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Why is an Online Course Important?

The secret to success is continuous learning. If we want to make a name for ourselves, we need to pursue further studies. This is where online courses come into place. They allow us to study whenever we want and from wherever we want.

Even if COVID-19 might have restricted our lives, we can still study an online course to increase our knowledge and obtain the skills required for a highly rewarding career. Instead of having to go to college to study, students can simply take an online course to finish their qualification or learn something new. It does not get better than this.

How to Choose the Distance Learning Course?

Although it might sound amazing to know that there are tens and thousands of distance learning programs that are offered by universities from across the globe, it can be overwhelming to choose which course to take up. To help you choose the right course, the following tips will come in handy.

  1. Select an Accredited Program or University: Before you decide to take up a course, the first thing that you need to do is look for accredited programs and universities. It is the first step to choosing the right course.
  2. Check the Costs of the Program: Next, you need to look at the overall costs of the program to determine which program suits your budget.
  3. Determine the Flexibility of the Course: Do not forget to check how flexible the course is. The last thing you want is to enroll in a program that does not offer any flexibility.
  4. Take a Look at the Quality of the Study Materials: The study materials of the course play a huge role in disseminating the required information. Hence, you need to ensure that the study materials are of high quality.
  5. Compare the Student Support Services:  Finally, you should also compare the student support services. You never know when you might need help. 


Pluralsight is one of the most popular online course providers. It is known for its outstanding quality. There are plenty of courses that are available on the platform. You can learn new technologies and languages based on your interest using Pluralsight.

It aims to help you achieve personal growth. Take advantage of unlimited viewing and watch video-training sessions provided by professionals from various sectors including software engineering, IT administrators, and more. It also offers downloadable exercise files, a dedicated group portal, as well as over 4,500 courses. 


1. Many exercise files that you can download to master each course.

2. Opportunity to participate in discussion forums and receive immediate help. 

3. New courses added to the platform daily.


1. One of the cons of Pluralsight is that it is mostly for people in the IT sector.

2. Beginners tend to have a difficult time understanding the courses. Thus, it is a platform that is mostly geared towards people who have expertise in their desired field.


Besides just the free trial, the following plans are available.

1. Personal: The plan is available for just $29 a month and is perfect for individual learners.

2. Professional: Costing $499 a month, the professional plan is suitable for professionals.

3. Enterprise: The enterprise plan costs $699 a month. It is meant for enterprises.


Udemy is a name that needs no introduction. Chances are that you might have come across a YouTube video or Facebook ad about the platform. It is an online learning platform that has a lot to offer. Learn in-demand skills and change your life with Udemy. The platform started out in 2010 and quickly rose to fame. It offers courses in more than 65 languages and boasts over 50 million students.

It offers courses that cover just about every subject from IT to design to dance to business and more. Learn on the go with its dedicated app. What makes Udemy stand out is the fact that its courses are not always instructed by experts. Besides, users get to use a variety of features to fast-track their learning experience.


1. Availability of multiple course options with details of pre-learning to help you evaluate which course would suit you best.

2. The courses can be extremely affordable if you can wait for the price to go down such as in case of a sale.

3. Users get to benefit from lifetime access after making a purchase.


1. The certificate you receive might not be approved in your professional circle. The only reason why you should use the platform is to gain knowledge.

2. Since some courses are taught by amateurs, they might not be able to provide you with all the information you desire.


Unlike other online educational platforms, Udemy is a marketplace where you pay based on the course you select. New courses might cost just around $10. However, some courses cost as much as $199.99. There is no such thing as a price plan.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers the best sale and inbound marketing education. It was first introduced in 2012 and has become a favorite among companies and professionals who want to boost their skills. Increase your educational base with the help of its amazing learning material.

Offering a wide range of online courses, there is bound to be a course that you will find suitable. The online education provided is designed for the digital age. The Inbound Certification is one of the most popular. The courses are available in four different languages.

The platform has entered the online education market to provide something new to aspiring students. Besides just their free CRM tools, the company boasts a ton of features that you can use for the ultimate online learning experience. As marketing has evolved over the years, so has the company.


1. One of the best things about the platform is the fact that it is free to use by just about everyone.

2. Since it is free, enterprises can let their entire team acquire valuable skills.

3. There is also a live chat feature which allows you to get support.


1. One of the cons of the platform is that it is relatively new as compared to other course providers. Hence, there are certain feature limitations.

2. The platform can seem somewhat simple.


Besides being available for free, one would need to pay for the courses. A course can cost you a few dollars to $200 and more.


Coursera is another online course provider that is widely used by people from around the world. It is a prestigious educational platform that offers more than 3,900 courses, degrees, and specializations. A great thing about Coursera is that it partners with top businesses and universities to facilitate with the accreditation of online courses.


1. Amazing flexibility in studying options. Study according to your convenience whenever you want and wherever you want.

2. It offers one with a global perspective. Thus, when you take up an online course with Coursera, you get to benefit from global exposure. The professors/ teachers instruct you from around the world.

3. Easy to use mobile app makes life a whole lot easier, especially for those of you who do not always have a laptop at hand.


1. Coursera can be quite expensive when you consider the cost of degrees and professional certifications. However, there is also the option to receive financial aid. Hence, even if you cannot afford a course, you might be able to proceed with it by requesting help.

2. There is no feature or section on the platform that is dedicated to helping you find a job. Therefore, you would need to work on your own to find a job.

3. Not every course you come across will be worth your time but that is true for most online course providers.


When it comes to pricing, one needs to consider the fact that the platform provides a wide range of learning programs. Each course costs around $29 to $100 and the cost of an online degree goes up to over $20,000.There are different payment methods that you can select from such as annual or monthly subscriptions as well as one-time payments.


LearnWorlds is an amazing platform that is made for learning enthusiasts and educators. It is used by entrepreneurs who want to create a course to teach skills. LearnWorlds is easily one of the best platforms in the market. LearnWorlds is the ultimate solution for training managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. They can find a course according to their needs.


1. If there is one thing that the platform does a job at, it is providing support. You will be impressed by the help you will receive. There are also plenty of articles which help teach you how to use the platform and make the most of it.

2. There are new courses that are made available all the time. Thus, users get to browse through hundreds of courses on a regular basis to find one that suits their requirements.

3. LearnWorlds is a leader when it comes to offering features. Users love the video-editor and grade book.


1. There are no challenge questions that you can try out to authenticate what you have studied.

2. It may be difficult to use for some.


1. The starter plan costs $29 a month and offers basic features such as unlimited online courses, basic integrations, custom domain if you want to connect to a website, and ecommerce features.

2. Pro Trainer: Costing $99 a month, it is for course creators and small businesses.

3. The learning center plan costs $299 a month and is for established enterprises.


Teachable is the perfect learning management solution which allows one to browse through hundreds of courses and create their very own course. It is incredibly easy to use and is considered to be a reliable training solution for both enterprises and individuals alike. The courses offered by the platform are fully customizable based on your needs. Moreover, it offers high-quality courses and does not require technical setup.


1. The platform is available for free which means that users can start learning for free.

2. Take advantage of the support team as they respond to queries promptly and help you throughout your time on the site. Teachable even offers weekly instructions on helping you use the course.

3. 24/7 monitoring is provided. There is also a blog which you can use to share ideas with other students and learn from them.


1. The upgrades can be very expensive.

2. The platform cannot be used in certain schools legally due to the material requirements of those schools.


1. The basic plan costs $29 and only provides access to basic features.

2. The professional plan costs $79. It is perfect for professionals who want to learn various skills for their specific field.

3. The business plan is available for $399. It is suitable for enterprises that want multiple employees to learn skills.


LearnDash is a popular online learning platform that you need to know more about. It has an easy to use website which makes it incredibly easy for students and professionals to use. Individuals have been using the platform for quite some time now and have many positive things to say about it.

LearnDash is one of the best blending learning sites on the internet. Its gamification makes learning fun. Users will like the synchronous learning style and video conferencing capabilities. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of using LearnDash.


1. It is an excellent tool for learning important skills to progress in your studies and career.

2. Its courses tend to be of high quality and are regularly updated to provide students with the best content.

3. The fast and competent support team is always ready to help you if you have any questions.


1. Although the site is easy to use, it can be a bit complicated to navigate.

2. The features can be somewhat restrictive.


When it comes to pricing on LearnDash, users need to pay $159 a year. There is no free version available. This makes it difficult for aspiring students to consider using the site as a lack of a free trial makes the platform seem risky.


Podia is an incredible online learning platform. It has been in the market for quite some time now and has made a name of its own. It is considered to be a feature rich learning system as users get access to plenty of great features such as unlimited learning opportunities, analytics, and more.

If you have been having trouble finding the right platform to boost your skills, it might just be the perfect fit for you. The pros and cons of Podia will help you determine whether to give it a try or not.


1. It offers an excellent user experience that will keep you hooked.

2. The courses tend to be of high quality and provide valuable knowledge. Besides, you get to try every course for free before you make a purchase. 

3. The platform is constantly updated to improve the user interface.


1. There is a lack of automations on the site. This means that Podia can be a bit difficult to navigate.

2. More subscription saver features are needed so that more students can use the platform.


1. The Mover: Costing $39 a month, it is a basic plan that includes simple features.

2. The Shaker plan costs $79 a month. It offers extra features that are more geared towards content creators.

Academy of Mine

As a student, it can be difficult to determine which online course provider to choose. However, Academy of Mine does not a great job at promoting its name so that you can easily learn more about how it can help you continue learning and growing.

Academy of Mine is one of the most powerful platforms in the market. It is perfect for acquiring a certification and training. Learn about insurance, law, healthcare, safety training, and more by using the platform. Since it is used by all types of content creators, you will have no trouble finding a relevant course. Some of the biggest schools offer courses on the platform. Hence, you can gain serious skills in no time.


1. Academy of Mine boasts a powerful learning management system which fully integrates all the tools, courses, instructors, and more. Thus, it is incredibly useful.

2. It also offers interesting quizzes and assignments which help keep you motivated about learning.

3. There is also the option for virtual/ live classes. Thus, you get to benefit from one-on-one group sessions.


1. It can be difficult for a newbie to use the platform at first.

2. The learning tools can be somewhat frustrating.


There is only a single plan on Academy of Mine which is available for $9,997 a year depending on your requirements.


Treehouse is a platform that is worth giving a try. It teaches students how to program, design, code, and more. If you are interested in a career in tech, you will want to give this platform a try. Its videos are high-quality and they help tackle all important topics so that you can master the skills needed for an exciting career.

There is also an editor which lets you see real-time results of your code. Besides, there are plenty of interactive exercises on the platform that will motivate you to pursue your passion. Treehouse offers plenty of amazing features such as highly interactive quizzes, leaderboard,  a 7-day free trial, lecture control, captions, option to pay through PayPal, exclusive interviews, and the option to download videos. 


1. Treehouse provides users with a diverse library of videos that cover just about every coding topic possible including JavaScript, Android development, iOS development, PHP, and more. You can also access content on Photoshop, marketing, business, and web design.

2. Only high-quality content is offered.

3. Students get to benefit from a project-based approach which allows them to develop practical skills.


1. The lessons are restricted to videos.

2. There is no option for lifetime access. Hence, if you stop paying, you would be unable to access the course.


1. Basic Plan: It costs $250 annually or $25 monthly.

2. Pro Plan: Access more features and lectures with the Pro Plan. It costs $490 annually or $49 monthly.

3. Tech Degree: Get a tech degree for $199 a month.


EdX is an online course provider which is used across the globe by aspiring students. If you are looking for the ultimate platform to boost your skills, it is just the platform for you.

Users can even opt for specialization on the platform or master an important career skill. There are also professional certifications which train you for a particular industry or job.

The platform also provides free courses which you can check out if you are looking for a free course amid COVID-19. Join the learning community; continue formal education by enrolling in programs offered by the top educational institutions such as Harvard and McGill, and more.


1. Students get to take up accredited certificates or courses that have been created in partnership between companies like Microsoft and prestigious universities such as Berkeley.

2. There is a 14-day refund policy which one can utilize if they are not satisfied with the course.

3. Most courses are available for free through the free course audit option.


1. There are limited topics covered by edX as compared to Udemy or SkillShare.

2. Online degrees can be costly.


Besides the free course audit option, students can pay to receive an accredited certification. The cost of the course depends on the price set by the course provider. A course can cost you anywhere between $49 and $299. However, if you want to pursue a degree, you would need to pay as much as $25,000.

101 Blockchains

Do you want to join the future? Then, you need to use 101 Blockchains. It is the premier blockchain research-based network for blockchain practitioners. If you want to pursue a highly-rewarding career in blockchain right after school, you will find the platform to be your best option.

It is trusted by everyone in the industry. Learn the core concepts behind blockchain technology and more. You will also learn how to implement blockchain in an organization to maximize efficiency.

A great thing about the platform is that it offers a practical approach with the help of actionable tools. Moreover, when you sign up for their course, you get access to virtual conferences that cover multidisciplinary and cross-industry topics.  


1. Users get access to top-notch content. Thus, they get to learn about the latest concepts that are powering the industry.

2. The rategic approach of the platform allows you to understand how to use blockchain in real life.

3. Opportunity to learn through case studies.


1. It is quite expensive.

2. The content is fast-paced. Hence, there is no room for slack.


There are no separate plans on 101 Blockchains. Instead, students get to enroll in one of their courses. The CEBP (Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional) course costs around $397. Hence, you would need to pay upfront for the course.

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