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Best OKR Software Koan Gtmhub 15Five Perdoo Ally.io Weekdone Profit.co Lattice Timely 7Geese,How To Choose OKR Software? What is Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software? Why Use OKR Software?

OKR software is a vital tool in a business for project management. It is essential for setting and communicating, as well as tracking and measuring goals. OKR software, also known as Objectives and key results (OKR) software, is used to set and manage goals for both teams and individuals within a business.

With informal channels such as comments and instant messaging, it is much easier to track progress and even lose track. OKR software provides team members with a specific and centralized place where their goal progress can be tracked.

OKR software is the best tool when it comes to measuring the overall productivity of a company.

If you are looking to organize your team’s goals, you need a better communication strategy and quality task management software for the organization. OKR software helps you to jumpstart your business and create ambitious and achievable goals and objectives.


If you are searching for software that you can use to manage both goals and status collaboratively, Koan is the solution.

Koan shows off an easy-to-use OKR featuring a simplified status platform that teams can use to align, inspire, and focus their remote workforce.

The software reflects the belief that strong teams are transparent and collaborative and empowered, and human-centered.

Since the software features easy-to-use OKR management functions, it is a great platform to start your business and get more organized with your goals.

Koan is a goal-oriented platform which helps business reach their goals with ease.



  1. Strong OKR framework
  2. Delivers weekly updates
  3. Easy to stay organized
  4. Allows you to plan strategically


  1. The framework isn’t as simplified as advertised


Koan is luckily a free OKR software, allowing both small and large firms to stay organized, plan strategically, and implement their goals.


Gtmhub is a business orchestration platform created keeping the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework in mind. For businesses aiming to increase productivity, Gtmhub is the number one solution since it provides mission-centric results.

The platform delivers instructions and direction to business units, teams, and functions for an optimal efficiency level. It allows you to come up with quick and effective solutions to small problems before they evolve into larger and unsolvable ones.

With Gtmhub, it is much easier to communicate the latest plans to your dedicated team. You can now easily shift budgets and reallocate resources without deviating from your main focus: the outcomes.


  • Cloud, Web-based, SaaS deployment
  • Support: Provides support from various platforms, which includes Phone, chat, 24/7 Live Rep, and Email/ help desk
  • Training: the platform offers various modes of training such as in-person, live online, and documentation.


  1. Employees can be rewarded, which increases their motivation and increase productivity.
  2. High functionality
  3. The high responsiveness of the product team
  4. Easy to use


  1. Not very easy to use for larger businesses and enterprises



The plan starts from just $1 per month and is useful for small teams who are just starting out on their journey with OKRs. The plan includes the following Features

  • Tutorial videos on how to use OKRs
  • OKR marketplace
  • Task management tools


The scale starts from just $5 a month and is an ideal solution for businesses and teams committed to using OKRs. For those who use OKRs weekly or daily, this is perfect since it aids business growth and increases productivity. Some of its features include:

  • All ‘Start’ Plan features
  • Third-party integrations


The Summit plan is devised especially for businesses that are fully committed to using the OKR framework. Since it drives organization-wide growth, alignment, and collaboration, it is ideal for growing businesses. The plan also includes:

  • All ‘Start’ and ‘Scale’ plan features
  • OKR Approval workflow
  • API access
  • SSO


This plan is for businesses who are aiming to cross the top of the OKR mountain; the Enterprise Plan is an ideal solution. The following features are included in this plan:

  • All ‘Start,’ ‘Scale,’ and ‘Summit’ plan features
  • On-premise deployment
  • Customer success
  • Custom development and consultation


15Five does not bring your company down while shaping your performance management process, unlike other OKR software. With 15Five, creating department, individual, as well as company-wide objectives is much easier.

Unlike other OKRs, 15Five does not disturb the workflow of your employees while keeping track of OKRs inside. The updating and tracking process of Objectives is very simplified since the software allows individuals to quickly set the status of objectives.

It is incredibly beneficial when it comes to driving the initiatives of the company forward. This is because the platform features collaborative objectives which allow teams to work together collaboratively.

The software also provides you with real-time updates; hence you can solve the smaller problems sooner, using the Objectives Dashboard & Reports. Additionally, the software also propels forward the company by motivating employees through real-time updates on the company’s overall progress.


  • Cloud and web-based deployment in addition to SaaS deployment
  • Support: the software provides email/ helpdesk, knowledge-based, as well as chat-based support
  • Training: several modes of training are available, which includes in-person, videos, live online, and documentation training
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Ongoing performance tracking
  • Customizable templates


  1. Improves employee engagement with the social media features
  2. Responsive support channels
  3. Allows you to set achievable goals and work towards achieving them in an efficient manner
  4. Share projects and aims with your team members with ease through non-disrupting channels.


  1. Difficult navigation


Basic: the basic plan starts from $7 and provides the following Features

  • Basic reports
  • Google calendar integration
  • 1 on 1s

Plus: This plan starts from $14 and offers the following Features

  • OKRs
  • Heat mapping and reports
  • Training and implementation

Performance: this is a custom plan developed to cater to the specific needs of a business. It includes the following Features

  • Leadership coaching
  • Virtual workshops
  • Online education


Perdoo is a wonderful platform for bringing together your goals, strategies, and people who work to achieve those goals. The platform makes goal setting much easier and provides you guidelines to focus more on what matters the most.

This raises productivity levels since your employees are focused most on what you’re truly aiming for. It also delivers regular updates to you to keep track of the progress and pinpoint any mistakes your employees are making to raise efficiency levels.

The platform is excellent when it comes to providing the top resources and the best support. In addition to this, it is also easy to use and get the hang of. If you are looking for something to simplify the goal management process, Perdoo is the best platform.


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based deployment
  • Support: Get quality support via FAQs and forums, chat, as well as email and help desk
  • Training: the platform provides access to various methods of training. This includes in-person, live online, documentation, and webinars.
  • KPI monitoring
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Scorecards


  1. High functionality makes OKRs much simpler
  2. The product support is always responsive and provides knowledge-based solutions.
  3. Increases productivity levels because of the transparency provided
  4. Easy to use dashboards
  5. Regular updates help keep track of the progress made by individual team members.


  1. The limited features reduce its value



For smaller teams of under 10 people, this plan is ideal since it allows you to set maximum objectives, provides access to Google SSO, and delivers weekly check-ins.

Premium: the plan starts from $7.20 a month and provides the following Features

  • Visualizations and graphs
  • Data exports
  • Custom reports
  • Explore and roadmap features


The best part about this OKR is that it has been designed to keep everyone in mind. It means it can be used by teams, businesses, and individuals of all experience levels. The platform is extremely easy to use and drives your company forward in under 15 minutes!

With Ally.io, you can start using OKRs without the need for any formal training. It also allows the import of existing OKRs, inviting team members with just a single click and using expertly developed OKR templates.

The platform provides regular updates to keep track of your company’s progress. It allows you to focus on what is important and eliminate any wrong work or hurdles that might stop you from achieving your goals.

You can now construct a communication channel for your employees to keep track of their peers’ progress and work accordingly. This is a major contribution to increased efficiency and productivity levels.


  • Deployment: Cloud-based, Web-based, and Saas
  • Support: offers support in the form of chats, emails, help desks, FAQs, and phone support.
  • Training: allows you to train using methods best suited for you. The training modes include videos, live online, in person, documentation, and webinars.
  • Negative feedback management
  • Strategic planning and progress tracking features


  1. Drives the company to focus more on meeting the main objectives of the company
  2. Efficient when it comes to tracking progress
  3. Provides weekly check-ins which help you stay ahead and efficient
  4. Easy to set and change targets
  5. Easy to navigate and use


  1. Not very user friendly
  2. UI needs improvement since it is not as simple and easy to use.


Growth: the plan starts from $7 per month and includes the following Features

  • Set OKRs at the company, individual, and team levels
  • Standard data integrations
  • Bi-directional slack integration

Enterprise: the plan includes the following Features

  • Advanced OKR features
  • OKR hierarchy: unlimited levels


Weekdone has made it much easier for businesses and individuals of all experience levels to get the ultimate OKR experience. It allows you to add weekly plans easily, view OKR progress without any disruptions, and create plans that drive your company forward.

The maximum transparency ensures everything, from progress to plans, is visible to all team members to work accordingly and increase their productivity levels.

Their cooperative team is always prepared to answer all your queries and provide assistance to those having trouble getting the hang of their OKR framework.

They also provide you with training that includes OKR basics, an overview of how OKRs function, and align with your company goals. The platform allows employees to set goals every week which they work towards achieving. It provides you with all the necessary tools that you need to thrive.


  • Deployment: SaaS, Web-based, cloud-based
  • Support: Weekdone offers support through FAQs, chat, emails as well a knowledge base.
  • Training: the modes of training Weekdone offers range from live online to webinars and documentation.
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal management
  • Progress tracking


  • It helps you stay focused by providing you with updates on the progress of other team members.
  • Weekly planning helps you stay goal-oriented and work efficiently
  • Easy to track progress and stay updated


  1. Training can be slightly confusing


There are different pricing options available for the different number of users. Let’s have a look at what you can get.


There is a simple pricing model where you, the users, can the product without paying anything with up to 3 users continually. You can enjoy all the features that are included in trial period. Once you’ve more than 3 users in your subscription, a 14 day free trial period will start, and when the trial period ends, you have to use a paid subscription to continue the usage.

Annual vs. monthly subscription

Weekdone offers per user pricing, which reduces per user as the number of users grows. Moreover, you can save 20% by switching to an annual plan from monthly plan.


Profit.co is the best platform if you want to focus more on being more productive and increasing efficiency. You can now track both individual and your entire team’s progress to ensure you remain highly efficient and productive.

The platform encourages engagement, giving each employee a voice which means you can now be aware of what’s going on among your team.

Since you can reward employees for their achievements and comment on their progress, your employees will remain motivated and highly productive.

With the real-time reviews and reflections on your performance, you are now able to keep track of your team’s progress.


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based
  • Support: the platform provides you support through chats, emails, phone calls, and FAQs
  • Training: Profit also trans you using in person, and even online methods which include videos, documentation, and live online training
  • Goal management
  • KPI monitoring


  1. The capabilities combined with the dynamic features help save a lot of time
  2. Excellent product support allows you to use the platform seamlessly
  3. Templates can be set up which allows projectized OKRs
  4. Real-time updates help you keep track of your progress as a team and as an individual


  • It can be confusing to use sometimes since it isn’t very user friendly


Startup: for small teams, this is the perfect plan. It provides you with the following Features

  • Google SSO
  • Office 365 through SSO

Growth: the plan starts at $7 per month and provides you with the following Features

  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Google Email and calendar
  • Startup plan features

Enterprise: the plan offers the following Features

  • All Startup and Growth Plan features
  • SAML
  • API access


Lattice is an excellent option if you’re looking for a platform that increases employee engagement. Since the platform provides continuous performance management into a people management platform, leaders can build better focused and high-performing teams.

The platform enables you to set achievable goals and make more data-driven decisions to stay on top of your competitors. Lattice’s formal feedback and individual performance reflections from both peers and managers.

This feature ensures that an employee works hard on areas that require improvement and stays motivated through updates on their achievements.

The innovation of the company culture is much easier now since you can collect real-time feedback from all team members.


  • Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, and Web-based
  • Support: Get the support of responsive and cooperative product teams through chat, email, and knowledge base
  • Training: the platform offers various training methods such as videos, documentation, live online, and much more!
  • Goal setting, tracking, and management
  • Progress tracking and performance management


  1. Since it provides individual and company updates on the progress, it helps employees work more efficiently.
  2. Straight forward platform, and easy to use
  3. Since everyone can give feedback, from members to leaders, it helps stay productive and understand where you’re going wrong.


  1. The search function is not very intuitive and well thought out.


Performance: the plan is priced $3 per month and provides the following Features

  • Analytics on OKR and goals
  • Tracking and agendas
  • Goal management features

Performance and engagement: this plan starts from $12 per month and provides you with the following Features

  • All performance plan features
  • Analytics on engagement reporting
  • Training for performance and engagement

Enterprise: this is a custom plan which provides you with the following Features

  • Custom solutions for each product
  • Reviews and engagement consult regularly.
  • Training based on roles


Are you in search of a real-time KPI monitoring platform? If that is the case, then Timely is the perfect option for your team. The OKR platform allows you to track your team’s performance against key metrics. This includes capacity and billable percentage.

One of its advanced features includes a customizable tagging system which enables you to check exactly what your team is spending their time on.

This helps you pinpoint which employee is missing out on work which means you can notify them and thus raise your level of productivity.

The platform allows you to keep track of what your employees are up to. This means you can stop your team from overworking and hence prevent burnout. This will ensure each team member is working to their full potential without draining themselves.

With just a few clicks, you get the entire data for performance reviews, pricing, and other important information. This helps you create detailed timesheets and reports, which you can easily share with employees.


  • Deployment: SaaS, Web-based, cloud
  • Support: You can now get immediate assistance when required through emails, chat, web base, and more.
  • Training: The platform offers various training methods, which include in-person, webinars, documentation, videos, and live online training.
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Employee database, activity monitoring, and email monitoring


  1. The ‘Memory Tracker’ plugin makes it much easier to share reports.
  2. The AI mechanism raises productivity among employees.
  3. Wonderful management with easy-to-use features.
  4. Fast and effective


  1. The smartphone application does not provide frequent updates.


Starter: get automatic time tracking with the Starter plan starting from just $8 per month. The plan also covers the following:

  • Personalized updates
  • Dashboard, which displays all ongoing projects
  • Templates for reports

Premium: starting at just $14 per month, this plan offers:

  • All Starter plan features.
  • Unlimited teams and projects
  • Weekly updates

Unlimited: the unlimited plan starts at $20 per month and allows you to coordinate people, as well as your plans and capacity. It offers a wide range of other features, which include:

  • All Starter, Premium plan features
  • Unlimited features, teams, and projects
  • Individual tracking and capacity


Reach your full potential with 7Geese, a project management platform that offers an OKR framework for goal setting, performance reflections, and regular feedback, as well as development plans for careers.

The platform allows your managers to keep in touch with the progress of their team members regardless of their location. This helps boost employee engagement which creates a sense of belonging among your entire team.

The transparency allows for teams to be clear of the expectations of their managers, which drives them to work more efficiently. In addition to this, you can track your team’s progress along with everyone’s progress through the continuous performance monitoring features.

Unlock high performance by providing your team with the necessary tools, which include efficient reviews, feedback, management of careers, 1 1s, and much more!


  • Deployment: Cloud, web-based, SaaS
  • Support: Get 24/7 support and immediate responses to your queries through the email/ help desk support options, FAQs, chat, phone support, and knowledge base
  • Training: it is much easier to receive training with the help of in-person, videos, and live online training abilities. Plus, you can even use documentation and webinars.
  • Management of goals
  • Negative feedback management
  • KPI monitoring


  1. Easy to track an individual as well as team progress.
  2. A wonderful tool to keep employees motivated.
  3. Easy to track formal meetings using the 1 on 1 feature.
  4. The recognition feature keeps everyone motivated.


  1. Difficult to use for those with little computer experience.


Align: this plan starts at $10 per month and covers the following Features

  • Goal setting through OKR framework
  • Value-based recognition
  • 1 on 1 session

Perform: if you want to create high-performing teams, then the Perform plan is the most suitable. It starts at $14 per month and provides an array of features, including:

  • All Align plan features.
  • Continuous feedback
  • Reviews on performance

Grow: the plan is wonderful if you want to develop your employees by providing them with clear expectations. It covers the following Features

  • All Align and Perform plan features.
  • Management of careers
  • People analytics


Get continuous performance management with Engagedly, a platform where you can set and track your Objectives through an OKR framework. The platform is wonderful for giving and receiving real-time feedback.

It increases employee engagement by providing recognition. The ability to award points, badges, and other awards keeps employees motivated to working efficiently. You can even survey employees for feedback.

The talent mobility feature allows you to increase retention and growth. In addition to this, you can even develop talent insights, etc.

The best part is that you receive updates through your mobile phone via push notifications compatible with both iOS and Android. This allows you to connect with your team, give and receive feedback, and even receive recognition.


  • Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, web-based
  • Support: get immediate response from a cooperative team through email, phone, as well as chat.
  • Training: the platform provides various modes of training, which include in-person, live online, webinars, and documentation
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Benchmarking
  • Badge management


  1. Several advanced features which increase functionality
  2. A great tool for organizing goals, objectives, and plans
  3. Affordable and easy pricing plans
  4. Easy to use.


  1. It is complicated at times to look for previous posts and reviews.


Engagedly has provided no pricing details.

How to Choose Good OKR Software?

Choose the best OKR software depending on how goal-oriented you are and what specific features your company requires. There is a huge number of OKR software out there, which makes it difficult to select.

Considering all options, we have narrowed down a few key features that you need to look for in an OKR software that aligns with your brand’s needs

The User Interface

If you want your team members to get the software to hang quickly, you must ensure that the User Interface is attractive. Make sure the UI is clean and functions like modern software.


Another important feature to consider is whether the software allows you to add new people with no complications. Besides this, the tech and user support and the tutorials and training offered need to be examined to ensure they are up to mark.

Important Features

  • Tools for Review and Feedback: the software should allow team leads to make evaluations and give feedback to the staff on their progress easily
  • Goal maps: software must make it easier for you to observe the higher objectives and evaluate whether the key results attribute to the higher goals
  • Employee opinions: does the software allow employees to survey, make comments, and voice their opinions meaningfully.
  • Insights: the software must provide you with real-time updates and insights that you can analyze, visualize, and share


A reliable OKR Software should link with other tools, including talent management software, employee management systems, and performance management software. You should also have permission to import or export goals or objectives that have been designed in other software.

The Value According to the Price

Before purchasing OKR software, please take a look at its features and weigh them against the price. Are the features as modern and advanced as the high price tag of the software? You must also make sure the software’s price is flexible, clear, and transparent.

What Is Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software?

OKR software, or Objectives and Key Results Software, have been designed specifically for businesses that aim to align their goals. It is an ideal tool to ensure team members are working collaboratively on the more important goals.

It is a framework developed with a goal-setting methodology. These performance management systems can be implemented through OKR software or using spreadsheets.

The process of OKR methodology involves setting company and team aims and aligning them. These objectives are then matched with key results. To be precise, the goals are matched with key results to measure progress.

You can measure key results on a scale of 0 to 100%, or using any other numerical unit, for example, dollar amount, items, percentages, and much more.

With progress on each key result, the Objective progress moves up on the 0 to 100% scale. Your plans and weekly initiatives support your Objective. They help you increase the scale of each Objective. It is advised to create Plans weekly to link with your Objectives.

The recommended success rate for key results is 70%, which is a sign of encouragement for workers to set competitive goals. When 100% of the key results are met continuously, this is an indication that you need to reevaluate your key results.

You can share OKRs among team members with the intent of aligning and focusing on effort. OKRs are typically set at the company, team, or personal levels. The software mainly revolves around engagement, alignment, and focus.

OKRs are thought to cause a waterfall approach, which is why they are usually met with criticism. OKRs typically overlap with OGSM; however, the difference comes with the exclusion of ‘Strategy.’ OGSM excludes ‘Strategy.’ On the other hand, OKR is also quite like performance management frameworks.

Why Use OKR Software?

OKR has a major positive impact on how the team sets goals and tracks them. They are a useful software that informs managers which team members are making the efforts to reach goals. OKRs play a major role in boosting efficacy and increasing engagement.

The software allows managers to access the data via the OKR goals check-in process, conducted weekly.

Evaluate Achievements of Members

Managers can evaluate which member is achieving their OKRs. This allows them to empower and engage individuals, allowing them to build high-performance teams.

OKRs connect employees with the company’s corporate goals. Every team and individual gets clear direction which increases their productivity by helping them increase productivity through focus on goals.

Helps you Make Constructive and Informed Decisions

Since the software allows you to stay updated with your progress towards the aims you have set, you can make constructive and informed decisions that produce fruitful results. When you use the software, you are equipped with tools that enable you to achieve accountability, transparency, and measurement.

Get Weekly Updates and Insights

The system management software delivers weekly updates, which provide better insights to the company, helping them work more productively and efficiently. The regular updates allow a company to set specific and clear goals that align with the company’s top priorities, strategies, and vision.

Improves Allocation of Resources

OKR software’s goal-setting process elevates individual’s engagement and empowerment. In addition to this, the deeper insights allow a business to figure out the root causes of low productivity, which helps them tackle issues that stand in the way of their objectives.

This also enables them to improve the allocation of resources and work on the management.

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