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Best EDI Software Cleo Integration Cloud GoAnywhere MFT TrueCommerce DiCentral DataTrans Solutions MuleSoft Babelway SPS Commerce Fulfillment,How To Choose Good EDI Software? What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software? Benefits of Using EDI Software

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. This technology helps speed up timelines and reduces the chances of errors by introducing automated communications between businesses.

It helps organizations manufacture, ship, provide care, purchase, and sell goods from retailers to healthcare facilities, logistic firms, insurers, etc. Various industries are extensively using it for data exchange purposes.

The global market value of this database software has constantly been increasing. Moving from a paper-based approach to an electronic one, there are various benefits, including better relationships with the business partners.

Although it got introduced in the mid-1960s, it finds and serves its new purpose in today’s world. By enabling automation in the supply chain and through digital transformation, it improves the workflow and convenience for the organizations.

This document management software makes them more efficient and productive and provides better insights, thus increasing profitability. One can choose the compatible EDI software based on the business partners’ concerning business needs and choices.


Boomi is a cloud-based as well as on-premise integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It is fully built on a native cloud Boomi AtmoSphere integration platform.

With an agile technology foundation, Boomi provides a scalable and flexible platform. It is a unified ecosystem with centralized data, processes, and applications.

Boomi has a comprehensive library of connectors along with data mapping tools. Additionally, it helps businesses to streamline all the integration processes.

It uses simplified and low-code custom scripting for creating and developing integration. Its master data hub resolves data inaccuracies along with bi-directional synchronization for maintaining a data migration system.   


API Management: Boomi allows quick creation and deployment of APIs. By connecting with customers, partners, and third parties, Boomi can help in managing API efficiently and with ease.

B2B/EDI Management: With the help of Boomi, you can replace your current EDI system. It can not only define custom standards but also support trading partner communications.

Custom Workflow: Boomi solution help in developing custom workflows for automating processes with functionality.

ETL: You can extract (E) data from one application, transform (T) it into the desired format, and load (L) to another application.

Master Data Hub: Boomi can act as a master data hub for a business by analyzing all the data within one application. Further, departmental barriers can be broken down, and information can be siloed accordingly.


  1. Provides an “easy to use” and “intuitive” platform
  2. Integrations can be created faster with little coding
  3. Ensure improved security
  4. Pre-built connectors help in improving efficiency.
  5. A flexible and powerful tool to tackle any data-related project


Drag and drop interface seems difficult compared to traditional development.


  1. Free Trial
  2. Professional Subscription: $2000/month
  3. Pro Plus Subscription: $4000/month
  4. Enterprise Subscription: $8000/month

Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud is a cloud-based integration platform. It has been build to design, operate as well as optimize critical integration processes of the ecosystem.

This platform revokes the visibility of end-to-end integration throughout all types of integration – EDI, non-EDI, and API. It gives away technical and business users confidence to take onboard trading partners.

Cleo platform can help companies of all sizes, whether it is a small business or a large-scale business firm. It can be trusted when it comes to the security level of the data being used.

The scalability feature reduces the time for computational tasks, thereby handy in any organization. Cleo provides technical support if there is any problem in the integration process or any part of the process.

It allows small businesses to outgrow through building stronger relationships with the clients.  By providing better insights in time, it helps in the overall decision-making.

It tends to be more organized and is no doubt a solid and robust platform.


Customization: Cleo Integration Cloud allows enough customization to meet the business requirements.

Test to Production: It provides newer ways of integration to the updated software versions to be tested and delivered when scheduled.

Data Virtualization: With the help of Cleo, data can be collected from different resources without any physical movement of data.

The breadth of Connectors: Cleo Integration cloud provides various connectors such as Big Data, Files, Enterprise, Mainframe, SaaS.

Real-time Integration: Additionally, Cleo provides event-based integrations which can react to real-time changes.

Data Transformations: Cleo Integration provides the standard tool which converts data values from the given data format through a system source.


  1. The rules on transitions can be easily streamlined
  2. Simple to use as well as reliable
  3. Pricing is affordable
  4. Has a pleasant design
  5. No manual intervention from the user end required


Only cloud usage isn’t allowed as it required full integration


Subscription – License (depends on quotes requested)

GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFT provides a centralized control with additional security settings and detailed trials. It is really flexible in integrating with the external cloud or the web apps that organizations use daily.

Its informative interface helps to eliminate customer programs and manual processes involved in traditional methods. MFT can process high volumes of file transfers across multiple systems in no time.

It achieves better security for data transfers as it uses automatic encryption. It is made to handle some protocols, including Windows Share, FTP, HTTP, etc.


Automation: GoAnywhere MFT allows monitoring of folders and sends automated email alerts are set up when events are triggered.

Collaboration: It provides easy collaboration with your clients along with syncing and sharing files within the organization.

Centralization and Mobility: This is an easy-to-use platform for the whole workflow of data transfer and EDI activities.

Translation: GoAnywhere can connect to all the databases and replicate the data between different data servers. It can translate data to and from various formats such as Excel, JSON, Flat File, and XML.

Encryption and Compression: MFT secures data by providing FIPS compliance mode to meet the US Government’s encryption standards. Also, it comes with integrated key management tools for SSH keys and Open PGP keys.


  1. Comes with a comprehensive configuration security-wise
  2. Automation in file transfer comes in handy
  3. Powerful in terms of project designing
  4. Supports encryption and allows to change keys easily
  5. Removes the need to write custom scripts for file transfers
  6. Gateway device which makes the transfer secure without exposure of the network


  1. Ticketing facility needs to be upgraded to view more details on the current status.
  2. Simple tasks require more logic sometimes


  1. Free Trial – Available
  2. One-time License Pricing – $1995.00


TrueCommerce can connect an organization throughout the supply chain, including integration of EDI and inventory management. This cloud-based platform helps to automate the whole process of data exchange using end-to-end integration and data backup.

TrueCommerce enables companies to manage their electronic documents through data collection of purchase orders and their processing. It also supports sharing EDI documents on several protocols such as EDIFACT syntax, XML, and ASC.

Also, to match the format to the client requirements, it uses plug-in tools and displays the trading partners. It enables the designing of web forms on the distributor end via phone or provides documentation, thereby managing time efficiently.


Workflow Scheduler: TrueCommerce provides automation of the important EDI processes on an end-to-end basis without any intervention from the user.

Realtime Reporting: This platform provides a customizable real-time dashboard allowing the users to monitor as well as manage the transactions.

Exception Handling: TrueCommerce helps detect EDI errors and provides a notification instantly concerning the issue in transmission.

Third-Party Integration: This platform enables integration services for business applications. For example, E-commerce systems, ERP software, accounting packages.

EDI Standards: It has a built-in service to provide both traditional and modern EDI standards. Also, it has the ability to define even custom standards.

EDI Testing: TrueCommerce creates a secure environment for testing the EDI transactions ensuring that they cope up with the industry requirements.


  1. Provides ease in sharing of EDI files to and from customers
  2. Enables orders to be transferred directly into the QuickBooks
  3. It is built to handle large processes smoothly and quickly
  4. Provides great documentation and video support in learning the platform
  5. Helps small companies outgrow their business in a short span of time


Users face issues in mapping that can take some time to understand


  1. Free Trial – Available
  2. Subscription – License (depends on quotes requested)


DiCentral is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses in managing their entire lifecycle through EDI. A real-time customizable dashboard makes the workflow easy and efficient.

It can be used for the automation of data capturing and for recording the transactions. It allows data collection directly from the POS systems and helps in the analysis of trends, location, and demographics.

The smooth management tool helps to track sales progress, inclusive of the calls and the route planning. DiCentral not only helps in the integration management but also increases store sales.

Along with the advanced inventory tools, it helps small businesses to grow. It provides better insights across multiple channels that require monitoring.


High Integration Capacity: DiCentral can integrate with several vendors such as NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and QuickBooks.

Accessible: For customers in various industries, DiCentral is recommended because of its availability on cloud and on-the premises applications.

Connectivity: The easy connection this platform provides helps boost relations between trading partners and makes the system efficient.

Dropship Management: DiCentral enables the automation of inventory needs and shipping label generation in accordance with the guidelines on the dropship.

3PL and Carrier Support: This platform enables 3PLs, which scale the transaction up or down as and when needed.

EDI Outsourcing: It enables third-party integration with different solutions such as WMS, ERP, and MRP. It efficiently meets the EDI requirements of the customers, balancing the retaining of customer scaling and fulfillment operations.


  1. The customer support is quite responsive
  2. The turnaround feature is easy to understand
  3. Friendly to understand and productive in functioning
  4. Scalable to meet large requirements
  5. Quick solution for implementation and ongoing requirements


  1. Manifest can be slightly complicated for a new user
  2. Doesn’t grey outs the order line for errors


  1. Free Trial – Available
  2. Subscription Model – Starting at $1.00 per month

DataTrans Solutions

DataTrans Solution is a cloud-based platform built to streamline the workflow and scale up with the company’s growth.

This platform allows its user to use tools for managing transactions, preparing and processing orders, and efficiently fulfilling shipments.

It can be integrated with other business systems such as accounting programs, shipment services, and warehouse or transportation management. It enables the user to initiate a connection with the trading partners through a single portal.

DataTrans does not involve large upfront costing and still offers almost the same service as more considerable EDI service providing platforms. The client needs are met at an effective price which is suitable for small-scale companies.

DataTrans revokes the need for separate individual modules and provides an all-in-one solution. The setup of this platform doesn’t need much training and can be set up in no time.


Security: DataTrans promises one of the top-rated security services for the data being shared through the EDI software and prevents any data loss or leakage.

PCI Proxy: Faster PCI proxy lowers the cost and simplifies the whole workflow of data processing and transfer. Also, it helps in reducing the time taken to go through the PCI guidelines.

3D Secure: DataTrans supports integrations of 3D Securing into checkout services, preserving customer authentication.

One-Click Payments: This platform provides one-click payments (new or recurring), making it possible for payments to be completed securely and saves time.


  1. Easy and simple to use interface
  2. Prompt notifications on errors
  3. Helpful customer service
  4. Billing for POs made easy


Search button may be irresponsive sometimes


  1. Free Trial: Not Available
  2. Subscription – License (depending on quotes requested)


MuleSoft is a platform that creates a network of applications and data, both on-premise and in the cloud. It is designed with innovative connectors, which help manage and connect external points with internal points smoothly.

It enables easy analytics management, identity management, security, and logging. It can collaborate with Cloud Hub, Mule ESE, and the latest other connectors for managing and publishing APIs.

This is a quick tool to adapt for designing, building, and managing the complete lifecycle of their products and APIs. It is most commonly used in the Services and Information Technology industries.


API Testing: MuleSoft provides a smooth environment experience to its users to manage their API efficiency as well as data accuracy.

Orchestration: This platform enables the users to create APIs that utilize the back-end databases and resources.

Scalability: This platform enables scalability while managing the balancing loads on the other hand. It is able to handle the increasing demands without impacting the functionality.

Documentation: MuleSoft provides detailed records on the usage and functionality, which is critical for analysis and report making.

Monetization: This platform allows organizations to manage their prices and bills for API integration concerning the customer applications.

Gateway: MuleSoft provides an interactive and real-time dashboard to manage the API securely and with ease.


  1. Provides a complete interface for developing API
  2. Handles errors efficiently
  3. Real-time graphical representation gives better insights.
  4. Drag and drop feature is an add-on to this platform
  5. Open-source based, which makes integration easier


  1. MMC Monitoring can be a bit complex
  2. Not compatible with Internet Explorer web browser
  3. Third-party tool for monitoring isn’t supported on the cloud version


  1. Free Trial – Available
  2. Subscription – License (depends on quotes requested)


Babelway is an emerging integration platform and is more than just another EDI software. It automates the exchange of data for businesses across many industries.

Babelway helps create and manage EDI efficiently and in a way that is adaptable for a new user. It provides real-time insights and a robust support system for its clients.

The easy-to-use interface doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge. It is strong enough to support workflow in small as well as large companies.

The add-on to this platform is that it is scalable, and the team has great domain expertise. Babelway even supports building customized systems for strengthening the bond between the trading partners.


Exception Handling: Babelway detects and handles EDI errors efficiently and also notifies instantly regarding the issue in data transmission.

BI Tools Integration: This platform enables integration with third-party reporting apps, which helps in providing better insights improving efficiency.

Communication Protocols: Babelway supports several protocols for file and data transfer, such as HTTPS, VAN, FTP, and AS2.

Data Mapping: It translates the incoming and outgoing EDI data from the internal data format being used into the standard EDI format required.

Workflow Scheduler: Babelway removes any user intervention from adapting to automation in the major EDI processes involved in the system.


  1. Provides brilliant support for critical business operations
  2. Exceptionally robust and flexible to match the client needs
  3. Simple to use software with a great structure model
  4. Supports a large spectrum of connection possibilities
  5. A great customer team support for a better experience


Difficulties in case of the complex process concerning visualization


  1. Free Trial
  2. Small Subscription: $600/month
  3. Not So Small Subscription: $1500/month
  4. Even Bigger Subscription: $6000/month

SPS Commerce Fulfillment

SPS Commerce Fulfillment provides single-point contact to meet any EDI needs of the client end or within the company. It saves a considerable amount of time and boosts relationships with the customers, ensuring profitability.

SPS is designed to automatically adapt to the retailers’ needs, inclusive of the required specification changes and updates. It provides competitive insights on the order status and its shipment.

SPS Commerce Fulfillment supports an advanced search function that enables the users to look for the needed information and reduces the amount of time needed in manual work needed in day-to-day work.


Information Tracking: SPS Commerce Fulfillment collects information through various sources and avoids any data duplication.

Data Exchange:  This platform enables automated data transfer within businesses or between trading partners and businesses.

EDI Standards: SPS Commerce Fulfillment has built-in support for all standards – traditional and modern. An add-on to this is that it also supports defining custom standards as per the client’s requirements.

Communication Protocols:  This platform supports all the major data transfer protocols such as AS2, HTTPS, FTP, and Van. This feature helps support clients supporting different protocols, saves time, and makes the workflow more efficient.


  1. Creating and sending order confirmations is easy.
  2. Customer service makes use of invoicing once the shipment is made
  3. Ability to take a new product and to tailor it as per the requirements
  4. Order automation into NetSuite possible
  5. Quite a user-friendly interface for customer invoicing
  6. Ability to transfer documents in bulk


  1. Missing out on customized export templates
  2. Improvement in user manual required concerning the implementation


  1. Free Trial: Not Available
  2. Subscription: Starting at $99 per month


BizTalk is designed with features which make streamline processes in a focused manner. It is a complete package inclusive of deployment, support, configurational changes, diagnosis, etc.

One of the most powerful tools in terms of security supports automatic recovery if the port gets down due to some network issue. BizTalk360 can easily detect the non-events such as product cancellation.

BizTalk360 helps users set up their business environments more efficiently by giving an overview of the error system. It makes the whole workflow error-free and quick with restricted access.

The dashboard of BizTalk360 can be customized, and the user can efficiently resolve the errors in no time.


Provides Controlled Access: BizTalk gives read-only access on a day-to-day basis to its business users with a simple built interface.

Reduced Downtime Cost: BizTalk takes special care of monitoring and notifying alerts. It enables considerable cost reduction. It takes a few hours to configure in comparison to the general monitoring providing platform.

Reduced Diagnosis Time: BizTalk comes with built-in tools for analysis which provides a solution to problems quickly. Using this platform, there is just one tool for all the operational work required.

Streamlining Administration:  BizTalk widely supports tight security access in the environment, which results in better production.


  1. Easy to configure and manage
  2. Notifies of the pending issues
  3. Supports color-coding environment
  4. Centralized access to all servers in a cluster
  5. Autocorrect feature for critical artifacts


  1. Reporting controls could be designed better
  2. Widgets on the dashboard can be more interactive


  1. Free Trial: 30 days period
  2. Subscription (depending on integration/end-points): Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum


Jitterbit is an integration platform that combines the power of APIs with artificial intelligence. With the help of Jitterbit API, companies can quickly connect SaaS, cloud applications, and on-premise applications into business processes.

As it can create and develop new API, companies can build critical applications helpful for business. The new data can help to accelerate innovation in the system for customers.

Apart from being a migration tool, Jitterbit can also help in syncing the data. Its “no-coding” approach helps to simplify the configuration of on-premise and cloud applications.

With great responsiveness, customer support has always been an add-on to Jitterbit. And with no outrages in the recent past, it has been an exclusively reliable choice to make.


ETL: By employing parallel processing algorithms, Jitterbit can help in transferring large data. Also, with data cleansing and smart reconstruction tools, it can quickly extract and transform the data.

EDI Compliance: Jitterbit provides trading partner management along with trading partner enablement. Additionally, it has a data mapping feature and can provide real-time connectivity to the trading partners.

API Customization: Along with built-in API functionality, Jitterbit can build a new API for storing and accessing the data. It further provides a stable, viable, and efficient API connection.

Integration: Jitterbit allows integration to business intelligence applications and third-party reporting.

Management: Not only Jitterbit enables workflow scheduler, but it also helps in detecting EDI errors. It has the feature of providing notifications that can alert about any transmission issue.


  1. Reliable platform
  2. Easy-to-use interface
  3. Competitively Pricingd


  1. Duplication in project items when updating an existing job to production
  2. Version holding on any object not possible


  1. Free trial available
  2. Subscription (depends on integration with end-points): Standard plan; Professional plan; Enterprise plan

How to Choose Good EDI software?

Organizations have always been pushed to perform more efficiently. They always work towards improving and boost up the information flow within their enterprises. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) takes over the paper-based exchange completely.

It is basically used to automate the information and boos up the operations. There are some factors that help a company select the best EDI solution for them. Let us look at some of these-

The volume of Data Transaction

EDI is about file exchange quickly between computers. Before buying it, you should know what volume of data you need to transfer. So, you don’t buy more than what your requirement is or buy less capable software that cannot handle the data volume.

Scope for Integration

You need to choose software that can easily integrate with the systems involved in the organization’s workflow. Proper EDI software integration enhances the exchange of data from the start to the very end and improves overall performance and profitability.

In-house management or Outsourcing EDI services is an important thing to consider while selecting an EDI software.

If your company is small, the workflow required to manage the software can be handled on your own. If not, then the cost included in training an employee with the technical skills required needs to be considered.

Service Support

You should always look for a company providing support for the EDI software that your company buys. You may require different formats according to the client’s needs. To capture new clients, it should be capable enough, and if not, the support should give a quick fix for the same.


If you are integrating EDI software in your workflow, considering scalability is important. The integration can further bring up some new demands upon expansion which could pressure the software. Thus, the software should be scalable so that there is scope when required.

What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software?

EDI software helps businesses exchange transaction details and documents between organizations or within an electric format. It eliminates the use of paper for documentation purposes, ensuring that the safety of records of transactions.

Being an ERP software system, there is no need for manual entries or processing as there are human errors. Making the whole process digital brings an end to any kind of fraud.

A lot of transactional documents involved in business can be exchanged with the help of an EDI software, such as:

  • Invoice making
  • List of Purchase Orders
  • Acknowledgments for purchase orders
  • List of Credit Adjustments
  • Advance shipping notices

This software brings quickness to the supply chain to deliver customer satisfaction on a better scale. Also, inventory management becomes easy with this and proves to be more accurate and provided fast communications.

It makes businesses more efficient by saving money. Further, its scalability feature helps to take up a large workload, as happens with big firms or trading companies.

It integrates and automates the transactions. For all of this, an EDI software might take a few minutes, while doing all of this on paper would require hours.

Basically, it aims at eliminating all the manual tasks involved in the exchange of business information. It also replaces the mail preparation involved as well its handling for effective business communication.

The most powerful feature of EDI is its standardization in the whole process of information communication in the business documents.

Benefits of using EDI software?

Fast Processing

EDI can speed up the entire workflow by about 60 percent. It enables transactions to happen in minutes instead of time exhausted in the back-and-forth mail conversations.

Also, it provides more accurate business transactions, which result in fewer cancellations and well-worked orders. It reduces inventory by lessening the order processing as well as the delivery time.

Lower Costing

As the software eliminates the use of paper and printing, it reduces about 30 percent of the transactional costs. It also helps to lessen errors due to lost orders or illegible fax copies, or incorrectly taken orders. For the buyers who handle multiple transactions, it can bring profits along with the annual savings.

Beneficial Strategically

EDI gives real-time insights on the status of the transactions helping in making better and informed decisions. It also provides better customer assistance.

The software meets the market demands and helps organizations adopt a demand-driven approach. This helps when companies enter new territories.

Better Relationships

This software can bring down the cycle time of order-to-cash by 20 percent. This improves transactions between business partners and strengthening their relationships. Reduction in errors also makes the time of the business partners more valuable and handles the data on its own.

Environmental Benefits

Replacing the paper-based processing, EDI reduces the emissions of CO2 and promotes a sustainable environment. It increases efficiency in operations which results in fewer errors and less waste of energy.

Increase in Sales

Concerning the customer, the reduced time in responsiveness, made possible with the help of EDI software. It, further, leads to an increase in sales of the organization. As the efficiency increases, the workflow requires less time, and the profitability keeps on increasing.

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