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Businesses interact in various forms and using multiple channels. Customers today expect you to exceed their expectations.

With the right CRM (Customer Relationship) software, you can stay on top of your game.  The software will allow you to connect with customers and ensure that your team remains productive.

If you are on the lookout for the best CRM software, you have come to the right place. This post takes a close look at the 12 best CRM software programs to help you decide which tool to use.

The fact is that CRM software has come a long way. It is no longer confined to basic features and can help you with email marketing and lead generation.

How to Choose Good CRM Software?

When you use the latest CRM software, you will be amazed by its capabilities. However, it can be difficult to choose the right program.

Since each company has different criteria when selecting a CRM solution, it is important to know what to look for. Then, you can focus on the elements that matter the most.

  • Ease of Use: One of the most important elements you need to consider is ease of use. The solution you decide to use should guide you every step of the way.

When you use the CRM software for the first time, you should understand the basics without much effort. The advanced features should be covered by the tool.

  • Contact Management: It plays a huge role in the effectiveness of the CRM software. You need contact management to access all your contacts in one place.

With a powerful contact management interface, you will have no trouble managing people. Stay connected with clients and more using the many features.

  • Customization: The CRM tool you opt for should work according to the needs of the business. It should meet your data requirements, allow app integration, and use company-specific terms.
  • Reporting: The truth is that you need reporting capabilities to measure and better manage the organization. The CRM solution you use should report on every data point, including average values, sales cycle, sales by representatives, and so on.
  • Automation: To increase the efficiency of your workforce, you need to automate the processes. It would help streamline communication and ensure that there are no cracks.

Choose a CRM software application that integrates everything for cross-departmental work.


ActiveCampaign is an award-winning customer experience automation program. It helps businesses engage with clients across the globe.

If you are on the lookout for the best CRM software, you do not need to look any further as ActiveCampaign has got you covered. Businesses of all sizes can use the platform for accessing pre-built automation for improved chat, messaging, social, and more.

Offering over 300 integrations, including Salesforce, Facebook, Square, and Shopify, you can never go wrong with ActiveCampaign. Its competitive pricing policy has made it the most popular option.

The main idea behind ActiveCampaign is to provide excellent customer experience. It goes beyond traditional marketing touchpoints. 

Delivering a high-touch, personalized experience from the very first step, you can use it to take your business to the next level. The best thing about the tool is that it grows as your business grows.

When you use ActiveCampaign, you will be able to add customer segments, locations, teams, and channels. It takes away much of the complexity that comes with managing relationships.


1. Reporting and Analytics: Use basic reporting and web analytics for better management.  

2. Email Marketing: Build and personalize emails, send outbound emails, and automate email responses.

3. Online Marketing: Create landing pages and forms.


1. Offers extremely powerful automation.

2. Thorough reporting allows you to identify just about everything.

3. Free migrations which help you switch from every email marketing software program.


1. Not the perfect tool for beginners as it is more of an advanced tool.

2. Regular maintenance is required for optimizing campaigns.


1. Starting plan $9 a month.

2. Professional plan $129 a month.

3. Enterprise plan $229 a month.

NetHunt CRM

Another excellent CRM tool that you can use is NetHunt CRM. It is designed for Gmail users as it helps manage all your email campaigns, reports, tasks, deals, and contacts directly from the inbox.

HR managers who spend most of their time on Gmail can turn to NetHunt CRM to manage just about everything. Forget about switching between different apps as the tool takes care of everything.

Once you have created an account, you will get to use the web app or a Gmail extension. The tool will integrate apps, import data, and allow you to access your settings.

From settings, you get to decide where the features should appear. The customizable dashboard will display the functions, deal progress, tasks, and activities.

There is a deals list which will show you everything. You can create a contact record and add details as desired.

LinkedIn users who need to search for prospects can turn to creating contacts while viewing profiles. Then, the contacts created would be enriched with a variety of details, including position, company, phone, email, and social.


1. Salesforce Automation: With Salesforce automation, you get to ensure desktop integration, contact and account management, and product and price list management.   

2. Marketing Automation: The software assists with lead management and email marketing.

3. Customer Support: Use the customer support portal for gaining knowledge about your target audience and case management.


1. The ultimate CRM tool that every sales company needs.

2. It offers a constant reminder reminding you about pending issues.

3. Better segregation of customer personas and functionalities.


1. Requires some time to get the hang of it.

2. Limited options when it comes to folders.


1. The basic plan costs $24 a month for each user.

2. The business plan costs $48 a month for each user.

3. The advanced plan costs $99 a month for each user.

Freshworks CRM

Created to provide the next-gen customer engagement solution, Freshworks CRM is the only platform you need to use for CRM. It helps deliver personalized experiences and eliminates internal silos.

This AI-powered tool will encourage the sales professionals to better understand customers by taking advantage of customer insights. From Salesforce automation to chat support, it handles just about everything.

The CRM sales cloud provides the ultimate end-to-end solution to sales teams for attracting leads and engaging in conversations. Drive deals and nurture relationships with this powerful tool. 

The built-in chat, phone, and email support will empower your sales team to spend more time making sales. Once you start using the tool, you will notice an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Get insights about the hottest deals and take necessary action. The tool predicts revenue using sales forecasting and more.

Take your business forward by ensuring powerful pipeline management. Marketing teams can utilize the software for delivering a personalized experience to customers.

Improve every touchpoint across the lifecycle by using insights into customer behavior. Automate conversions and nurture customers with a powerful campaign. 


1. Salesforce Automation: Use opportunity and pipeline management along with other Salesforce automation features for the best experience.

2. Marketing Automation: Lead management and campaign management just got a whole lot easier with the tool.

3. Reporting and Analytics: Handles reporting and forecasting to help identify trends and improve performance.


1. Allows for the on-boarding process to be fully automated.

2. A ton of app integrations.

3. Set sequences to ensure that it is a lot easier to follow up with clients.


1. There could be improvement in the proposal generation.

2. The visual composer is not as efficient.


1. Growth plan – $29 a month for each user.

2. Pro plan – $69 a month for each user.

3. Enterprise plan – $125 a month for each user.

4. FOREST plan – $79 a month for each user.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is the ultimate all-in-one CRM tool that you need to use for sales and marketing automation. It provides a single platform that you can use for performing just about every task.

Offering some of the best capabilities, including helpdesk, two-way emails, web analytics, marketing automation, and sales tracking, it is extremely powerful. The best thing about the tool is that it offers a simple and modern interface. 

Small and medium size enterprises can rejoice knowing that everything will be taken care of by the tool. This fully integrated CRM is just what you need for your business. Agile CRM is the best software out there.

Its effective drag-drop editor, customer retention process, and marketing automation capabilities make it stand out. Now, you will be able to convert more website visitors than ever before with the tool.

From nurturing to boosting leads, you will be impressed with the capabilities of Agile CRM. You can use it to enable multi-channel communication and more.

Monitor customer behavior and stay ahead of the pack. You will be amazed to know what you can do. 


1. Salesforce Automation: Use task and activity management along with territory and quota management for complete Salesforce automation. 

2. Marketing Automation: The email marketing and campaign management features will ensure marketing automation. 

3. Customer Support: The dedicated customer support portal will help you up to your customer support game.


1. A major benefit of using Agile CRM is that it helps streamline customer data.

2. With Agile CRM, you get to speed up marketing and sales protocols for improving customer experience.

3. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to improve the efficiency of the marketing department.


It is not the perfect option for those that have limited experience using similar software.


1. Starter plan – $14.99 a month.

2. Regular plan – $49.99 a month.

3. Enterprise plan – $79.99 a month.


Zendesk is the modern CRM software that you need in your life. It boasts a high customer satisfaction rate and agent productivity levels.  

Access all the customer interactions on the software using its dynamic interface. A great thing about the software is that if offers a ton of features such as full customer history, pre-defined ticket responses, and web widgets.

The best thing about Zendesk is that it claims to help you get up and running in no time. You can expect quick results when you use the tool.  

Improve customer relationships like never before with Zendesk. The software is extremely flexible.

Meet the needs of your customers with the tool. It offers the best of the best.

The fact is that Zendesk is an economical and scalable solution that you can use to take your business to new heights. Now, you can keep your communication lines open using the tool as it is your best option.

Even your newest technical staff should be able to use the interface as it is super easy to use. Moreover, it supports all the major platforms. 


1. Interactive Dashboard: The interactive dashboard is super fun to use. It allows easy access to everything.

2. Ticket and Case Management: Use ticket creation user experience capabilities for providing your customers with a better experience.

3. Self-Service: The knowledge base offered by Zendesk allow for a self-service experience.


1. The solid ticket management options available make Zendesk a great option.

2. Amazing integration options.

3. Now, explore the tool for bringing dashboards and customizable reports to your fingertips.


1. Users need to pay a higher price to access the best features.

2. It does not provide enterprise features like asset management.


1. The foundational support plan starts at $19 a month.

2. Users have to contact Zendesk for other plans.


Are you on the lookout for easy-to-use CRM software? Then, you need to give Pipedrive a try.

The platform provides amazing flexibility. Forget about distracting apps as the platform takes care of everything.

The user interface offered by Pipedrive is simply the best. You can arrange all your menu items on the platform.

The expandable menu helps with every activity. The mailbox feature allows you to connect your email provider to ensure that emails are sent directly to the platform for better tracking.

In addition to the above, Pipedrive allows you to sync your Google or Outlook Calendar for managing meetings and a busy schedule. Create a link for sending contacts using the tool.

Smart Contact Data is a handy feature that you can use for pulling data from social media. You can even make calls directly from the app by purchasing call credits.

There are also sales-related add-ons that you can use, such as Web Visitors and Lead Booster. Use prospecting capabilities, forms, chatbots, and chat features for improving your performance.

Identify your visitors using the tool and provide them the best experience. You can also use premade Workflow Automation templates for just about every task.


1. Alerts and Escalation: Set alerts for better management.  

2. Automated Routing: It allows you to automate mundane tasks.

3. Interaction Tracking: Keep track of every customer interaction.

4. Knowledge Base Management: Boost self-service performance with knowledge base management.


1. Provides deal-driven workflow and intuitive interface.

2. Email and mobile apps synchronization.

3. Helps small businesses stay on top of the game.


1. There is no separation between a list of contacts and new leads.


1. Essential tier – $12.50 a month for each user.

2. Advanced tier – $24.90 a month for each user.

3. Enterprise tier – $99 a month for each user. is a popular CRM software program that teams can use to collaborate and grow. Previously known as Dapulse, it has come a long way.

Organize and keep track of work with the tool. It is the ultimate CRM and project management app out there.

The highly customizable spreadsheets offered by help you to simplify work. Each team can use the software for seeing active tasks and progress.

Pass work from one individual to another using the tool. The modern interface is super easy to use, and it helps take care of all the work.   

As is a program that is created to ensure that you do not have to look elsewhere, you can use the app for everything. This powerful resource management tool can assist with planning and executing projects.

The flexibility offered by is unrivaled. You can customize the workflows any way you want.

The powerful productivity features, including integrations, timeline views, dependencies, automated notifications, and time-tracking make it a must-use tool. Achieve better results using the tool.


1. Capacity Management: It allows you to ensure that you are always able to complete the job.

2. Collaboration Tools: Manage a remote team and boost productivity levels with the collaboration tools.

3. Forecasting: Predict the future with the forecasting capabilities.

4. Skills Tracking: Stay alert about which skills are required before there is a lack of the desired skilled employees.


1. The modern user interface is a real beauty.

2. The highly customizable capabilities allow you to customize just about everything.

3. The in-app automation is simply out of this world.


The 14-day trial is not enough for learning about the app.


It is important to note that the platform does not charge per person.

1. Team plan – $49 a month for up to 5 individuals.

2. Enterprise plan – $199 for up to 16 individuals.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a tool that needs no introduction. Chances are that you have already heard of it.

Considered to be the most innovative CRM platform out there, it aims to empower small businesses. The best thing about the platform is that it offers a free model that you can add features to as required.

No matter whether you are working on your or have a huge sales force, you can turn to HubSpot to handle everything. The CRM software is perfect for companies that do not want to waste time logging data.

Store all your contacts in a customizable, centralized database using the tool. Use the database for gaining insight into your leads from just one place.

Forget about digging through the inbox to find information, as the software is extremely powerful. You will be surprised with its efficiency.


1. Client Tracking: The advanced client tracking capabilities enable you to provide clients with the best experience.  

2. Forecasting: Predict customer behavior and target new leads through forecasting.

3. Scheduling: Schedule just about every task using the tool.


1. Provides an outstanding workable free version.

2. Excellent email integration features.

3. An intuitive user interface for staying on top of your game.


1. Pricing can quickly add up if you require premium features.


Besides the free plan, the following paid plans are offered.

1. Marketing hub plan – $50 to $3,200 a month.

2. Sales hub plan – $50 to $1,200 a month.

3. HubSpot CMS plan – $300 a month.

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM does exactly what it means. It provides you with an easy-to-use CRM tool that you can use for managing your business.

If you are a small business owner, you can use Less Annoying CRM for simplifying all the work. Manage your to-do list, calendar, nodes, leads, and contacts with this simple web app.

Based on exceptional customer service, affordability, and simplicity, the CRM tool helps eliminate the learning curve. The moment you sign up, you should be able to use the tool without any issues.

As the platform is very simple, it does not take a lot of time for you to learn how to use it. Moreover, you do not have to waste money on training your team.

Hit the ground running by adding all your contacts and importing them to the system. Even if you are not tech-savvy, the tool is not that difficult to use.

A great thing about the solution is that it offers a 30-day free trial that will help you get an idea about what to expect from the tool. Besides, the platform offers incredible customer service that you can turn to whenever you experience any trouble.


1. Customization: Customize every single thing on the platform for the best experience.  

2. Marketing Automation: Automate lead management, email marketing, and content creation with the tool.

3. Customer Support: Utilize the knowledge base and customer support portal for improving customer support.


1. The newly designed interface is just as intuitive.

2. The tool does a great job at mobile website implementations.

3. Browse through a variety of help and support options.


The basic reporting features are not as powerful.


There is only one low price that you need to pay. It is about $15 a month for each user.


Streak is an excellent CRM solution that allows for complete integration with Gmail. It works with other G Suite apps.

Track all your business processes such as deal flow, hiring, support, partnerships, sales, and more with the tool. Streak also provides email tools that let you track emails.

Created for start-ups and SMEs, it is the perfect tool that you need to use for the perfect CRM experience. As it is rather lightweight, you should have no trouble using it.

Once you have created an account on Streak, you will be able to start using its features. It will simplify your life.

If you are tired of switching from one platform to the next and want to make sure that you rely on a single platform, it is just for you. Streak takes care of everything just for you.

Users will have no trouble using Streak. It does a great job in helping break-down the process.


1. Email Marketing: Take advantage of email templates and automation to send emails.

2. Internal Chat Integration: It helps boost team productivity and eliminates silos.

3. Social Media Integration: Access social media from just one place. You will be amazed with the social media capabilities. 


1. An extremely easy-to-use software program that helps finish work.

2. Streak is extremely powerful. It will allow you to do just about everything. 

3. Add different labels to conversations and track important conversations with the tool.

4. It boasts a supportive customer team.


1. The tool can be rather slow at times.

2. There are times when the sync experiences issues.


1. Professional plan – $49 a month.

2. Premium plan – $99 a month.


Salesforce is the perfect project management tool. It provides you with a 360-degree view of everything.

Managing relationships with clients, partners, suppliers, and prospects just got a whole lot easier with the software. Win bids, minimize disruptions and customize the software in accordance with your requirements.

Reduce your workload with the application. It is very easy to use, and there is no need for training.

Optimize project schedules, budget, and make decisions using insights based on the real-time data. The best thing about Salesforce is that it not just a CRM solution.

Companies can use Salesforce to measure their performance. The main perk of using the platform is analytics and amazing user interface.

Salesforce is widely known for its innovative features. It continues to deliver on all fronts.

Establish a solid foundation for your organization with Salesforce. It will not disappoint you at the very least.   

To help you get a better idea about what the software has to offer, you need to read on.


1. Comprehensive Business Ecosystem: The platform provides a business ecosystem that just about every business can use, regardless of the industry.

2. Easy Import: Salesforce lets you quickly import data from a variety of apps, including Excel spreadsheets, Google Calendar, and Gmail.

3. Powerful Integrations: Use powerful integrations to maximize productivity and reduce disruptions.

4. Built-In Management: Take your management to the next level with built-in management features. Once you implement the work, you can assign tasks and manage permissions.


1. A variety of customizations.

2. Amazon social collaboration options.

3. Solid performance and excellent workflow.


1. It requires a steep learning curve.


1. Essential plan – $25 a month for each user.

2. Professional plan – $75 a month for each user.

3. Enterprise plan – $150 a month for each user.

Zoho CRM

Finally, Zoho CRM is a tool that you might already know. It is easily one of the most well-known CRM software applications for SMEs.

Offering about 45 SaaS products, you can rely on Zoho CRM for just about everything. The company has introduced powerful applications, including Zoho Social, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Expense, and Zoho Office Suite.

Starting out back in 2005, Zoho CRM is an extremely competitive software company. Its competitive features are available for an affordable price.

The full CRM suite houses all the features that you need to manage everything. Once you start using Zoho CRM, you would never want to use any other platform.

Known for its capabilities, the platform will allow you to compete with major players even if you are a small business owner. This sets it apart from other applications.

Zoho CRM has been created to help small businesses take advantage of technology. You should have no trouble learning how to use the platform.

Creating an account on Zoho CRM means that you get to streamline all your work. The following details will help explain more about the platform.


1. Workflow Automation: Automate every mundane task to ensure smooth workflow.

2. Process Management: Review and manage every process with just a click.

3. Mobile Features: Use Zoho CRM on the go.


1. It is absolutely free for about10 users.

2. Amazing features available.

3. Powerful email marketing capabilities.

4. Gamification modules.


1. ZIA voice assistant requires some improvement.


1. Standard plan – $12 a month for each user. 

2. Professional plan – $20 a month for each user. 

3. Enterprise plan – $35 a month for each user. 

What is CRM Software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software tool that is designed to help organizations provide customers with the best experience. It helps businesses establish better relationships, boost customer loyalty, and increase sales.

When you use a CRM tool, you get to access a complete picture of all the customer interactions and keep track of sales. In addition to this, it enables you to organize and prioritize opportunities as well as facilitates collaboration between teams.  

With CRM software, you can take your CRM strategy to the next level. The software helps collect customer data and analyzes it to ensure that you offer better services to customers.

To better understand what CRM is, it makes sense to understand its history. Starting out as handwritten notes, it has come a long way.

The CRM solutions of today assist with just about everything, from marketing automation to customer service. They provide a database for your business to find patterns and improve.

The truth is that a CRM system has become a necessity to compete in just about every industry. It provides a platform for businesses to connect different departments and organize activities.

One needs to consider cloud computing and SaaS when talking about CRM software. The two systems work together to provide the CRM platforms with amazing capabilities.

As CRM software programs are cloud-based, you get to scale them as your business grows. The platform allows remote work and more.

Every business needs to take the leap of faith and use a CRM tool. It could help catapult the company to new heights.

Why You Need CRM Software?

When it comes to CRM software, the only thing you need to do is dive all in. It offers a ton of benefits. You will be amazed to know what CRM software can do for you.

It is important that you stay ahead of the pack with the right solution. The following reasons highlight the importance of CRM software. 

1. Boost Sales

According to a Tech News World report, more than half of all businesses (54%) are expected to improve their sales with CRM.

A major advantage of using a CRM solution is that it helps boost sales. The tool will help you identify and nurture quality leads.

Follow up with the leads and identify ways to increase revenue using the multitude of features. The CRM solution will also show you the prospects that are not worth the effort. 

Reduce the sales cycle and guide leads to increase conversion. Always remember that happy customers take less time to make a purchase.

2. Efficient Business Process

Another benefit of using CRM software is efficient business process. The latest solution will help ensure that your team is highly productive. 

It would define and create efficient processes for the company. By using a CRM tool, you can rest assured that the processes would meet the best standards.

As the tool would simplify and streamline the processes, your team would be able to focus on other important tasks. Mundane tasks would be automated to boost efficiency levels.

3. Tactical Decision-Making

Next, the capabilities offered by CRM help with tactical decision-making. The data offered by CRM can be used for making better decisions. 

Keep an eye on market trends and make better decisions using the detailed reports provided by the platform. You can use these reports for guiding the team and improving their performance.

Getting a CRM offers great ROI, so it is an awesome investment too. 

4. Compliance and Data Security 

When you use CRM software, you can count on it to protect all your customer data. It will keep everything safe. 

As countries are passing strict laws for maintaining data privacy, companies need to ensure compliance. This is where CRM solutions truly shine.

5. Mobile Accessibility

Finally, CRM software offers mobile accessibility. It allows for remote work. 

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