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Have so many ideas in your mind but don’t know how to present them? Mind mapping software is the answer for you.

We will cover many things here. Starting from the most basic question that is what is mind mapping software to the complete list of the same.

By the end of the guide, you will have all the information you should know about the software and how to choose the best mind mapping or diagramming software.

How to Choose Good Mind Mapping Software?

Canvas Size and Elements

Believe it or not, these are the two most important elements that you will need. A good canvas size (preferably infinite space) is the best thing you will get.

You surely don’t want to adjust to a congested area.

Further, you will need to find a diagramming software to add every element like image, link, and context for the ideas.


If you are a business, you surely need to look for integration. You will surely need it.

You should see if there are all the apps available to integrate or not. The most important ones are Slack, Google Apps, Jira, and also Zapier.

Therefore, make sure that the mind mapping software you choose has all the integrations.


Here are two main things to keep in mind. The first one is the team collaborations where your team members can collaborate with you.

The next thing to keep in mind is that whether guests can collab or not. Now, this is completely optional. If you think you will need it, you should also look for those features.

User Interface

One of the most important things that will decide productivity and performance is the user interface. You need to be sure that the user interface is easy to use.

Further, you should also see if there are any widgets available on the tool.

Templates and Chart Types

If you are a complete beginner, you will also have to look for the templates. Templates will provide great convenience and will also save your time.

Import the template and start working on it – as simple as that.

Moreover, the chart types will decide how you will represent your ideas. So, make sure that you get the chart type that you want.


One of the best tools for Mind mapping is Mindomo. Add as many mind maps as you want with the help of Mindomo.

For your convenience, you might also want to add outlines and Gantt charts to make the mind map interactive.

There are two different sections available if you want to go with the tool. You can either go with the regular plan or go with the teaching plan.

The teaching plan is for the people who want to use it for professional education organizations.


Charts and Elements: The best feature you will get is to add outlines, Gantt charts, and stretch the mind map as far as you want.

Collaboration: Collaboration feature is also available to work with any people and they can view or edit your mind map.

Templates: If you don’t want to do all the things from start, templates are available for you.

Export: It has export options to export the mind map as PDF or any other format. It is very much useful for creating eBooks.

File Attachments: Add files to your mind map for better understanding.


  1. The free plan is great and there are also 3 mind maps available.
  2. Collaborate with team members
  3. File attachment is the next thing that you will get.
  4. Cloud backups


  1. If you want to add a team member, it will cost you more.
  2. The education plan is much similar to the regular plans. The features are almost the same.


  1. Basic plan – free.
  2. Premium plan – 5.5 pounds.
  3. Professional plan – 13.5 pounds per month.
  4. The last plan is a team plan to select the number of users as per your choice.


If you are planning to teach people using diagramming software for teaching to the people, this is the best one to use.

It allows you to change the theme, add various elements, etc. One of the reasons why you should go with this mind mapping software is because of the presentation feature.

The presentation option is there to show the entire mind map as a slideshow. This is the reason why people go with this particular software.

There are many other features you will get here. We will see more about it in the pros and cons section. We will start with the features and then go to the pros and cons section.


Collaborative Brainstorm: Team members can join and work together.

Customizable Designs: The theme option is available to create a brand or also if you want to teach or explain.

Task Management: It also gives you an easy task management feature.

Presentation: The presentation option will help you to teach students with ease.

Attachments: Want to attach a file to your mind map? MindMeister also has the feature to do so.


  1. It is great for teaching as it has got various amazing features.
  2. Export to various formats such as PDF, image, etc.
  3. UI is great


  1. Templates are limited.
  2. There is a limited storage option available in the field.


  1. The basic plan is free.
  2. Personal plan – $2.49 per month.
  3. Pro plan – $4.19 per month.
  4. Business plan – $6.29.


Slickplan is another great diagramming software used for content planning, site builder, etc. It will help you create the best Mindmap.

There is complete CMS functionality available. It allows you to connect to WordPress, Slack, etc.

It also acts as a website planner to create the website flow.

A tool is a great tool if you want to customize the mind map as per your wish as there are many themes and settings available.

It has easy collaboration options. Moreover, it has a content approval system. 


Website planner: The tools are great if you are planning a website. That’s the main aim of the diagramming software.

Collaboration: One of the cool things about this diagramming software is the messaging feature. You can easily text any of the people with whom you are collaborating.,

Customization: It allows you to customize the theme, colors, as well as change the logo. This will improve your branding.

CMS: Integrate any CMS with the mind mapping software.

Management: It also has content progress and approval system. This is where you will see the current progress and set approvals on various stages.


  1. Easy collaboration options
  2. Increase your branding as there are many customizations available.
  3. The centralized location is the next big advantage here.
  4. The tools are great for website planning.


Great for website planning but if you are planning to teach someone with this, there are some of the features missing.


  1. Basic plan – $8.99 per month.
  2. Pro plan – $26.99 per month
  3. Team plan – $53.99 per month
  4. Agency plan – $89.99 per month


For the people who are looking to get a great mind mapping software that allows them to collaborate and discuss the project with the team, Ayoa is the choice for you.

The interactive design and easy collaboration with great features is the reason why u should go with this tool. You can easily navigate the software as well as interact with the team.

You can have video calls with your team members when you collab. Don’t worry about the video call quality because it will directly integrate with Zoom. You don’t need to leave the app to discuss it.


Video chat: Like mentioned, video chats are very much useful when it comes to collaboration. You can easily video call someone without leaving the platform.

Radial Maps: Radial maps can easily give any structure to the visual diagrams. There are options like a pie-chart which will allow you to have better mindmaps.

Sharing: Allow people to collaborate or simply present your mind map in the event.

Task Management: There is an easy task management option. Easy management of tasks with an easy timeline.

Gantt Timeline: You have as many branches as you want. Add milestones with Gantt timelines to enhance the visual representation.  


  1. Click to open each branch one by one to create suspense.
  2. The free plan has enough features to try out.
  3. Whiteboard is available.


  1. Some features like task management can be complicated for some people.
  2. Can’t work offline.


  1. Basic Plan – free
  2. Pro plan – $10 per user per month
  3. Ultimate – $13 per user per month
  4. You can ask for separate rates for educations and NGOs.


The best way to get creative is to get organized at first. Milanote believes in the same thing. The diagramming software can show your ideas on the visual boards.

It’s a lot more than just another mind mapping tool. It has a feature to add attachments, save text, add links, etc.

For all of these things, there is a Milanote web clipper available. This will simply fetch the content/ideas from any website and show it to you.

The awesome feature is to add notes from your mobile phone too. There is an app available that has features to add notes directly from your mobile.

If you go an idea, add it to your mindmap from your mobile app. Now, you don’t need to open the laptop and then open the website for the same


Visual Board: it’s a lot more than just a mind mapping tool. It has a complete vision board where you can organize everything.

Attachments: A mind map has all the text branches. That’s not the case here. here, you can add attachments, images, and even links in the branches.

Sharing: The tool provides easy features to collaborate with other team members and get the results faster.


  1. A lot more than a mind mapping tool. You can add images and various other visuals.
  2. A complete list of upcoming features.
  3. App to add notes from your mobile.
  4. They have given various us cases on how people from every field can use it.


It is not a proper mind mapping tool like a traditional one. It’s a visual board app.


  1. Free version
  2. Pay per person – $9.99 per month
  3. Team – $49 for 10 members


Canva is one of the most popular tools and we use you might have heard about it.

It’s the best tool that allows you to create graphics, presentations, etc.

Did you know, it has a new section for mind maps too? You can add mind maps here.

The mind maps are like the graph. So, you might want to add the images or texts too. It has the easiest interactive UI.

Most people already have experience working with Canva.


Graph Types: There are plenty of graph types here. There are more than 20 options available.

Drag and Drop: Create awesome graphs with an easy drag and drop builder.

Images and Visuals: Canva is also a very reliable software. It has various elements for you to add to your chart. Make your chat more interactive with this.

All in one Platform: The good thing is that it’s an all-in-one platform. You can also create images, presentations, etc directly from the software.

Templates: It has also got templates ready to import. Just take any template and start creating a graph on it.

Customizations: Customize it by changing colors, fonts, adding a logo, etc. This will also do the branding for you.  


  1. All in one software for all your needs.
  2. There are many graph types available.
  3. It also has ready-made templates to start making your graph.
  4. Most of the features are available for free.


  1. Some of the features are limited.
  2. The workspace is small.
  3. Looks less professional.


  1. The free plan is suitable for most people.
  2. Pro plan – $9.99 per user per month


Whimsical is a tool specially made for people who are looking to create mind maps. Wireframes, etc.

They have got many features related to the same. The tool is more like a “To-the-point” tool. In simpler words, instead of showing fancy features, there are direct options from which you can create the diagram.

The diagramming software is available for free to create various diagrams useful for your business. It has a minimal theme with no distractions.

If you are the type of person who loves to work with no distraction, this is the tool for you. You can surely start using it. We will now see the features and then proceed to the pros and cons.


Flowcharts: It has a feature to create great flowcharts for your website using this tool.

Wireframes: Planning to create a wireframe? This diagramming software will allow you to create wireframes for any screen directly from their tool.

Mind maps: The mind map tool is great and has a very simple user interface.

Sticky notes: Create a visual board with sticky notes if you are still in the testing phase.


  1. The tool is extremely easy to understand and use. They also have perfect documentation if you don’t understand anything.
  2. Add wireframes and flowcharts along with mind maps. This feature is also missing in some of the best mind mapping software but Whimsical has it.
  3. Easy collaboration options.
  4. The free version has enough features.


  1. No fancy features.
  2. The mind mapping tool has limited features. You can’t attach any files and many similar features are missing.


  1. Starter – It is free and will cost you nothing.
  2. Pro – $10 per month per editor.
  3. Organization – $20 per editor per month.


As the name says, Mindnode lets you create various nodes from the ideas in your mind.

Before you plan to go with this tool, let us clear some things. This is not a web tool. Instead, you will have to download it to use it. It’s only available for Apple devices that are for Mac OS and also for the IOS.

So, if you are an Apple user, you will love this.

It has a clean UI and a distraction-free interface. As it is downloadable, it’s always available for you.

Create beautiful mindmaps and customize them by adding the elements and also with the coloring options.


Easy and Distraction-free UI: The software has a clean UI. As you are not using the browser, there are good chances that you won’t get distracted from it.

Context and Content: You can surely add as many branches as you want but also add the context for that particular idea.

Export options: If the next person doesn’t have Mindnode, you can simply export the mindmap in a different format and send it to them.

Sync: It will automatically sync with iCloud. Install the app on your iPhone and also on iPad to view the data on your mobile.


  1. It is software. So, it is unique and many people will love this.
  2. Provides app and also synchronization feature.
  3. Visual tags will allow you to add the context of the idea.
  4. The dark mode is something that most people will love.


  1. Not available for Windows or Android.
  2. The features are limited.
  3. Some features are only available on Mac whereas some are only available on IOS.


  1. Free editor.
  2. Mindnode Plus plan – $2.49 per month or go with $19.99 per year.


Padlet is a tool that will allow you to brainstorm all your ideas on a page.

Unlike other mind mapping software, Padlet lets you add anything you want.

If you are looking for a traditional mind mapping software that has one tree and various branches coming out, this is surely NOT the one for you.

However, if you are looking for something where you can put all your ideas, Padlet is a great tool you can use.

For the people who were disappointed that the above tool wasn’t available on Windows, here is good news. Padlet has a Windows app too. Additionally, it has apps for all the devices.


File type: Add any file type whether it’s a photoshop file or also if it’s a PDF.

Collaboration: This allows you to collaborate with the people.

Wall: The wall is there to add all the images and text on the plain board.

Canvas: Add images and texts in the Canvas and connect them just like a Mind map.

Shelf: Organize your ideas into various columns (people also call it shelf),

Stream: Great way to see all the ideas one by one.

Timeline: Create a perfect timeline for your work.

Map: Have something in mind that requires a map? Padlet also has a map feature to add images and elements directly on the map.


  1. The tagline “You are beautiful” surely makes a bit impact.
  2. The visual board is great to add anything you want.
  3. Has a windows version.
  4. You can log in with Apple, Microsoft, and also Google.


  1. Not a professional mind mapping tool.
  2. Limited collaboration features


  1. Free trial available
  2. Pro plan – $8 a month for individuals
  3. Backpack – $2000 a month for schools
  4. Briefcase – $12 per user per month for businesses


Stormboard – as the name says, it is all about brainstorming ideas. People can use this tool to get all the ideas together on a single board.

The infinite canvas allows you to have unlimited space and put your ideas however you want.

If you have no clue how to start, you can easily import one of the templates and start working on it. Customization options are available to change the colors, text style, and also various other things.

The easy and quick UI will make your work easier. Along with infinite space, you will also get a zoom feature (zoom in and out).  


Infinite canvas: Canvas size is infinite, there is no limit here. Start adding your ideas from anywhere you want.

Templates: There are various templates to choose from. Start using them or create your template.

Elements: Adding elements such as text, images, etc is super-easy and also fast.

Integration: Integrate it with any tool you already use. It has easy integration with Slack, Pipeline, Jira, Trello, Pipedrive, and also Zapier.

Reporting and Templates: You can see the reporting as well as export the data anywhere you want.


  1. Pre-made templates to import.
  2. Infinite space is another great thing.
  3. Stormboard can also integrate other apps for automation.
  4. They also have a mobile app to make the changes or contribute.
  5. The enterprise’s pricing is less than expected.
  6. The backend is strong. So, you will get great performance.


  1. Small bugs that can be improved.
  2. It feels like there are limited features. For example, you can’t add every color. However, it will improve over time.


  1. Personal – free
  2. Business – $10 per month
  3. Enterprise – $16.67 per month


The next tool in our best diagramming software list is Lucidcharts. It will allow you to add all the ideas on the visual board with a few clicks. 

It provided various integrations to make your work easier and easily implement the ideas you are working on. 

The plans are great. The best thing about the pricing is that it will give almost all the plans’ basic features. For advanced features, you will have to upgrade. So, that is a good thing. 


Easy UI: It provides a drag and drop builder to create your diagrams, whether about people, processes, or systems. 

Integration: You can easily integrate it with any app, whether it’s Google drive or you also want advanced apps like Github, Jira, Zapier, etc. 

Automation: Automation is the future. Start automating your work with Lucidcharts (only available in higher plans).

Collaboration: You can always collaborate with people you want and work together. 

Shortcuts and Context: Adding context to the ideas will make your mind map more interesting. Also, you might want to add various shortcuts to do things at your fingertips. 

Containers and Layers: If you have complex diagrams, you can add them to a container. Also, layers and linking options are available to add.  


  1. The tool is easily scalable. 
  2. Unlike other software, there are multiple ways to do a thing. In simpler words, the software doesn’t force you to do a specific thing in their way. 
  3. Create wireframes directly in the app. 


  1. Some basic features can consume your time. For example, it doesn’t have auto-increment in number, and it takes time to export the chart. 
  2. Less number of elements. 


  1. Free plan 
  2. Individual – $7.95
  3. Team – $6.67 per user for a minimum of 3 users. 
  4. Enterprise pricing is available upon contact.


Miro is the easiest tool for you if you want to mind map. It takes less than 90 seconds to represent your ideas on the board visually. 

The innovative infinite canvas is no less than a drag-and-drop builder. Add the elements you want and connect them to have complete ideation ready. 

Further, Miro has a mouse over collaboration. It will also display the team member’s cursor along with yours. This will increase the teamwork, and you will also see better results. 


Mouse over Collab: All your team members can work together and get the most out of your project. All of them will also see each other’s cursor with name. 

Elements: There are various elements, including title and paragraph, that will also make the mind map presentation-ready. 

Video chat and comments: Want to leave a comment on a co-worker’s idea? Miro has commenting feature and also provide video calls with the collaborators. 

Apps: Miro can also integrate with any apps. There are more than 20 apps for integration.

Templates: Miro has various templates to import and start using. 

Elements and Sticky notes: There are various elements such as pen tools, shapes, arrows, etc. You will also get sticky notes.


  1. Infinite canvas.
  2. Enough elements to add, and there are also templates. 
  3. Start collaborating in less than 30 seconds.
  4. There are also various integration options with apps.


  1. There are some of the basic features missing, such as fonts, logos. 


  1. Free plan.
  2. Basic plan – $8 per month.
  3. Business plan – $16 per month.
  4. Custom pricing also available for the enterprise version.

What is Mind Mapping Software?

Mind mapping is a great technique useful to take notes or represent ideas. It’s a great way to brainstorm all the ideas.

Mind mapping or as some people tell it “Diagramming” is where you have the main object and then create various branches.

For example, if you are planning to brainstorm on Diet plans. You have various branches that represent each day of the week. Further, one can add more branches that can represent each time of the meal.

To make all your work easier, there are mind mapping or diagramming software. Most of these are available as a web tool and also have a free plan. Hence, it is available from your browser.

The software makes your work easier by providing you perfect tools to do all the things. There is a visual board or canvas where you can start adding the elements to visually represent your idea.  

It’s a lot more than just creating text branches. As it’s software, there are cool elements such as images, attachments, etc. There are various elements to add.

It will also integrate with any app. This will make your work easier. The apps include project management apps, and also many automation apps.

Now, depending on the type of software, there will be more or fewer features. Some of the modern diagramming software will also provide features to add images and create a graph.

Lastly, it’s surely your choice on how you want to use the tool.

Benefits of Using Mind Mapping Software

There are many benefits you will get when you start using any of the diagram software or tools. Here are some of them. 


Your mind will also come up with many other ideas when you are thinking about some topic. However, it’s not possible to remember all of them. Therefore, you should use the diagramming software to take note of all of them. 

When you are visually representing your ideas, you will surely get a lot more ideas. This is because you are seeing the entire context and also the ideas in a visual form. 


Working on a team? You surely want the team member to see your idea and share their ideas too, right?

Mind mapping software is a perfect solution here. Add the collaborators and permit them to add/edit the mind map. 

Some of the software also allows you the guest to edit the ideas. Of course, they can only see it if you share it with them. 


Presentation is yet another great feature here. If you are looking to give a seminar or pitch your idea to the client or investors, use mind mapping software. 

Many people use it for their educational organization. This will allow the teachers or the instructors to get access to it. It will also let them to present it directly to the audience.

The export option can export the mind map in PDF format or any other. 

Integration and Automation

It’s not just about creating a board to visually represent your ideas. There are also many other factors involved. 

Integrating the tool with other apps will also make your system automated. It will automate the task and you will save time. 

For example, many tools also have Zapier integration with it. With Zapier, you can automate all your work and do almost anything you want. 

Therefore, this gives you another reason to use mind mapping software.

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