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ISL Light Best Remote Desktop Software Remote Utilities for Windows VNC Connect 128-bit encryption

How to Choose Good Remote Desktop Software?

There are many remote desktop software present on the web, and finding a good one is not an easy task. Even we cannot decide the best software, and this is why we gave you a list of software so you can select which is the best.

In this list, we put software that is able to achieve particular criteria. While selecting the remote desktop software, we look at the below thing, and you should also know about the below thing before using any remote desktop software.

Software Features

The primary work of remote desktop software is to provide remote access of one device to another. But this is not the only thing you should care about. You should look at other advanced features of the software.

Check the tool’s ability to work with multiple monitors, support of multiple operating systems, session management, memory management, and other necessary features that you may need for your work.

Sharing Tool

The sharing tool is a feature of the software to provide two-way communication between the local devices and remote devices. The software should be able to help the user to take notes while working on a remote PC.

Apart from this, you should also look at whether the software has a feature of sharing files by using the drag and drop method.


Security is the highest priority of everyone, and even you should look it first while choosing the remote desktop software. The industry security standard for Remote Desktop Software is a 128-bit encryption.

Not only care about username and password check all other security features too like One-Time Password, automatic time out, and IP filtering.

Help and Support

Learning anything new is not an easy task, and this same goes with software. Although remote desktop software is straightforward to use but you might still face some issues in the beginning.

So check the help and support system of the company whose software you are using. Check what support options are available like a chat on email, phone call, and other. Also, check whether the support is available during business hours or it is available 24 hours a day.

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager, commonly known as RDM, is one of the most famous and widely used software. It is a potent tool that allows you to remote security and manages all your connections on a single platform.

RDM is an excellent tool for both individuals and businesses. Moreover, it is compatible with both android and IOS devices.

Remote Desktop Manager comes with various capable features like connection tool, data, password configuration, etc. due to which the software is quite handy to use. Also, it supports multiple integrated technologies like protocols and VPN.


  • RDM helps its users to manage and control all their remote connection by using a single platform.
  • It allows the users to store their passwords and credentials in a secure, centralized Walnut.
  • It protects the connection from security attacks by using the granular protection access control.
  • RDM allows its users to simplify management by creating templates.
  • It provides customized reports depending on specific criteria.


  • The software has a straightforward user interface due to which it is effortless to use.
  • RDM comes with multiple VPNs, technologies, and protocols.
  • It comes with a site license for big businesses so they can manage a large no of machines.
  • With RDM, you can easily share the admin password throughout the organization.
  • With RDM, users can know any information in real-time.
  • It has a feature of launching and accessing session in offline mode.
  • It offers a 30-day free trial.


  • The free version has minimal features
  • Sometimes the operation performs a bit slowly.


  • Single-user Subscription: $199 per year
  • Single-site Plan:$4999 per year

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control is a great software that comes with remote control and various unattended capabilities that enhance the user’s efficiency and reduce the cost.

The ConnectWise Control works perfectly on every device. No matter whether you are using it on Windows, Mac, Android, or IOS.

It is an excellent choice for small and medium businesses that are looking for powerful remote access software. Moreover, they use modular, custom pricing due to which you can build your own package.


  • It offers instant connectivity, which is a great thing.
  • It comes with an updated design which supports more granular permission assignment.
  • ConnectWise Control provides a feature by which users can share the file and even share their opinion by commenting on file. Due to all these, two or more people can work simultaneously on the same task.
  • They have a team of experts with whom you can get in touch anytime to solve your problems.


  • ConnectWise Control offers a wide range of flexible integrations, including ServiceNow, Outlook, Zopim, ITBoost, Slack, and others.
  • ConnectWise Control is easy to setup.
  • It has powerful security options.
  • This software perfectly works on the desktop computer, servers, and even on the virtual machine and virtual private server.
  • ConnectWise has a very clean and comfortable to use user interface.


  • The subscription cost is quite expensive.
  • Some features of ConnectWise Control are challenging to understand.


  • The software comes with a 14-day free trial. Once the free trial is over, users can use a quote-based pricing structure to upgrade their plan.
  • The basic Access plan starts at $30 per month, which works with 25 devices.


Splashtop is one of the most affordable remote desktop software. So if you are looking for a reliable and efficient tool, then you can go with Splashtop.

It comes with various impressive features and has a very simple user-friendly interface. Moreover, it works with almost every operating system, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.


  • It allows users to view multiple screens from a monitor or multiple monitors.
  • Splashtop has a feature by which two users can easily access the same machine remotely.
  • The user management is quite good. So with Splashtop, one can easily allow access to specific machines, assign tasks to other users and even provide them with specific permissions.


  • The cloud computing environment of Splashtop is secured by using data encryption, firewalls, and DDoS mitigation.
  • Splashtop comes with a clock defense and intrusion detection mechanism due to which users get strong security.
  • It offers faster connections and high definition quality.
  • It has the option of transferring files by using the drag and drop method.
  • With Splashtop use can easily enable screen recording.


  • If anyone wants to use multiple user accounts, then they need to have multiple accounts.
  • Some people complain about minimal lags on some occasions.


  • Business Acess Solo: $5 per month
  • Business Acess Pro: $8.25 per month
  • Acess Pro Plus Volume Licenses: $4.5 per month.

Zoho Assist

It is a multifunctional cloud-based platform that is good for providing IT and customer support. Moreover, it offers specialized remote support and unattended access plans designed to smooth the workflow process.

Zoho Assist supports Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, and Android devices. Furthermore, it provides an on-demand connection without the installation of software just by sending the email invitation.

With Zoho Assist, users can easily set up remote access inside and outside the LAN for both Mac and Windows operating systems.


  • It has various useful features, including file transfer, text chat, VoIP, and quick launch options that provide access to the command prompt, control panel, and other essential aspects of the remote computer.
  • With Zoho, there is very easy management of unattended computers because it has features like computer grouping and departments.
  • It has a bulk deployment option, which is very helpful for configuring a large number of computers.
  • They protect their user data by using features like data anonymization, data encryption, breach notification, role-based access, and customer consent for activities like remote print, file transfer, and clipboard sharing.


  • Setting up Zoho Assist is very easy.
  • The price is very affordable as compared to other remote desktop software.
  • Zoho Assist provides free cloud storage.
  • With Zoho Assist, you can record all your sessions.
  • Zoho Assist supports various languages.
  • It ensures file transfer security by using 256-bit AES encryption.


  • Some of its features are a bit confusing.
  • Zoho Assist is only limited to some basic features.


  • It comes with a 15 days, and the monthly plan starts from $7 to $12.


NinjaRMM is an all in one remote monitoring platform. Moreover, it has a very easy-to-use UI, which actually saves a lot of time for its users.

All its features like monitoring, alerting, patching, antivirus, backup, and IT automation are available on a single screen. With only software and even from one screen, users can easily manage everything.

It works perfectly on both Windows and Mac. Furthermore, with NinjaRMM, users can easily track the changes and even send templates for configurable alert triggers.


  • It can directly control Windows and Mac devices because it has integrated Cloud RDP, TeamViewer, and Splashtop.
  • It monitors all the workstations, laptops, and servers.
  • NinjaRMM can easily manage all devices without interrupting end-users.
  • It has standardized the deployment, configuration, and management of devices by using powerful IT automation tools.


  • It has the combined power of two software Team viewer and Splashtop.
  • With NinjaRMM, users get a full solution to IT management, which basically reduces the need for desktop software.
  • It has a self-heal system. So when any issue arises, the software automatically starts working to solve the problems.

Pricing The company doesn’t set fixed pricing. Instead of this, it works on the quotation system. You can send your own quote to the company.

Goverlan Reach

It is available in three different standards which Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. So you can go with any package according to your needs.

Suppose you are looking for a capable application to remote efficiently. In that case, you must give a shot to Goverlan Reach because it has various impressive features like remote IT support, active directory management, IT process automation, and much more.


  • It allows you to communicate with other users either by chat or audio.
  • With Goverlan Reach, you can easily share information by using a screenshot and video recording.
  • Goverlan Reach provides a fully customizable user experience.
  • It is easily scalable.
  • It has a feature of identifying issues in real-time. So it can prevent maintenance.
  • Goverlan Reach can easily manage domain memberships and machine names online.



  • If multiple agents are online on the different versions, then it asks to remove the agent on the older version. So basically, it forces users to upgrade to a newer version.
  • It provides limited support for server-side technologies.


  • Standard: $29 per month
  • Professional: $69 per month
  • Enterprise: $129 per month
  • Incident Management: It is an add on module which costs $55 per month


FixMe.IT is software that is designed to provide instant unattended access, and on-demand support to clients present anywhere in the World.

Furthermore, it offers multi-session handling, unlimited on-demand support, and access to up to 150 unattended machines.

Apart from this, its other useful features include branding, two-way desktop sharing, multi-monitor navigation, file transfer, session recording, drawing tools, reporting, and much more.

With FixMe.IT users can easily control and view multiple monitors connected to a remote computer. Users can even restart the computer remotely without terminating the current session.


  • It has two-way desktop sharing. So you can either share your own screen with the user or connect to a remote computer.
  • It has a feature of transferring files by using the drag and drop method.
  • With FixMe.IT, users can easily communicate by using the live chat feature.
  • FixMe.IT support multi-monitor navigation. So users can view and control any number of monitors.
  • It supports the whiteboard tool by which you can enhance your presentation.
  • It uses two-factor authentication to secure your account.
  • With FixMe.IT, you can easily deploy the client application by using the feature called Group Policy.


  • The software is straightforward and super easy to use.
  • It provides a significant number of unattended clients.
  • The software is very lightweight in terms of specifications.
  • It is dependable because there are very rare chances that you will face any issues.


  • One of the biggest cons is its inability to bypass UAC.
  • There is no mobile support.


  • Monthly Plan: $30 per month
  • Yearly Plan: $300 per year

ISL Light

ISL supports cross-platform technology so users can run it on all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux computer, IOS, and Android.

The software is straightforward to use. With ISL Light, users can quickly connect and manage any server or remote computer within seconds.

Moreover, it has some exciting feature which includes screen sharing, unlimited user numbers, chat, video call, files transfer, email invitation, multi-monitor support, etc.

ISL uses 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication to secure their user’s account. Furthermore, ISL Light has very transparent pricing, and it provides excellent performance according to its price.


  • It provides high-speed screen sharing with secure unattended access.
  • It works well with all android devices. So as an IT company employee, you can provide support to every user on different devices.
  • ISL Light allows users to build secure RDP connections between remote desktop and user PC without compromising the network or without making any change in the firewall.
  • With ISL Light, users can restart the computer remotely, which, in my opinion, is a useful feature.
  • It has a rich customization option


  • It is easy to use software and has various ways to connect.
  • It uses a license plan due to which there is no limit to users and installations.
  • The customer support of ISL Light is very knowledgeable and responsive.
  • It provides excellent performance according to the price.
  • ISL Light supports the 28 language, which is another great thing about it.


  • The remote printing process is quite complicated.
  • It offers a free trial, but there is no free version of the software.


  • Pay Per Use: $145 per year
  • Cloud: $469 per year
  • Self-hosted: $990 for lifetime

Parallels Desktop for Mac

It is one of the fastest and best ways to run Windows app on the Mac operating system. The majority of the users who want to run windows applications on Mac prefer to use Parallel Desktop for it.

Parallels support all windows versions, Mac versions, and Linux versions. Moreover, the company defines there software as fast, powerful, and easy.

It works with the Boot Camp so you can use reuse your existing Bootcamp installation. Furthermore, it has a feature of one-click tuning, which basically improves and optimizes VM setting for better performance.


  • It comes with Office365 integration so you can easily open and edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents.
  • It has a retina display that smartly resizes the screen resolution for different displays.
  • Parallels provide instant access to Windows applications directly from the Mac Dock.
  • It saves disk space by using the automatic Disk Space optimization so you can get out most from your system.
  • It has a drag and drops feature to share the files.
  • Parallels support volume control synchronization.
  • It supports picture in picture view.
  • It offers OpenGl support and even auto-detect the game keyboard.


  • It offers a very seamless user experience.
  • You can even add the icons to the Mac touch bar for instant access. It is a great feature to save the user’s time.
  • Works with almost all operating systems.
  • It provides fast performance. Moreover, it is effortless to set up Parallels.
  • It provides the option for opening Mac files in Windows, which is quite impressive.
  • Parallels support a travel mode, which helps in extending battery life.
  • They provide 24/7 support, which is one more great thing about Parallels.


  • Some Mac integration features are quite challenging to implement.
  • It only runs on Mac as it is cleared by its name.


  • Parallels Desktop: $79.99 per year
  • Parallels Desktop Pro Edition: $99.99 per year
  • Desktop Business Edition: $119.99 per year


It is cloud-based remote desktop software that provides a secure connection with AES 256 bit encryption. Moreover, it is best for both home and business use.

It also has collaboration features like voice chat. It has a drag and drops feature that allows the users to execute the tasks without much technical knowledge.

While working on presentations or documents in real-time, it actually calls a person for accessing our system. Furthermore, it is a scalable program that can easily connect with a large number of devices.


  • It supports always-on remote access and one-time instant access.
  • It is platform-independent.
  • Remote PC is secure, scalable, and even accessible with the web.
  • With Remote PC, users can invite to collaborate, record the screen, and drag and drop the local files.
  • Its other features include easy file transfer, chat between computers, whiteboard support, and remote printing.
  • It allows you to remote into a computer by using the mobile device, which is a great thing.


  • It has a versatile web application.
  • It is suitable for a large number of connections.
  • With RemotePC, users can easily send and receive chat pings.
  • It is very easy to configure RemotePC.
  • You can add extra users by using secure access ID and key.


  • It cannot display multiple monitors in the same window.
  • The user interface can be improved.
  • It takes some time to setup.


  • Consumer: $22 for the first year
  • Soho: $52 for the first year
  • Team: $187 for the first year
  • Enterprise: $374 for the first year

Remote Utilities for Windows

It is one of the most capable remote desktop tools that are available for free. So if you are looking for an affordable solution for remote access without any ongoing fee, then the remote utilities are the right choice for you.

It comes with a range of useful features, including file transfer, video calls, and session recording. Moreover, it has some features that you will only get in premium tools.

Remote Utilities is best for individuals and small businesses. Furthermore, its free license allows you to remotely access up to 10 computers.


  • It has active directory support due to which there is easy integration of Remote Utilities into the active directory environment.
  • It has an in-built MSI configuration, so it efficiently creates a custom Host installer for efficient deployment in the network.
  • Remote Utilities create an end-to-end solution that provides reliable and robust support to its clients.
  • It comes with RDP integrations so users can connect with remote computers by using RDP protocols on the internet.
  • It supports portable mode.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It comes with various advanced features.
  • Remote Utilities also support iOS and Android application to provide remote access service to mobile devices.
  • You can even use this software without installing it on a PC.
  • With Remote Utilities, you can connect with a proxy server to configure remote utilities easily.


  • As its name suggests, it is only compatible with Windows devices.
  • Setting up a network takes time.
  • Require a fast internet connection to work smoothly.


It is free for up to ten users, but you can buy the online license key to increase the users. The plans for buying license key is as follows

  • Starter: $99 for lifetime
  • Mini: $249 for lifetime
  • Pro: $499 for lifetime
  • Endpoint:$290 for lifetime

VNC Connect

It is easy to use software that provides a secure solution for remote desktop access. Moreover, it is used by various multinational companies.

VNC Connect has a toolkit for secure integrations and real-time processing. Furthermore, it works on multiple platforms.

It comes with a highly customized plan so it can fulfill both client needs and budget limits. It is a cost-efficient and flexible software that can be either used by an individual or any big company.



  • The user interface is very responsive and easy to use.
  • There are different plans so you can ensure that you only pay for what you need.
  • With VNC Connect, there is good remote printing.
  • It connects quickly and provides fast responses.
  • It comes with a free guide on remote working for beginners.


  • It does not offer audio support between two devices.
  • They can give more configuration options.
  • The mobile interface can be improved.


  • Professional: $3.34 per month
  • Enterprise: $4.59 per month.

What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote Desktop software is a software that allows users to access the computer and its data without coming in physical contact with the computer.

The remote desktop software can either work on an internal network or on the internet. Remote Desktop software is beneficial for doing tasks like collaborative work, demonstrations, and technical support.

Typically IT professionals use remote desktop software to provide maintenance and support to end-users. With this software, you can do every work on a system that you can physically present at that system.

Many times people get confused between screen sharing and remote desktop software. But there is a vast difference between both of them. Screen-sharing software only allows the user to share their screen, whereas a remote desktop software provides full feature access to the user, which is a handy thing.

Most companies, mainly IT companies, use remote desktop software to save their lot of time. Moreover, remote desktop software also allows sending files from one device to another device, which is quite good.

Benefits of Remote Desktop Manager

  • The main advantage of working remotely is that it increases the productivity of the users.
  • It helps the low-end device to run powerful software without upgrading the hardware.
  • Remote desktop software gives you the security of data and information because you have a team that can look after the server if there was a security breach.
  • Many companies prefer to use desktop software to reduce their costs. One example is that if you have remote desktop software, you did not need to invest in a server.
  • IT companies can quickly solve their customer problems.
  • The remote desktop software allows you to access data worldwide within a short span by using the internet.
  • This software provides the feature to manage privileged accounts by using a role-based security system.
  • With this software, the accessibility and management of the team become easier.

Best for Beginners

All the software we discussed in this article is great. Still, if you specifically focused on the software for beginners, then, in my opinion, the following software is best for beginners.

As a beginner, you may face a lot of issues during different processes. So you need software that provides good customer support, and in that case, both the above software are great.

Both ISL Light and VNC Connect have a very knowledgeable support staff that is active 24/7. Moreover, VNC Connect also comes with a free guide on remote working.

Both of the above software has a very clean and comfortable to use interface, which makes it suitable for beginners. Apart from this, both of the software has all the features like cross-platform technology, flexible deployment, and much more.

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