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Best PRM Software Impact Partnership Cloud PartnerStack Everflow Crossbeam PartnerTap Channeltivity Impartner Magentrix Allbound,How To Choose Good PRM Software? What is Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software? Benefits of Using PRM Software

Since the last few decades, SaaS-based startups have gained a tremendous benefit from building relationships with other companies and industries.

Working together through different channels, on-boarding partnerships, and so on gives them a centralized platform to grow their business and make money.

Here comes the introduction of affiliate marketing. Companies are looking for a feasible, easy-to-use, and robust partner relationship management tool that can benefit their affiliate prospect and help them grow overall traffic.

Through this, the companies build a successful setup and develop new opportunities and methodologies to create and manage relationships effectively.

The market of affiliates is increasing, and hence companies are also taking a significant interest in it. Through the manual process, it’s tough to manage all affiliates on one platform and still maintain 100% partners’ satisfaction.

Impact Partnership Cloud

For business owners looking for a premium platform to manage affiliates, Impact Partnership Cloud is a premium tool.

It is a go-to partnership automation platform specially developed for marketers who want to take advantage of affiliate marketing and grow their business by discovering, recruiting, engaging, and optimizing all sorts of affiliates.

It is ideal for marketing leaders in affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, or running brand collaborations via multiple channels.

Impact gives an ease of use that makes it the ideal software to use. Further, its highly supportive team is always available to solve your queries 24×7.

However, when it comes to newbies, it is a bit tricky to understand. Moreover, it misses a few other affiliate tools which are easily available in alternatives.


  • Affiliate Tracking: Let’s you track all affiliate links used for promotion
  • Banner Management: Manage the banner as per your tie-up and client’s requirement
  • CRM: Provide customer relationship management tool
  • Channel Analytics: Provides complete information of traffic/sale from custom channels
  • Coupon Management: Manage multiple coupons under one roof
  • Email / Newsletter Communication: Allows you to share daily updates, sale or other information with your customers via email/newsletter
  • Funnel Analysis: Gives easy funnel analysis for each merchant
  • In-App Events Tracking: Measure entire event tracking hassle-free
  • Influencer Discovery: Discover new opportunities with influencer discovery
  • Payment Tracking: Easy to track payments for each merchant
  • ROI Tracking: Track return on investment and analyze for further actions
  • Social Media Monitoring: Easily monitor social media with this tool
  • Social Sharing: This allows you to share posts on social platforms.


  • Technology is way more advanced than other affiliate network options available.
  • Allows to manage most of the essential tasks under one roof
  • Have more features and functionality than a traditional network
  • One-stop shop for all affiliate needs
  • Easy to manage multiple accounts in one place
  • Offers a wide selection of retailers for affiliate marketing that you can apply easily to the retailer


  • Difficult to learn and does take a lot of training


  • You can request a demo and later discuss the pricing.


PartnerStack is another partnership management tool that is built for SaaS. It is specially designed to bestow significant profit and accelerate your income with the right strategy implementation from different clients/partners.

At present numerous brands like and Webflow are already using PartnerStack and are satisfied with its performance from all aspects. It provides many features, including automating partner on-boarding, payment, training, and many more.

It is highly effective for affiliate marketers, content creators, influencers, and other business owners looking forward to generating traffic with their website and campaigns.

However, it does require a lot of time for initial setup. Further, it isn’t mobile-friendly, which makes it tough on the go. Above all, it doesn’t have a notification setting, which is essential to get updates.


  • Affiliate payout system: Gives easy payout of your affiliate earnings
  • Lead management: Manage your leads in one place with multiple filtering options
  • Campaign management: Provides campaign management option to regulate your earnings
  • Customer & Affiliate tracking: Easily track your customer and affiliate traffic/channels
  • Email Campaign Editor: Make use of the email campaign editor to set up the entire campaign for high ROI
  • Analytics: Track, analyze and create a new strategy based on historical data


  • The platform is super easy to use and very intuitive.
  • The payout structure is pretty straightforward.
  • Meet all criteria with features that save us a lot of time
  • On-boarding and initial setup with CSM are really helpful


  • Require more programs related to ed-tech
  • Not yet mobile-friendly


  • Free Version: Unlimited
  • SMB: 800$/ Month
  • Essentials: 1500$/ Month
  • Enterprise: Fully customized


Everflow is a PRM software that can help you drive high traffic and manage your affiliates for high growth. It is a perfect tool for affiliate marketers, influencer marketers, in-app publishers, and media building channels.

You can find new opportunities with a single tracking code and focus on what grows your profit. Everflow gives you detailed data analysis and reporting insights that make it an excellent choice to choose software. You can easily understand its performance by its placement, city, time, and other filter options.

Nowadays, performance marketing has grown, and Everflow is a boon for such companies. Everflow allows you to scale your business through Google Cloud and other third-party software.

Above all, you can stay assured of its 24×7 customer service, which is available just a chat away. It is a perfect tool created by veteran marketers.


  • Deterministic Anti-Fraud Protection: Set clear rules for determining which conversion types are fraudulent
  • Smart Links to Match Offers to the Right Users: Show offers from the business’ Smart Links based on specific criteria
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Backed by a team of experts to personally resolve all the issues and questions
  • Centralized Performance Monitoring Platform: Easily manage your strategic partnerships, influencers, and affiliates on one platform
  • In-platform Messaging: Easily reach out to your affiliates; access and export their email information
  • Powerful Reports: Instantly pull all data points you need and compare them against each other
  • Event and Conversion Tracking: Tracks every payout type and performance event
  • Google Cloud Infrastructure: Can process billions of clicks at extreme speed.
  • Robust Integration Support: Integrates with a variety of powerful third-party applications.
  • Optimized Campaigns through SmartSwitch: Set precise automation rules based on certain criteria
  • Promo Codes: Give out promo codes which are all monitored by the platform
  • Powerful Targeting Capabilities: This allows you to apply targeting requirements when setting up the offers


  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Support team responds ultra-fast
  • Get some free webinars for knowledge
  • It gets better and better each day with regular updates
  • You can filter the conversions and get the best information
  • Has all you need to run an affiliate network


  • Doesn’t record ‘returned’ and ‘approved’ conversions for the affiliate
  • Ad campaigns that have broken links don’t pause automatically


  • Free: Trial Available
  • Starter: $395/month for up to 50K clicks
  • Enterprise: $750/month for up to 500K clicks
  • Custom: For more than 500K clicks, contact Everflow for custom pricing


Crossbeam is a Partner Ecosystem Platform focused on collecting information about the overlapping customers with your partners and keeping the rest of the data secure and private.

It is a revenue-focused tool that is made to serve you for a long. It ensures you engage the customer through different channels without conflicting them all together.

The best part that makes it the prime option to choose is that it is Free to use. Most of the features are free to use. It is a great way to stay away from messy spreadsheets and rely entirely on online data. Its customer service is unmatched, which makes it an excellent option to opt for.

From the designing and UI aspect, it needs updates. Further, its SFDC needs corrections to speed up the process and provide a seamless experience.



  • Eliminate the need to share messy spreadsheets
  • Securely share customer and target account information with your partners
  • Quickly determine the total addressable market for new potential partnerships
  • Provide above-and-beyond customer service
  • Allows you to understand how serious a potential partner is


  • SFDC app needs a few tweaks


  • Free: $0/forever
  • Paid: Contact for custom pricing


PartnerTap is yet another powerful platform that can help companies generate revenue through partnership. This tool helps your sales team to find effective marketing channels and utilize available opportunities to generate revenue.

It helps you to find opportunities with each partner and share appropriate information with them via shared accounts. Like other platforms, it also omits the use of messy spreadsheets and brings everything on digital platforms.

PartnerTap provides an all-in-one platform to connect with your partners and acknowledge new revenue opportunities. It allows you to prioritize your partners based on segment by segment and identify the most effective channel for your business growth.

Coming to its flaws, login in via mobile is a bit messy. Further, it also misses the email addresses of the partners.



  • Easy to use and uses your current data to align seamlessly
  • Communication back and forth is accessible and very beneficial
  • Works well with SSO
  • Easy to find partners – you don’t have to know them
  • The platform allows for intel exchanges


  • Login on mobile is clunky for some users
  • Difficult to get 100% alignment due to variations in name and address in the system
  • Doesn’t include the email addresses for the partner


  • Freemium
  • Quotation Based


Channeltivity is one of the best and highly recommended PRM software which is specially built for tech companies. It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly software that empowers the capability to accelerate revenue growth with your partners.

At present, it has more than 40,000+ customers from across the globe. It is committed to deliver robust and highly efficient tools to do business through diversified channels and generate sales.

It is an all-in-one software that can deliver you tons of features like channel lead management, channel management portal, social media connectivity, GDPR compliant, channel deal registration, and many more.

In short, it is a complete suite of partner relationship management tools that gives you a plethora of options to take advantage of available opportunities and make a profit.



  • Easy to implement, design, and activate
  • Provides unlimited user license
  • Integration with SFDC is easy
  • Supports the modern tech-industry channel


  • Few items had to develop using a custom field tool
  • Pages load very slow


  • Standard Edition – $1399/mo
  • HubSpot Edition – $1699/mo
  • Salesforce Edition – $1699/mo


Impartner is one of the most advanced Partner Relationship Management platforms, which is based on SaaS. It can support companies across the globe by building relationships and accelerating review through various sales channels. It is the largest pure-play PRM software available in the globe.

Impartner provides you an out-of-the-box solution, which is also honored with multiple awards. It includes a three-step velocity on-boarding process that makes it a tough competitor for numerous alternatives available in the market.

Impartner is easy to integrate with Salesforce, which lessens the team efforts to drive channel tasks and find new opportunities with their partners.

For seamless functioning, it gives multiple modules, and hence you get great options to scale your growth via various channels.


  • Seamlessly Integrate: Easy to integrate with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Automate Tasks: Allows to automate repetitive channel tasks
  • On-boarding: Speed up partner on-boarding with automated processes
  • Quick Updates: Easily update your content and pages with clicks
  • Analytics: Analyze what’s working and what’s not across every aspect of your indirect sales


  • Provides a helpful partner relationship management platform
  • Seamless integration into Salesforce
  • Offer streamlined approach with multiple modules
  • Helpdesk is always attentive and helpful
  • A great solution to build and scale your channel program


  • CMS adding and editing of pages is limited
  • Impartner marketing view is not intuitive for new users


Starting at $2,000


Magentrix is one of the 5-star rating tools which takes control of your sales channel and manages everything from tip to toe to provide you success & growth.

It is Salesforce AppExchange’s top-rated PRM portal that comes with a plethora of features.

Some of its features include lead distribution and management, sales enablement, online training and certification, quick integration, and many more.

You can easily integrate this tool with multiple CRMs, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more.

With each partner, you can share information and customize the look of your platform to match it with your brand. It also provides you complete access to modify access to files, documents, and eLearning.

You can use this platform without technical knowledge. It offers easy to configure options that make it an easy and quick to use PRM platform.


  • Ideation: Find out what matters to your partners and customers
  • Content Management: Let partners and channel teams help themselves with searchable information in knowledge bases, FAQs, or Wikis.
  • Document Management: Organize any file in easy-to-navigate folders
  • Deal Management: Teams can review and approve partner deals while partners stay up-to-date
  • Market Development Funds (MDF): Help eligible partners with participation, apply for funds, track marketing campaign approvals and payment processing.
  • Analytics: Track, measure, and optimize your partner program.



  • Requires more knowledge and hands-on experience
  • Need more flexibility in the LMS portion of the tool
  • Support team serves as per North America time zone


  • Professional Package costs $15 per user ($250 minimum)
  • Enterprise Package costs $35 per user ($350 minimum)


Allbound is a marketing and sales platform that provides companies access to marketing tools and makes revenue through various channels.

It is a next-generation PRM platform that brings partners, resellers, and distributors on a single platform. It lets you share content, training, and campaigns that can help you generate profit for your business.

Allbound is a completely cloud-based platform. It is a fully customizable platform that works seamlessly with the life cycle starting from on-boarding to pipeline management. You can customize it based on your business requirements and provide a unique experience through different segments.


  • Partner Portal: You can increase engagement with a fully interactive portal
  • On-boarding: Improve partner product knowledge and entrust your brand to your ecosystem of partners
  • Content Library: Comes with unlimited content storage
  • Co-Branding: Offers best in class co-branding capabilities
  • Market Development Funds (MDF): Manage your MDF usage across all partners and Gain clear visibility into partner marketing campaigns.
  • Channel Sales Enablement: Partners can create customized private landing pages for each potential customer
  • Sales Enablement Playbooks: Provide easy access to materials when they’re needed the most.
  • Quick Integrations:  You can integrate Allbound with your current toolset


  • Provides an out-of-the-box solution without a lot of design or development work
  • Don’t require outside resources for integration
  • Great ability to segment groups and content
  • Staff at Allbound are nice to work with


  • Customer face problems during the initial implementation between our CRM and Allbound
  • Uploading/processing a large number of leads quickly isn’t possible through a process.
  • Give limited support due to the time difference.


Offer Standard, Growth, and Premium option – Contact for Pricing


Partnerize is a leading Partner Relationship Management automation tool that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is a powerful tool that simplifies the management and optimizes the channels to generate the maximum possible results.

Since its introduction in the market, it has won dozens of awards that make it a leading business option. At present, there are nearly 63 top retailers, 12 international airlines, 9 telecoms, and more than 200 other global brands that are currently using Partnerize.

With the use of Partnerize, businesses have collectively managed more than $6B partner sales. Serving customers in nearly 214 countries, it is delivering top-quality management and optimization options to its customers.


  • Commission Tiers: Allows advertisers to create tiered incentive models for partners
  • Comparison Reporting: Empowers advertisers to quickly see the relative performance of a program for any two time periods
  • Guided Partner On-Boarding: Partners will be guided through a simple on-boarding process in the Partnerize UI
  • Simplified Partner Tracking: Completely redesigned partner tracking for the top experience.
  • Mobile User Interface: Login to the Partnerize UI using the web browser on your mobile phone


  • Have a professional services team
  • Can work with nice advertisers
  • Gives the flexibility to monitor global performance effectively
  • The tracking process is simple
  • Consolidate all of our activity in a single real-time dashboard


  • Sometimes time-consuming to connect with a new partner
  • Support is based on an international ticketing system


Contact for pricing


TUNE is a powerful marketing tool for mobile and web users that gives you a successful SaaS platform for building, managing, and boosting your partner’s program. The developer of TUNE is headquartered in Seattle, with its employees distributed across the globe.

This platform is perfect for advertising networks, affiliate marketers, influencer marketers, lead generation, and technology startups.

Based on its price, the software is worth the features. However, its UI isn’t very intuitive. Further, it doesn’t have a publisher discovery feature.


  • Partner, Manage and Pay Effortlessly: Streamline your partner marketing activities from on-boarding to payment.
  • Track Everything Seamlessly: Capitalize on the data and relationships you already have via mobile and digital measurement partners.
  • Proactive Fraud Prevention: Monitoring campaigns for suspicious traffic and fraudulent activity
  • System & Data Security: Maintain high standards in safeguarding the customer’s data
  • Quick Technical Support: Support teams consistently deliver industry-leading customer satisfaction


  • Overall experience is good compared to other alternatives
  • The support team is super responsive and engaged
  • Rarely have technical issues
  • Manage your affiliates in an easy way


  • The system is not intuitive
  • No publisher discovery feature


  • Bootstrap for Advertisers: at $499 per month
  • Startup for Advertisers: at $879 per month
  • Scale for Advertisers: at $1,500 per month:
  • Pro for Networks: at $279 per month
  • Enterprise for Networks: at $799 per month
  • Custom Built Solution – Contact team for custom pricing

Partnered is a simple yet effective PRM platform that helps you generate more revenue from your existing partners and optimize your marketing channels accordingly.

The software allows you quick integration with Salesforce and Slack. However, it only supports these two as of now. provides you multiple benefits that include easy setup, simple workflow, instant mapping, quick integration, and real-time reporting. In short, you are getting a fully featured platform for affiliate marketing.

With its interactive UI, you can easily keep track of all sales on Slack. Further, you can take advantage of prioritizing your workflow from high-priority tasks to low-priority tasks.



  • Process for sales reps is straightforward to explain and reinforce
  • Support team is responsive and seeks a deep understanding of your requirements
  • The product is quick & easy to set up
  • It is thoughtfully and seamlessly integrated into existing workflows


  • Require a few more reporting options
  • Management of manual account listes natively  is missing


  • Connect with Team for Custom Pricing

How To Choose Good PRM Software?

Multiple PRM software is available in the market, but which one is best for you? This is a big question that every business must ask before making their investment.

Below listed are the factors that must be considered when opting for the right Partner Relationship Management software.


Different industries have different requirements which must be considered when sorting the PRM software. You should acknowledge your industry and find right-fit software that has industry-specific features.

On-boarding Requirements

What functionalities are included to on-board your partners? When selecting the right partner software, you must consider your on-boarding requirements and match them with the options provided. It’s worthless to find an alternative once you have started using a PRM tool.


What features are you looking for to manage your affiliates and your partners? You must enlist the features that are good enough for your business. You can then choose the best PRM software based on your requirements.

Remember, if your requirements are minimal, free-to-use PRM software is also available.


Integration with third-party software is a necessity when you are investing in an all-in-one platform. Some software is limited to few third-party tools, which may cause a heck in the future. Hence you must ensure your partner software is capable of integrating with your third-party tools.


Above all, you must consider software worth its price and fits in your budget. Investing for business growth doesn’t mean investing considerable sums in unnecessary software.

Hence, you must check out the list of software and match their features alongside the price. Choose the one which is cost-effective and fulfills your essential requirements.

Some software also provides you the pay-per-feature option, which is also good to opt for features.

What is Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software?

If you are a newbie to this terminology, PRM is the acronym of Partner Relationship Management. It is software offering strategies to enable smooth business relationships with your partners and market their products through different channels.

Through PRM software, you get a plethora of marketing opportunities to boost the sales of your products that significantly increase your affiliate revenue. With the right PRM software, you can stay assured of the effective execution of businesses’ channel management strategies.

It allows close-knit integration with the organization’s CRM, ERP and marketing automation applications.

Moreover, the Partner Relationship Management tool enables the businesses to bring together a powerful application framework to grow channel business in new markets or new geographies and their channel partners.

PRM platform enhances channel collaboration and boosts the channel partners to drive channel revenue and improve the organization’s brand image.

Most sales managers use the partner software to build and optimize relationships with the channel sales partners. With every step they take for business growth, they keep the partners on-message and assure the partners are getting complete satisfaction for leads and sales.

Based on the relationship with your partner, this software is also used by the companies via third-party contractors like transportation companies, external warehouses or distribution centers, professional services companies, and consultants.

Every software that qualifies for the PRM software provides a single platform to communicate and exchange information with your partners. Further, it provides on-boarding, certification, and training of partners.

Benefits of Using PRM Software

Now let’s discuss the benefits of investing in Partner Relationship Management.

Streamline Partner On-boarding

Numerous companies always look forward to expanding their marketing channel, and hence they always attempt to recruit new partners. With a manual process, you won’t get potential partners who can do things properly.

For such hurdles, PRM tools will help you a lot. It will provide you an easy to use partner relationship management software that can make your partner management system seamless. It will further minimize the management cost that will ultimately decrease the partner satisfaction and boost revenue.

New Efficiencies from Learning Management

Nowadays, many vendors that sell through channels have some sort of learning management system. However, such systems are not easy to configure with other systems. The LMS is not capable enough to integrate well with the overall channel management process.

Hence, adequately configured partner relationship management is essential that can enhance the efficiency and manage the partner base and the certification process associated.

Speed up Distribution of Co-branded Assets

Many vendors prefer using a centralized communication channel to share the information and progress with their partners.

However, in this process, they somehow convey the co-branded assets, which breach your business security. With adequately managed PRM software, the speed of communication increases.

Further, it becomes easy to distribute the essential assets alongside maintaining complete safety and security. That’s not the only benefit of using a PRM tool. This software can allow you to log in and co-brand any asset, which boosts partner satisfaction.

Increase Returns From Partner Incentives

When selling to a channel, you often offer a rebate to the partner company. However, to provide them a rebate, you consider sales reps, technical reps, or marketing teams to perform certain activities.

Now, managing complete information on excel is a waste of money. Hence, you are investing your manpower in worthless tasks and limiting the partner’s trust due to the slow work format.

Now, configuring the incentive management through partner relationship management software is not only fast but accurate also. Further, you don’t need to allot dedicated manpower for separate excel/spreadsheet creation. Instead, everything is being done by the PRM software.

Increase Partner Satisfaction

Today, everything is below customer satisfaction. The competition is gradually increasing, and hence you always need a solid tool to retain your partner’s satisfaction.

Not caring about your partners is similar to losing your business and minimizing your profit. Not every partner is educated enough with the available resources.

Hence, you need an all-in-one platform to facilitate your partners with complete satisfaction and serve them the best.

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