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How to choose a good Podcast Directory?


The first thing that you need to look at is the number of listeners. If the podcast has more number of people using it, you will get more podcast listeners. As a result, the chances of people discovering your podcast will increase. So, that’s the first thing that you need to keep in mind.

Platforms Supported

You can see the availability of the app. If the app is available on android and IOS, you will get more viewers and discovery.

Stats and Analytics

Now, talking about your personal growth, the podcast directory should provide you advanced stats. analytics will help you see your growth and you can tackle the situation accordingly. So, if the podcast directory doesn’t provide advanced statistics, you might want to reconsider that directory.

Podcast Submission

The good part is that you can submit your podcast to as many directories as you want. You can submit to some of the best podcast directories and get a huge base of listeners. So, you don’t specifically need to select one platform. You can host the podcast in one hosting platform and then you can submit it to as many directories as you want.

Podcast Hosting

The hosting platform must have analytics and should provide a one-click submission to all the major platforms. This will count as a big advantage as you won’t have to manually submit them to all the directories. You can surely look for other features too.


Stitcher is one of the most popular podcast directories known by thousands of people out there. It’s one of the oldest platforms out there. The company was founded more than 12 years ago. Since then, it has been providing an amazing experience. There are many acquisitions made here.

It is the parent company of Midroll Media. The company also has one other subsidiary which is Earwolf, Witness docs, etc. due to all these, Stitcher creates an amazing network with the audience.

They also provide ad services to more than 300 popular shows in their network. Users can either listen to your podcast with the ads in between or they can choose to go premium. The premium account enables them to listen to any podcast with no ads in between.

That’s the business model they follow which is most popular in the market. Users can also download the app if they want to listen to your podcast in Stitcher. It has awesome UI and a large number of the audience who are mostly into podcasts.


  1. Provides monetization features.
  2. You can also create your goodies with Podswag.
  3. In-depth analytics to help you see the progress.
  4. Numerous amount of integrations.


  1. Easy to register and submit your podcast.
  2. It gives various features such as monetization and you can create your podcast goodies.


  1. The features are limited and you will see very little information on the partner’s page.


Blubrry is a podcast hosting platform where you can host your podcast. Unlike the above one, this is not a free platform. You will have to pay a small monthly fee if you want your podcast to be hosted here. In the pricing, you will get many podcasting tools that will help you make your podcast better.

It comes with a monthly fee. Most people have a problem with the monthly fee and no other things. It has more than 3 plans from which you can select the one that goes best for you. Each plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and a free WordPress website.


  1. In-depth professional analytics.
  2. You will also get a WordPress website along with the podcast hosting.
  3. It provides a custom embed player. You can use it on any website to show your podcast player.
  4. You can use the ads to earn some cash.
  5. Unlimited bandwidth for most of the plans (even on the most affordable plan).


  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. You will get a free WordPress website. If you are planning to create a website, you don’t need to do that now.
  3. Great support and free migration from the previous host.


  1. No free plan
  2. Limited space on the basic plan


  1. The first plan starts at $12 with 100 MB storage and unlimited bandwidth
  2. Medium plan at $20 with 250 MB storage
  3. A large plan will cost you $40 a month with 500 MB of storage
  4. The extra-large plan will cost you $80 a month with 1000 MB storage
  5. You can also go with pro hosting which will cost you $100 a month with unlimited storage.


PodBean is one of the growing podcast directories and hosting platform form where you can start a podcast or host it. If you are more interested in the free platforms but want to migrate to a premium one, later on, this is the best platform you can go with. It has a free plan in which you can upload 5 hours of monthly content.

There is no storage limit but it’s based on the podcast length. So, it’s a good thing for the people who have a very little length of content or for the people who upload fewer episodes in a month. Of course, the bandwidth is limited. You will get 100 GB of monthly bandwidth limit for your podcast. 


  1. Complete statistics
  2. Free and pro themes to change the look of your podcast
  3. You can add multiple admins (depends on the plan)
  4. Various monetization services are available. Depending on the plan, you will get access to it.
  5. Add your website and map your domain.
  6. Engagement intel information to grow your podcast


  1. There are various features available. The availability of the feature will depend on the plan you choose. So, you don’t need to pay if you don’t want a specific set of features
  2. Various plans to choose from. There is a free plan which goes best for everyone.


  1. Some features are only available in the higher plans


  1. There is a free plan with a 5-hour limit.
  2. The unlimited audio plan starts at $9 a month which is best for audio podcasters
  3. Unlimited plus is especially for video podcasters and priced at $29 a month
  4. The last business plan will cost you $99 a month

Apple Podcasts

How we can forget about the biggest podcast platform available? Apple Podcast is one of the most downloaded apps on the IOS store too. When you submit your podcast to Apple podcast, it will take some time to review the platform. Once it’s reviewed, your podcast will be available in the Apple Podcast. Seeing the company’s popularity and the number of people who use Apple products, you will get a massive audience.

Unlike all the other apps, people don’t need to download this app on their device. It’s already installed. People will get that advantage here. If they want to listen to any podcast, they can directly switch to the Apple Podcast and search the show name.

If your podcast is available on Apple Podcast, there are good chances that your podcast will be seen in one of the spots on the list. Therefore, you should surely have the podcast available in the Apple Podcast.


  1. People can subscribe to your podcast and even rate it there.
  2. You will get complete access to the stats
  3. Once the podcast is reviewed and approved, it will be automatically approved in many other directories


  1. It’s free to submit the podcast. You can submit your podcast on Apple podcast with just a few clicks.
  2. Apple podcast is one of the biggest platforms for podcasters. Users don’t need to download the podcast app as it comes in-built on most Apple devices.
  3. The rating system is a great advantage here


There is a small review process. You will have to wait till it gets approved.


It’s free to submit the podcast here. There are no charges.


Most of the people who are reading this article will have the Spotify app installed on their mobile phone, right? Spotify is a very popular app for music as well as podcasting. Most people use it for music. This is the main reason why it has a massive audience.

Do you know what’s the good thing about it? Most of the people who listen to music will surely move towards the podcast if they have not already. Of course, as Spotify is loved by millions of people, they won’t even think of changing the app. That’s the main reason why your podcast should be on the Spotify app.

Spotify is now acquiring many startups and podcasting platforms to be the number 1 podcasting app. They even signed a deal with Joe Rogan to take their podcast on the app. That was a great signal by Spotify to be the number 1 podcasting platform. Other than this, they also acquired the Anchor platform.


  1. Most of the podcast hosting platforms will provide you free distribution on Spotify
  2. It is one of the most downloaded apps for podcasting and music.
  3. Claim your existing podcast
  4. Spotify will allow your user to follow your show.


  1. It’s one of the biggest apps for music and podcast, you will find many listeners here.
  2. It’s available on most of the devices.
  3. People are using this for songs. There are good chances that they will discover your podcast very soon.


There are no big disadvantages. The stats are normal which will give you all the information that you need.


It’s free to submit your podcast here.

Google Podcasts

Now comes the tech giant, Google. No matter what thing you are talking about, we will always have Google in the list. Talking about the best podcast directories, we have Google podcast in the list. Google has its platform for podcasters. It’s solely for the podcasts only.

Just like Apple podcasts, they have the app specially and only for the podcasts. This means even if it has less amount of an audience, all the people who are actively using the app are only interested in podcasts. Unlike other apps, they are not on the app to listen to music. So, you will have a very detailed targeting here.

It also increased the chances of discovery. Even if people spend 30 minutes on the app, they are more likely to discover your podcast or the show because the user has come to the app only for the podcast. You will get better to watch them.

Google surely has one of the best recommendation systems. So, if the user likes similar podcasts, it will suggest your podcast. As the people are on the app to listen to podcasts, they will at least listen to 30% of the episode. The rest of the things will depend on your content.


  1. It’s easy to submit the podcast here.
  2. Google has one of the best recommendation systems. So, you can easily get discovered by this.


  1. It’s easy to submit your podcast on Google podcast
  2. It’s free and takes very little time.


You can surely submit your podcast here. There are no big disadvantages of Google podcasts.


Spreaker is also one of the growing podcast directories where you can submit your podcast. It’s free to submit your podcast. They have thousands of Podcast listeners who are more likely to listen to your podcast too. It easy to discover the podcast in this app as it’s for podcasts only.

Just like some of the other apps we discussed, it’s not only the best podcast directory but it’s a platform where you can even host your podcast. It’s a hosting platform for podcasters.

There are various plans and it also has a free plan. One of the best features of the free plan is that it supports multiple podcasts hosting. There are very few other platforms that provide the same feature in the free plan.

Most of the podcast hosting services out there will only allow one podcast hosting. However, here you can host any many podcasts as you want.


  1. Podcast hosting platform with the app.
  2. You can even enable monetization here.
  3. Allows multiple podcast hosting even in the free plan.
  4. You can easily submit your podcast and get started
  5. In-depth analytics


  1. It has a free plan and it supports multiple podcasts
  2. You can easily set up and host your podcast
  3. Monetization is super easy


  1. The free plan doesn’t give the monetization features
  2. Even though, the features are good, it lacks some of the unique features like other platforms.


  1. The free plan won’t cost you anything
  2. The first plan (on-air talent) starts at $6 a month
  3. Broadcaster plan will cost you $18 per month
  4. The last plan (Anchorman) will cost you $45 a month

What is a Podcast Directory?

Podcast directly is the place where you can find all the podcast shows. Just like you use Spotify for listing songs, there are many other directories where you can submit your podcast. Now, there are two main things to keep in mind here.

The first type of directory is where you can only submit the podcast. Your podcast needs to be hosted somewhere for that. These types of directories will just fetch the podcast from the RSS feed. Other than this, there are podcast hosting platforms that also act as a directory.

Here, you can host your podcast and you can even submit your existing podcast. Depending on the platform, you will get different features.

If you are new to podcasting and your podcast is not available anywhere, you will have to select one hosting platform. This is the primary place where your podcast will appear. Usually, there is a small charge involved. You will have to pay a monthly fee to host your podcast.

With this, you will also get access to all the analytics. Not to mention, the podcasting platform will also submit your podcast to all the other directories. If you want, you can claim it on those platforms.

All the platforms will allow you to claim the existing podcasts. You can surely submit your podcast in multiple directories to get more exposure.

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