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Best Document Management Software Zoho Docs OnlyOffice Fluix HighTail Legito MasterControl Digital Drawer Evernote Business FileHold Onehub Document Locator InfoRouter,How To Choose Good Document Management Software? What is Document Management Software? Benefits of Using Document Management Software

Zoho Docs

It is one of the best document management software that you can use. It provides admin control and several other necessary features.

You can call it your complete software with everything you need for all types of documents.



  • Save any type of documents according to your requirements.
  • It is a cheaper option as compared to a lot of famous options available.
  • Overall, the usage of this data management software is very quick.


  • One of the biggest cons is that you cannot upload the whole folder. So, you need to upload the files individually.
  • The resources have limits for the free users, which makes it necessary to pay after some time.
  • Sometimes you may need to restart or refresh the software to do the synchronization manually.


Free – This is the package that you can use for free forever. Another amazing thing here is that you can use it with a team of up to five members. Moreover, It comes with the following features.

  • 5GB per user
  • Desktop synchronization
  • SSL

Standard: This is the most popular package with better security and analytics. However, it costs $5 per month for monthly payments and $4 per month if you pay annually.

Moreover, it includes the following things.

  • Everything in the Free package
  • Unlimited file versions
  • Custom branding

Premium: It is the best package you get from Zoho Docs. It costs $8 per month for monthly payments and $6.4 per month if you pay annually.

Moreover, it comes with better control and many other features like the following.

  • Everything in the Standard package
  • 1 TB storage per user
  • Unlimited file recovery.


It is a cloud-based document management software that you can use for the betterment of your business. It can be the perfect choice for you with the amazing features that it provides. Therefore, things like time tracker and email aggregator make it a very efficient tool in its league.


  • Multiple format support: Here, you do not need to worry about the document format. It is because this software supports a lot of different document formats.
  • Business collaboration tools: Managing your team and a lot of other tools for business gets very easy here. This is all because of the business collaboration tools.
  • Project management: You can manage your project timeline here in terms of milestones. Therefore, a calendar is a plus point for this feature. Overall help in amazingly managing projects.


  • Available for different operating systems.
  • The user-friendly interface makes things very easy.
  • Quick and fast in performance.


  • Some MS Office Docs features are not compatible here.


You get a free 30-day trial here, and the following are the paid packages.

Enterprise Edition Home Server – This package starts at a $149 price with a 1-time payment. However, The interesting thing is that this is a limited-time price.

Moreover, You get the following features here.

  • 10 users
  • Mobile web editors
  • Lifetime license

Enterprise Edition Single Server – You can get this package with $1200 of 1-time payment.

  • 50 users
  • 1-year maintenance
  • All other features of the home server package

Enterprise Edition Cluster– You can get a quote for this package upon request.

  • All the features of previous packages
  • Disaster recovery
  • Custom number of users


Fluix is a document management software whose goal is to make the document flow easier. Whether it is for your office or any other purpose, it can help a lot.

One of the best things about Fluix is that a lot of companies trust it for managing their documents.


Automate document workflow: A document can go through different phases. With Fluix, you can automate the whole workflow process. Moreover, this will make things easier at your end.

Cloud storage: Fluix stores your documents on cloud storage. This means that there are no worries regarding data loss or security issues.

Documents signing: With the electrical signing option, you can sign your documents on the digital form. This will make sure that no issues are going on with your documents.


  • The customer support works great.
  • The easy set-up process makes it easy to start.
  • The data capturing and analysis capabilities here are great.


  • Not very functional offline.


Starter – So, this is the cheapest option that you can get, and it costs $20 per month. This is the plan for the small teams who are looking for a better document environment.

Moreover, this plan provides the following features.

  • Document distribution among the team.
  • Signing and annotation of documents
  • 1 step configurable workflow routing.

Core –So, if you have a business that needs a full feature workflow control for documents, then this is the package. Moreover, it will provide you with the following features at $30 per month.

  • Everything from the starter package
  • Data exporting
  • Bulk sending and signing.

Advanced –Well, if you think that you want something with more features and resources than the core. Then this is the package for you. You can contact the customer service team to get the quote.

Well, some of the features of this plan are:

  • All features of the core plan
  • Security audit
  • Custom integrations


This document management software is more of a review and approves technology. This makes it a great choice when it comes to marketing. It is because different team members can share their files and work in collaboration.



  • Reliable to there are no performance issues that you need to worry about
  • Moreover, it has easy to use interface.
  • The secure platform making sure none of your confidential files and data is at risk.


  • Free users do not get a lot of applicable features.
  • The firewall does not trigger as soon as you send files.


Lite – However, this is a free plan that comes with the following features.

  • File sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Integration

Pro – This plan will cost you $12 per month, and this will have the following features.

  • All the features from the free plan
  • Added security.
  • Support.

Teams – This is a plan for the teams which are working together. Moreover,  It costs $24 per month for each user. Additionally, it comes with the following features.

  • All the features from the pro plan
  • Integrations
  • Advanced features

Business – This plan is the most expensive option that you can get here, costing $36 per month per user. It has the following features.

  • All features of the Teams plan


This is the document management software that can be your best choice. Especially if you are looking to create a smart workflow environment. So, it is because of all the amazing features that come with its services.



  • Document automation features are very easy to use.
  • The instructions and guidelines make things easy to start.
  • Team members from different teams can easily collaborate.


  • You need configuring if you want to use all the features.
  • Planning is necessary for each move you make.
  • It may be a bit pricey for some users.


Single user – This is the most basic plan that you can use for your personal needs. It costs $100 per month.

Moreover, It comes with the following features.

  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited documents
  • API access

Small Business – This is the plan that a small team of up to 10 users can use. It costs $80 per user per month, and it comes with the following features.

  • All the features of the Single-user plan
  • More than 100 exports
  • 1 GB free storage space

Custom – This is the most expensive plan that you can get. It can manage as many team members as you want. For the price, you need to contact the customer service team.

However, the features are as follows.

  • All features from the small business plan
  • Unlimited external sharing.
  • On-demand installation on client’s server


If you want the best results for your company, then this is the best choice. It is because this can help you to regulate the standards with its regulations.

Things like streamlined document management make it an even better choice.



  • Top-quality for each feature. So, this makes sure that each of your business’ matters is solved in the best way.
  • The system is easy to set up and use.  However, this makes it simple for everyone to start with. Using individual features is also amazingly easy.
  • The customer service team is amazing in every way. Moreover, it is available all the time, and its services are also amazing. One of the best things is that you can directly call the department you need assistance from.


  • Some document formats can be an issue if you are not familiar.
  • The data card structure set-up is not that good.


There are no plans available on their website. You need to contact them and tell them your requirements to get a quote.

However, some of the basic features you will get are:

  • Validation
  • Audits
  • Risks and migration.

Digital Drawer

If you want software that manages your document on your local devices, then this can be the right option.

This makes it a perfect choice for small and medium businesses where document management is necessary. Moreover, It also helps in increasing productivity.


Security: The privacy of your data and the security of confidential files are sure when you use a digital Drawer. It also improves compliance.

Organization: The interface provides a Windows-like experience. This makes it very simple and easy to organize all the documents.

Management: With extensive document management capabilities, you will never misplace any document.


  • Quick and well-performing platform.
  • Beneficial for users of all fields of life.
  • Very simple and easy to use interface.


  • There are not a lot of creative or new features in the software.
  • Not the best choice for a business with a lot of branches and networking.


1 user – This is the cheapest plan available, and it will cost $1200 one-time payment. So, you can also get it for a $500 yearly subscription.

2 users – The plan for 2 users costs $1500.

3 users – The cost for 3 users plan is $1800.

4 users – The plan for 4 users costs $2100.

5 users – The cost for 5 users plan is $2400.

Over 5 users – If you need more than 5 users, the cost will be $2400. You will need to pay $250 additional for each user.

Apart from all of these services, the support and maintenance are available to purchase separately. However, the interesting thing is that none of the pricing plans has any other information. So, you will need to contact them to get more information.

Evernote Business

This is software that can manage everything that you can out in a document. Whether it be some project details or a new idea or even scan image files moreover, Evernote Business can be the best platform to manage all in one place.


  • Shapes for comprehensive documents: These little things make making efficient documentation easier.
  • Feedback feature: Users can give their feedback and share their ideas for better collaboration.
  • Centralization of your online resources: So, this software gets all of your resources in one place.



  • Most tools and features are not compatible with complex project needs.


Basic – This is the free plan that is one of the best choices for your personal needs.

  • Sync up to 2 devices.
  • 25 MB maximum note size
  • 60 MB upload limit for a month

Premium – Although this package is also better for your personal needs. It will make you more productive with its features. It will cost you $7.99 per month, and its features are:

  • All of the features from the Basic plan
  • Access notes offline.
  • Async unlimited devices.
  • More size limits.

Business – The Evernote Business plan can be the perfect choice for the team to work in collaboration. It costs $14.99 per user per month, and its features are as follows:

  • Everything that you get in the premium plan.
  • See the activity history of your team.
  • Manage team.
  • Manage data access.
  • Business data ownership means that you have ownership of all of your data.


FileHold is the software that brings a feature-rich experience for enterprises. Its document management capabilities make sure that the documents are secure.

Not only this but the several features make sure that your company’s productivity is improving.


This will make your work environment better.


  • Amazing customer support
  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • Works amazing for different fields and departments of life


  • The drag and drop feature is not available.
  • Some features require you to watch the tutorials for using them.
  • The collaboration functionality is not the best of its kind and needs improvement.


Express – If your business manages a team of 5 to 20 people, then this is the best plan for you. However, it can also upgrade to upper-end packages if you need them.

For getting a quote and details about features, you will need to contact their support team.

Enterprise – This is one of the best plans from FileHold. It is an amazing choice for businesses with more than 20 team members.

One of the best things about this plan is that you can use it remotely. For getting a quote and details about features, you will need to contact their support team.


We can say that this is simply file management and sharing platform. However, this can bring a lot of benefits to your business with its amazing features and functionalities.

Well, it is because it consists of robust tools to increase the productivity of your business.



  • The excellent user interface makes it very easy to use.
  • It is amazing in terms of file organization.
  • Customization options and additional features make it an even better option.


  • Analytics is not that great.
  • The phone assistance is not that great of a premium feature.
  • No accessing data when you are offline.


You get a free 14-day trial for each plan. You also get a 20% discount for each plan if you pay annually.

Standard – Starting at $15 per month per user, this tool brings all the basics that your business will need. It comes with the following Features

  • 3 users
  • 1 TB cloud storage
  • Custom branding

Advanced – This package starts at $25 per user per month. It brings a robust set of tools and features that your business needs. The following features come with this plan.

  • 5 users
  • Unlimited storage
  • Audit trails

Data Room Edition – The Data Room Edition is the plan for bigger businesses. Moreover, It costs $375 per month and comes with the following features.

  • 5 users
  • Stealth Mode
  • 24/7 phone support

Unlimited Edition – It is the most expensive package costing $575 per month. Moreover, it has everything that your business will need.

The following are some of its features.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited storage
  • Dedicated support staff.

Document Locator

You can access this software in various forms, like on-site or on the cloud and some other ways. What it does for your business is that it centralizes the document management for offline and online documents.

The import options, document type support, and features for paper documents are great.



  • It helps users by keeping their Microsoft products in the process.
  • The document preview function is amazing.
  • Easy to set up and integrate.


  • There is no iOS or iPad application which is one of the biggest cons.
  • You cannot link folders in the software, and this makes it a little inconvenient.


On-site – This plan includes managing files software that integrates with your computer’s Windows operating system. This package costs $22 per user per month and $260 per user per month if you pay annually.

However, the package applies to more than 15 users. It also offers other features that are:

  • File management
  • You can have web access.
  • You can have mobile access.

Hosted – If you do not want to manage the hardware and its maintenance, this is the plan. It hosts on the Microsoft Azure platform, so there are no issues with the quality and reliability.

Besides that, his package costs $53 per user per month and $633 per user per month if you pay annually. However, the package applies to more than 15 users. Some of its features are:

  • No management is necessary.
  • A better option for modern business
  • Secure and reliable.


While small and large size businesses ignore the importance of document management. In fact, this is the software that can manage all the documents for them.

This solves all the issues regarding security, sharing, organization, and even sharing. This is not all as there are a lot of other things going on.


  • Notification: Notifications play a great role in keeping the users aware. InfoRouter provides the feature of notifications despite not having any application.
  • LDAP integration: This feature makes you able to use this software and several other platforms with one account. It is an amazing feature for centralizing all of your documents to one account.
  • Hot folders: This is a feature that helps you get the output from the file as soon as you upload it. Moreover, it is an amazing feature for saving a lot of time.

Meanwhile, it is also not available in most of the relevant software.


  • Easy to use and simple to manage.
  • Flexibility for documents is an amazing benefit.
  • The huge toolbox has a solution to every problem that you will face.


  • The interface can be complex for some users, with a lot of options available on one screen.
  • There are not any pricing plans besides the one-time buying option.
  • It is an only online platform with no applications for any computers or mobile devices.


InfoRouter pricing – well, there are not a lot of pricing plans, and there is only one-time licensing. It will cost you $4750 per user for a lifetime subscription.

However, there is a free trial. When you get the subscription for InfoRouter, you get all of these features.

  • Audit trails
  • Compliance tracking
  • File conversion
  • File recovery and many other features.

How to Choose Good Document Management Software?

Choosing good document management software is one of the most crucial data management steps. When you choose software and use it, moving towards another one will be very difficult.

Meanwhile, if the performance is not good, you will have a very hard time managing documents. So, it is very important to select good document management software.

Besides that, to make things easy for you, we have a few important things that you can consider. By following these things, you will easily make the best decision.

Start with knowing what you need

The first thing to look for is your needs. You need to know what your requirements are. It is because if you do not know these, you can never make a good decision.

Go for the simplest-to-use interface

You are getting the document management software to make things easier for you. So, getting software with a complex interface will make things difficult for you.

It means that you must go for the easy interface options.

Integration is always a good thing to look for

As you know that the document management software is not the only tool you are using. It is important to look for the option with integration features. Moreover, it will help you to make the different tools work together.

Make sure that the vendor is credible and trustworthy

Only make the final decision if the vendor is trustworthy with a lot of customers. Thus, the experience of several years also makes the vendor a better option.

Collaboration is necessary because you are not working alone

The document management system must allow different to work together on a file. It is because you are managing a whole team. Moreover, this feature will increase productivity.

Do not go without security

You will have your private files, so make sure that you are getting the best security.

Make sure that you are getting the data backup options

Data backup is always necessary because you do not want to lose any of your important files.

What is Document Management Software?

Document management software is the software that stores and manages documents in digital form. The data that comes under the management of this software includes digital documents.

At the same time, it includes the copies of the papers, which convert to digital form after scanning. It is an era with a lot of technological advancements in it.

A few years back, the main source of managing data was paper. However, now things are different. People prefer to use digital documents these days.

So, one of the biggest reasons is the long list of benefits that comes along when you use digital documents. Well, another thing to consider is that everything in the world is not digital yet.

Besides that, this makes it necessary to have paper-backed documents. While managing the digital and hard-from documents gets complex. Moreover, the document management software makes things easier to manage. Therefore, this is all because of the features.

There is a long list of features when it comes to document management software. Here are a few of them.

  • These intelligent document management software include simultaneous editing of documents.
  • Version feature for each document makes it very easy to monitor the chances for each iteration.
  • Thorough auditing means that you can check who did what to the document during its lifespan.
  • One of the most amazing features of document management software is annotation and stamp management. Moreover, it ensures that everything is original.
  • The roll-back feature makes sure that nothing goes to waste. So, if an error occurs, you can easily get back to the previous version.

Benefits of Using Document Management Software

Document management software surely comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits apply to different levels of your organization. Moreover, it is because they make things easier for employees. At the same time, there are overall benefits for the company.

So, here we will be discussing some of the benefits of using document management software.

Quick operation on the documents

When you are looking at an organization, there are many operations to do on the documents.  So, there are things like the following.

  • Updating
  • Deleting
  • Accessing
  • Forwarding and many more.

When you look to manage the documents in paper form, these things can take a lot of time. Even if you manage the digital documents, the whole process can take a long time.

However, this will never be the case when you use document management software. It is because of the better files and data organization here.

As well as it will make performing all the operations on the documents fairly easy and simple.

Less space for managing all the important documents

In the older times, there were whole rooms for managing the documents. It was one of the biggest and the most inefficient ways of wasting space.

Well, the document management software takes care of this issue as well. You do not need any physical location for managing the documents.

All you need to do is to get the document management software. In this, all of your documents will stay on the computer. All the organization and management will also be happening there.

No worries regarding disasters or file loss

Whether you manage data and documents digitally or physically, there is always a fear of data loss. It is because this mishap can happen at any time.

The worst thing about this is that this will make you lose a lot of data. When you have document management software, you do not need to worry about losing data. It is because the data backup makes the data safe.

Flexibility comes in several ways

With document management software, you can manage documents of different types.

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