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Best Project Management Software GanttPro Hive BigTime Backlog Monday.com Nifty Teamwork Wrike MeisterTask Mavenlink Scoro Asana,How To Choose Good Project Management Software? What is Project Management Software? Why You Need Project Management Software?

Project Management software is widely used in the service industries. The new technology is empowering the developers to build an application that offers complete customization.

The services industries are complete depending on human interactions. Teamwork is essential for completing any project on deadline. 

Whether you are managing a single task or multiple tasks simultaneously, you need the software to keep track of progress. The software makes management easy.

Task management software simplifies the interaction between the internal team. Your team will be able to collaborate effectively while working on the project. 

There will be no mismanagement. When everyone is on the same page, the understanding between the team becomes stronger. Everyone would know what task they have to perform to reach the end goal.


The Gantt is the highly professional project management solution inspired by Gantt Chats. Once the data is added to the software, the algorithm tracks the timeline and provides the comprehensive report visually.

It helps the project manager to have an easy understanding of the project. The software is design to offer simple planning and execution. Engage the client in the process so everyone will be on the same page.


Set the Dates: Creates a task with the start and end dates in mind.

Real-time progress: Track the progress in real-time.

Set Milestone: You can set project milestones for any crucial events.

Deadlines: Enables you to organize work with deadlines.

Optimize Resources: Efficiently manage resources to reduce the cost of each project execution.

Collaborate: You can collaborate with the other team members through the platform without any trouble. Everyone can see the progress of the project without needing to have verbal communication.



  • The interface on the Smartphone is too small. Especially the fonts are tiny, which is difficult to manage.

Free Version

  • Offering free 14 days full-fledged trial plan.

Paid Version

Individual: $15 / Per Month

Team: $8.90 / Per Month

Enterprise: Request Quote


The Apache Hive is a large database and data warehouse management software. It supports processing the large data queries and analysis of datasets stored on the Hadoop distributed file system.

The software is distributed in the open-source license for general use. Anyone can use the Hive programming language and core system to develop their custom software.


Project Planning and Execution: The project planning and execution of the software become easy with the help of the Hive. Organize your project on a centralized platform. Every user working on the project would have complete information about the project. 

You can switch views with the click of the button and interact with the team member. Any change in the project will be reflected across all projects. Check project with the current status, team members, and assigned labels.

App integration: Connect different third-party applications without any restriction. The software gives you complete freedom to use the app and integrate it with a wide range of applications.

Team Communication: It offers better team communication when you connect your application with the core system. Every user will have access to the project details, so there will be no confusion between the members.

Work Monitoring and Prediction: The software is capable of predicting the progress of the project. It immediately applies the required details in the system. You will be able to predict the final date of the project, and if there is any problem in the execution, you can detect them easily.


  • Easy setup application offers instant access to the core features.
  • Cheaper solution compared to other software found in the market.
  • Integrate the software with Hadoop.
  • Allow multiple users to run the different data simultaneously.
  • Supports different data formats.
  • ETL works smoothly in the application


  • The speed of data processing is prolonged compared to the other applications found in the market.
  • Large object files consume a good amount of resources.

Free Version

Open-source application available for download to anyone.


The BigTime offers real-time data processing functionality that enables the user to do the budgeting, tracking, and billing of your most important assets. 

It saves lots of time when using the application. It ensures that every second you spend on the application is turned into productive hours. 

The software is design to facilitate the accountants, architects, engineers, and IT Services firms, scientific communities, management consultants for budgeting, tracking the regular transactions, and billing management. 

All your essential data management work could be processed through the application. You can also have the final reporting in the system with the analytical feature. 

The data is processed using real-time numbers so you can get the information that is updated at present. The software element the need of the offline tools and applications such as spreadsheets or web applications.


Time Tracking: Track the project timeline with the help of the software. It ensures the project is on track and process as per the deadline.

Resource Allocation: The organization can use real-time reporting to know how many resources are needed to work on the project. It will be easy to decide whether you need more resources for the project.

Expense Tracking: Every project would have an expense tracking feature that gives you insight into the project expense.

Project Management: You can manage the project without any trouble. Every member will have access to their control panel to log in and contribute to the project.

Billing & Invoicing: The billing and invoicing works seamlessly using the software. When you are connected to the application, each transaction will be recorded in the system giving you easy access to the cash inflow and outflow.


  • Electronic payment method is useful for processing payment online.
  • Set custom parameters to perform the automatic invoicing.
  • Custom reporting could be possible with a wide range of templates.
  • Well-organized application to work with and gives you complete freedom to do anything you want in the software.
  • Manage several customer accounts in a single platform.


  • The bank reconciliation option is missing in the application.
  • The user interface is not intuitive.
  • The visual representation is missing in the application.

Paid Version

Express: $10 / Per Month

Pro: $30 / Per Month

Premier: $40 / Per Month


An organization that is looking for higher productivity would love to implement the Backlog software in their organization.

It is one of the best project management and bug tracking tool. It offers greater visibility and tracking to manage the project efficiently. 

Teams can work in syncing without needing resources and direct interaction with each other. The tool is designed to mitigate the efforts and provide a seamless experience while working on it. 

The activity report will keep everyone alert about the progress of the project. User can share the comment on each project, allowing the others to follow the feedback and solve the problem instantly.


Task Management: Get on the board everyone with the task management features. It will enhance the productivity of the users.

Scheduling: Scheduling allows the members to set the deadline for each project. 

Team Collaboration: When you have a centralized system to manage your work, the collaboration between the different team members becomes easy.

Document Management: Now, it is easy to manage the document with the help of the Backlog software. It offers the required support to generate a separate folder where you can put the document properly.


  • Use Gantt chart to extend the use of the software.
  • The software has Github support.


  • GUI is difficult to manage, and it could have a more user-friendly design.

Free Version

The free version of the software is available.

Paid Version

Free: $0 / month

Starter: $35 / month

Standard: $100 / month

Premium:$175 / month


It is an open platform design for users who are looking for management tools. The application manages every aspect of your work without needing third-party support. The software offers a visual interface that supports apps, and integration makes the team build the work solutions. 

The tool is useful for building a sale pipeline, marketing campaign, robust CRM, and tracking the application. The software is design to make collaboration easy.

It allows the teams to stay on the same page when working and avoid any confusion while working on the project. 


Workflow Automation: Say goodbye to the manual work. Monday.com will automate the regular process. It will make the teamwork in the syncing without any trouble.

Collaboration: Monday.com makes collaboration with the team members easy. You will be able to connect with each team member through the software itself. 

Timesheet Tracking: Now, never miss your deadline. The timesheet tracking allows the users to predict the project’s progress and make the arrangement to complete the project on time.

Email Integration: Connect regular email id with the software with the click of the button. Email integration would help you to get the alert from anywhere when there is a new update.

Mobile Access: You can access the application through a mobile app and check the progress of the running project.


  • Get complete flexibility to manage each item in the software.
  • Small to large size project, anything is possible to manage using the software.
  • Different types of views and filters are given to operate the application without error.
  • Use the tags to personalize the items to make them easily identifiable.
  • Promotes automation that allows the users to increase production.


  • Group items require multiple clicks to reach the final document. It could have been better than this if the items are easily accessible.
  • The upload file date is missing, which makes it difficult to know when the file was uploaded.
  • Client support is not efficient, which makes it difficult to connect and solve the problem.
  • The data processing functionality is missing in the application for the large size database.

Paid Version

Basic: $11 Per seat / month

Standard: $14 Per seat / month

Pro: $22 Per seat / month

Enterprise: Quote Request


 Nifty is the best project management software offering the remote collaboration dashboard. It is designed to manage projects, goals, communications, and various teams in centralize system.

You can now manage your milestones, tasks, docs, calendars, and use direct messaging.

The application is fully customizable, offering workflow management. You can prioritize insights and reduce the time it takes to search for the information.


Activity Log: The application allows you to record each activity in the activity log.

Activity Tracking: When running a project in the software, activity tracking would help you reduce the time it takes to complete each project by taking quick action.

Collaboration Tools: Every information shared in the software is made available to each member working on the project. The collaboration tools allow the members to interact with each other through the platform—no need to do personal information sharing through other communication mediums. Everything is manageable in the software.

Deadline Tracking: When you work on an important project, the deadline is crucial for the project. The deadline tracking allows the users to track the progress of the work and complete the task on time.


  • The UX of the application is straightforward. You will find all the required information easily.
  • Price compared to the features are very attractive, which makes the value of the deal.
  • The collaboration feature in the software is handy.
  • It makes project management so simple for the team.


  • Too much reliance on the Zapapier integration.
  • More templates in the reporting would help the user to draw a custom report.
  • Task management is not intuitive.

Paid Version

Starter: $39 / per month

Pro: $79 / per month

Business: $124 / per month

Enterprise: Custom Quote


Teamwork project management software takes care of the background management that every individual team member must perform manually.

It allows the team to focus on delivering the results. Additionally, the team sees a big picture on the screen instead of the small part of it. 

When the team has the complete details of the project in front of them, they will interact and do the work efficiently. Whatever the size of your team, you can get everyone on board without any limitations. It offers complete flexibility in managing the task. 


Scheduling: The team can’t schedule the project using the software and work in the fix process. Scheduling the task would make everyone working on the project efficient.

Workflow Automation: The software encourages workflow automation. As soon as you start implementing the data in the software, the application would perform the job of auto-scheduling the repeated task. You can also set the parameter for the task and get the work done without needing manual inputs.

Timesheet Tracking: Every project can be tracked based on the set time for each task. View the large picture of the current project with the exact time it takes to complete certain parts.

Invoicing: The application gives you instant access to invoicing. When you connect your regular accounting procedure to the software, the invoicing sending could be managed through the software itself.

Mobile Access: The software can access different applications such as mobile app, tablets, etc. You can easily access the real-time reporting of the current project while on the go using the mobile app.



  • The dashboard looks empty. It could have important features that made it more productive.
  • Sometimes the comment section would be difficult to find. You should work on it.
  • When added lots of tasks in a single project, the software slows down.

Free Version

Free version available and can be used immediately.

Paid Version

Delivery: $10 / user / month, billed annually

Grow: $18 / user / month, billed annually

Enterprise: Price on request.


Wrike is designed to handle enterprise-grade databases with high efficiency. Collaborative work management would be possible in the Wrike software.

It allows the companies to work autonomously. Do their work with high productivity and get the job done in the given period. 

Thousands of leading brands from all around the world are using the Wrike to scale their business. The easy customization options give Wrike its strength to perform the task. 

Boost your visibility and increase the outcome with the help of the Wrike. Find the simplest way to complete a certain task. Connect your creative teams, project management teams, product teams, service delivery, and many other individual team members in the single software.

The goal of the Wrike is to set the new bar for project management that improves the team’s efficiency.


Security: The system is highly secure in processing data. Once the data is fed into the application, no one can download them except the administrator.

The Wrike has a data center in the US and EU. Every data imported to the system is encrypted during the sending or receiving of the information on the server. 

The Wrike gives you complete flexible data access to control the user access. You can set the custom role for each individual and give them a special role according to their job.

Collaboration: Reduce any verbal interaction in the organization and provide the tool to each employee to communicate in the system itself.

The collaboration between the team will become stronger after you implement the Wrike software in your organization. The software foster teamwork and increases productivity. 

The task gets added and manages through the software itself, so if one person is not available to attend the query, another can take it over and complete the task on time. Connect hundreds of third-party applications and integrated features to enhance the software.


  • Timeline creation and editing updates are effortless.
  • Create your template according to the need of the organization.
  • Intuitive UI makes the platform easy to use.
  • Email integration would be easy.
  • The dashboard offers to track every activity happening in the platform with a glance view.


  • Task prioritization settings need more options such as low, medium, and high.
  • Too many functions may overwhelm some of the users when they start operating it the first time.

Free Version

The free version of the software available.

Paid Version

Professional: $9.80 user/month

Business: $24.80 user/month

Enterprise: Request Quote


MeisterTask is an advanced task management and collaboration tool that aims to provide a seamless experience while using the task. Your team would work in sync using this platform, giving them require resources in the software itself. 

No need to worry about the management of the project. Everyone working on the project would have a glance view of the entire process. It allows you to design and customize the environment according to your need. 

The MeisterTask adapts to any internal workflow. It makes the organization convert the existing working environment into the digitally manage workflow. Manage everything in the software, including the editorial calendars.

Automating a recurring process is possible with the MeisterTask software. Set your parameters for the workflow. Design your method to manage and complete the task. The software remembers the inputs which could help manage the similar task in the future.


Bulk Action: Take the bulk action on the set of the data entries. You will be able to set your parameters to manage a certain task with the bulk action. It reduces the amount of time it takes to edit or modify the common task.

Multiple Checklists: When it comes to listing the task, the multiple checklists will help you select or deselect entries and specify the action you want to take on the multiple data entries.

Email Integration: Connect your official email id to the software. Read, Draft and Send a message through the software itself. Every entry will be recorded in the system giving you instant access to all your important communication from the software dashboard.

Workflow Automation: Run all your regular entries in the automated workflow. Save time on the repeated work. The automation would allow you to set your parameters to the common task. Whenever there are new entries with a similar task, they will be automatically processed.


  • Anyone can learn the operation. The learning curve is very short.
  • You can comfortably manage several projects in the system.
  • Everything is nicely ordered in the system giving you the advantage to manage the task without any error.
  • You get unlimited project boards.


  • Each version has different features based on the price you pay for the service.
  • Once the file is loaded into the system, it doesn’t allow you to download it back immediately. You have to wait for few hours for the data to get process.
  • The calendar is missing in the system.
  • The mobile application is missing.

Free Version

The free version of the software is available.

Paid Version

Basic: FREE

Pro: $4.19 / per month

Business: $10.39 / per month

Enterprise: Custom Quote


Mavenlink is all-in-one project management and task collaboration software that offers mid and large-size organization professional services.

The software is design to make the project management error-free and speedy. The goal is to provide exceptional service to the teams for balancing the work with ever-changing parameters.

You can plan your budget, timeline, and resources according to the requirement of the project. Everything is managed through the software itself, which gives you an overall view of how much time and money you are spending on each project.

The software is useful for Marketing Agencies, advertising firms, PR teams, IT service companies, and software development companies. 


Resource Management: When you have all the activities set in the software, resource management becomes easy. You know how much time and money is spent on each activities giving you complete freedom to add or remove resources to the project. 

Team Collaboration: Every team member would have their account in the software. The user can interact with each project in real-time. Update, comment, share and upload the document.

Everything is possible using the software. Each team member would know what is happening in the project and how much work is pending.

Change request and Case Management: The administrator would have complete control over the change request to the specific project. Also, case management would be easy with the help of the software. Answer dispute in the software and let other to react to it.


  • The software provides a detailed project plan. It helps the viewer to make vital decisions instantly.
  • An easy timesheet view would help track hours.
  • Autosave mode doesn’t require a page refresh.
  • Text inputs have complete rights to add or remove the message.


  • External client-facing links are kept static. It should have dynamic nature.
  • Account logout runs frequently—every time, you have to log in with the credentials.
  • The search box needs more features. Searching for a task is painful.

Paid Version

The price is offered with the custom solutions.


It is a comprehensive business management software design for the creative team, professional service provider, and mid-size organization to manage their project efficiently. Reduce the strain on the routine task and open the space for creative jobs. 

You can run the business smoothly and efficiently without needing to spend much time managing the day-to-day task. From sales to billing, everything can be managed using the software.


Budget and Expense Management: It reduces the stress over the budget and expense management. The software is fully customizable according to the need of the organization.

Project Update: Every active project would have an alert system that sent the email to each senior person who is part of the project. So everyone knows where the project has the reach and how much journey is left.

Customizable Dashboard: The dashboard in the software is fully customizable. You can arrange the different reports and activities in the dashboard according to your need.

Sales Pipeline: Set all your team on the same page with the help of the software. The sale pipeline would tell you how many orders are in the pipeline—track the status of each lead and performance of the sales team member.


  • Create a unified platform that suits your need and desire.
  • Implementing the software in the exiting workflow is quite easy. You can simply create the user ids of each participant, and they will manage the data feeding in the software.
  • Time tracking and management features are useful. It keeps you on track and alerts you whenever the deadline is nearby.


  • The cost is a little high and may not suit the small-scale organization.
  • Syncing the outlook email takes lots of time.
  • Sale tunneling options could have helped the team to manage the lead efficiently.

Paid Version

Essential: $26 user / month, min. 5 users

Work Hub: $37 user/month, min. 5 users

Sales Hub: $37 user/month, min. 5 users

Ultimate: Customize a solution


Asana offers a seamless experience in managing the project with the automated process. The daily task is strategically placed in the system that keeps the person alerting about the progress.

Users will never miss the important task available in the software. The Asana software is faster and efficient in managing the regular task. You can complete more jobs in less time. 

The centralized system gives you access to all the essential information from anywhere in the world. You will never miss the update after installing the software in your organization and start using it for day-to-day tasks.

Millions of users from different organizations globally are using the software for routine tasks. 


Integrated Account Software: Now manage all your accounting activities using the software. The comprehensive report would offer you the benefit of managing the task efficiently using real-time data.

Work management: Train your team to manage all the routine work through software so that you can track their progress in analytical form. It would help you to increase the efficiency of the employee and get more jobs done.

Resource Management: The software is useful to allocate the right amount of resources for each project. It will save expenses on the resources required. 


  • Easy to view project would give you a complete insight into the running activities.
  • The system performs as a master to-do list. Everyone knows what is happening in the project, and anyone can take action to complete the task.
  • Gives information about the project manager and responsible person for a particular task.


  • My task option lacks customization. 
  • The social calendar could have more options to manage the routine task.
  • Email notification settings could have better features.

Free Version

The free version is available.

Paid Version

Basic: US$0 / Free forever

Premium: US$10.99 per user, per month, billed annually

Business: US$24.99 per user, per month, billed annually

Enterprise: Customize Solution

How to Choose Good Project Management Software?

Organizing the routine work requires more effort and planning. There are lots of options available in the software. You can use software, applications, customize programs, cloud-based services to organize your workload.

However, when it comes to organizing the team workload, you need dedicated project management software. It makes the communication between the team easy. It allows you to collaborate effectively without any trouble. 

Every task will be synchronized to the central location, where the administrator can manage the project’s progress. The right tool ensures the project is getting complete on time with 100% accuracy. 

Outline your needs

Assessment of your requirement would help you to move in the right direction. The custom-made project management software development is going to take time.

When you have a clear understanding of your need, it would be easy for the developer to design the application that suits your requirement. Also, the clarity about the result reduces the errors in presenting your ideas and speeds up the development process. 

Look for the alternative

Developing customized software and buying the subscription of already developed software are the two options available. Both will have their pros and cons. It would be great to check the alternatives before you decide to make your custom-made project management software.

Test the readily available software

Test drive readily available software to know what kind of features you would get in the project management software. Create a wireframe during the testing.

The information you collect should be noted down in the book to use later when developing your application. 

During the test, you may discover new features that you may have never thought of. Get the free trial version of the different project management software to understand how the applications work. Know what the possibilities are in the project management software. 

Evaluate Cost

The cost evaluation process is vital for the organization. Every penny you spend on the development of custom-made software should be worth it for the organization. Also, the evaluation process gives you an estimate of the final cost.

There will be an unexpected event that may add the additional cost on top of it. You should be prepared to fund your software development project even the cost goes up in the future.


Once you are done with the initial evaluation, the next step is the implementation. You should have a clear goal for implementing the project management software. Align your team for the software development to the implementation process. 

Every team member must know their job when the software reaches them for the testing. Unavailability of the resource could delay the progress.

The software deadline would get extended. You should have a clear plan for implementing the project management software in an organization.

What is Project Management Software?

Project Management software facilitates the organization to manage tasks related to the active project in a collaborative manner. Every project added to the software would have complete details of the project. Every team member working on the project gets a specific task to complete. 

Therefore, everyone knows what they have to do and what the deadline is to complete the task. Any delay in the execution would be reflected in the software itself, so you know where the project is stuck. It helps the organization to take quick action and complete the task without any human error. 

When your team is operating in a robust environment, there are possibilities that anything could go wrong at any time. So to avoid such circumstances, the organization implements the project management software. 

You can even connect the customer in the process, so the customer can also view the status of their project in real-time. Track deadline, communication between team members, control the whole process through the centralized system.

\he software allows assigning and reassigning tasks, easily tracking the deadlines to meet them for sure, and of course, controlling the whole process from the central managing location.

Project management software enables the organization to reduce the expense that occurred to each project. You can track the money spend on things while executing the project.

When a similar project arises, you know how to cut costs expense on unwanted spending or find alternatives to save costs.

Why You Need Project Management Software?

There are several benefits of having the project management software implemented in the organization. The core benefit of project management software is time and money-saving. It also contributes to improving the efficiency of the team members.

Cloud-based solutions

The modern project management software offers the cloud base solution to manage the large database. It is accessible all over the globe and not restricted to a particular region.

It is the most viable solution for the software industry. It offers the required speed to the application and complete flexibility to run the project efficiently. 

Combine the workflow

All the activities manage offline could be sync to the project management software. It will help you to track the performance of each team member. You can improve the things which are inefficient in the organization and increase production.

Collaboration for teams

Collaboration is a vital feature of every project management software. The idea behind the collaboration between the team is to allow each member to take part in the process actively. Presenting a progress report to the participating team member would be easy.

After viewing the presentation, the team will give you their inputs on completing a certain task quickly and efficiently. Also, everyone would know their job role while working on the particular project, so there will be no communication gap.

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