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Best CMMS Software Fiix UpKeep Hippo Dude Solutions MaintainX MicroMain Emaint Maintenance Connection Fracttal FMX Limble,How To Choose Good CMMS Software? What is CMMS Software? Benefits of Using CMMS Software

If you are an entrepreneur or working in a business, you must be using any software. For instance, MS Word. There is much other software to perform a multitude of business operations and maintenance tasks on multiple channels.

Working in an entrepreneurial environment, you have to get things going at a steady rate. In fact, employees are performing a multitude of tasks simultaneously.

They have to keep a keen eye on many things such as projections, assets or resources, reports, operations, inventory management, and other resource management chores. Switching between various channels can result in a lot of time wasted. I can tell you would be resonating with the problem.

Luckily, indeed the above-mentioned problem has a solution, that too in the shape of software. There is software with a centralized mechanism. It provides a one-stop management platform for a business. We are thriving in the third decade of the 20th century.

Do you have such software, or are you aware of it? You would be surprised to know that it has been in use for the past six decades. Around 53% of the facilities use it globally.


FIIX is a cloud-based maintenance system. It assists the maintenance departments to be the best at the backlog and ensure preventive maintenance.

FIIX comes along with an app that has a user-friendly interface just like the system. It aids its setup and updates automation. All users are able to access the FIIX app. The FIIX comes with compatibility with MAC and Windows Operating System.

It has very flexible scheduling systems, high adaptability databases and tables, ready-to-use templates, and active customer support.


QR Coding:  The feature allows the workers to perform swift and efficient asset tagging.  Further, it ensures that any asset can be easily located in the shortest period.

FIIX App: FIIX has its own app available on both the IOS App Store and Google Play store. App is accessible by workers in the field. It ensures active coordination and asset maintenance among the team. FIIX  operates in portable devices such as tablets and phones.

Convenient Subscription: The packages are easy to understand and register. This, in turn, leads to easy billing.


  1. FIIX has a very user-friendly interface.
  2. It has an open architecture that provides ease in asset entry.
  3. Work orders are easy to generate.
  4. Flexibility in Interface and mechanisms.
  5. Provides a great onboarding experience.
  6. FIIX provides very facilitating customer service.


  1. Lacks the “Save and Create another Asset” option in the app.
  2. Asset codes and model numbers are not visible on the asset list.


Free: Limited to only three users.

Basic: $45 per user and per month. For smaller maintenance teams.

Professional: $75 per user and per month. A powerful maintenance system with solutions for large teams. It is powered by AI analytics.

Enterprise: It comes with custom pricing. Comes with AI reporting and a deeply integrated system.


Upkeep is ranked on the number 1 mobile maintenance and asset management solution. It comes with a desktop interface as well.

Upkeep provides an intuitive approach. It provides the right fit for the business. Therefore, it makes it flexible and popular among business executives.

Upkeep is quite famous in the industry for two main reasons. These are remarkable functionality and accountability. It provides a fruitful and tailored functionality level. In addition, it ensures accountability as well.  Upkeep makes sure that the task is reassured through a required signature.


Extensive Monitoring:  allows you to monitor your portfolio both at the micro and macro level.

Tailored Approach Facility: feature allows you to fashion yourself an approach that suits your working framework. It increases flexibility as well.

Ease of Access: Upkeep is accessible everywhere. You can reach your desired asset anywhere and on any device. It would not limit you to your workplace. Furthermore, makes reporting and monitoring easy as well.


  1. Supportive in nature due to its flexibility.
  2. A cloud-based task manager provides the right level of functionality for your business.
  3. Comes with a wide range of free features. 
  4. Customizable work orders are available to generate.


  1. Glitches and recurring work orders are prevalent.
  2. Updating PMs and creating POs is still challenging to do.


Free: A seven-day trial. Comes with work order management, asset management, and checklist templates.

Starter: $35 per month. Comes with work order management, preventive maintenance, and asset management. Ideal for small businesses.

Professional: $60 per month. Comes with additional features such as a request portal. Ideal for medium-sized businesses.

Business: $100 per month. Comes with additional features such as time and cost tracking, advanced reporting, and API access.


Hippo is a web-based maintenance solution that prioritizes accessibility and data safety. The software comes with comprehensive dashboards.

It also educates the technicians. Further, shows how intuitive Hippo CMMS is. Hippo provides systematic guidance, associated materials and parts, digital schematics and images, and interactive floor maps. Departments can formulate preventive maintenance schedules with meter and time-based PMs.


Customizable Inventory Tracking Levels:  indicates the flexibility of the Hippo. It provides custom par levels for effective inventory tracking systems.

Automated Data Generation: feature provides auto-generated reports along with multiple KPIs and graphical data.

Asset Sorting: Hippo allows you to sort your assets in terms of their value and productivity rate. It can also track the flow of money.


  1. Easy and intuitive user interface.
  2. It can track downtime.
  3. Hippo is free of complexity and unnecessary modules and graphics. Hippo believes that such extra things halt work and increase complexity.
  4. Designed for users with strong ROI.
  5. Asset tracking is unbelievably easy and swift.
  6. Provides effective floor plans.


  1. Mass editing and uploading are difficult.
  2. As Hippo is cloud-based, it requires a strong Wi-Fi network or mobile signals at the site. Particularly, it is a drawback, and it might bring added cost.


Starter $39 per user and per month. It comes with preventive maintenance, reports, insights, and equipment management.

Plus $69 per user and per month. It brings features in addition to the starter pack. Some additional features are Incentive floor maps and plans, custom UI, Hippo mobile app, and maintenance request portal.

Pro $99 per month and per user. Again, it brings features in addition to the plus pack. Some additional features are API access, email to a maintenance request, E-signature for work orders and work order templates.

Dude Solutions

Dude Solutions is a robust suite of management and maintenance solutions. It is designed to enhance operations, processes and foster collaboration.

It provides complete control to users over their organizations and business.

Dude Solutions also allows its users to generate rich reports. In addition, ensures operational monitoring and improves the workflows. It also works in collaboration with financial and procurement systems. In this way, it increases the scope of your software.


Custom Priority Setting: It is a great feature that increases the efficiency of the system. The software does this by putting tasks at priority levels. Further, saves time and runs on a set schedule.

Custom Report Designer: The report feature allows users to generate reports that are custom-tailored to the needs of the stakeholders. For instance, the auditors.

Asset Lifespan Expansion: Dude Solutions does it by the use of maintenance and predictive tools. The Dude solutions also encourage a data-driven approach. This differentiates it from other such software. You can gain access to smarter insights with the help of Dude Solutions.


  1. Provides innovative features such as Capital Forecasting and Role configuration.
  2. It improves the scheduling processes. It provides a set of tools for production scheduling.
  3. Comes with an app compatible with both Android and IOS.
  4. Creates the right channels for workflow management.
  5. Provides additional workflow services.
  6. Dude Solutions is compatible with ERP systems, IIot Devices, and internal enterprise applications.


  1. KPIs do not bring historical data.
  2. It provides limited tech options.
  3. Asset details are not visible for Asset work orders.


It does not publically release pricing information. Contact them directly for a quote. Comes on annual subscriptions. They have an Enterprise level that is commonly used.


Here comes another software, which is quite popular in its utility. It is the mobile-first CMMS. It educates the factory frontline workers about their jobs and tasks. They can access it anytime and anywhere.  Providing them a sense of ownership.


Comprehensive Reporting dashboards: Maintain X dashboards are comprehensive. They provide the one-stop destination for all the users. It saves a lot of time and increases efficiency and productivity.

Ease of Accessibility through Maintain X App:  Ease of access by the Maintain X improves coordination of the workers in the field. It also keeps everyone in the loop. In this way, it enhances communication. It has proved to be a useful channel for coordination.

Provides a Seamless Transition: Software provides a smooth and seamless transition between the app and the desktop. Feature of reporting, filtering, and scheduling abilities are helpful.


  1. Ease of Functionality in creating work orders for users and staff.
  2. It can create repeat work orders for backup and preventive maintenance protocol.
  3. Scalability is high in Maintain X.
  4. Images and documents are easy to add.
  5. Compatible with many devices.  It increases the rate of utility.


  1. Lack of inventory capability.
  2. The mobile app does not come with slick ability.
  3. Filtration is hard in reports.


Basic: Free of cost and is ideal for small teams and startups.

Essential: $8.33 per user and per month. It is great for small businesses. Comes with a wide range of unlimited features.

Premium: $32.50 per user and per month.  Premium is the most popular package by Maintain X. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Enterprise: $115 per month and perusers. Enterprise is ideal for large companies with plants or sites. It comes with all the features of Maintain X.


Micro Main has been giving business solutions since 1991. It has been in the game for so long now. The Micro Main provides a very business intelligent system. 

We are talking about the most powerful and flexible software available. There is ease in usage and provides robust features such as predictive and preventive maintenance, assets inspection, and parts inventory.

Micro Main is best for health care, education, recreation, property management, and other public sectors.


Predictive Maintenance: monitors enterprise and equipment with built-in data analysis. It provides tools for integrated third-party applications to streamline preventive maintenance and management efforts.

Equipment Breakdown Reporting: The breakdown feature allows you to access historical records for equipment and performance statistics. In addition, it also generates new kinds of reports using equipment information. Further, in turn, it identifies the underlying issues.

Compliance Auditing:  great feature ensures the compliance of track maintenance documentation with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and ISO set standards.


  1. Provides outstanding customer support for its users.
  2. Provides great service for upgrade and merge.
  3. Micro Main provides unmatched technical support as well.
  4. Provides customization in field naming.
  5. Exporting data to spreadsheets is very easy.
  6. Work and order prioritizing are quite helpful for the users.


  1. Hard to track orders.
  2. Implementation is complex and takes time.
  3. Large data takes excessively long for uploading.


Micro Main does not provide the pricing details of its software. You can directly get in touch with Micro Main. The client will receive a quote that would be according to their requirements.

However, we do have the basics for you. Their packages start at $89 per admin license and $39 per technician license.


Here comes the award-winning solution software. E Maint is from the Fluke Family. Many experts consider it best in the game.

It comes with an adaptive user interface. The interface empowers the users to reach and link data for insights. Further, it can also link teams for streamlined processes and operations. In addition, it can also link systems for extended ROI. 


Optimal Asset Management: Provides maximum return on asset performance.

E Maint Asset Enterprise Management Module: Alerting mechanism notifies preventive maintenance chores and works order flows in times of preventive maintenance chores. It also takes into account the assets that cross the predefined critical thresholds.

Effectual Inventory Management: E Maint’s Inventory management and purchasing module allows companies to manage and track the assets in inventory. In addition, it will enable you to catalog the components.

Some additional features are automated email notifications and barcode scanning.


  1. E Maint adds value by the feature of asset visualization.
  2. It has the innovative feature of the E-procurement Punchout Catalog.
  3. Provides great customer and technical support to its users.
  4. Users can reach a dedicated implementation specialist by E-Maint for guidance.


  1. It has limited capability of the electronic signature.
  2. Navigation of E Maint is not much intuitive.


It does not come with a “one size fits all approach.” E- Maint has multiple packages, and further details can be received by contacting E-Maint. It has the following range of packages.

Free Trial: Limited for only seven days.

Team Edition: $33 per user and per month. It is a three-user package.

Professional Edition: $85 per user and per month. For more than three users.

Enterprise Edition: $120 per month and per user. It is great for five or more users.

Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection, better known as Accruents Maintenance Connection, is one of the finest maintenance mechanisms used. Accurents connection is a web-based Saas application.

It is designed for convenient real-time maintenance and management of your organizational assets.

The most common sectors using the Maintenance Connection are energy sectors, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, recreational, and some government fields. It is widely acclaimed in its utility and efficiency.


Asset Tracking and Status Reporting: Maintenance connection provides real-time access and tracking of assets. Further, it makes it convenient to locate any category of equipment.

In this way, all the assets are just one click away. It also provides the facility of status reporting. You monitor and check the progress of any maintenance task at any time.

Automation in Scheduling: Automation is the most assisting feature a maintenance software has. Automation feature just acts like a real-time or virtual assistant. The smart feature generates commands and alerts for tasks well according to the set schedule.

Some additional features are asset lifecycle management, preventive maintenance, mobile integration, and customizable reporting.


  1. Provides the cross-platform search.
  2. Versatility and multiple functionalities.
  3. Maintenance Connection provides unmatched customer and technical support.
  4. Simpler SQL options can help you create sophisticated reports.
  5. Less on-screen clutter and visually appealing UI.
  6. History trail displays problematic assets immediately and issues an alert as well.
  7. Project assigning is much easier to relevant technicians.


  1. Training sessions need improvements.
  2. Script running is complicated.
  3. It does not cater to non-cloud users.
  4. Some users have reported that it is compatible with certain search engines.


Maintenance Connection does not release pricing information publically. You have to contact them for a quote.


Fracttal is one of the leading soft wares in the market. In addition, it is also one of the very few 100% mobile maintenance soft wares available.

It covers all the aspects of maintenance management. It can allot tasks, KPIs and report directly to the relevant technicians.

Fracttal plays a crucial role in the human resource management of the organization as well.


Calibration Management: It is a unique feature that Fracttal provides. Instrumental calibration and maintenance requirements are crucial in industrial assets and data.

100% Mobile: It is such comprehensive software. Many people would think that it will work limited on a mobile phone. However, Fracttal has changed the perspective. It is a 100% mobile CMMS and performs all the tasks on the mobile app.


  1. Provides versatility and ease of navigation.
  2. Intuitive in nature.
  3. Integrated APIs increase the flexibility of the software.
  4. Compatible with all the operating systems.
  5. Asset details are easy to update.


  1. Initialization takes a long time.
  2. Does not work offline. It is one of the biggest drawbacks of Fracttal.
  3. You cannot save user reports.


Another great thing about Fracttal is the pricing strategy. It provides a wide range of packages that cater to a wide range of fields. Pricing strategy sets it apart from other soft wares. Let us take a look at the packages.

One System Administrator per account:  $40 per month and per user.

View Only User: $5 per month and per user.

Technician Package: $15 per month and per user.

Manager/Engineering/Warehouse: $25 per month and per user

In addition to these, there are feature packs as well:

Basic: Free

Standard: $25 per month

Professional: $75 per month

Enterprise: $175 per month


FMX is a configuration work order software. It helps businesses to streamline their daily processes and operations. This, in turn, increases asset productivity. In addition, it turns the actionable results into meaningful results.


Calibration Management: Instrumental calibration and maintenance requirements are crucial in industrial assets and data. In fact, the feature adds value.

One-Stop System: It provides a comprehensive and collective dashboard with multiple high-utility features. Next, the set of features includes tech support reports, building maintenance requests, calendaring. Indeed this is useful because it enhances navigation.

Moreover, some additional features are facility scheduling, inspection management, inventory control, fixed asset management, and dispatch management.


  1. Training kits and sessions are very engaging and enriching.
  2. It provides a one-stop solution platform.
  3. Easy to use portal by FMX
  4. The schedule traffic request option is very useful.
  5. More streamlined processes.


  1. The inspection feature does not create work orders for canceled or failed inspections.
  2. The setting up process is complicated.
  3. Does not come with floor plan options.
  4. You cannot label the fields.
  5. Report sessions are missing in lists and logs.


FMX does not provide any pricing information publically. So, you can directly connect with FMX for a quote.

Limble CMMS

Limble is widely known software that simplifies operational flows. The device works effectually on both desktops and mobile app. In addition, the mobile app provides troubleshooting for the employees working remotely or onsite.

This indicates the high utility of the Limble. Working is powered by CMMS analytics as well. Furthermore,  makes the functionality of the Limble high.


Mobile App Maintenance: This feature provides an ease to the employees working remotely. It also allows them to diagnose and address the concerns for onsite assets. Limble effective app is available both on Android and IOS. It is also compatible with various devices.

Preventive maintenance: It allows the module to automate preventive scheduling to users. In fact, automatically sets in the calendar platform, sends email, and even notifies as well.

Reports & Dashboards: It allows the users to see the progress and look for insights.


  1. Provides efficient vendor management.
  2. Works in multiple languages.
  3. Effective ticketing of the work orders.
  4. Authentic tracking and reporting facility.
  5. Round-the-clock customer support.
  6. Provides quick QR scanning.


  1. Scheduling of the service tickets cannot be performed.
  2. The app is slow in nature which leads to frustration.


Following is the price strategy of Limble.

By Asset:   $1 per asset and per month

Starter$25 per month and per user

Professional $35 per month and per user

Enterprise$65 per month and per user.

How To Choose Good CMMS Software?

I suggest you that while choosing it do not think that you are choosing a software. Instead, think that you are choosing a solution. There are many such soft wares available in the market. All are distinct in their features. However, they come with their own perks and benefits.

Specifically, keep the following key factors in mind while keenly choosing the right software.


You would find a wide range of packages with different pricing. It would depend on your requirements and the scope of your business. There are free soft wares as well. However, most of this free software is a hoax. Let me tell you a cardinal rule related to the decisions made on pricing.

The rule is that “free does not mean efficient” and “expensive does not mean effective.” Most of the free software is very limited. In fact, many of the free offered ones are just trial packs in real. Look at the features and benefits it offers.

If the benefits are worth the price, go for it. In addition, keep your needs in mind. Plus, consider the maintenance costs of the software as well.


Look at the updated capacity of the software. The technology and trends keep on changing. Hence, it is essential that the software is updated regularly. The ability to adapt to the varying trends can determine the scalability of the software.

Look for Maintenance Services & Customer Support

I cannot stress much on it. Therefore, look for publishers who offer long-term, reachable and reasonable customer and maintenance support. In fact, some even offer free lifetime customer support.

On the other hand, you must look at the response period as well. In addition, you cannot put your inventory at risk. If your software crashes, timely customer support must be reachable.

Finally, you must consider all these factors. Besides this, I must tell you another great way. You can ask for feedback from the existing users of the software.

Look for word of mouth from your industry connections. It takes precedence over many factors. In addition, consult experts as well. Further, discuss with your team.

Maintenance software brings many benefits. So, let me share a few with you.

What is CMMS Software?

First introduced in the 1960s, maintenance software has been assisting millions of business set-ups in their daily operations. In fact, maintenance mechanism has now evolved into software in almost five decades.

A computerized Maintenance Management System provides a centralized pool or a platform with all the asset and equipment maintenance information and mechanisms.

The vision behind maintenance software is that it optimizes the utilization and availability of resources such as assets, vehicles, technical equipment, and technological equipment. In addition, it works for effective inventory management.

Moreover, many tech experts also call it CMMIS, which stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Information System.

Truly, there is no industry left in the world where it is not in use. It is more prevalent in industries where physical manufacturing is involved. Furthermore, it is used to the core in the oil and gas industry, power sector, transport, and construction industry. Hence, it shows how widespread its application and scope are.

Earlier, it was not the case. When it gained momentum in the early decades, it was more prevalent in smaller and mid-size businesses in 1980. Later on, the decade of the 1990s was a lucky one for CMMS. The reason is that computers became more affordable and accessible.

After that, in the early 2000s, Intranets and web-based connectivity brought a revolution in these mechanisms. Consequently, its usage skyrocketed.

Therefore, companies are now coming up with their CMMS. They are offering software in the market with value addition. By 2025 furthermore, its market share will reach a value of $1.5 billion.

I am always amazed by the way how this software is so comprehensive.

Suppose we talk about the nucleus of software, of course, the database. The data and analytics power the CMMS through a data model.  The database classifies the information about the physical assets and equipment accordingly.

Benefits of Using CMMS Software

In the year 2017, 78% of the companies globally reported improvements after using the software to manage their assets and enhance equipment life. So, it shows how beneficial the software is for any business. Let us see in what ways it adds value.

Asset Visibility

It allows the managers to reach a certain asset along with all the details attached. Employees can keep a keen eye on the assets.

Compliance Management

It makes the audits less complex. It allows creating bespoke reports according to the requirements of the auditor.

Workflow Visibility

It provides us with dashboards and visibilities. Such features give the advantage to view or assess the statuses in real-time. In addition, it also makes it easier to detect problems.

Preventive Maintenance

Analytical data allows the maintenance operations to go in a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach. In this way, we gain an effective asset management strategy.

The data can provide real-time insights about assets and processes. In addition, it even keeps preventive measures and alerts the system. It happens in case of any asset failure or underperformance.

Streamlining of processes means that all the stakeholders involved can check the inventory, assets, and orders. Hence, we gain transparency. Access to details is widespread. Consequently, it improves coordination in the field with the operational centers. 

Further, brings optimization in resource distribution and utilization.


usage involves the automation of tasks such as shift scheduling, information compilation. Automation is for audits, restocking MROs, and other administrative tasks. In addition, it brings benefits such as time-saving, error-free working, improved productivity, and focused team maintenance.

Health & Safety at Workplace

In accordance with compliance management, the software offers efficient reporting for health and safety concerns at the workplace.

Prioritization of health and safety reduces risk at work and makes a workplace safer. It also offers investigative services for analyzing defects and incidents at work.

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