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Best PLM Software SAP PLM Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Upchain Propel Bamboo Rose Arena PLM Duro Teamcenter OpenBOM PTC Aras,How To Choose Good PLM Software? What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software? Benefits of Using PLM Software

Industries are growing at a huge pace, and with this, the competition among brands is gradually increasing. In the race of retaining top position, it’s tough to find the right way to ensure the development of precise and bug-free products for the customers.

Today, the evolution of technology has blessed us with the project management software that is a boon for businesses looking to bring entire production under a single eye.  PLM software is in huge demand nowadays, and its high-end features are one of the primary reasons.

Numerous companies worldwide are using this software to lessen their efforts and keep a keen track of the entire product development process. This way, they can put in less effort, develop quality products, and keep the entire information (from first to last) in a centralized repository.


SAP PLM software is one of the best tools available for companies to plan, design, and build products with high visibility and control. With this tool, you can easily track, control, and manage all the information associated with the products and their life cycle.

It provides a large chunk of options that helps you manage product lifestyle efficiently.

The core components of SAP include innovation management, integrated product development, and product compliance. It is made available for multiple industries.

This tool is highly effective in meeting the quality standards of your product. Its 360-degree support makes it a unique and unmatched PLM software. Furthermore, it gives you a large amount of historical data.

However, for newbie users, it is complicated to use.  Moreover, no specific training modules, videos, texts are available.


  • Innovation Management: Provides enterprises with all the essential tools to leverage new opportunities
  • Integrated Product Management: Provide better visibility and control over product data, cost, changes, and other essential documents
  • Product Compliance: Makes environment and health and safety a key component
  • Strategic Source: Support strategic sourcing. Interfaced with supplier relationship management software
  • Access Control: Provide role-specific, context-driven access
  • Decision Making: Improve decision-making for portfolio management, product safety, occupational health, and product quality
  • Control Management: Increase strategic and operative control
  • Open Technology Framework: Provide an open-technology framework that delivers up-to-date data


  • Perfect to fulfilling all business needs
  • Provided 360-degree support
  • Gives a lot of historical data
  • Fits all sizes of businesses
  • Supports flexible and new product development processes


  • No documentation, training, and modules available
  • Multiple unnecessary options are available for use
  • No copy-paste option available
  • Require a lot of customizations


Try and Buy option available

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is yet another big name in the field of PLM software. It is developed by a renowned manufacturer, i.e., Autodesk.

This software is precisely built to make the project management system easy. It also provides ease by automating key tasks to the right person at the right time. The software also ensures that the person gets the opportunity to get closer to the community-based way.

It is an answer to traditional product management issues. The Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides ease with full potential. The data available in this PLM software is available to access from anywhere at any time.



  • Easy integration due to robust API
  • Easy to use Admin module
  • Allows anyone to trace an order
  • Fast workflow due to pre-configured workspaces
  • Happy to help the customer support team


  • No option for bulk file imports
  • Limitation of one-to-one item to file relationship


  • Trial – Available for Free
  • Participant: $25/user/month
  • Pro: $75/user/month
  • Enterprise: $150/user/month


Upchain PLM software is a unique and unmatched software that has made product lifecycle management simple. It offers a wide range of features that lets you hassle-free collaboration and project management on the cloud.

This software enables your team to work together in real-time without facing security issues. The inbuilt 2D/3D CAD viewer further makes it easy for the entire team to use it without requiring CAD software separately.

Upchain is also good to use due to its project management traits. It helps you streamline your entire management process and configure the custom chain process wherever needed.

Upchain PLM processes are very simple and effective. It provides you a detailed dashboard where you can track its progress in real-time. However, few customers complain that it takes a bit long for the initial setup.


  • Real-time Collaboration: Product lifecycle is smooth and efficient
  • Organized Product Data: Easy to keep all essential files on one system
  • Customized Change Management: This Lets you create custom change management processes
  • Easy Viewing for CAD Renderings: Makes it easier to view and approve changes to CAD models without using CAD software.
  • Built-in Project Management Tools: Encompass a complete suite of project management tools.
  • Hassle-free Progress Tracking: This Lets you track the status and stage of your project development.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Allow easy and simple API integration.


  • Helpful and supportive team
  • Enriched with the plethora of features
  • Easy and incomparable 3D item viewing for production users
  • Comprehensive data capture & management


  • A few bugs can irritate your workflow
  • Take a bit long for setup
  • Sluggish cloud navigation


  • View only: Free
  • Participant: $30user/month
  • Team: $70user/month
  • Professional: $200user/month


Propel PLM software is designed to provide you detailed product lifecycle management from start to end. It offers you top-notch quality features that save your cost, efforts. It lets you collaborate with the entire team and track your progress in real-time.

Prime factors of Propel PLM include CAD integration, BOM management, cost supervision. With good performance, it stands out of the competition and provides you with an easy-to-use platform.

The customer support team of Propel is also highly supportive. They provide you 24×7 support and answer all your queries in the shortest lead time. You can get answers to all your queries and solve your problems in real-time.


  • Expansive and Flexible: Offers right proportion of personalization and flexibility to meet end needs
  • Import Data with Ease: Effortlessly import company data and information
  • Easy-to-Access: Being cloud-based, installation is easy
  • Streamlines Product Procedures: Design reviews, change order management is easy to do


  • Offer great performance
  • Capable of handling customer complaints well
  • Perfect for accelerating the commercialization
  • Quality management team helps to quickly solve problems


  • Require proper training for beginners
  • Sometimes the system works very slow
  • Sometimes sales team forced to PAY for onboarding training


  • Free Trial: Available
  • Premium: Contact for details

Bamboo Rose

Bamboo Rose was earlier known as Tradestone. The company came into existence in 2003, and since then, it has been offering a high featured PLM software to handle your product and supply chain management. This is a must to select software for B2B and B2C businesses looking to design, develop and manage the products.

The company has its offices in Bangalore, London, Hong Kong, and Boston. The prime traits include B2b marketplace, P2P, sales management, retail product development, retail product innovation, and many more.

It brings together multiple communities and lets them discover and deliver across the globe. The system works with great accuracy and offers complete visibility within the supply chain.


  • Supply Chain Visibility: Reduce complexity and optimize
  • Creative Design: with the creative design, you can improve product quality, branded packaging, and color consistency
  • Quality Control & Supplier Compliance:  Ensure all products are made compliant with the supplier’s guidelines.
  • Capture and Share Inspiration: Keep complete details of product planning in digital system
  • Materials Management: This allows you to track, request, and manage lab dips
  • Access Your Suppliers 24/7: Provide 24×7 accessibility to all your suppliers. This reduces cost and time.


  • Has a Simple and intuitive interface
  • The entire software is quick and easy to configure
  • Seamless integration process
  • Offer top-level customer support


  • A few tools are not intuitive
  • Dashboard requires a bit of improvement
  • Hard to track development


Contact Bamboo Rose for Pricing

Arena PLM

Arena PLM is an innovative and high-tech software that keeps your entire supply chain management on the same page. It enables the team and supply chain partners to collaborate and design bulk production effectively.

It has business-ready integrations with ERP, eliminating primary errors and hence streamlining the product for quick delivery.

It is a fantastic software for midsize businesses that are looking for premium quality product management services. The best part of Arena PLM is its capability to migrate all documents into a single. This helps you save time in searching data from different documents and stick to a single document.

However, this software doesn’t have a history of pricing, which is a serious concern for many businesses. Moreover, its search option is also tricky to use.


  • Bill Management: Managing BOMs boost your product realization processes
  • Streamline Process: Streamlines product review processes w.r.t. entire product record
  • Flexible Project Tracking Progress: Easily track project progress through customizable phases
  • Quick Insight: Provides quick and easy insights to measure the performance of your product-related business processes
  • Real-time Verification: Verify connects the PLM and QMS product record real-time


  • Don’t need to pay heavily for a dedicated computer server
  • User friendly software
  • Can upload multiple documents. The system will merge them into single
  • Turn around time is short


  • A few processes require manual approval from Admin
  • No historical record on pricing


Contact Vendor for Pricing


Duro PLM software is a modern product lifecycle management platform that gives you the power to amplify your product development with top features. It is primarily built to improve the manufacturing operations and support the businesses to outrank the competition.

With this tool, the product development team invests less time in administering data. Instead, they devote more time to developing innovative products for the supply chain.

Duro allows the team to communicate, track and document complete changes in the life cycle. It helps to build a historical record and lets you use them for new employees to omit mistakes in future products.

It is an out-of-the-box PLM solution that encompasses multiple features to boost the product development process.


  • Stay on Schedule:  Guarantees you will be off spreadsheets and use industry formats to stay up to date.
  • Workflows Management: Takes care of the heavy lifting, freeing engineers with a simple workflow.
  • Ensure Consistency: All data is normalized into a common format
  • Risk Management: Has built-in automated data validation engine to omit risks/mistakes
  • Manage Change Orders: Has the simplest and fastest Change Order Management workflow
  • Onboard Quickly: No time wasted in configuring and customizing
  • Track Variants: Capable to meet the needs of the most demanding teams
  • Errors Elimination: Provided automated data validation engine that catch mistakes early


  • Effective in increasing workforce productivity
  • Provides accelerated hardware development
  • Has automated key design processes
  • Includes short development schedules
  • Cost effective
  • Manage central repository


  • Limited tutorials and documentation for learning


  • Trial: Available


Teamcenter is a PLM software that allows the users to edit and process data via 3d designs, embedded software, and BOM.

The prime features of TeamCenter include adaptable PLM foundation, materials management billing, process management, electrical design management, manufacturing data, mechanical design management, and many more.

With its advanced document management tool, you can easily create analysis reports, 2d/3D illustrations, and various other technical publications.

The software gives you immense power for product development. Its impressive design makes it easy to use and manage data.


  • Program Planning: Enhances user experience and provides visibility across projects, domains, and the life cycle
  • BOM Management: Improve usability with enhanced tree structure navigation
  • Product Configurator: Improve the efficiency of the product configuration analysis process
  • Systems Modeling: Makes it easier to see cross-domain data, relationships, and dependencies
  • Teamcenter Maintenance Aware Design: Integrated, model-based product safety and reliability approach


  • Capable of storing different segments of information
  • Offers impressive professional design
  • includes multiple features for checking, measuring, investigating, and analyzing the data


  • Finicky to start the software
  • Sometimes face frozen issues


  • Trial: Available
  • Premium: Contact Vendor


OpenBOM is an online platform that helps you manage the product lifestyle and supply chain networks.

With OpenBOM, you can connect various phases of the data and organize them via CAD, Bills of Material, ERP/PLM, and many more. This way, you can merge all data into a single process.

It is a cloud-based collaboration and management software that allows managing Parts, Catalogs, Bill of Materials, Inventories, and Purchase Orders across networks of engineers, supply chain managers, and contract manufacturers.

Using OpenBOM, you can fill the bridge between communication and data management. It provides you with an extensive range of tools for individuals and groups. It’s ranked at the top due to its supreme level of customer service. Further, the software is affordable to use.

However, it isn’t available for offline usage.


  • Data Sharing: Initiate instant sharing with real-time collaboration and concurrent editing tools
  • Instant Calculations: Fuse numerous assemblies into one multi-faceted BOM
  • Automatic BOM Updates: Generate and update BOMs from any CAD application
  • Effortless Integrations: Merge with computer-aided design (CAD) systems.
  • Purchase Planning: Adjust the number of products, track inventory levels on hand


  • Easy to customize
  • Software is highly affordable
  • Offer top-level customer support
  • Large database available for training (videos, blogs, and webinars)


  • Not available for offline usage
  • No automatic inventory updates available


  • Trial:  Free
  • Professional User:  $25 (annual) $30 (monthly)Per User / Month
  • Professional Team: $175 (annual) 200$ (monthly)Per Team / Month
  • Company: $375 (annual) $400 (month) Per Company / Month
  • Enterprise: Contact Vendor


PTC software is yet another big name in the list of top PLM software. It allows the users to manage the entire product development lifecycle through design and manufacturing. It offers the complete BOM that covers entire enterprise-wide product development processes.

The software makes it smooth to transfer, distribute, visualize and publish data associated with your product. The entire data is available for different teams that further helps to streamline the product development process.

It is internet-based software that makes you capable of using it from anywhere in the world.  Its interface is also seamless and easy to work with.

However, its risk and reliability feature is outdated. Simultaneously it needs improvement in project management.


  • Product Management: Keep track of the entire process from start to finish
  • Change Management: Capture all data to find changes in the product
  • Reliability and Requirements Management: Ensure all requirements are fulfilled on time
  • Technical Knowledge base and Assistance: Provide resources and documentation for knowledge
  • Customer Experience: Entertain customer’s query with priority
  • Data Visualization and Analysis: Visualize your marketing data for future


  • Provide regular updates
  • Easy to configure things at the Admin end
  • Insane modeling and simulation
  • Amazing and easy to work interface
  • Connects all via a single source data system


  • Outdated risk and reliability
  • Need improvements in Project Management


  • Free Trial: Available
  • PTC PLM Standard: Contact vendor
  • PTC PLM Premium: Contact vendor
  • PTC PLM Enterprise: Contact vendor


Aras is an industry renowned PLM software that gives you the potential to take advantage of solutions built for manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance of complex products.

This product lifecycle management tool follows all the disciplines that are required during the development process. The company is headquartered in Andover, MA.

At present, Aras has been serving more than 2,50,000 users across the globe. Most interestingly, Aras Innovator is available for free to download. Once you are ready to upgrade your plan, multiple subscription plans are available to choose from.

Aras is highly compatible with working with multiple other software via API integration. Its smooth and quick functionality makes it a must to opt PLM tool for your business.



  • Easy to use by growing companies
  • Provides awesome functionality
  • Capable to work with different software
  • Offer quick and efficient access to documents


  • Robust setup procedure
  • Requires some MS prerequisite


  • Trial: Free
  • 100,000+ Users:    $14/User/Month
  • Tier 100,000  Users:    $14/User/Month
  • Tier 75,000 Users:     $15/User/Month
  • Tier 50,000  Users:    $16/User/Month
  • Tier 25,000  Users:    $18/User/Month

How To Choose Good PLM Software?

Compatibility with existing systems

What’s your requirement? This is the primary query that you must consider when selecting the right PLM software. Check out the compatibility of the tools and check whether it fits your custom needs. E.g., If you require CAD tools, it’s good to choose a PLM tool that is compatible with CAD tools.

Many companies prefer using in-house software that can make it easy to share documents within the office premises. However, such tools aren’t capable of keeping track of entire product lifecycle management.

Current non-value-added activity

Some companies face high errors and invest significant time in product development. Such hurdles can be overpowered with the introduction of PLM tools. However, not all tools are made to minimize your mistakes and efforts.

Many times lack data isn’t the only reason behind long production time. Instead, inefficient approval processes are also a big reason which many of you neglect.

PLM must be selected based on your root cause of time consumption.

Global locations

Do you have multiple geo presence? If yes, you must choose a cloud-based PLM tool that can help you get the work done from anywhere across the globe. Some tools are available for offline usage, whereas some are available with complete cloud-based operations.

Support during and after implementation

For first-time buyers, the setup and implementation of PLM tools can be tricky and hectic. However, with support and assistance from professional customer service, you can omit the hassle and continue using it seamlessly. Hence you must ensure the software has a robust customer support team.

What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software?

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management, is the new in trend software that helps you keep track and manage the entire lifecycle of a product. The software enables you to keep an eye on the product development starting from day one till its delivery.

It encompasses all the details associated with the entire lifecycle of the product development and integrates the available data. PLM software helps you manage product-related data, combining information/data with CAD, ERP, MES, etc.

Numerous companies worldwide invest in PLM software to increase their productivity, boost their quality, bolster creativity, and shorten their time for product promotion.

Today, the PLM software is being used for many industries and is delivering top-notch services based on their custom requirements.

Not any software can be termed as PLM software. Instead, it must qualify some features that include:

  • Manage product data throughout the lifecycle
  • Include a centralized hub for product data
  • Can automate tools to boost efficiency

Based on the qualities mentioned above, an ERP software system is analyzed and is brought under this category. Today, the market is flooded with numerous PLM software that might confuse you to choose the best-fit tool for your business.

Benefits of Using PLM Software

Centralized Data

When different departments are using a single product, it’s easy to face data consumption issues. More often, the data isn’t stored in the repository that results in a situation when the department runs out of information.

With the centralized PLM software, it’s easy to keep all your data in a single repository. tIt further helps to provide regular updates in real-time. This enables you to minimize the risk of data shortage or incorrect information.

Reduced Development Cycle

Until you have complete information in a single place, it’s tough to create a product from scratch and keep track of its information. With the usage of PLM software, it’s easy to design, review and analyze the product from scratch. This way, the development time is gradually reduced.

Minimized Compliance Risks

Until your product doesn’t meet all the compliance standards, it’s tough to build a genuine product. Neglecting the standards will create an uncontrollable outcome that will be worthless to use and promote.

With regular documentation management, it becomes easy to ensure the products meet the standard guidelines and follow all regulations required for the proper functioning of the product.

Reduced Costs

With the creation of a central repository, your entire process of product development becomes easy. With the use of PLM software, you can keep track of the entire process and check the status.

The central repository will also help you acknowledge the mistakes from previous projects and omit them in future products.

Enhanced Product Quality

Adding PLM software to your team enables different departments to share the information about the existing product with the sales, marketing, and customer service team.

Hence, they can use the information accordingly and increase product quality accordingly to build a 10% bug-free product. With a central repository, it’s easy to access data in real-time and relate it with the planned development strategy.

Increased Productivity

Through the use of PLM software, companies/businesses can easily omit the non-valuable tasks and focus keenly on what matters for your business. It also helps to automate the workflow and internal processes wherever possible.

PLM makes it possible to centralize the data and enable each team to search, reuse and access the available data. This data can be further utilized to boost your business productivity.

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