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It’s always an unpleasant experience to face data loss’s ordeal arising out of software or hardware malfunctioning.

Any person would agree that they would rather face any other inconvenience than deal with this troublesome predicament.

Data loss can occur due to a variety of reasons like- viruses infecting your system and deleting essential files, hard-drive crashes, unintentional deletion, etc.

Although there is a range of data backup software solutions and disc cloning software that can quicken the process of data recovery significantly, it’s not always the case for most individuals.

It’s totally fine if you forgot to back up your files; you just require dedicated data recovery resources to help retrieve your deleted files and database in the event of a hard drive collapse or a compromised hard drive.

How To A Choose Good Data Recovery Software?

Today, we live in a world where technology has become an integral part of our lives. The digital world has become an essential component of our daily lives.

 Everything is stored on our computers, whether they are pictures of our fondest memories or important work files. Data loss can be painful or even disastrous at times.

 As we move closer to a paperless world, we cannot overlook the relevance and strong demand for data recovery technologies. Data loss occurring for any reason can become a genuine factor for inducing stress.

Hence, data recovery solutions are convenient tools that make our lives much more manageable. All forms of missing data can be recovered from any storage medium using the latest data recovery tools from a reputable brand.

It will retrieve data from broken, infected, or lost directories on local hard drives, USB devices, thumb drives, Compact discs, SSDs, and other storage devices.

However, choosing a suitable data recovery solution can be daunting with too many similar data recovery tools on the market.

It would be best to make an informed decision on the best data recovery software pertaining to your specific needs. So, here’s a list of things you should keep in mind while looking for the ideal data recovery software:

1. Make sure to choose a reputable data recovery services company with years of industry experience and positive customer feedback.

2. Ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements for the application and matches your operating system.

3. Recognize your needs in terms of what type of data and the extent you want to restore it. 

4.  Look for products that are guaranteed to be completely safe and stable.

5. Consider not using free software since it can contain viruses or ransomware and does not provide complete data retrieval.

6. Choose software that can perform its task efficiently.


Stellar Recovery is a well-known data recovery tech brand that has been a big player in the market for more than 25 years.

It lacks some of the more groundbreaking functionality seen in other programs, but it has a proven track record of successfully restoring popular file forms.


1. Stellar Photo Recovery can recover files lost or removed from a range of electronic storage devices. The tool works for a variety of different devices, including action and drone cameras.

2. It has a powerful and user-friendly design that renders recovering data simple and can also recover data from encrypted drives.

3. Paid users can manually introduce additional file headers to broaden the application’s usability. The software’s premium edition can fix corrupt image/video files.

4. Stellar can operate with storage devices that are larger than 6 Terabytes.

5. It can repair corrupt images and videos.

6. Able to recover data from lost partitions and also from crashed systems.

7. It shows you the recoverable files in a convenient manner before saving them.


1. For added functionality, users can manually add new file headers.

2. Recovers all major file types and formats.

3. Safeguards against damaged systems by generating sector-by-sector disc images.

4. Three scan preview solutions will help you find the files you need quickly.

5. Enables Unicode data retrieval.


1. Free version only works up to a 1 GB limit.

2. Optical media recovery is not enabled in the free version.

3. It Does not support unbootable system recovery in the free version.


1. Free version is available for data recovery up to a limit of 1 GB.

2. Standard version costs $38.39 per month, while the Professional version comes at $ 47.99 per month.

3. The premium version, which has every feature unlocked, can be purchased at $ 54.85 per month.


Kernel Data Recovery is another excellent product active in the data recovery solutions industry for over 14 years. Its advanced algorithmic design enables it to handle the most complex cases of data losses.

The software seamlessly runs in major operating systems like- Windows, VHD, Linux, UNIX, and Macintosh. It can recover data from iPods, tape drives, and removable storage.


1. Effectively combats both logical and physical system corruption in Windows.

2. Extracts all of your important files – music, images, papers, and so on – without modifying them in any way.

3. No file size limits. Effortlessly recovers missing and permanently removed files and directories.

4. Data retrieval from compromised FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5 partitions is guaranteed.

5. Data recovery from USB, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PEN, and ZI external devices is simple.

6. Free Demo version allows users to view lost files and folders quickly.

7. Facilitates instant searching of files belonging to a particular format.


1. Provides three scanning modes: Quick, Deep, and File Trace for lost data recovery.

2. Showcases a live summary of the data that has been recovered, along with extensive stats.

3. With the search option’s help, locate all files of the same type for retrieval.

5. Advanced options for recovering objects that were deleted or duplicated

6. Recovers Windows data and saves it to the designated location.

7. Compatible with all Windows operating systems.


1. No disk parts or regions support.

2. No disk image support.

3. The demo version doesn’t allow you to save the recovered files.

4. No deleted partition recovery except NTFS partitions.


1. Demo version is free but doesn’t allow you to save the recovered files.

2. Home license is available for purchase at $49 per month, and the Corporate license comes for $99 per month.

3. The technician license (for commercial use) costs $199 per month.


As the name suggests, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a wizard when it comes to recovering all your lost data magically. It is a highly reputed and famous data recovery software.

 The company has been one of the front-runners of the industry ever since 2004. With over 530 million users spread out around 160+ countries worldwide, they set the standard for their competitors.


1. It’s easy to use and will guide you through the recovery process step by step.

2. The advanced features include Partition recovery, formatted drive restoration, and damaged directory repair.

3. Its standard data recovery tools are straightforward but reliable, allowing for the quick retrieval of deleted files.

4. There are quick and deep scan modes, and it can also restore retrieved data while the scan is running.

5. Before restoring a file, you can verify its validity with the integrated file previewer.

6. The user interface is highly organized and is stylish, appealing, and incredibly user-friendly. Furthermore, it highlights retrieved files in an easy-to-use panel, listing them by their previous location and file type.


1. High-speed deep-scan function.

2. Allows users to access the recovered files while the scan is running. Additionally, the scans take up significantly less computing power.

3. One of the best data recovery software in terms of pure performance.

4. Very user-friendly and can be used by anyone regardless of the level of data recovery expertise.

5. Free version allows users to recover and save files up to a limit of 2GB.

6. Highly accurate and efficient in terms of lost data retrieved.

7. Dedicated customer support staff and easy issue redressal mechanisms.


1. Different versions for Windows and Mac.


1. Trial version allows for data recovery up to a limit of 2GB which is free.

2. Pro license comes at $69.95 for one month, with a one-year license costing only $99.95.

3. Technician license (for commercial use) costs a hefty $299 per year. 


Jihosoft File Recovery is a powerful data recovery software that will help you retrieve missing office documents (Word, Excel, PPT, CVS) and archive files (ZIP, RAR, 7Z, ISO, etc. ).

It also allows for retrieval of images (GIF, JPG, PNG, AI, PSD, RAW, etc. ), videos (3GP, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc. ), music (MP3, WAV, OGG, MID), and more from a variety of data storage options.


1. Supports a wide range of formats for your data recovery needs.

2. Can recover deleted or missing office files, images, recordings, audio, archives, and other files without a backup.

3. It allows the user to view deleted/lost files and select the ones you want to retrieve. Prevalent operating systems on computers are supported, including Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP/ 2000 / NT and Mac.

4. Recovers corrupted or missing data in a fraction of the time, just a few minutes. Has the option to create backup image files for a Hard drive or a media device to restore data more efficiently in the future.

 5. Features user-friendly 3 step process for hassle-free data recovery. Additionally, it allows the user to pause ongoing scans and resume them later.


1. Supports Formatted File recovery.

2. Provides the users with Repartition Files Recovery to retrieve information from unintentionally deleted partitions. Further allows for recovery of files lost due to HDD Repartition.

3. Enables restoration of data after accidental Operating system re-installation.

4. Facilitates recovery from a host of different storage media options like SD-card, flash drives, etc. 


1. Trial version does not allow you to save the recovered files for free.

2. Different versions for Windows and Mac operating systems.


1. Trial version allows for the preview of recoverable files, which is free.

2.For Windows – A personal license comes at $49.95 for lifetime access, and a commercial license for lifetime access comes at $199.

3. For Mac- A personal license will cost you $89.95 for lifetime access and a commercial license for lifetime access costs $299.


MiniTool is a software that recovers not just singular files but entire partitions too. It’s easy to use, making it suitable for those who are new to data recovery.

Minitool Photo Recovery’s GUI features a three-step data restore mechanism that anyone can use. It restores deleted files from hard drives and SD cards, among other storage options.

The app organizes found files by specific extension types, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.


1. Offers data recovery of an extensive list of over 100+ file types.

2. Works effectively in retrieving files from various storage devices like hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards, SSD’s, etc.

3. It can initiate multiple recoveries based on a single complete scan of a system using the “Previous Recovery Result” function. Allows users to search once and then restore specific file types in an ordered manner at their discretion.

4. Minitool can restore a wide range of file types, including all standard image files.

5. It provides details about a drive and any retrievable data after it completes a scan. You may search the drive and choose which files to retrieve.

6. If you need to restore data from a broken or corrupted CD or DVD, MiniTool makes life easier.


1. Bootable version is very useful for serious data loss issues.

2. High-speed scanning allows for faster recovery.

3. Damaged CD/DVD recovery is supported.


1. Trial version only allows retrieval of lost data up to a limit of 1GB.

2. It Doesn’t allow skipping of sectors that might significantly delay a scan.


1. Personal monthly subscription costs $69.

2. The yearly subscription comes at $89, and the lifetime subscription will cost you $99 only.


Recoverit by Wondershare is a robust and competent data recovery solution for computer discs, flash drives, SD cards, and other storage devices. It gives you a sneak peek before you can retrieve the lost files.

Recoverit has a simple three-step data recovery process: select, scan, and preview the retrieved data and restore it. It offers free technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Having a consistent client base of over 5 million users spread out over 160+ countries proves its effectiveness.


1. It shows you a summary of the files that it has restored.

2. Wondershare offers impeccable customer support. 

3. The program is free of viruses.

4. It aids in the recovery of lost images, recordings, emails, and other files.

5.This program works for a PC, hard disc, SD card, USB, and other devices. 

6. Supports more than 1000 different file types.

7. Recoverit offers the use of advanced data recovery technological innovations to restore videos that are buried deep in the storage media.

8. It handles a variety of video file formats efficiently.

9. It can patch several videos at once.

10. It is also capable of retrieving information from a corrupted hard disk.


1. Breakneck processing speed.

2. User-friendly and intuitive interface.

3. Supports almost all forms of storage media, including android and apple products.

4. Offers one of the highest rates of recovery in the industry.

5. Easy three-step data recovery process that requires no pre-requisite knowledge of data recovery solutions. 


1. Different versions for Windows and Mac users.

2. Trial version doesn’t allow users to save the recovered files; it just gives a preview.


1. Plan for individuals start at $59.95 per year, and business plans start at $139.95 per year, providing subscriptions to up to 5 PCs.

Do Your Data

The all-in-one, Windows data recovery program can enable you to retrieve missing data from HDD/SSD, USB hard drive, memory card, digital camera, RAID, and other digital devices. It is swift and safe to use.

 It’s all you’ll need in terms of data recovery services. Trusted by leading tech websites and millions of users, this software guarantees complete user satisfaction.


1. Efficiently recovers data from a hard drive, printer, thumb drive, digital camera, RAID, server, and other storage or digital devices.

2. Also, recovers data from file systems such as NTFS/+, FAT 12/16/32, exFAT, EXT 2/3/4, etc.

3. Can retrieve various deleted or damaged files like images, videos, documents, emails, songs, archives, etc.

4. Has three scanning modes available: quick scan, advanced deep scan, and read-only scan.

5. Very user-friendly interface, requires no prerequisite knowledge about data recovery.

6. Offers useful functionalities like-importing/exporting recovery reports, pause/stop scan option, easy accessibility to recovered files, etc.


1. Supports Raw Recovery.

2. Easy three-step process to recover your lost files.

3. Facilitates complete retrieval of data from hard drives and storage media formatted, reformatted, or deleted.

4. Enables data recovery from even the most severe cases like OS crash, Hard drive crash, software crash, etc. 

5. Boasts a considerably high recovery rate.


1. Free trial only scans for lost data and doesn’t allow you to save the recovered files.

2. No disk image support.


1. The trial version is free but only allows for scans and not saving of recovered files. 

2. For Windows users, the one-year subscription is priced at $69, and the lifetime license costs $89.

3. For Mac users, prices are the same.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill for Windows is a dependable and easy-to-use data recovery program that recovers the data quickly and requires the user’s minimum effort. Users can preview and restore up to 500 MB files with the free trial version of this revamped program.

It is a handy app for recovering files that users permanently erased. The software allows you to browse, scan, preview, and access deleted files from NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

USB sticks, memory sticks, and hard drives are all supported by this software.


1. Disk Drill is a multi-functional data recovery platform that uses advanced detection algorithms allowing users to conduct a variety of scans. The Fast Scan finds recently removed data and typically restores them precisely as they were before removal.

2. Using snippets left on the storage device, a Deep Scan will recreate missing data. This recovery tool has features that can help you boost your data retrieval performance.

3. Disk Drill aids in the Recovery of entire hard disc partitions.

4. It has search features that make it simple to locate media and other files.

5. Almost all file formats can be scanned and recovered by this app.

6. It has a sleek interface that enables you to retrieve your data quickly.


1. User-friendly interface that requires minimum prerequisite knowledge.

2. Provides additional data recovery tools for free.

3. The Recovery Vault feature allows users to select files and folders for augmented security.

4. Effortless file recovery

5. Virtually all disk-based computing systems are supported.

6. Intelligent detection algorithms that can retrieve files that are difficult to locate


1. Trial version only allows lost data recovery up to a limit of 500 MB.


The Pro version – $89 and has no recovery limits.


The backup and Recovery data recovery program from Paragon serves two objectives. It creates backups of files while still assisting with the Recovery of missing or deleted data.

This feature is highly desirable to companies looking for a tech system that combines data backup and Recovery.

The software has data cleaning, disc partitioning, and modular backup algorithms. These functionalities make it simple to manage your storage media and guarantee that your data is safe and easily accessible.


1. For a free download, it has a lot of features. Users can customize their backup requirements based on various factors, including backup style, duration, and retention.

2. When your operating system is no longer functional, you can restore it entirely using the Windows Preinstallation Framework by booting from a Flash drive. Recovery mode allows Mac users to save from a backup.

3. The machine specifications for Paragon Backup and Recovery are relatively minimal, so it should operate on every device running Windows 7 or newer.

4. Backup and Recovery make it possible to restore data to its original position after being backed up. You can also build scenario-depending backups based on your basic needs.

5. You can easily do manual backups and schedule recovery operations for a more stable backup.


1. The simple design and extensive customization choices provide powerful features without losing usability.

2. Users who aren’t familiar with the concept of backing up files can find Paragon Backup and Recovery to be incredibly simple to use.

3. Dual functionality of Backup and Recovery.


1. It doesn’t provide cloud backup.


1. Premium version – $89.33 for individuals.

2. Premium licenses for businesses range from $99 per PC for the Workstation plan to $899 per PC for the Enterprise plan.


Remo Recover is a data recovery application that works on Windows, Mac, and Android computers. The software looks for data that you erased from a storage system of your choosing.

It also operates on infected drives with directories and sectors that are theoretically unsalvageable.

Remo Recover data recovery program can help you restore data from a failed Windows or Mac device, as well as data lost due to OS reinstallation or update, hard drive loss, and other circumstances.

It has an easy 4-step process for quick Recovery of lost files.


1. Suppose you want to rid your machine of any previous viruses. You’ll need a program that will clean your hard drive and get rid of the viruses.

Both of these capabilities are inbuilt in the formatted hard drive recovery program, meaning you won’t have to stress about viruses.

2. The hard drive partition recovery function helps you restore data even if your hard drive has reached the point where damages created RAW partitions. Remo Recover is capable of recognizing more than 300 distinct file formats.

3. The GUI is straightforward to use.

4. It is able to restore lost, incomplete, or deleted files, directories, and programs.

5. It restores data from Mac, Windows, and Android computers.

6. you may recover information from non-booting hard drives, crashing drives, and corrupted drives.

7. Allows a user to restore files with unique file extensions and signatures.


1. Allows the addition of new data types to recoverable files database.

2. Deep scan can retrieve erased partitions.


1. Preview feature is faulty in regards to displaying of documents.

2. There are some persistent issues with the desktop application.


1. Remo Home Edition – $39.97, and the Media Edition for $49.97.

2. Pro version – $99.

R Studio

R-Studio is a professional data recovery software program. Developers created with data recovery experts in mind.

It has gotten more user-friendly over time, and everyone can now use it. The program is available in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions.

Users can recover data from local and removable files and computers connected to a LAN or the Internet using R-Studio.

Thanks to its initial demographic of data recovery experts, the product has several specialized capabilities that might not be essential for most data failure scenarios.


1. R-Studio is a genuine cross-platform approach with several recovery solutions. Any compatible operating system, irrespective of the OS hosting the program, can restore files.

 This feature provides versatility and removes the need to acquire different application versions.

2. Comprehensive and flexible file searching options that makes the search more effective.

3. Supports virtual RAIDs.

4. Enables raw file searches and facilitates disk image creation and processing.

5. Has the file preview function and allows for mass data recovery.


1. Has a very user-friendly graphical user interface which provides for increased accessibility.

2. Contains advanced features missing in other recovery software like- advanced RAID reconstruction modules, very comprehensive text/hexadecimal editor, etc.

3. Provides a very refined and intuitive preview feature.


Trial version only allows the recovery of lost files up to a limit of 256KB.


A customer can purchase an individual license at $49.99.


Recuva is a small and free data recovery program for Windows. It may recover many kinds of files from the hard disc, flashcards, and other backup devices.

The client-friendly GUI of Recuva distinguishes it from most other open-source applications.

It recovers deleted images, audio files, and documentation from many storage media, including removable hard drives, memory cards, and USB flash drives.

The program may also restore information from drives that have been damaged or formatted.


1. Recuva is a comprehensive data recovery suite that includes deep search, data recovery from corrupted discs, data extraction from external devices, and much more.

2. It often uses raw file recovery for severely corrupted or unknown file structures. It works on remote and network drives, even though the partitions have been formatted, destroyed, or removed.

3. You have complete power over data recovery thanks to the adjustable parameter options.

4. Makes use of advanced data recovery algorithm. This helps retrieve files that the tool didn’t identify during a scanning process.

5. A deep scanning functionality is included in the freeware solution to look for missing data signs.

6. The ability to quickly erase files from your device, leaving them unrecoverable with other tech resources, is a good touch.


1. Free version is instrumental, and the Pro version is also affordably priced.

2. Simple to use GUI with good readability and accessibility for average users.

3. Provides an informative preview screen.

4. Securely delete files and render them virtually irretrievable.

5. Facilitates unlimited lost data recovery in the trial version.


1. Has a comparatively weaker performance than paid recovery solutions.


Pro version – $19.95.

What is Data Recovery Software?

Data recovery software is a form of application that allows you to restore data that is damaged, deleted, or is typically unavailable.

This app checks, searches, detects, extracts, and copies data from lost, damaged, and formatted segments within the storage system.

Continuing use of desktops despite signs of degradation, physical harm to hard drives are some prevalent causes of data loss. Data recovery software can retrieve accidentally deleted files as they have access to the hard drive’s primary framework.

Almost all operating systems optimize their processing speed during the deletion or formatting phase. This implies that the operating system does not entirely erase the files by overwriting them.

Instead, it erases the deleted files’ references from the original file system (or builds an updated file system).

Overwriting consumes more computational power and time, which is why an OS would choose deletion of entries over complete removal. As a result, when files are deleted or formatted, they are not erased from the storage drive.

Instead, the files are preserved in an unusable state on the storage medium, ready to be transcoded by new data. When facing such loss scenarios, your best bet is to invest in reliable data recovery software.

They use advanced recovery techniques to retrieve your valuable information. Rest assured that your lost data will be retrieved by efficient software trusted and tried by others before you.

Best for Beginners

Due to the ever-increasing list of data recovery software available in the market, a beginner is supposed to get confused. A newbie or beginner must take care of a few things while selecting the best software for the purpose.

There are some criteria for user-friendly data recovery software, which are listed below:

(i) Make sure to choose a recovery application that has a user-friendly interface.

(ii) Being uncertain about the recovery process, select software that requires minimum effort and knowledge from the user’s end.

(iii) Ensure a good experience by opting for one-click data recovery software.

Some extremely user-friendly data recovery software are:

1. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows:

Stellar Recovery is a renowned data recovery software brand that has been one of the industry’s biggest trendsetters for over 25 years.

It lacks certain innovative features found in other applications, but it has a solid track record of restoring popular file types.

2. MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

MiniTool not only recovers individual files, but it also recovers entire partitions. It’s easy to use, making it suitable for those who are new to data recovery.

Minitool Photo Recovery’s GUI comes with a three-fold data restore mechanism that anyone can use.

3. R-Studio :

R-Studio is a commercial data recovery software program that developers created with data recovery experts in mind. It has gotten more user-friendly over the years, and now everyone can use it.

The program is available in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions.

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