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What is Data Visualization Software?

Data visualization software is a business tool. Data visualization software’s main job is to collect raw data from the database to analyze and manipulate.

And later convert this data to visual figures. Charts and tables are also included in it.

The term data visualization represents the process of presentation of the data from the database. It presents the data visual formats such as charts and graphs.

In the modern world of data and databases, data’s importance is increasing in every passing second. Within a blink of an eye, huge amounts of data are generated in every corner of the world.

It is funny that the amount of data is increasing insanely. For example, the amount of data gathered in the last two years is more than the data gathered in the entire human history database.

It is estimated that in every second, a person creates about 1.7 megabytes of data. This makes 4.4 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes, generate globally.

And this is why all the world businesses are trying to use as much data for their benefit. And this why data science and data scientists are important.

The data scientists usually take the raw data from the database, and then they try to analyze it and then convert it into visual forms.

And the tool they are called the data visualization software. Data visualization is playing a key role in the advanced analytics of many businesses. It involves large and complex data sets.

And data visualization can be applied in many areas of business. It mainly facilitates you to understand different patterns and relationships between many business-related factors.


DashThis is a data visualization software. To be more specific, it is an automated marketing reporting tool. The main purpose of this software is to make marketing reporting easy. They take all the raw marketing data and analyze it to make visual graphs and charts.

It saves time and also it is very easy for the marketing group of business. It makes the reporting solutions custom-made.

DashThis is also connected with many business groups. They are working in more than 120 countries and have about 18 thousand users worldwide.


  • Also, provides unlimited data sources. The software will help you to create dashboards and also accounts on different social sites. You can get more than one Facebook page, and even more Google Analytics accounts you need. And later, it will increase with the addition of each dashboard.
  • Provides you the opportunity to have unlimited users. You can make sure the entire business team access the dashboards.


  • The design of the tool is very attractive.
  • The tool is very well built. And it is also very supportive of the newcomers.
  • DashThis provides a very flexible and intuitive service. And it is very easy to integrate into many social media platforms.


  • DashThis is not much more user-friendly than other products in the market.


  • Individual plan is about $33 per month.
  • Professional plan is $109 per month.
  • Business plan is $209 per month.
  • Standard plan is $339 per month.
  • Enterprise is $499 per month.


Visme is another great data visualization tool. It mainly covers the raw data into visual representations. It is used in wide sectors. Education, marketing, business, and many other professional sectors are widely using time.

 This tool analyses and converts the raw data into visuals and makes the visuals look good and engaging. It is both a converter and a representative.

Visme is usually a web-based data visualization tool. But it can also run offline. The user group gets organizational and management tools to manage the tool at their fingertips.

They also get to control the privacy and access to the files.


  • It has data visualization, project templates, and document templates in features. It also provides charts and graphs for a visual representation of the data. Visme gives the right tools of management and organizations to the user.
  • It has a great social media marketing strategy in addition to having video and streaming support in it. Collaborative interface and animation make the tool very effective. It also has easy access to customers’ activity reports.


  • It has a wide range of options to make the unique and attractive. Many different fonts, icons make the presentation unique. It also has backgrounds and temples to make them more attractive.
  • The customization options help the user to maximize the content. It also allows the importation of third-party content.
  • The analytics is very rich. It also a wide range of features to make the job easier. It takes the audience feedback very seriously and develops according to the feedbacks.


  • Takes a lot of time to learn the features.
  • Does not have alternative canvas sizes.


  • The basic plan is free.
  • The standard plan is $19  per month.
  • The complete plan is $30  per month.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is business analytics and intelligence platform. In easy words, it is a data visualization tool. It helps you to analyze and manipulate data to create meaningful reports and dashboards.

And these data are to create visual reports. The reports help to make the decision-making process easy. It also does not require any IT help to create meaningful visual reports.


  • In the reports sector, it has dashboards, the interface of the reports, graphs, and charts, and many steps to answer. And it also has performance metrics and publishing and sharing opportunities of the content.
  • It has calculated fields, and it also has a data column filtering service. Moreover, It also has data discovery, searches, and collaboration features.
  • It also has data visualization, data transformation, and data modeling service.


  • Dashboards and reports are customizable. And daily data exchange works perfectly with an MYSQL base.
  • The interface is very easy to use, and it does not take a lot of time to learn about them. It is very easy for the software to set-up the links for the third party.
  • A large number of data connections is possible with the tool. And there are multiple ways to upload the data to the cloud DB and local storage.


  • It sometimes gets a little tricky to upload data from the local storage. So large queries make the system slow.
  • Auto exporting data to Google Drive is not possible.
  • The query joins a limitation of five. And the advanced features need tech expertise. It also consumes a lot of time.


  • Basic is $22 per month/yearly
  • The Standard is $45 per month/yearly.
  • Premium is $112 per month/yearly
  • Enterprise is $445 per month/yearly.


Databox is another data visualization tool. It mainly highlights analyzing and processing data. And then, it converts the raw data into visual graphs and charts.

These charts help in different ways. They contain deep integration with more than 70 popular tools to support the user.

It also has 200 plus templates and thousands of pre-build matric visualization. So, databox does not need data manipulation, coding Ir design work to visualize the data.


  • The package has 70 plus one-click integration. It also has a 200 plus pre-built dashboard template. A 3000 plus pre-build data block library is also available.
  • It has 3 to 10 data sources and also has 3 to 10 user limitations. The service has both hourly and daily data refresh interval service. Databox also has 11M historical data.

The historical data gives an overview of both past and present situations. The service also comes with goal tracking and alter services.

  • Databox has a single URL dashboard carousel as a major feature. It also has native mobile apps for both androids and iPhones. The tv display is another handy feature.



  • Customer reports are sometimes expensive. And the visual customization is limited.


  • There is a free plan. And you do not have to pay anything for the service, and it is free forever.
  • The basic is $49 per month.
  • The plus option is $99 per month.
  • The business plan is about $248 per month.


Datawrapper is a data visualization tool. It converts raw data into visual representations. It covers the raw data in charts and graphs. One of the major features it has is maps.

This is why this tool is mainly used by journalists. This service can be used on both desktops and mobiles.


  • It has Bar Charts, Column Charts, and a doughnut or pie charts. It also has dot, arrow, and scatters plots. It also lines graphs and tables. Symbol or choropleth maps is another great feature.
  • Data can be copy-pasted very easily. The data can be uploaded from CVS files. It also can be uploaded from popular data collection tools. Excel and Google Sheets are great options.
  • This service provides an embed code to use on the website. And this code helps in many ways.

For example, it gives the ability to the user to download or export charts, graphs, or maps in image files or PDFs.


  • The UI is very easy and simplified. And that makes data presenting very easy. It is also very beginner-friendly. Moreover, you will not need to know about coding or web designing to use it.
  • It is a web-based data visualization software. So, it works with any OS the device has. It is also very adaptable.
  • It has great design flexibility with great customization.


  • Colour coding is tricky.
  • Not easy for complicated maps.
  • Takes patience to adjust.


  • It has a free service. It is not a trial but a full service. It will not require any money.
  • The customized service will cost you around $599 per month or $5990 per year.
  • It also has an enterprise plan with all the free and custom features.

Google Chart Tools

It mainly converts the coarse data to visual representations. These representations are mainly graphs and charts.

This service is also interactive.  Additionally, the tool is also very easy to use.


  • Google Chart Tools offers a great variety of graphs and charts. It is also a great variety of dashboards to use. It provides an interface to make it easy to use. Designing, refining, and collaboration are very easy to do.
  • The tool does not take many steps to answer business questions. It has a historical snapshot. That means it can track historical data.
  • It has a tracking metric and real-time that frequently updates the situation. You will receive a lot of email reports and notifications regarding metrics.


  • Google Chart Tools is a very way to use. And this is why it can be said to be a beginning-friendly service. It has all the user-friendly tools. Even designing the most complex graphs is easy because of the tools it provides.
  • The default Google Chart Tools is very satisfying, but it is also customizable.
  • Google Chart Tools is very interactive.


  • Requires a constant network connection to use.
  • Needs Javascript coding to customize it.


Google Chart Tools do not provide pricing information. This is a very common practice by software sellers and service providers.

It is where you will have to understand by hints and reviews.

  • Small business service is 17 percent less expensive than other data visualization products.
  • The mid-market program is 30 percent less expensive than the average data visualization product.
  • The enterprise program is also 30 percent less expensive than the average data visualization software.


Grow can be viewed as a no-code full slack business intelligence or BI. It is mainly a data visualization tool.

It provides cloud-based business analytics and solution. So it is perfect for small or midsize organizations. It usually grabs data from different sources.

The tool merges the data into one single platform. Grow also provides real-time data into the dashboard. This helps to overview the trends and also share information with the team.

In addition to that, it also has a customized metric to help the business and also has an unlimited user-adding facility.



  • Grow is very easy to customize. And it is very easy to utilize. The presentation is very clean and efficient.
  • The way of presentation is very good and refreshing. With every presentation, it tries to improve more. The presentations always give a positive vibe.
  • It is very easy to get started. And it very powerful and also very easy to use for its tools.


  • Needs basic knowledge of coding. Without the basics knowledge, it is very hard to create reports.
  • Sometimes it can be a bit costly.


  • The subscription plan starts at $1500 per month. And a free trial is available.


Highcharts is another data visualization software. It is mainly entitled as a multi-purpose charting library. The software helps the developers to add interactive charts in different mobile projects.

It is active since the year 2009. And now over 80 percent of the 100 largest companies use Highcharts. They have tens of thousands of developers around different sectors.


  • The reports interface used for standard reports and self-service reports is very easy to use. And it does require many clicks to answer questions. You also get a great variety Of graphs and charts. The providers give an interface to the users to design, refine and collaborate dashboards easily.
  • It provides historical snapshots. It means it is very easy to track down historical data.
  • There will be consistent and frequent updates with the help of track metrics in real-time.


  • Easy configuration and easy to consume.
  • It is very easy to customize.
  • The Charts are very clean and easy to view.


  • It can be complex sometimes.
  • Design can be improved more.
  • Customization can be restricted.


  • The Non-Commercial plan is free of cost.
  • Single Developer + Premium Support costs around $595 per month.
  • Single Developer Without Premium Support costs around $430 per month.
  • 5 Developer + Premium Support costs around $2680 per month.
  • 5 Developer Without Premium Support costs around $1930 per month.
  • 10 Developer + Premium Support costs around $5,060.
  • 10 Developer Without Premium Support costs around $3360.
  • Version Upgrade for Highcharts costs around $160.
  • High five license costs around $50.
  • To get OEM and Enterprise License plans prices, you will need to contact the vendor.


Infogram is a data visualization company. The company mainly works to visualize raw data for presentation. They usually help you to create infographics, reports, dashboards, maps, charts, and social media assets to present raw data.

It was launched in 2012. Now they work in many sectors of the digital market.


  • Have a lot of charts, graphs, and maps to help the user to visualize the data. Infogram has over 35 interactive charts and over 550 maps. And the charts and maps are very much interactive. It helps to make engagements with the audience.
  • Infogram has about a million images and icons. And the editor is the easy drag-and-drop. This makes the user use different images, icons, and colors very easily.
  • You can easily upload spreadsheets to get visual presentations. You can also publish your content online. It also supports team collaboration with many features.


  • Collaboration is one of the best advantages of the service.
  • The visuals are great, and there are various visuals to choose from.
  • It is a hundred percent mobile-friendly.


  • It not for customizing complex data.
  • Page sizing can become fiddly.
  • The free version includes the infogram logo on the graphs.


  • Basic plan service is free.
  • Pro service plan – $19 per month. It is billed yearly. And it gives access to premium templates and images.
  • Business service plan – $67 per month. It is also billed yearly.
  • Team service plan – $149 per month. The bill is also yearly. And it is the business plan service but with real-time team engagement ànd collaboration.
  • The enterprise is the last one on the list. Here you get all the facilities you need for your work. To know the prices you will need to contact the company.


FusinCharts is a data visualization company. They are usually a JavaScript charting library.

It is mainly used by web and enterprise applications. Over 27,000 companies use FusionCharts all over the world. And about 750,000 developers are making it strong.

There are over 90 plus charts, and thousand plus maps are to covert the data into visuals.



  • Has a wide variety of charts. It also provides new charting capabilities.
  • Lots of tools and settings to make the job easy. It is also very helpful for documentation.
  • It has a very flexible design.


  • Technical difficulties can be very common.
  • The explanations can be a little unclear.
  • Customization can be a little difficult.


  • The basic plan service – $499 per year. It is precise for small internal apps and dashboards.
  • The pro plan service – $1,299 per year. It is very good for SaaS apps with small teams to use.
  • The enterprise plus service – $2499 per year. It is perfect for SaaS apps and larger groups to use.
  • Enterprise plus is the biggest service the company provides. This is why the company does not display prices. You have contacted them to get the prices.


Adverity is a data visualization company with an intelligent marketing analytics outlet. The company tries to help marketing teams to make important decisions. Their work is mainly data-driven.

It mainly makes the decision-making skills of the marketing teams better and faster. The main job is to take the solid data and then convert it into visuals.


  • The service takes very little few clicks to answer any business questions. There is a wide range of graphs and charts to choose from. The dashboard is also very easy to design, refine to collaborate with others.
  • Can track historical data with historical snapshots. It helps a lot in making predictions.
  • Gives multi-user access with a unified and clear synopsis of the dashboard.


  • The automated data connection saves a lot of time in report making.
  • It takes data from various sources to make it more strong.
  • The system is very fast evolving.


  • Takes a little basic knowledge to use the product.
  • Repeated schema mapping makes it difficult for newcomers.


The prices are not given by them. And this very common strategy by data visualization companies. So, you will need to contact the company for prices.

How to Choose Good Data Visualization Software?

The software should Follow Its Function

The visualization should depend on three things. First, the question that you are trying to ask. Second the components of the data.

And third the way of presentation and communication of the insight to others. Knowing what to show is important. For example, the visualization of growth will be different from other factors of sales.

Presentation and Explanatory Graphics are Different Things

Presentation graphics are different from explanatory graphics. The first one is support for the conclusion. And the second one is to look for outcomes.

Both of them should be fast while being informative. They intend to present. For this reason, detailed or precise captions are not necessary.

Data Should Be Meaningful

Data needs to be meaningful. So, finding out the most effective way of making the data meaningful is important. This part of the factor defines the format of communication with the audience.  

So, it should be kept in mind while choosing data visualization software.

Knowing Where You Stand

It does not matter whether you use a ruler, Python, chart creation apps, or a mix. But what matters is your skill, goals, time limitations, and purpose of the software.

As a result, knowing where you stand is important. Before choosing the software, you can use paper and pen to know where you stand. And later use that wisdom to get the perfect one.

Why You Need Data Visualization Software?

Data visualization is possibly the most efficient way of data delivery. As a result, data visualization has become very important for modern businesses.

Visualization is all about taking the raw data and then modeling it to deliver to a conclusion. And this is what data visualization software does.

So, the easy answer to the question of why you need data visualization software is it makes your job easy. It takes essential data and converts it into a visual interpretation.

But there’s more to it:

Helps in Making Important Decisions
According to Digiteum, Data visualization helps to understand the correlation between different factors of the business. And it makes it easy for you to make important decisions.

Helps to Examine the Market
It is always very important to know the market well. And data visualization gives a clear picture of the market with many graphs and charts. It makes it easy for you to understand the market.

Time Travel
Time travel is silly and impossible. But the data visualization gives you an overview over time. Through data visualization, you can get a proper trend over time.

The data visualization software converts all the data over time into visuals. It helps you make any decisions.

The data visualization software also helps to make predictions with enough information. The visuals mainly give all the necessary information about the past and present.

It shows where you were and where you are now. Because of that, you need data visualization software.

Risk or Reward
The data visualization software converts the raw data into a visual interpretation. And these charts and graphs, you can easily find out where to take action and where not to. With this, you can easily avoid risks.

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