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What is Password Manager Software?

In simple words, password manager software is a program that helps store and manage all your login information, including passwords. Although most browsers come with some sort of password management system, it is always best to choose a dedicated tool.

Password generator management software aims to simplify your life. You can take advantage of its military-grade encryption for keeping all your details secure.

Passwords are kept safe in its digital vault. You need a master password or master key to access the digital vault.

Nobody can access your passwords unless they know the master password. Hence, all your passwords are protected.

However, you must remember the master key if you want to recover the passwords. The management software is available for iPhone and Android as well as a desktop.

The password management software will safely store your Bitcoin passwords, credit card pin, and all other passwords. You must regularly update to ensure that it is fully equipped.

As we live in a time where cybercriminals use sophisticated measures for hacking, a password management tool is essential. Make sure to choose the best solution.

To use the tool, you need to download the app on your device. Then, create a master key for the app, and it will take care of the rest.


1Password was initially developed as a password solution for Apple devices. However, it has branched out to include Chrome OS, Windows, and Android.

The tool encrypts the information you store. This means that only you get to decrypt it by typing the master key.

1Password was created to help protect users from breaches and threats. As a security expert, it follows the latest security trends.

The application is not shared or sold, which means that you have nothing to stress about. Only you get to access your data. 

Security on 1Password starts with AES 256-bit encryption and involves the use of multiple techniques for keeping information protected. 


1. Plug-ins for the various web browsers.

2. Generates and edits passwords on the go.

3. Integration with different smartphone apps.

4. Auto-fill capabilities.  


1. Easy to use. The simple and secure setup is a true lifesaver.

2. Provides much-needed added security. 

3. An abundance of extras. Create different types of vaults for different purposes and only grant permission to certain vaults.

4. It has a travel mode that lets you delete sensitive data from devices before traveling and restoring them when needed.

5. Allows for iPhone Face ID integration.


1. If you lose the master key, there is no way to decrypt the passwords.

2. It can be difficult to change the type of entry once it has been made.

3. There have been issues of login screens not auto-populating on certain sites.


Besides the 30-day free trial, you can test the tool by subscribing to the following plans.

1. $3 monthly
2. $36 yearly
3. $60 yearly for an entire family


Another excellent password manager that you can use is Keeper. It provides a ton of security-related tools.

The truth is that Keeper is quite similar to 1Password. It stores encrypted data and requires two-factor authentication for accessing your profile.

Offering a variety of extras such as dark-web monitoring, you can use it to check posted data to ensure that yours is not available.

This cloud-based security tool has got it all. It provides users with the ultimate digital vault for storing passwords and managing them.

Keeper is the ideal password manager for both business and personal use. It protects sensitive information from unauthorized access and breaches.

You can use Keeper to come up with extremely secure passwords. Businesses can rely on its capabilities to implement important policies and ensure compliance.

If you are worried about security breaches or data leaks, you need to give this app a try. It utilizes 256-bit AES encryption and PBKDF2 for reducing the chance of security breaches or data leaks.

Organize access to sensitive data using job-based permission capabilities. The software allows you to do just about everything, including scheduling of password rotation commands. 


1. Quick random password generation with a tap of a button.

2. Impeccable centralized administration.

3. Active directory integration.

4. Cross-platform compatibility.

5. It offers live support.

6. Delegated management for improved workflow.

7. Password policy generation to keep things in check.


1. Creates a unique DNA profile for users.

2. Allows users to also save videos and photos in addition to passwords.

3. Plenty of extra features.


1. Lack of security dashboard.

2. Automatic web form-filling tends to be limited.


1. Individual plan costs $29.99 for one user per year.

2. Family plan costs $59.99 for five users per year.

3. Business plan costs $30 for one user per year.


RoboForm is a popular password manager that helps improve your online security. With a master password set up, you can use it to ensure that all your passwords are safe.

All you need to do to use the app is remember the master key. It will make your browsing a lot more convenient.

Now, you can regularly use your favorite apps without stressing about your data getting stolen. RoboForm allows for personal and business use.

Use the tool for managing your passwords from anywhere in the world. You can either sign up as a single user or create an account for your entire team. 

Set up your vault and store all your passwords on the go with the app. Its multiple security features will help keep your device safe at all times.


1. PBKDF2 encryption helps keep credentials secure.

2. The app is compatible across multiple platforms.

3. Each operating system has a separate installer.

4. It allows iris scans, voice scans, and fingerprints to be used for accessing your account.


1. It enables users to easily create secure passwords.

2. Most plans are affordable.

3. Employees get to log in without gaining access to login credentials. 


1. It can be different to switch between accounts.

2. There is a lack of monthly billing options.

3. The business user interface has not been updating for quite some time now.


1. Basic accounts are free.

2. For an individual account, you need to spend $19 a year.

3. For a family account, you need to spend $38 a year.

4. For a business account, expect to pay around $29.95 to $39.95, depending on the number of users.


Dashlane is a terrific password manager. It started out as a basic tool and has improved considerably ever since.

The initial software was similar to most of its competitors and did not offer any standout attributes. However, the latest updates have helped catapult it into the limelight.

Dashlane 6 offers many new features that you cannot expect to find elsewhere. Site Breach Alerts is one of the best attributes.

The dark web is actively monitored by Dashlane. It looks for stolen or leaked personal data and alerts users if their information is compromised.

Dashlane is available for smartphones and desktop PCs. Both of its apps are easy to navigate.

Access data anywhere you want with its app. But, keep in mind that there are no syncing capabilities unless you purchase the Premium version.


1. Easy to navigate user-interface.

2. Creates a secret password for encrypting your passwords.

3. Users can use the “Do not store any password data” feature to ensure that their password data is not stored on the server.


1. Offers plenty of extras, including a dedicated VPN.

2. Strong security protocol.

3. Generates strong passwords.

4. Compatible with all types of devices.

5. Extensive support for users.


1. Inconsistent browser form auto-fill.

2. Family plans are not as extensive.


1. Individuals can pay $5 a month for a premium account.

2. Family plan costs $7.50 a month and supports about 5 users.

3. Premium Plus costs $10 a month for individuals.

4. Family Premium Plus costs $15 a month.


LastPass is a famous password manager that works perfectly across all platforms and devices. Ever since it launched its Mac OS app, its popularity has only risen.

When LastPass was first launched, it experienced some data breaches and critical bugs. But, it has improved and is one of the most used applications today.

There is no denying that LastPass is a great choice if you have a tight budget. Recently, it introduced its own monitoring service, which lets users know if their credentials get compromised.

Users get plenty of value for their money when they sign up for LastPass. The extra security provided by the password manager takes stress away from your mind.

By signing up for the Premium plan, you get to use the top of the line features. The best thing about the password manager is that it is super easy to use and allows for platform syncing.

There is a reason why millions of people put their trust in LastPass.


1. Dark web monitoring.

2. Password strength report.

3. Secure sharing.

4. Cross-platform syncing.

5. Easy to use.

6. Emergency access features.


1. Works smoothly across most devices.

2. Instantly identifies weak passwords.

3. Comes with a useful browser plug-in.

4. Most affordable password manager in the market.


1. Password changing can be somewhat difficult.

2. There are times where connection blips occur.

3. Need to re-enter your password whenever you log in.


In addition to the free version, you can access more features with the following plans.

1. The premium plan costs $36 a year.

2. The family plan costs $48 a year and allows six users.

Password Boss

When it comes to password manager generator software, Password Boss is an application that is mostly discussed. It offers an amazing free plan.

Password Boss is widely used by non-profit organizations such as charities and welfare societies. Its premium features are just as good and allow you to get the best of both worlds.

If you are in the market for outstanding password manager generator software, Password Boss might just be the perfect fit for you. Its impressive features allow you to keep your passwords safe and protected. 

Password Boss is a secure and efficient password manager that you can use to simplify your life. Its impressive features will keep you satisfied.

With a premium plan, users get to use all types of features. It includes unlimited password storage, unlimited secure sharing, priority support, account recovery, and more.


1. Simplified passwords allow you to easily manage all your passwords.

2. Safe encryption that relies on 256bit AES encryption.

3. It comes with a digital wallet.

4. Use form filling to save time.

5. Secure browser and sharing. 


1. Unlimited secure sharing.

2. Form filling.

3. Edit pages, images, and text.

4. Free plan for single gadgets.

5. Syncs data across multiple devices.


1. Users need to pay for a premium version to access syncing features.

2. It does not support Mac.


1. The premium plan for personal use costs $2.50 a month for each user.

2. The family plan costs $4 a month for up to 5 users.

3. The standard business plan costs $3 a month for one user.

4. The advanced business plan costs $4 a month for up to 5 users.

Intuitive Password

Intuitive Password is a password manager that is widely known for its military-grade security. It helps simplify your online experience by storing all your confidential data, including passwords.

As the name suggests, Intuitive Password does everything intuitively. Its powerful UI will help make your life easier.

Manage all your logins and passwords using this excellent password manager generator software. Now, you get to easily create unique passwords that are super strong to boost online security.

The advanced edition provides a ton of features. However, it can be a bit difficult to navigate due to its complexity.

With Intuitive Password, you get to maximize your security. It aims to help you combat all types of cybercrime without you even having to do anything.

If you are tired of browsing through different software, Intuitive Password might just be the perfect fit for you. It has been designed with convenience in mind.

Now, you can forget your passwords as long as you remember the master key. It does not get better than this. 


1. Supports two-factor authentication.

2. Allows you to enable authentication code to be sent to your mobile number for increased security.

3. Create a six-digit PIN for all your devices for maximum security.

4. Offers protection against phishing.


1. Provides many layers of security.

2. Shared logins.

3. Password strength report.

4. Stores passwords and all your personal data.

5. Mobile apps.

6. Password inheritance.


1. Can be rather expensive when compared to other options in the market.

2. Does not fill forms using personal data.

3. No password capture.


1. The express plan costs AUS$ 2 a month.

2. The Advanced plan costs AUS$ 5 a month.

3. The Pro plan costs AUS$ 15 a month.


Enpass is an incredible password manager. It syncs all your data using third-party services such as Next Cloud and Dropbox.

When it comes to syncing, Enpass does not do it. Instead, other apps do it for you.

Once everything has been synced, you can use it like any other tool. The best thing about Enpass is that you do not have to worry about getting hacked since the data is not stored on their servers.

As long as you do not mind setting up syncing on your own, it is a great password manager. Otherwise, you will need to switch to an alternative.

Although it does a great job at handling all the basics, it does lack two-factor authentication options that are intuitive. Similarly, you should not expect to find advanced features.

Keep all your secrets a secret with Enpass. It lets you deal with everything using a single master key.

Forget remembering horrible passwords for good and simply remember a single password. The solution has been made to help simplify things.


1. Import data from third-party apps.

2. Password audit.

3. Password generator.

4. Cloud sync.

5. Offline capabilities.


1. Syncs across most platforms.

2. Free for desktop.

3. Automatic password capture.

4. Secure sharing options.

5. Generates strong passwords.

6. Acts as an authenticator.


1. Third-party cloud storage is needed for syncing.

2. Unsecured sharing options and lack of sharing permissions.


1. The premium plan costs $2 a month.

2. The family plan costs $3 a month.

3. The one-time payment plan costs only $79.99.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a Czech Republic-based password management solution. It has been developed by former executives of AVG Technologies.

The founder of the company has worked on password management technology and has managed to create the ultimate solution. If you are looking for military-grade encryption, flexibility, and amazing control over your data storage, Sticky Password is just what you need.

Sync, share and store data with ease using this powerful solution. The features offered by Sticky Password will give you the power that you need. It is an attractive option for families and teams. 

The main reason behind its success is exceptional security. Sticky Password has your back, especially when you need it the most.

Use Sticky Password for remembering all your passwords and experience no trouble logging into different accounts. It is as good as it gets.

Sticky Password is extremely popular due to the fact that it offers good value for your money. It ticks all the boxes.


1. AES-256 encryption for maximum protection.

2. Provides two-factor authentication for added security.

3. Multitude of storage options for increased control over where data is stored.

4. App compatibility.

5. Secure cloud back-up.


1. Freedom to decide how data is shared across each device.

2. Amazing value for money.

3. Military-grade encryption.

4. Local wifi sync.

5. Biometric authentication.


1. No small business plans.

2. Tends to be a bit slower.

3. Lack of digital inheritance options.


1. Individual users can pay $29.99 a year.

2. Families can pay $29.99 a year.

3. Teams can pay $29.99 a year.

4. Businesses can pay $29.99 a year.


Bitwarden is open-source software that you can use for more control over your life. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free.

The user experience is super friendly and will keep you hooked. Since it is open-source, it means that code powering the tool is available to everyone for fixing flaws.

Generally, more eyes on the coding allow the tool to perform at its best. You can download it on your server to give it a try.

If you want to download the app, you can always do that. There are also plenty of extensions that you can use.

The added security and biometric systems will help you regain your sanity. Moreover, the automated password fill-in options are too good to be true.

Once you have saved credentials of a website, you get to access those credentials when using that site. Using Bitwarden is super easy.

Switch between accounts and never fill forms again with the app. Besides, the premium account is very affordable and offers up to 1 GB of file storage that is fully encrypted. 


1. Encryption is offered at a zero-knowledge model.

2. Amazing app compatibility for browsers, web apps, and more.

3. Multiple device syncing capabilities.


1. Offers compatibility with most browsers and platforms.

2. Code is easy to customize or view.

3. Easy to use, especially considering the fact that it is open-source.

4. Added password security.

5. The cheapest option.


1. Lack of phone support of live chat.

2. A business plan is required for password sharing for over 5 users.


1. The premium plan costs $10 a year.

2. The family plan costs $1 a month for up to 5 users.

3. The team costs $5 a month for up to 5 users.

4. The enterprise plan costs $3 a month for each user.

How to Choose Good Password Manager Software?

Password manager software has become extremely popular in recent times as we struggle with remembering all their passwords. If you are having difficulty choosing password manager software, there is no need to worry.

There are certain things that you need to consider for making the right choice. These are mentioned below.

1. Security

The most important thing that you need to take into account when choosing password manager software is security. The last thing you want is your passwords getting stolen.

A password manager either stores passwords in a vault created just for your device or its own cloud server. Since the vault can be easily accessed, it is better to choose a solution that relies on the cloud.

2. Updated Security Measures and Strong Encryption

Next, you should choose a program that offers additional security in the form of biometrics and two-factor authentication. Generally, the program will automatically create a strong password.

3. Compatibility

When choosing password manager software, you cannot afford to overlook compatibility. Make sure that you choose a solution that is fully compatible with the software and hardware you use. 

Today, we store our personal details on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. This means that we require a solution that works across all operating systems.

Now, if you use multiple devices, look up the syncing capabilities as well. By selecting a cloud-based option, you will be able to access the data on all your devices.

4. Additional Features and User Experience

In addition to the above, you should find a password manager that offers additional features and boasts a superb user experience. Go through the screenshots and reviews to get an idea about the user experience.

Most applications come with additional features such as detecting weak passwords and alerting you on changing passwords regularly. They also provide security suggestions. 

Best for Beginners

Now that you have gone through the post, you must be wondering which software is the best for beginners. Although each password manager generator software application has something to offer, 1Password is simply the best option for beginners.

The main reason behind this is because it uses multiple techniques for protecting your confidential information. When you use 1Password, you get to use various features, including browser plug-ins, integration with smartphone apps, and auto-fill capabilities.

Generate unique and strong passwords on the go with 1Password. It lets you edit passwords with ease and stores them using the best techniques.

Since 1Password is very easy to use, beginners will not have to spend any time trying to understand the application. The setup is fast and simple.

Moreover, the added security offered by 1Password will put your mind at ease. Then, there is also an abundance of extra features that you can use for maximizing security.

Create vaults for every purpose with the software. There is also the travel mode feature that you can use if you are a frequent traveler.

iPhone users can utilize face ID integration for adding another layer of security. Despite the fact that you cannot decrypt passwords in case you lose the key, it is still the best option.

Furthermore, the software only costs $3 a month, which makes it an extremely affordable option. As a beginner, you can check it out for minimal cost.

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