15 / month if billed monthly.

Moreover, a bundle plan of video and game production is also available. The price of this plan is $22.50 / month if billed annually and $25 / month if billed monthly.


It is free and open-source software that works on Windows and Linux operating systems, so it is updated frequently by developers.

Moreover, they motivate the developers and screenwriters to collaborate and make the platform even better. So they can provide a quality product free of cost.

Trelby is the perfect choice for writers who are on a tight budget and looking for a screenwriting software that is flexible, customizable, and free.

If you are just starting out in the writing career and don’t want to spend the money, then Trelby is an excellent option for you.



  • Trelby can highlight the difference between different versions of a script.
  • It supports multiple file formats, including pdf.
  • Easy to use interface, which is very much similar to a normal text editor.
  • Trelby has a character name database.
  • It is free to use. Writers can use it for free for a lifetime.


  • The revision tracking feature can be improved.
  • It is not compatible with macOS.
  • No long term support is available.
  • The online collaboration feature is missing.
  • Trelby only supports the English language.
  • No options available for bold, italics, or underlining.


Trelby is entirely free to use. All you had to do is download the latest version of the software from their website.

Best Screenwriting Software Trelby

Movie Magic Screenwriter

It is award-winning software that is used by professional screenwriters for decades. This software has all the screenwriting tools and features that you can imagine.

Not a single tool is missing on this. Furthermore, at the same time, it is straightforward to learn and simple to use. However, if you feel difficulty in using the Movie Magic Screenwriter, then you can use their online videos and a paper manual to have a better understanding of the software.

This software provides the best users experience to the screenwriters by providing them customizable features and tools that make the screenwriting process very flexible.

It saves the writer’s lot of time and provides them very seamless writing and editing experience because they did not need to worry about the technical aspect of a script.

Movie Magic Screenwriter is the best choice for professionals working in the film industry. However, the price of this software is relatively high, due to which small organizations cannot afford this software.


  • This software automatically formats the script to meet the current industry standards.
  • It has built-in collaboration tools.
  • It is very customizable, which means users can change the layout and interface according to their needs.
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter has an option for real-time collaboration from various remote locations.
  • The software has four navigation panels for notes, outline, scenes, and bookmarks.
  • Color-code features for easy reference.


  • It is very intuitive and flexible.
  • It has more than 100 screenwriting templates.
  • The installation process is simple.
  • Automatic update support.
  • Auto backup support
  • With this software, it is easy to track edits and revision history.
  • It has eight instructional templates.


  • The price of this software is very high as compared to other screenwriting software.


  • Regular Version:$249.95. With this plan, you can access the Movie Magic Screenwriter with all its features.
  • Academic Version:$99.95. But for this, you need to give proof that you are a full-time student or teacher.
  • Upgrade: If you have an older version of Movie Magic Screenwriter, then you can upgrade your software to the latest version by paying $89.95.

Final Draft

It is one of the best screenwriting software that is present in the market since 1990. Moreover, it is widely used in the entertainment industry and won various awards till now.

Final Draft consists of more than 300 templates, which makes the writer’s work significantly easier. Furthermore, it works well on multiple operating systems and devices, which makes it a perfect multidevice software.

It is the right choice for writers who are looking for software to maintain the same industry-standard that major television shows and motion pictures use. If you are planning to write a television show or Hollywood movie, then Final Draft is the best option for you because it used by various big companies like Netflix and Warner Bros. Pictures.


  • It consists of advanced brainstorming and visualization tool.
  • It allows the writer to organize and customize various things, including character arc, plot points, location ideas, research, and more.
  • With Final Draft, you can visually plan key milestones and plot points.
  • It takes the automatic file back so you will never lose your data.
  • The final Draft font supports more than 97 languages.
  • Final Draft revision mode provides a history of all changes.


  • Final Draft has more than 300 templates.
  • It supports distraction free-writing.
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial.
  • Final Draft has an easy to use interface.
  • It consists of a speech to script tool.


  • As it is a full package solution for screenwriters, so the price of the software is a bit high.


  • Free: The free trial version is available for Final Draft but only for 30 days.
  • Full Version: You can purchase a full version of Final Draft at $99.99. Moreover, their current customer can have a special upgrade at the price of $79.99.


It is one of the most popular screenwriting tools present in the market right now. StudioBinder has a very modern design and easy to use interface.

Moreover, it is a complete cloud-based production management software that offers professional screenwriting solutions.

This software helps companies and other creatives to stay organized, connected, and informed about the writing process by using a single platform.

Studio Binder is the perfect choice for large scale companies or expert individuals working on very high projects. Moreover, various big companies like BuzzFeed and LIONSGATE studio use this software for screenwriting and scriptwriting work.


  • StudioBinder supports online collaboration with instant updates, feedback, and revisions.
  • It has an inbuilt drag and drops feature.
  • With StudioBinder, it is easy to create, duplicate, and navigate script versions.
  • It supports industry-standard auto-formatting.
  • With StudioBinder, it is hassle-free to sync and re-sync pre-production tasks.
  • It supports Script breakdowns.


  • StudioBinder has a simple interface with a clean layout.
  • It supports multiple script formats, including pdf, doc, fdx, etc.
  • It has a free version that can be used for a lifetime.
  • StudioBinder is robust and highly customizable.


  • The price might be high for an individual or a small company.
  • The free version is available but only for one project.


  • Free: You can use it unlimited time for free but only for one project.
  • Indie:$29.00 per month. With this plan, you will get 50GB of file storage for ten projects.
  • Professional: $49.00 per month. With this plan, you will get 75GB of file storage for 25 projects.
  • Studio: $99.00 per month. With this plan, you will get 100GB of file storage for unlimited projects.

Which Software Are Best for Beginners?

All the software we discuss in this article are best for beginners. But if you primarily focus on beginners, then you can consider the following options.

Beginners need to do a lot of practice to strengthen their writing performance. So the above software can help you in improving your screenwriting.

WriterDuet is great software that consists of all the basic and advanced features a writer needs. Moreover, the price of this also reasonable so as a beginner you can go with this software.

If currently you cannot afford to spend much money on software, but still you need to practice your skills, then you can go with Trelby. It is free software that consists of all the essential features that a screenwriter needs.

If money is not a problem and you want professional software that can provide you a full solution for screenwriting, then Final Draft is the best choice.

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