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Best ERP Systems Software Munis Odoo Infor SAP Business One Kronos Acumatica ORACLE NetSuite Sage 300 MIE Trak Pro Syspro,What is ERP Systems Software?,How To Choose Good ERP Systems Software?

What is ERP Systems Software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software. It is a project management software that comprises various business software types in a single interface.

Usually, an ERP System includes tools for customer-relationship, accounting, HR, and supply chain management. However, if a company needs additional tools, they can go with custom module combinations to fulfill their requirements.

This Professional service automation software makes the company work very easy. This is one of the main reasons various large enterprise corporations have traditionally used them.

Moreover, many small and middle-size businesses also start using ERP Systems Software in the past few years. Different professional service automation software comes with different features.

But below is a list of features that are commonly present in most good ERP system software:

  • Supply Chain Management: Through this feature, other teams can have insight into the supply chain and can react quickly as per the situation.
  • CRMERP software can streamline the sales information with the product and production team.
  • Finance/Accounting: It gathers the financial information from all the modules present in ERP software.
  • Human resources: It connects employee records and information with all the systems present in the ERP.
  • EcommerceERP software connects your company website directly with shipping, product development, and supply chain modules.
  • IT Helpdesk: Professional ERP software helps in running your company’s technology smoothly.


Munis is a comprehensive ERP suite that consists of financials, human resources, asset management, and revenue tools.

Moreover, it is specially designed to meet public sector organizations’ requirements such as countries, cities, school districts, and authorities.

This ERP system is functionally rich and uses the latest technology to integrate data and increase efficiency/productivity in the organization.

Currently, it is one of the best tools present in that market that provides you with the best return on your investment.

Furthermore, Munis has API connectors and toolkits that allow the users to create their own integration to share between the Munis ERP and other applications.


  • It has integrated various financial applications that increase performance and efficiency.
  • It streamlines various processes the feature of human capital management that streamline the hiring, retention, performance, and development management.
  • The software procurement feature reduces cost and ensures accountability, audit readiness, and compliance.
  • Munis come with revenue management that simplifies the process of paying taxes, fines, and fees with online payments.
  • Munis has the capability to streamline the tax collection and billing processes.
  • The software offers civic service solutions by which the government can work with the citizens.


  • The workflow is very smooth and easy to adjust.
  • Munis is excellent for the municipal financial program.
  • The software interface is very user-friendly that even the less tech-savvy people can use the software easily.
  • The help desk system of the software is excellent.


  • It can slow down the browser because this software has a steep learning curve.
  • The search function is not much intuitive.
  • Implementation and maintenance are not easy.


The price of Munis depends on the company’s requirements. If you want to know about the price, you need to contact them and tell them your requirement.

After that, the company will revert to you with their competitive and personalized pricing depending on your needs.


It is fully integrated, customizable open-source software that comes with a lot of expertly designed applications.

Moreover, Odoo’s intuitive database can fulfill the needs of major businesses such as CRM, sales, project manufacturing, etc.

Odoo is an all-in-one software solution designed to meet the company’s requirements. No matter what is the size and budget of your company, Odoo can handle it.

This software helps businesses to become more efficient by reducing the repeatable manual process. Also, Odoo comprises more than 30 main modules, which are regularly updated.

Apart from this, the software supports more than 16,000 third-party plug-ins and apps. You can download these plug-ins from the software play store.


  • Odoo comes with an integrated e-commerce platform, due to which it became easy to manage inventory and sale processes.
  • It has a very user-friendly dashboard to manage the task of sales and has a broad overview of sales activities.
  • The software supports double-entry inventory management, due to which full tracking of products from supplier to customer became easy.
  • Companies can use Odoo to manage their manufacturing operations. Moreover, the software can automatically do the quality checks for the manufacturing department.
  • This ERP software comes with an accounting feature that automates the entire invoicing process and saves the user time by not involving in data entry work.


  • It keeps a detailed record of all staff.
  • Odoo is relatively inexpensive as compared to other ERP software.
  • The implementation of the software is very simple.
  • User-friendly interface for both cloud and on-premise.
  • Good community support


  • It is hard to maintain.
  • The software performance tuning is a bit complex.
  • Odoo has a larger memory footprint.


There is a free basic plan of Odoo through which you can have access to a limited number of applications.

Enterprise plan is $28 per month per user with an additional discount of $4 for the new customers. Moreover, there is an additional cost of the applications that starts at $12 per month.

Also, integration with the other systems costs extra. Currently, the company offers a 15-day free trial. So in case you don’t like the software, you can cancel its subscription.


Infor is an industry-specific cloud-based ERP solution suitable for enterprise and small, medium-sized businesses. The software comes with various pre-configured business processes and setups.

Currently, Infor is the most secure and comprehensive ERP product for discrete manufacturers. Moreover, the software uses 4th generation technology.

Also, the software provides total information access at the user level and comes with advanced integration architecture. The software also has an embedded social networking system.

Besides all this, another plus point for Infor is that the company has more than 35 years of industry experience.

Infor can provide your company with unparalleled power, flexibility, reliability, and security. Furthermore, it reduces the company IT costs up to 40%.


  • Infor comes with advanced planning and scheduling features that boost productivity improves order accuracy and delivery time.
  • Infor ERP comes with HCM solutions that provide the company with a comprehensive view of their staff.
  • The software provides the company with robust prebuilt industry analytics data. Moreover, all the crucial data is accessed by all the stakeholders.
  • It supports workforce planning that allows manufacturers and distributors to optimize their processes.


  • The software interface is very user-friendly.
  • All the modules of Infor ERP are integrated well.
  • It is easy to handle sales and orders.
  • Infor comes with powerful collaboration and communication tools.
  • The company provides good support for the implementation.


  • The human resource module could be improved.
  • It requires a micro-vertical add-on for the process industry.
  • The updates for technological improvements usually come late.


The company doesn’t disclose its pricing publicity. So if you want to know about their pricing, you need to contact them and tell them your requirement.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is ERP software that offers some out-of-the-box features built specifically for an organization’s requirements. Moreover, currently, various enterprise-sized and midmarket companies are using the SAP ERP software.

This software basically provides you with more control over your business. Additionally, it streamlines the most important processes of your business and provides you with greater insights.

So you can make better decisions based on real-time information.

SAP ERP also lowers the cost of managing your business. The software provides immediate access to essential information and uses that information company-wide.

Furthermore, another great thing about SAP is that it is very secure. Overall, SAP Business One is a flexible, modular, and powerful ERP Software.


  • The software comes with financial management tools that streamline the financial operations of the company.
  • The software supports sales and customer management that allows you to see the full sales process and customer life cycle.
  • It comes with the purchase and inventory module through which you can keep a check on purchasing and inventory department.
  • It has a business intelligence module that collects important company data and creates accurate reports. So you can have access to the right information.
  • The analytic and reporting feature gathers all the company information in real-time and makes the information available for all the company staff.


  • The analytics and reporting capabilities of the software are very good.
  • SAP Business One ERP allows customizations as per the business requirements.
  • It is very easy to use the software.
  • There is a seamless integration of all modules.
  • The software is highly flexible.


  • The production process can be improved.
  • HR functionalities need some modifications.
  • The web-based portals are not available.


The company doesn’t disclose its pricing publicity because only authorized SAP partners can sell the software. But we have some information about the pricing of SAP Business One.

The companies license the product and pay for the number of users they have had at the given time.

Basically, it revolves around the modular structure. The company purchases the license to fill an immediate need and then makes a contract with the other users.


Kronos is a solid attendance and time tracking ERP software for organizations. Moreover, it comes with the existing time clocks.

Kronos is a cloud-based suite of services that includes both attendance and schedule tracking. The software offers a lot of functionality, due to which it is very robust.

The best thing about Kronos ERP is that its mobile application is also available. So the software can be easily used on smartphones.

However, the only major problem with the software is that Kronos is complex to use compared to any other tool.


  • The software streamlines and automates payroll processing.
  • It provides you with greater control over your taxes.
  • Kronos send automated alerts, reminders, and access controls.
  • The software comes with the compensation planning feature.
  • Kronos streamlines the process of garnishment processing.
  • The software supports shift scheduling.


  • With the use of Kronos, it is easy to manage complex timesheets.
  • The software has a nice user interface.
  • The support system of the software is great.
  • It is customizable as per the business requirements.
  • The software is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.


  • There are some latency issues.
  • Currently, no option is available to filter the custom reports in the system.
  • Larger reports take much time to process.


The price of Kronos is quite high. It ranges from $5,000 to $1,000,000, depending on your network. Yet it’s worth making this investment as the software gives you good returns by increasing the employee’s efficiency.

Also, the pricing will mainly depend on the number of users your business has and a number of managers you need.


It is a cloud-based ERP software suitable for small and middle-sized businesses. Acumatica provides the best management solutions for digitally resilient companies.

Moreover, the software can be easily integrated with any collaboration tool of your choice. Since Acumatica offers flexible pricing and licensing options, you can easily expand your growing organization.

Furthermore, the software comes with various essential modules such as customer relationships, manufacturing planning, accounting & financial management, etc.

Overall, Acumatica is robust ERP software that provides a complete suite of modern business applications.



  • It is highly flexible and customizable.
  • Every module in the software is linked together.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • The software supports unlimited users.
  • The software is cloud-based.


  • The integration between the manufacturing and sales module should be more streamlined.
  • The report design could be improved.
  • In starting, you might face difficulty in using the software.


Unlike other software, the price of Acumatica depends on the features you want and not the number of users uses the software. Moreover, the pricing is determined by considering the following three factors:

  • What applications does the client want to use?
  • Which license client wants to buy, i.e., private cloud, SaaS, or private perpetual?
  • What is the project consumption on your data storage and business transactions?

So if you want to buy this software, you can get in touch with the company and ask for a quote.


Oracle NetSuite is ERP software that provides you with a set of core applications as well as industry-specific applications. It is cloud-based software that helps companies to scale their business by streamlining the internal processes.

Moreover, every module of Oracle NetSuite supports different services that support the overall growth of a business.

Additionally, some of the software’s key modules are inventory management, finances, revenue, billing, e-commerce, and customer relationship management.


  • It integrates the process of sales and finance module and does a smooth functioning of these modules.
  • The software comes with a revenue recognition feature.
  • The software uses the latest technology to automate various processes.
  • It supports financial and reporting features that allow you to plan the budget based on data and create good decisions for the company.
  • Oracle NetSuite supports the supply chain module that is responsible for providing improving the customer experience.



  • Reporting feature needs improvement.
  • Support was not available 24/7. You will be charged extra for 24/7 support.
  • The format of forms is limited.


The price of ORACLE NetSuite depends on the requirement of each customer. Moreover, the software’s base license costs $999 per month with an additional cost of $99 per month per user.

Although NetSuite uses the subscription model, the subscription can be only renewed annually or for longer intervals.

Sage 300

Sage 300 is a comprehensive business management tool that provides an on-premise solution. The software various technologies, databases, and operating systems due to which it reduces the total expense of the company by reducing the total cost of ownership.

It also allows you to add more users and acquire greater functionality. Therefore you will not face any problem in growing your business.

Also, the software supports multiple languages and multicurrency transactions. So you can easily expand your reach worldwide.

Overall, Sage 300 is great real-time visibility, collaboration, and innovation software that takes your business to new heights.


  • The software comes with the inventory management feature.
  • It makes use of data management and analytics module to create detailed reports.
  • The software has accounts payable and receivable dashboard for managing the accounting process.
  • Sage 300 comes with purchasing orders panel to manage the orders and improve customer experience.



  • It does not have a hard timetable for adding modules.
  • It uses an old database structure.


The price of Sage 300 depends on various factors like selected features, user count, hosting needs, implementation, and ongoing support requirements.

To know about the pricing, you can contact them and ask for a quote.

MIE Trak Pro

This ERP software is suitable for most manufacturing businesses. Moreover, its modules are specially designed to acquire most production cycles and optimize the repeating tasks’ capabilities.

MIE Trak Pro streamlines the various process of the business and maximizes the speed, efficiency, accuracy in real-time.

Additionally, the software consists of various useful modules like data collection and whiteboard schedule. Apart from this, there is a total of 10 core modules present within the software.


  • MIE Trak Pro allows the user to convert quotes or customer emails into a sales order by doing few clicks.
  • The software consists of a work module order that can automate the work order creation. Moreover, the software can even boast single or multilevel work orders.
  • MIE Trak comes with the inventory management feature.
  • It comes with a built-in quality control module.
  • The software supports more than 500 reports to customize them as per their needs and get useful information through the report.


  • The software is very reliable.
  • The support system is amazing.
  • It is very easy to set up a purchase order.
  • MIE Trak Pro allows growing your company seamlessly.


  • There are some bugs that need to be fixed.
  • You might get error messages periodically.


  • Essential: $125 per month.
  • Plus: $150 per month.
  • Enterprise: $175 per month.


Syspro is a global and independent provider of industry-built software. Moreover, it is specially made for manufacturers and distributors.

The software can be deployed on-premise as well as use via mobile devices. This ERP System software provides advanced functionality for distribution control and supply chain management.

Furthermore, Syspro provides end-to-end, fully integrated business solutions for effective decision-making. The software’s main focus is on partnership and entrepreneurial agility so that the software can fulfill most businesses’ needs.

Currently, its business intelligence and rapid deployment methodology are way better than any other ERP software.


  • It makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • The software consists of financial modules.
  • The software has an analytic feature that allows you to measure the success of your business based on various KPIs.
  • Syspro has a sales order module that maximizes the team’s productivity.
  • The software has a user-friendly integrated social media platform.


  • Syspro easily tracks the inventory.
  • The interface is very good.
  • It offers plenty of customization.
  • The software keeps track of virtually everything.


  • It tends to be slow.
  • The installation could be more smooth.
  • The software is a bit difficult to learn.


The company doesn’t disclose its pricing publicly; therefore, you need to contact them and ask for a quote.

Microsoft Dynamics

It is a modular cloud-based ERP system. The software comes with an advanced customer relationship management module.

Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics helps companies make better decisions by taking the help of data-driven insight and software recommendations.

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics, a company can operate efficiently. Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of the software is that it can automate all manual tasks with intelligent workflows.

Another good thing about Microsoft Dynamics is that it uses the modern approach to ERP by integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence within the software.


  • It includes the sales module that consists of all core features responsible for the smooth functioning of sales processes.
  • The software has a marketing module that helps companies to get qualified leads.
  • Microsoft Dynamics comes with the customer service module, which creates positive experiences for customers.
  • The software also has a finance module that manages all the operations related to finance.
  • It has a field service module that optimizes labor resources.


  • Microsoft Dynamic is very easy to customize.
  • The user interface is very plain, clear, and consistent.
  • Release management is very simple.
  • The sales module works very great.


  • The price is relatively high than other ERP software.
  • Graphics could be improved.


The company has different prices for different modules. Moreover, the price range varies from $15 per month to $1500 per month.


Workday is a cloud-based all-in-one package suitable for mid-size and large organizations. The software comes with almost all essential HR functions in one system.

So you don’t need to purchase multiple software. Moreover, Workday automates various manual tasks. Therefore, you can easily focus on building strategy and doing other important work.

Overall, Workday is a robust software that uses machine learning and augmented analytics to help business owners make better decisions.


  • The software comes with time-tracking features. Moreover, it is great for companies that need physical time clocks to do their work.
  • With the help of Workday, human resource management becomes very easy.
  • It allows you to check out every individual employee’s journey from the day they joined the company.
  • Workday provides payroll solutions to the company. So users can do multiple payroll calculations at any time.
  • The software has an inbuilt workforce and planning module.


  • Report creation and sharing are very quick and easy.
  • The software can run multiple complex scenarios.
  • It is straightforward to use this software.


  • No option for web-report is available within the dashboard.
  • Slow load time.
  • There should be an option to customize the standard sheet views.


Workday doesn’t disclose its pricing publicly. So you need to contact them directly and ask for a quote.

I hope this article helps you to find the best ERP System Software for your business. If you found this article worth reading, don’t forget to share this article on social media.

How to Choose Good ERP Systems Software?

Undoubtedly, ERP Systems Software is very useful for companies. But choosing a good ERP System Software is a difficult task. So below, we have listed some things that you should consider before selecting any ERP software.

Onboarding and Time to Market

ERP software comes with various impressive features and modules that help companies get the best output from the money they invest in the software.

However, due to its complexity, it may take weeks or several years to onboard an ERP system. Usually, on-boarding time depends on the size and requirements of the purchasing company.

Moreover, while selecting an ERP System, give attention to the feature selection. If you want some features that are not already present in the software, you can demand the company to integrate more features into the existing software.

Also, don’t forget to check whether the ERP provider has a dedicated onboarding team that can assist you or not.


Currently, many software is present in the market with different pricing ranges. Depending on the software company, there are both single license and subscription-based plans available.

Furthermore, ERP software can range from a couple of dollars per month to thousands of dollars per month, depending on the features you want for your company ERP software.

Potential Pitfalls

Just focusing on the good thing is not enough. Before purchasing any ERP software, know about all the potential problems that can happen with that software.

ERP systems are quite expensive, but the most important thing is that they manage your company’s most useful data. Therefore, it is essential to choose reliable and secure software.

Easy to Update

If you want to achieve maximum output through your ERP System, then ensure that the ERP Software receives regular updates. An outdated ERP system can be the reason for malfunction or errors in the processes.

Moreover, old systems are prone to hacking attacks. So check whether the ERP company provides regular updates or not.

Also, updates will not only protect you from hacking attacks or malfunction. But also add additional features to your ERP system.

Why You Need ERP Systems Software?

There are various benefits of using ERP software. ERP software centralizes the critical data in a database. So that all the sectors of the company can use that data to improve their process

Furthermore, below we have discussed some of the main reason why you should use the ERP Systems Software:

Reduce Software Overhead

An ERP system allows you and your teams to access all the tools through one unified system.

Moreover, instead of paying a separate subscription fee for each tool, you can only pay for the single platform that handles all those tasks from a central system.

Improved Communication

As all the company sectors are connected through single software, it becomes easy for you to plan and track business events of all business data.

Furthermore, most of the modern ERP software comes with analysis tools and visualizations. So you can easily access the reports that show the progress of your company employees.

Silo Reduction

ERP Systems software is really helpful in silo reduction. Usually, in companies, the team works independently of one another to everyone’s detriment, which reduces company productivity.

But ERP system helps the business to publicize their goals. Furthermore, with the use of ERP software, the teams can share their plans with one another.

Also, when all teams have the same data, they can help each other move forward toward achieving big business goals.

Standardize Manufacturing Processes

Running a business requires several facilities, due to which things can get a bit messy. So it is essential to standardize the manufacturing process.

Your company can achieve this standardization with the use of ERP systems software.

Additionally, the software also allows your company’s different parts to replicate the various processes across the country without compromising on speed and quality.

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