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What is Knowledge Management Software?

Containing an array of software specializing in collecting, storing, and accessing information, Knowledge Management software refers to the enterprise content management grouping subset.

Also known as KM-Software, it facilitates cloud storage of unlimited data, including business documents, industry knowledge, customer information, and affordable prices.

It assists with creating, identifying, organizing, and distributing any company’s knowledge pool to be easily updated, discoverable, and accessible. Much like CRM or Customer Relationship Management, it makes enterprises efficient, increases productivity, and makes way for easy knowledge sharing. 

Knowledge Management Software’s standard features are taxonomical classification and aggregation of contents from external and internal sources, dashboards or views, search bar, and extensions.

It can range from software designed for individual use to those suitable for thousands of individuals on a team. 

There are, however, some challenges you might encounter while using KM-Software, such as accessing unlimited knowledge or making that knowledge discoverable. The latest KM software options overcome such hurdles by incorporating smart filters, AI bots, enterprise search, etc. 

While using Knowledge Management Software, you should always stay up-to-date with the data uploading and updating. With visual search options like taxonomy navigation, tree traversal, heat map search, and tag cloud search, you can now upgrade from the conventional keyword search approach. 

With the KM software, support professionals will find answers even though there is plenty of data stored. This not only helps to make your job consistent but also generates revenues for enterprises.


As a knowledge-based platform designed especially for developing Enterprise, Document360 lets you create a self-service base online for employees and customers.

Easily accessed privately or publicly, the software has served global institutions like Microsoft, Harvard University, Mambu, etc. 

The knowledge base advanced portal is tailored for reviewers and editors, i.e. content producers with tools like category manager, analytics, art editor, etc. The knowledge base simplified site is for employees and customers, i.e. content consumers with search engine optimization. 

With Document360, you can build SOPs, create product help docs, technical documentation with system and reference docs, tutorials, release notes, etc.

Clients can create online guides to replace static and offline PDF user guides and update the FAQ pages private login page in the internal base.      


1. Knowledge Base Portal 

2. Knowledge Base Assistant

3. Knowledge Base Site

4. Platform API 

5. Integrations and Extensions 

6. Documentation 

7. Category Manager 

8. Editor 

9. Branding 

10. Security 


1. Maintenance of multiple versions, localization in a different language, previewing, getting Rendered and Markdown view, advanced search, discussion platforms for collaboration, defining article settings and lifestyle

2. Creating categories, sorting articles accordingly, hiding types, and offering user access

3. Helps in markdown support, code blocking, HTML editing, callouts, embedding media, hyperlinks, adding tables, viewing in full screen, auto-saving, file attachments, adding lists, and inline preview

4. Creating landing page, advanced customization, uploading custom favicon, header and footer navigation, theme, extensions, intelligent bars, and menus.

5. Backup and restoring, importing and exporting, article redirection, IP restriction, custom mapping, private documentation, enterprise SSO and cookie consent.


1. Difficulty in importing content from MS-Word and CHM

2. Insertion of audio files can be complicated 

3. A bit hard to initialize with commonly used applications 


1. Startup –USD 49

2. Business –USD 149

3. Enterprise –USD 299


As customer-driven software funded by customers, KnowledgeOwl is equipped with the top features according to users’ requirements while giving them multiple opportunities for customization.

Without zero external investment and interest, the software will help to create a feature-rich knowledge base so that you can use the WYSIWYG editor for organizing help content to use internally and externally. 

The knowledge base empowers the internal team simultaneously, and customers get accessible and user-friendly content to work with. The layouts, category types, and themes are helpful to access related search phrases and tags accordingly.

The reader and user management feature of KnowledgeOwl makes the content secure and stops any unauthorized access.

The multiple feedback tools such as ratings and comments let you understand what the clients need, and the contact forms bridge the gap between the readers and developers.  


1. API with webhooks, integrations, etc 

2. Articles with callout time, status, etc

3. Article management with bulk edit, drag, and drop, etc

4. Multiple categories

5. Contextual help widgets

6. Management of domain, URLs

7. Copies and exports

8. Reader management and feedback

9. File library and glossary

10. Multifaceted navigation

11. View in PDF

12. Linking related articles with reports

13. Multiple search options

14. Security with IP restriction, password management, etc

15. Good SEO

16. Date-time, theme, branding, etc 

17. Tags and customer support 


1. Unmatched customer support 

2. Flexible and tailored look, structure, and functionality according to the requirement

3. Smooth integration with standard software and services 

4. Cloud-based platform accessed by any popular browser


1. HTML knowledge might be required in some cases 

2. One uploaded document cannot be linked to multiple bases

3. No integrated forum for community


1. Flex – USD 79

2. Business – USD 299

3. Enterprise – USD 999


From safety standards to equipment, communication to facilities –MaintainX can be your perfect tool to manage operations without consuming stacks of papers. You can track the reactive and proactive maintenance or day-to-day control operations of the Enterprise with this software. 

MaintainX makes way for checklist operation, safety inspection, regular maintenance, reporting, and more while keeping digital audit trails. Marriott, Hilton, Ergon, Burger King, McDonald’s are some brands that have used this software to increase productivity by up to 40%. 

As the software is user-friendly, you can ensure adherence and clarify to the frontline team within minutes.

For example, a digital audit trail is included in sanitation checklists like setting sanitation standards for the entire operation, scheduling, assigning and implementing the cleaning works, and tracking compliance. 

In a socially distanced digital platform, the frontline teams can easily maintain coordination with their assigned and scheduled tasks, communicate and inspect the checklists from a personal device.

This also helps in inventory management to continuously track the supplies, cost, team, and locations while checking the real-time insights.    


1. Maintenance or work orders, creating procedure library, tracking asset downtime, cost, and inventory

2. Inspection of audit trail, team scheduling, corrective actions, and escalation in problem-solving

3. Maintaining safety standards, monitoring compliance, updating procedures, and increasing organizational awareness

4. Reporting data, actionable insights, asset downtime, and employee efficiency in real-time 


1. Up to 25% reduction in the maintenance cost

2. Up to 10% increase in lifespan of the asset

3. About 30% reduction in training cost

4. About 30% reduction of the time of inspection 

5. Thousands of actionable data points

6. Up to 70% improvement in procedural compliance


1. Layout of the work order can be better

2. Reports are not easily filtered or customized


1. Free for Basic 

2. Essential – USD 8.33

3. Premium – USD 32.50

4. Enterprise – USD 115


As compatible as Robin and Batman, integrating with different applications has made Guru a common name in enhancing customer experiences, future planning for any business, and more.

It keeps the information collected in an organized method, integrates browser extension, and also incorporates slack integration. 

Guru captures the collective data from the apps and offers a single platform where you can find the information and 3xpertise regarding your company. It has a simple, influential editor and makes smart capturing of knowledge, syncing with existing tools and intelligent content organization. 

While transforming the company information into knowledge for the employees, Guru ensures expert verification, smart tag and specialist suggestion, detection of duplicity, and knowledge alerts for improved understanding and deep insights. 

With customized knowledge triggers, browser extensions, and intelligent chat suggestions, it delivers the sufficient knowledge required for the job.    


1. Employee onboarding

2. Product enablement

3. Updated list of integrations

4. Organized collections

5. Slack integration

6. Capturing information

7. Transforming company information for employees

8. Delivering the required knowledge 

9. Card templates created by experts 


1. Extensive data backed with easily accessible knowledge 

2. Native collection and integration with Slack

3. Browser extension and app integration module

4. Expert verification of expertise to keep everyone on the team aligned

5. Smart suggestions in chat support

6. Customized knowledge triggers 

7. Syncing with existing software  


1. Web interface needs updating 

2. Import functionality is a bit complicated

3. Needs more engagement with engineering teams 


1. Starter – USD 5

2. Builder – USD 10

3. Expert – USD 20


Archbee is designed for individuals, customers, and teams to build internal wikis, knowledge bases, developer guides, documentation sites, architecture diagrams, and API references.

With developer and API docs, Archbee helps store all the knowledge while offering an innovative and fast editor. 

From inline comments to links and mentions, there are multiple tools with which the editor offers one of the most accessible editing platforms having over twenty custom blocks.

The knowledge base is user-friendly with powerful and flexible search, access control, drag and drop feature, and knowledge graph.      


1. Over 20 custom blocks

2. Custom CSS and JavaScript

3. Over 25 integrations

4. Fast search

5. Markdown shortcuts

6. Sharing multiple collections on a particular domain

7. SSL certified custom domains

8. Collections protected by a password

9. GraphQL and Open API for API docs

10. Sharing collections and individual docs

11. Emojis for supplies and docs

12. Unlimited document history

13. JWT authorization for collections

14. Guest accounts 

15. Integration of Deep Slack

16. Custom and System templates 

17. Embedding with an iframe

18. Keyboard shortcuts

19. Document backlinks

20. Knowledge graphs


1. Improved onboarding time

2. Reduced time for support response 

3. Increased efficiency for developer

4. Enhanced team performance

5. Becoming remote-friendly

6. Improving team collaboration

7. Reducing knowledge churn

8. Becoming a lean company 


1. Not much compatible with mobile

2. Video cannot be uploaded directly

3. Hierarchy between the document spaces cannot be created 


1. Free for personal use

2. USD 20 for five users per month

3. USD 60 for ten users per month

Process Street

From new customer setup to employee onboarding, IP support desk to podcast publishing, candidate screening to Git workflow, Process Street has you covered with everything you need for the Enterprise.

It maintains daily, weekly and regular tasks while generating an invoice, schedules a general inspection of the office, and oversees real estate sales. 

Simple and powerful software for creating process templates, Process Street runs several templates in checklists’ forms and tracks the progress while collaborating with the team. The simple interface makes it user-friendly, and the structured domain helps you create documents within seconds.

You can utilize the keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop feature, run processes by quickly creating checklist workflows, check activities from the dashboard, and be notified after task completion.

Using conditional logic, you can build dynamic checklists and streamline any work that requires authentication through single-instance, sequential and multi-stage approvals. 

There are more than a thousand apps to integrate with Process Street for the automation of tasks. Utilize forms to capture data, input structured data manually, and share it between the apps.    


1. Workflow software for strengthening the core

2. Business Process Management Software for flexible and consistent operations

3. Onboarding software for increasing productivity

4. Standard Operating Procedure Software to manage SOPs

5. Approval software to approve requests 

6. HR software for better engagement 

7. Compliance software for managing compliance

8. IT software for core processes

9. Sales Workflow Software for helping the sales team


1. Procedure document can be created in seconds

2. Scheduling daily, weekly, monthly workflows to automate tasks and save time  

3. Adding content with audio, video, and other media 

4. Having activity feed to understand user activities with audit trail

5. Creating groups to manage permissions from multiple users


1. Cancellation procedure has some issues

2. Issue in transcoding videos and recognizing some files 

3. Minor UI issues 


1. USD 15 monthly, USD 12.50 yearly for Basic  

2. USD 30 monthly, USD 25 annually for Standard 

3. Custom price for Enterprise


The flexible and fast editor of Slite helps you give shape to your ideas with user-friendly tools like tables, mentions, galleries, embeds, code, files, and sketch. You do not have to worry about formatting as there are several templates to help you start from scratch. 

The existing and valuable documents can be imported to Slite easily. You will not have to hunt for the records in shared folders and inbox as categorized channels.

Tools like “Catch Up” help you stay updated with scheduled tasks and the team’s progress in real-time, and you will be greeted daily to notify about functions. Document searching is neither a problem nor time-consuming with the fast, reliable search options using keywords. 

What is better, you can even collaborate with teams or individuals outside your existing unit, as Slite lets you invite guest editors and edit particular documents for long-term assignments.

You do not have to replace any tools with Slite because it is compatible with other tools and can be integrated for a smooth workflow.    


1. Importing docs from Google Docs, Confluence, etc

2. Doc activity log and version history

3. Integration with Asana, Slack, Trello, etc 

4. Real-time embedding of Google Drive files

5. Custom and readymade templates 

6. Browser extension

7. Real-time collaboration and sharing

8. Admin controls 

9. Sign-in authentication, backup, and security 


1. Easy drag and drop in the editor

2. Writing in markdown with keyboard

3. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts 

4. Mobile and desktop-friendly platform compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone 

5. Compatible with Slack and Google SSO, OKTA, OAuth, and OpenID for instant access on signup


1. Rendering speed is a bit slow

2. Selection of favorite item is a bit complicated

3. Tree organization can be better


1. Sign Up is free 

2. USD 8 monthly and USD 6.67 yearly for Standard 

3. Custom price for Enterprise


From individuals to teams of twenty and two thousand, Notion is a user-friendly platform for editing, planning, and organizing tasks using mobile or computer. Used by brands like Pixar, Verizon, McDonald’s, Nike, IBM, and The Wall Street Journal, Notion is there to empower. 

Team wiki helps you form answers from your knowledge while the workflow is customized with Kanban keyboards, lists, tablets, etc., in projects and tasks. You can add any type of content on notes and docs to keep them organized. 

Transparency is guaranteed by Notion as it allows the users to work independently, invite one or more teammates, and share projects with everyone. You get to collaborate and start the discussion by mentioning co-workers in real-time. 

Inside the Notion pages, you can embed over five hundred different apps. Besides, notes, tasks, job applications, resumes, and journal maintenance makes way for an organized personal usage platform.   


1. Text, bookmark, toggle list, image, file, discussion, code, video, and over fifteen building blocks for iOS and Android 

2. Calendar, Kanban keyboard, databases, and spreadsheets for flexibility over projects and tasks 

3. Folderless organization and real-time collaboration

4. Online and offline one-click web clipping to view, edit, save and organize in Notion 


1. Supports the top sites and social media sites in web clipper

2. Visualization of the product roadmap

3. Tracking project designs, fonts, catalog logos

4. Building flexible CRM

5. Tracking calendar and marketing management


1. Formatting can be complex with the copy-paste method

2. Team collaboration process is time-consuming


1. Free for personal 

2. USD 4 monthly for Personal Pro 

3. USD 8 per member monthly for Team

4. Customized for Enterprise 


As a user-friendly platform to offer quick, accurate access to procedures, policies, and precise knowledge, Livepro offers web answers, premium and enterprise knowledge management, and open access knowledge base.

Livepro comes with a single Knowledge base and insightful analytics for various digital channels. 

A chief customer officer can create an intuitive customer experience while the contact center gives you guidance and answers. From version control to reviewing dates, archiving to authoring, Livepro helps in practice compliance.  

It is a cloud-based software with SSO, open API, and in-built integrations to assist the IT department. Digital transformation gets more accessible with the integration of solutions that are already used for a smooth workflow. 

Its intelligent search feature with result relevance and summarization helps you find compact answers in no time. The quick updates or announcements are timed and keep users updated without cluttering the inbox. 

No matter whether you are a newbie, its Process Guidance tool will walk you through consistent steps to minimize training time. The intuitive bot or rocket with several drop-down questions makes it easier to clear your queries. 

Learn about trending searches and customer insights from the dashboard section, and you can also report or analyze any knowledge.

A unique option in Livepro is the quiz section to help users converse and understand policy updates.     


1. Categories to store knowledge

2. Feedback and rating to improve knowledge

3. cloud-based technology with SSO and API

4. Configurable profiles to foster individualized experiences, collaboration, and community

5. Scheduled publication approving and publishing knowledge

6. Version control 

7. Decentralized authoring for better workflow

8. Periodic content review

9. Accessing permissions on different levels 


1. Controlled management of knowledge to publish responses after thorough governance 

2. Employee engagement, customer management, cost reduction, and compliance

3. Simple API used for seamless integration with customer-centric channels like Slack, NICE, WordPress, etc 

4. Reduced time and cost for training and onboarding


1. Difficulty in setting up users, roles, and scopes

2. Minor technical glitches 

3. Missing notifications sometimes 


1. USD 499 for OpenAccess Knowledge Base and Web Answers 

2. Customized for Premium KMS Contact Centre Read price

3. Customized for Enterprise KMS Custom Multi-channel

How To Choose Good Knowledge Management Software?

  • Workforce One platform might not be convenient for every worker. For example, older staff will need a detailed training approach while the young ones need more advanced features. If your workforce comprises both, choose the software that is user-friendly and feature-rich.
  • Accuracy To choose a Knowledge Management Software, you need to make sure that the software sends only accurate information unless the database can be corrupted.
  • Speed The software should run effortlessly on mobile devices and computers. So, platforms that lag or load slowly should be avoided. Users do not like to wait while data is loaded. With a smooth system, productivity will increase.
  • Search Function An effective search option will help both the user and the customers access the relevant information quickly. Therefore, proper usage of keywords is necessary.
  • Compliance For compliance with data and security, you need to choose the software company that meets the general regulations of encryption and privacy restrictions.
  • Knowledge Migration To update and edit content for better scalability, effectiveness, and accuracy, choose the software with a migration facility.
  • Feedback The system with in-built feedback system allows users to analyze content accuracy and give feedback.
  • Adding Content While selecting Knowledge Management Software, you should check whether the employees can make sequential edits and update new contents easily and regularly.
  • Q&A The database with a question-answer section offers clear insight on most discussed topics to customers.
  • Scorecard Generation The scorecard generation system helps you respond to customer questions quickly and explore extensive topics.
  • Regular Update Choose the KM software that lets users be notified about the key messages and scheduled updates.
  • Using AI The incorporation of AI bots should be considered while choosing the KM system to automate tasks to handle common questions to address the customers. 

Benefits of Using Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Software helps create a systematic approach to utilize the collective expertise of business to gain revenues. The six main benefits of using KM software are –

  • Maintaining Organizational Knowledge The trade secrets will be kept secure to allow only the employees to utilize that for organizational advantage.
  • Promoting Better Learning Employees are encouraged to address their issues and find answers quickly in the learning environment instead.
  • Increasing Employee Productivity Employees will not have to wait for supervisors or help desk as information is accessible to everyone.
  • Sharing Knowledge The mutual understanding between employees is enriched where both can input their limited knowledge and find the missing piece to benefit the organization.
  • Encouraging Communication Among Organizations Users from the same organization and those from different organizations worldwide can network and collaborate to promote teamwork.
  • Providing Standardized Approaches It eliminates the unnecessary repetition of the instructions and inconsistencies.

Here are the other benefits of using KM software –

  • It improves the agility of the organization 
  • It encourages customers in fast and better decision making
  • Innovation is guaranteed 
  • Problems are addressed quickly and solved accordingly
  • Specialist expertise is shared
  • The communication barrier between the clients and the business holders is broken.
  • A business process is improved. 
  • Employee growth and inventory development is ensured
  • Ease of reusing resources and relevant information 
  • Creating better products and offering better services
  • Profit gains 
  • Development of better strategies
  • Proper utilization of the collective intellectual capital
  • Ease of recognizing the current market trends early and gaining an advantage over competitors 

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