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Benefits of Using Database Software

Most of the world has moved on to database software for managing their data. However, some are still opting for the spreadsheet.

Database software and excel spreadsheet are completely different things. And the thing that makes a database software stand up is the overwhelming amount of benefit it provides.

So here is a list of benefits of using database software to make you better understand what they are offering.

Data security

Data security is without a doubt one of the greatest advantages you get from Database software. With database software in place, only the authorized parties are allowed to access and manage the data.

The database software can incorporate and username and password for access. As a result, you get high data security and zero violation of Data integrity.

Data Redundancy Reduction

Data redundancy reduction is another key aspect of database software.

Big businesses usually have a complete database. That means there could be multiple copies of records stored in different places throughout the whole system. As a result, this increases the data redundancy.

However, a database management system prevents this by managing multiple duplicate data in a single database.

Recovery and backup

To run an efficient and consistent database, you will need proper systems for backup and recovery. And a database software will efficiently take care of all the recovery and backup processes.

 Furthermore, it also assists in the case of a crash or system failure.

Marketing automation

In today’s world, time is money.  And the database software will help you with Marketing automation and save you a massive amount of time.  

As a result, the marketing aspect of your business will get simpler and much more effective.

Some benefits other than the marketing automation and the abovementioned ones are,

  1. Privacy.
  2. Consistency
  3. Data integrity
  4. Data protection
  5. Efficient data sharing.

Microsoft SQL Server

If you are looking for a reliable and solid for your database management, then the Microsoft SQL Server is a great choice. The software is designed to take your data management strategy to the next level.

This feature-packed database management system is easy to install and use. As a result, it is perfect for companies of any size.


1. Microsoft SQL server allows you to deliver and access the data on any platform or device.

2.  The software fixes any kind of plan performance issue byautomatically recognizing difficult instructions.

3. Excellent query processing of this database management system allows adaptive query processing. As a result, users get superior query performance in the SQL server.

4. Can easily be integrated with many non-rational sources.

5.Features transparent data encryption with vigorous auditing capability.

6. Offers a free trial before you choose to make an investment.


  1. Relatively easy to set up with simple steps.
  2. Users can create various tables and designs within any sort of syntax.
  3. Can easily handle compound quarries.
  4. The management of the distributed database is much easier on the Microsoft SQL Server.


  1. Complex queries sometimes take a longer time than its competitors.
  2. The expected time for query execution is not accurate in some cases.


  1. The express plan is free with an entry-level database for learning.
  2. The standard plan comes in at $931.
  3. The enterprise plan comes in at $14,256.


Improvado is currently one of the most popular database software in the market. It is designed to manage all your marketing data in one single place.

The software is flexible, hassle-free, and simple enough for every user. As a result, you will be able to set up your database management system without the help of any developer.

Additionally, it has the potential to be used for both small or massive companies.


1. Centralization of your marketing data in one single place.

2.  The software allows you to reap the benefits of multiple integrations of various third-party tools. Some of the noteworthy ones are, google AdWords, Facebook, Big Query, Salesforce, etc.

3. Automated reporting system. That means no more wasting your precious time on manual reporting.

4. Easy to use all of its functionalities without any SQL expert.


  1. Users can migrate their data with a hassle-free experience.
  2. Easy duplication of online database.
  3. Excellent ecosystem for data management.
  4. No need to hire a SQL expert for setting up.
  5. Quality data analytics.
  6. Minimalistic interface, perfect for simple navigation.
  7. Spotless database documentation.


  1. Improvado tends to leave the newest data entry during a comparison session


  1. The business package costs 100 USD per month.
  2. Enterprise edition offers customizable pricing for any small business.

Amazon Relational Database Service

Commonly known as Amazon RDS, the Amazon Relational Database service is an all-rounder. But we must understand that this is not database software for a rookie.

The software offers amazing technical features. As a result, this is the go-to database software for data scientists and users who are experienced in digital companies.

The Amazon RDS is a part of the Amazon Web services. This cloud-based relational database system is used by many well-known companies like Unilever, Netflix, Blackboard, etc.


1. Amazon RDS offers excellent backup and security features. It handles the backup process automatically within the system.

2.  Amazon RDS features database engines like Amazon Aurora, Postgre SQL, My SQL, Oracle, And Microsoft SQL server.

3. The amazon RDS allows the user to increase storage capacity very easily.


  1. High scalability option from the get-go.
  2. The network access to your database system is extremely fast and reliable.
  3. Provides extreme security with encrypted IPsec VPN.
  4. Relatively inexpensive.
  5. Pay as you go features allow users to use the database management system without long term commitments
  6. Numerous controls for the end-user.
  7. Reliable customer support.
  8. Features automatic host replacement.
  9. Amazing database snapshots.


  1. No physical servers are available.
  2. Costlier than the other DBMS solutions.
  3. Auto-scale capabilities are not so impressive.


The price plan of the amazon RDS is quite simple. You are free to try all the features that it provides.

Additionally, you only pay for the resource you used and not for the whole service.

IBM Informix

Over the recent years, IBM Informix is growing in popularity. The database management system provides security and reliability to properly manage the critical data of a business.

It offers online transactional processing performance for the end-user. Additionally, IBM Informix is a scalable option with an unlimited range.

It is relatively easy to use and can be used as a solution for various environments.


  1. One of the most impressive features of IBM Informix is its real-time Analytics. It provides the user with real-time insights so they can take the necessary steps for the future.
  • Another key factor of the IBM Informix is its extreme simplicity. It requires only 100 min bi out of memory for installation. And once installed, it can be used in only a couple of minutes.


  1. Superior Always-on transaction.
  2. Impressive upgradability with zero downtime.
  3. User dashboard for monitoring of the sever.
  4. High scalability and excellent compatibility. Can be used on a simple microprocessor like Raspberry pi to even the highest level of the computing system.


  1. Relatively complex policy for the users to grasp.
  2. Mediocre replication features.


  1. The small plan costs 1250 USD.
  2. The medium plan costs 2200 USD.
  3. The Large plan costs 4000 USD
  4. And the extra-large plan costs 8000 USD.


If you’re looking for the best open-source relational database system then my SQL is the perfect option for you. My SQL offers an integrated analytics service. 

My SQL comes bundled with most of the prominent web hosting. As a result, It has slowly become one of the most used database systems for web designers.


  1. Tremendously fast responsiveness. They claim it to be 1110 times faster than the Amazon Aurora.
  2. The database management system is extremely business-oriented. So it provides some specific advantages for E-commerce based websites.
  3. Provides excellent technical support for the clients.
  4. Inexpensive and can be applied fairly easily.


  1. Impressive data recovery,
  2. Relatively inexpensive plans make it very viable for small business owners.
  3. Excellent for deploying a cloud-based application.
  4. Easy to learn and require zero programming knowledge.
  5. MySQL has open-source functionalities. As a result, users can have total flexibility in the management and customizations of data.


  1. Highly dependent on third-party plugins.
  2. Only operatable on Mac or Windows platform with ease. Using Linux makes the process significantly difficult.


  1. The standard plan costs 2000 USD.
  2. The enterprise plan costs 5000 USD.
  3. The Cluster Carrier plan costs a massive 10,000 USD.


MariaDB platform offers the user a completely open-source database solution. It has a relatively easy deployment phase. 

It offers business data processing capabilities perfect for both small and large Enterprises. This relational database management system comes with multiple powerful features and utilities.

It is considered to be an improved and most secure version of my SQL.

 MariaDB was first released in 2009.  and it is still running as one of the go-to database software that includes JS extensions.


  1. It comes with 12 storage engines that are ready to provide the users a superior database management system experience.
  2. Supports server operating systems like FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Solaris.
  3. Advanced thread pool that supports up to 200 thousand connections.
  4. Extremely fast replication with precise and faster updates.
  5. Features SQLyog monitoring.
  6. Backward compatibility.
  7. Open-source database management system.


  1. Utilizes the GPL, LGPL, or BSD license to operate.
  2. Support standard language for a query.
  3. Provides support for PHP, one of the most popular web development languages.
  4. Introduces advance Galera cluster technology.


  1. Relatively new database management engine on the market.
  2. Need additional payment for support.


MariaDB offers a subscription-based use of the database software. With the sky SQL foundation plan, you can start with only 0.234 USD per hour. IT goes up to 500 USD credit.

With the plan, you will get, Multiple workloads, Scalability, Support, Administration, Disaster recovery and so much more.

You can also request a quote by filling out the form for the MariaDB platform, Enterprise subscription.

Oracle Database

Oracle database is the database software that offers a cost-effective solution for or their clients.  this multi-model database management system also offers cloud-based Infrastructure.

This multidimensional relational database management system t can be used both on the cloud or on physical storage. Users can also simplify their relational database.

As a result, the Oracle database offers to reduce management workloads for their clients.


  1. Oracle database features pluggable databases. As a result, your risk of data consolidation decreases.
  2. The pluggable databases can be independently backed up or recovered.
  3. High flexibility and superb compatibility. Can be run both on a traditional home computer or a supercomputer.
  4. Reduced query execution time and higher performance rating.


  1. Better administrative control over the whole database management system by the creation of separate partitions.
  2. Complex queries take less time to execute.
  3. Stable performance.
  4. Highly available architecture.
  5. High scalability for further deployment.
  6. Automated self-patching protocol for upgrade, recovery, and backup. As a result, you do not have to waste countless hours of manual effort.
  7. Fraud prevention.


  1. Only feasible for enterprises with a large scale of business.
  2. The design is not modern at all.
  3. Need a lot of resources to run properly.


The price for the plan is based on the size of your business. Additionally, you can get a custom quote from their support.

They will provide you the precise pricing information for your specific enterprise.


Intersystems Iris is a high-performing data management software.  The goal of this data platform is to provide the customer a high-performing application to properly manage and connect the data.

Software is design with simplicity and speed at mine. As a result, you get a significantly simple interface and speedy data application.

 intersystem Iris is represented as the next-generation data platform.  It is a fully cloud-based data platform that requires reduced Code,  less maintenance,  and excellent performance.


  1. Data management engine with Multi-modal transactional feature.
  2.  open analytics platform
  3. The high flexibility of data management. That means SQL, C++, Python, Java and many other languages can be used to manage the data.
  4. Impressive data manipulation functionalities.
  5. Provide support for all the major deployment environments.


  1. One of the best scalability options on a database software
  2. Provides a tool for creating API.
  3. Relatively easy to handle platform and data management.
  4. Exceptional customer service.
  5. Docker support.
  6. Hassle-free HL7 integration.
  7. An extremely powerful tool for reliable access and management of data.


  1. A trained staff is required to handle all the technical aspects.
  2. Improvement in the overall useability of the admin panels is recommended.
  3. Does not have enough tutorial on the internet for proper guidance.


Unlike many other database software, you will have to contact their support via the website to get the current price. Due to massive changes and fluctuation of price on the updates, this has become a common practice.


Altibase is an open-source database solution for enterprise great functionality. This database management system is proud of its massive number of global enterprise clients over the years.

Altibase has provided innovative technologies and OEM solutions for some of the well-known enterprises.  for example, LG, Samsung, at&t, Moscow, HP, Toshiba medical are some of the clients of Altibase. 

There have been database management products for over 20 years. As a result, potential clients feel a sense of Reliability and comfort with their name.


  1. Altibase Offers an in-memory database architecture that is lightning fast.  The high efficiency of this architecture provides very low latency and excellent response time.
  2. Offers three separate types of deployment modes. Including, on disc mode, hybrid mode, and memory mode.
  3. In this single unified engine, you can reap the benefits of both a disc-based database and the memory database.
  4. Superior spreading out capabilities. This ensures performance enhancement at a linear rate and reduces the chance of correlated bottlenecks.

As result, there will be no performance issues while scaling.


  1. Support for ANSI SQL 92.
  2.  supports JDBC and odbc. Additionally, it has support for popular programming languages like C, C++, java,  python, etc.
  3. The database management system includes all the necessary tools for enterprise rate application.
  4. Hassle-free migration from any Legacy database.
  5. Regular health checkups for peak availability and unmatched performance.
  6. The database administrator from Altibase offers customer support in case of failures.


  1. Does not have self Gui Management tool.
  2. No support for mobile access.
  3. Slow data operation in case of accidental misconfiguration.


Altibase is open-source database software. This database management system has no additional charges or subscription fees for the users.

What is Database Software?

Data is an integral part of any digital system. And the database software is the tool or program that can manipulate the data files according to the instructions.

Therefore, you can use the database software to create, edit, and maintain the data and the records.

If you want to store your data in a structured format, database software is essential. Furthermore, you can retrieve the data in a specific format from the software, according to your needs.

In the digital world, database software is also known as the database management system. It ensures the consistency and accuracy of the data for protection and maintenance purposes.

Additionally, these tools can be used to do various tasks like,

  1. Database communication.
  2. Data presentation.
  3. Data security.
  4. Safe storage of data.
  5. Ensure a consistent data recovery.

The database software can keep track of information surrounding your sales of the business. Unlike a spreadsheet, a database management system offers a much more efficient way of how the data are manipulated and store.

As a result, you get less complexity with your data management, and quick query efficiency.

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