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Best Business Process Management Software Process Street Pipefy Pmg ProcessMaker Kissflow Quixy Ninox Appian Creatio Nintex Comindware Tracker,How To Choose Good Business Process Management Software? What is Business Process Management Software (BPM)? Benefits of Using Business Process Management Software

Increasing competitiveness and ever-changing technologies make it very difficult to monitor and control various business processes. Business Process Management Software utilizes CRM systems to boost and optimize project management. 

The goal of Business Management Software is to increase overall efficiency in managing businesses.

There may be different business processes with their purposes, but they operate to produce profit and are thus interdependent. BPM apps can assist in their smooth running.

When running a company, you need to understand that buyers are constantly evolving – now faster than ever.

The independent use of BPM cannot constantly adjust or incorporate them with other business processes to such rapid shifts in customer-focused processes.

Software systems combining CRM and BPM applications are now sought-after to handle all business activities within an enterprise (including those managing customer contacts).

How To Choose Good Business Process Management Software?

It is necessary to realize how important it is to choose a suitable Business Process Management Softwaremodel for your company.

Selecting the suitable model will allow tremendous improvement in your company’s performance, but a wrong model may turn out to be more harmful than helpful.

To choose good software, you need to consider a few things before making your final decision. Here is the list for it.

Understanding your company’s needs

Before choosing the tool, you need to consider your organization’s goals. Analyze what resources you have and what problems you want to solve using a BPM tool.

Does your company want to enhance its processing speed, or does it want to reduce errors or provide more visibility or automate more processes?

The list is long and may take some time before you fully understand your needs. 

Communication and involving everyone to give their ideas on it will help make this process faster.


There are hundreds of different Business Process Management Software available in the market, and some of them have complicated pricing options based on varying features.

The most common price available is $50-$100 per user per month. 

Although some software is unnecessarily expensive and may not be beneficial for your business if you have a small budget and less database, do proper research, compare different models, and choose the one that fits your company’s needs.


A user-friendly interface will help to implement your business process faster. The more intuitive it gets, the lesser time your employees will take to produce results.

Ability to integrate

Without proper integration, you might end up doing a lot of manual work, transferring data between systems, and that will make your shift to an automation tool completely useless.

So it is essential that you choose a Business Process Management Software with good integration support and offers you core tools like API access or webhooks.

Who is going to use it?

It would be best to consider who will use the software, whether it be a business analyst or a familiar employee from the marketing team.

The technical proficiency of your employees will help you choose your platform. Some software platforms require programmers to handle it, and there is no code software that anyone can use.

Process Street

Process Street is a standard Business Process Management software that allows you to set deadlines, create logical checklists, assign tasks, and automate workflow.

It allows you a simple and efficient way to manage your team’s workflow and collaborate with them.

 Users can use it to connect to 1000+ other platforms and collect data using over 10 form fields. Tools like Zapier, webhooks, and API integration makes Process Street one of the best BPM software.

 It smooths out all your business operations and manages all your projects from one single platform. This BPM software uses real-time insights and tracks your daily progress to analyze and improve your performance.

It makes it super easy to store and collect information and pass it through your company whenever needed. Process Street is a pre-made, user-friendly interface that provides you with professional business procedure templates.


1. Procedure Documents- User-friendly interface helps you design organized documents using intuitive keyboards and other shortcuts.

2. Integrative Workflows- Creates checklists to ensure smooth workflow.

3. Conditional Reasoning- Uses logic to attune checklists to the ever-changing needs of your team.

4. Organise Approvals- Arranges tasks that need authorization.

5. Zapier Integration- Connects to 1000+ apps and syncs them to Process Street.

6. Data Forms- Collects data in structured formats and shares it with other apps.

7. Media Content- Provides audio and visual aid to make your content-rich.

8. Schedule Checklists- Schedules daily, weekly, and monthly work checklists and saves you time.


1. Intuitive and easy to learn, even for beginners!

2. Seemingly limitless and versatile tools.

3. Responsive support team

4. Time saving and value for money


1. Limited add-on features while editing templates

2. Tricky cancellation procedure


1. Basic Plan- $12.50 per user, per month

2. Standard Plan- $25 per user, per month


Pipefy is a secure no-code workflow management platform that enables requesters, processors, and managers to be more effective in business processes– such as buying, onboarding, and hiring.

Pipefy improves speed, visibility and provides better quality performance without IT implementation. 

It saves you hours of work and helps you tackle each project from scratch by building repeatable process management workflows. As you complete each task, deadlines and checklists are automatically updated.

Managers all across the globe use Pipefy to manage and run businesses efficiently. Pipefy has all the tools needed to improve agility and deliver higher quality outcomes.

 It brings your customers and your company tea on the same platform, allowing more collaborative decisions to take place.


1. Pipe connections– integrate your company’s operation using end-to-end pipe connections and collaborate with other teams using tools like CRM, ERP, or HRIS.

2. Due date tracking– Customers and vendors can use Pipefy shareable forms and portals to keep track of their requests with no trouble and accuracy.

3. Customisation and Flexibility– Using operational management principles, Pipefy provides flexible and extensible solutions in a platform that is easy to use.

4. Email templates- Email templates can save you manual labor and time and send automatic emails to send updates to your customers.

5. Pipefy portals– Simple and intuitive portals help stakeholders collaborate with your team and make easy requests.

6. Public forms– Increases visibility and helps you see all requests in one single place. It enables you to customize recommendations according to your business standards.


1. Intuitive set up which is easy to manage. 

2. User-oriented and has a sound support system

3. Easy to cross-connect databases and pipes


1. Missing basic features and presence of bugs.

2. cannot serve as a communication tool between employees. 


1. Starter- Free

2. Business- $18 user per month

3. Enterprise- $30 user per month


PMG produces results that can be easily generated and managed as the business processes change over time and incorporate data in real-time for reports, dashboards.

Precast connector kits and standardized connector actions enable incorporating existing business processes to be quickly configured to allow quick implementations.

The low-code software of PMG allows the development of solutions by non-developers, and IT developers also profit from setup speed.

A low code layout and no-code design are employed in the PMG platform to provide speedy actions, fill up operational holes in emerging technologies and allow integration. 

PMG is critically scalable for many IT businesses to use custom code when necessary and simplify potential product updates.


1. Portals & Dashboards- Easy to configure portals and customized dashboards for good-quality UX

2. Data forms- This lets you create and edit forms to collect data and manage with ease.

3. Connectors- Connectors licensed to be integrated with company applications through configurable measures

4. API access- API allows external systems to operate and manage business processes.

5. Reports – There is no need to write codes and SLQ queries to create personalized reports.

6. Workflow Designer- manageable workflow designer to configure tasks.


1. Speedy deployment

2. User friendly and easy to operate 

3. Secure and safe platform for businesses and IT

4. Fast updates as per requirements

5. Flexible and caters to each organization’s unique needs


1. Expensive and costs more than other popular BPMs


1.Personal- Free

2. Business- $2000 

3. Enterprise- $5000


ProcessMaker provides a BPM and workflow system for enterprise organizations that can be delivered remotely across the cloud or implemented in the local region.

It combines an innovative desktop UI with mobile applications to achieve improved productivity by building, managing, reporting, and optimizing business processes.

The product’s core feature set includes a drag and drop BPMN 2.0 process designer for diagramming operations, events, and gateways.

The data flow between processes and users is organized by ProcessMaker so that organizations achieve their maximum potential.

ProcessMaker is a significant force in workflow, BPM, and low-code with offices in the United States, South America, and Europe.


1. Form designer- Elegant forms can be designed to collect and display data.

2.Process modeler-  Move tasks and decision points on the modeling canvas and create business processes with the help of forms and data connectors.

3. Email- This feature allows decisions to be approved or rejected directly via emails.

4. Dashboards- Powerful dashboards are needed to ensure that business objectives are being met. It creates charts and reports on filtered search topics.

5. BAM- business monitoring activity provides Service Level Agreement(SLA) alerts that notifies the user when a specific business task has been completed.

6. Process Validation Engine- provides business analysts with fast and easy methods to validate their designs to check whether they have created infinity logic loops syntax errors.


1. Powerful workflow component

2. Value for money services

3. Allows easy tracking of your workflow


1. Lack of more languages

2. Navigation problems


1. Standard- $1495 per month

2. Enterprise- $2479 per month


Kissflow helps managers track the cash flow level, position sales orders, and monitor the related information in real-time through automatic alerts. 

It allows administrators to check and register vendor data and evaluate results based on policy enforcement, credibility, product efficiency, timeliness of delivery, and more.

Companies can upgrade personal details on the self-service site and obtain the latest updates on orders or overdue payments.

Kissflow Workflow is a no-code management platform that allows everyone to develop an automated process, a project board, navigate a case flow, and collaborate on work topics in one knowledgeable and conveniently integrated platform.

It has raised the bar for Business Process Management. It allows you to create your ideal business process in straightforward steps.


1. Process optimization- Scrutinises each process extensively to search for gridlocks and bottlenecks in operation systems.

2. Code-free workflow- This lets you automate any kind of business proceeding without any programming skills.

3. SLA Manager- Ensures that Service Level Agreements or commitments made between your client and you are monitored and executed consistently.

4. Scalability- Helps you grow your business with the help of multiple support teams.

5. Fast integration- Tools like Zapier lets you integrate your business with third-party systems and collaborate better.

6. Instant access- Increases your workflows’ efficiency and speed by letting you access data from multiple devices.


1. User-friendly interface

2. Great integration with tools like Zapier

3. Flexible workflows, and you can customize APIs


1. Lack of variety in email formats

2. One might struggle with the deployment of large and complicated workflows


1. Starter- $390 per month includes 20 users

2. Professional- $690 per month includes 50 users

3. Enterprise- $1500 per month includes 100 users


Quixy is an award-winning no-code, Business Process Management interface. It is a cloud-based, user-friendly digital workplace that enables enterprise users with no coding abilities to make any number of business applications using easy drag and drop technology quicker than conventional ways. 

Thus improving business operations’ performance, visibility, and productivity. Quixy also includes cloud storage, software designer and provides adequate security to your data that is scalable on a global level.


1. Electronic Signature- Helps you generate contracts by including e-signatures in your templates.

2. Visual Workflow Management-  Assists you to organize and visualize your business processes.

3. No-Code- This allows you to custom-create complete applications without the need for any coding or programming.

4. Drag and drop- Drag and drop uses sequential orders, and multiple steps can be executed parallelly.

5. Integration friendly- It creates a link between multiple apps, and tasks get automated.

6. Form Creation and Design- Collects and displays data and provides easy access to it.


1 Let you build comprehensive HRMS which are flexible and customizable.

2. You can test before publishing your application.

3. Fast and easy procedures to set up your business process.


1. You have to build everything from scratch. 


1. Platform- $10 per month

2.Solution- $500 per year


Ninox helps you build custom-based Mac, iPhone, iPad, and web browsers using cloud technology. It makes use of inbuilt templates, scripting, and custom actions to connect more than one database. 

It effortlessly handles enormous amounts of data and creates reports visualizing that data. One does not need to worry about starting from scratch.

Ninox provides you with customizable templates for diverse scenarios. 

It will help you create a business process that suits your workflow, for example, customer relationship management(CRM), invoicing, or real-estate management.

The solution helps create database applications with features such as built-in templates, custom actions, scripting, and templates for drag and drop. The information can be stored in the cloud or on-site. 

Users can use Ninox’s APIs to exchange table views, retrieve individual files, incorporate barcode scanners, and send automatic emails. Import data in Excel and CSV formats. 

Ninox helps users to create templates to input data that can be used to handle client interactions, project management, account management, and timesheets. Other solution features include role-based access management and device-wide real-time data synchronization.

 The solution also offers automatic backup results. There is also a native iOS app.


1.Scripting- Automates the execution of your business proceedings

2.Custom Forms- Manage your products with ease using customizable forms.

3.User access control- Protects your data from getting misused and unauthorized access.

4. Infinite databases- Supports your data and allows unlimited data migration.

5. Offline access- Business process data can be downloaded and accessed without the internet.

6. Backups- Secures your data by backing it up in cloud-based systems so that you do not lose valuable information.


1. Fairly easy to set up.

2. Less time-consuming

3. Flexible


1. Not enough separation between design and client use

2. No function to import images with batch setups to match with records in your database.


Ninox Cloud- $8.33 per month


Appian simplifies your work to turn your ideas into powerful business applications. It is a low-code BPMS that allows you to create integrated applications for any business or enterprise type.

This platform can be used on any device to create custom-made applications. Its quick app tools enable you to create personalized apps in just three steps- naming, configuring, and sharing.

With the power of intelligent automation and speed provided by its low-code built, you operated in one trustable unified cloud-based platform.

Users can also use Appian to automate their business proceedings. It helps you manage and monitor more efficiently. With just a few clicks, its creative integration system allows your business to connect with several apps.


1. Mobile Development- You can manage your business using smartphones with the help of Appian.

2.API availability- Strong integration tool, which allows interaction between multiple software.

3.Collaborative workspace-  Integration facilities allow you to collaborate with other application 

4.Real-time monitoring- Keeps track and record of your overall work activity and performance.

5.PCI DSS compliance- Complies with PCI DSS standards which allows you to pay securely using credit cards.


1.Multiple integration points

2.Easy to use interface

3.Good customer and support service


1. Fundamental User Interface(UI)

2. Lacking monitoring capabilities

3. Fewer options to customize the user interface


1.Application edition- $75 per month per user

2.Enterprise edition- $150 per month per user


Operating in 17 different languages, Creatio works with hundreds of partners in 110 countries. It is a highly recognized platform among crucial industry analysts.

This BPM platform is a process-driven, cloud-oriented software. It will help you create a business process that collaborates with marketing, sales, and customer services.

CRM and BPM fade into each other to automate services and promise outstanding customer service. Any size business can use this platform for marketing efficiently and driving sales processes using innovative visual tools and features.

Creation helps you carry out your goals with speed and without spending too much capital. Innovation helps everyone automate their businesses in just a few minutes.


1. 360° customer view- It is a collection of data from your customers. It includes their contact details and data on all their previous and current purchases. It helps you monitor their social media behavior and all customer service interactions.

2.Email-marketing and event management- Sends commercial emails to potential and current customers. This feature uses emails to promote your business through advertisements and increases your brand’s loyalty among your customers.

3.Project management- Helps you achieve all your business goals and success criteria within time constraints.

4. CRM- Interacts with customers using analytic data methods. It helps you manage data collected from your customers, your sales and comes up with valuable insights.


  1. Cost-effective and value for money.

2. Fully integrated system to merge marketing, sales, and services for collaborative decision-making.

3.Short learning curve allows users to get used to the platform work faster.


1.Tricky email integration with Outlook

2. Fewer Artificial Intelligence solutions


$25 per month


Nintex provides you with digital solutions to change and streamline any manual work with Nintex Workflow. It allows you to automate business workflow fully and efficiently connects employees and shareholders.

Nintex Workflow Cloud can take these capabilities and centralize multi-platform accessibility, and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Market users and IT experts will establish comprehensive workflows covering various SaaS-based structures using drag and drop software rather than complex coding. 

The new Workflow Cloud designer provides an intuitive design platform linked to a wider variety of common web platforms and software.

Nintex forms are designed to allow content types, metadata, geolocation tags, bar codes, and picture attachments via handling Nintex Workflow.

Furthermore, the Nintex suite includes Nintex Forms and Document Creation. The above links intelligent information sources directly to workflows to simplify and speed up processing. 


1. Dashboard notification- Includes interactive dashboard notifications which provide you with an in-depth analysis of your everyday workflow.

2. Personalised navigation- Helps you create personalized applications for users to navigate and explore.

3. Digital forms- Gain data using web forms from clients and vendors to meet their needs.

4. E-signature- Sign contracts using e-signature templates

5. Robotic Process Automation- Use Artificial Intelligence to configure business processes.

6. K2 Software- Enables you to connect to any line of the business system virtually. No code is required. 


1. Easy to use the tool because of its low-code feature.

2. It has good customer service and support.

3. MS Sharepoint allows you to integrate different platforms using this system easily.


1. It has relatively expensive pricingoptions.


1. Standard-  $875 per month for unlimited users

2. Enterprise- $1350 per month for unlimited users

Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker does not require you to have any prerequisite knowledge about code or programming to connect your business to your clients and vendors. To support your business and help it grow, it has

  • a full range of compliance
  • mitigation strategies
  • customer request management
  • and performance monitoring capabilities

Comindware’s web-based workflow tools automate and optimize company processes. There is no requirement for workflow IT resources. 

With its drag-and-drop features, business users can change workflows, forms, and data whenever they want or change in needs. Comindware Tracker works best for mid to large businesses that require automation and optimization.


1.Access control- Permits to access selective resources as per your choice.

2. real-time Access status reports- Checklists to allow you to see the quality of work and see your progress.

3. Alerts and escalation- Highlights essential issues and allows you to solve problems.

4.Easy design web-forms-  Simple templates to design forms and connect to your clients.


1.Drag-drop features save you a lot of time

2.Well-designed user interface

3.Excellent collaboration facilities


1.Cannot compare cost and work involved.

2.No Risk Management services available


$9.99 per month

What is Business Process Management Software (BPM)?

 Business Process Management deals with running your business in the most labor-saving and cost-effective way attainable. This specific class of software allows you to handle and construct any business process that impacts your customer. 

It helps you to design, manage, monitor, and execute your daily processes. This kind of software looks out for any congestions in business activities and solves them.

Companies have started using different softwareto improve and optimize various processes, enabling better decision-making and increased productivity. 

Four primary methods used by Business Process Management Software 

Modeling- Itgives shape to your work processes and calculates the time and cost of executing those actions.

Managing- it allows you a better understanding of your business proceedings, data collected during those processes, and the productivity of people who have participated in those processes.

Automating- Gone are the days when you used sticky notes and did everything manually. Business Process Management Software allows our business model to change from a manual one to an electronic one. 

Automating your business processes rules out the possibility of human error and gives new agility to your business, and helps it grow in today’s fast-paced digital market.

Optimization- The tool helps your employees to learn how to run the business more efficiently, reduce cost, handle data and make fewer errors.

Benefits of Using Business Process Management Software

Business Process Management Softwareallows you to develop business processes with a clear sense of knowledge and understanding. Usage of the strategy provides your users more consistency and reliably completes business tasks. 

Managers can easily plan and operate as per requirement. Itincreases your productivity by collaborating business processes with client demands. Some benefits of Business Process Management Softwareare outlined below.

Improvement in Productivity

Thisenables tasks and business processes that are repetitive to be automated. It saves you a lot of time and money by removing hiccups like bottlenecks and cutting down chances of human errors. 

Allows your business to operate in full swing with greater process efficiency. 

Business Agility

BPMSprovides the flexibility to adapt to new regulations, market demands, and working changes. Provides quick responses for your company to remain competitive and agile. 

No loss of Business Knowledge

one can document and record maps of each workflow. It provides a reliable way to archive a company’s business knowledge. Change in the workforce won’t result in the loss of this knowledge. 

The stored information can also be used to train new employees in the future.

Policy Compliance

Unnecessary complications and fines related to industry policy and regulations can be avoided. Thetoolstores and records detailed workflow and provides greater security against frauds and thefts.

Customer Focused

Demands of customers and stakeholders can be met with faster and customizable solutions as the tool focuses on customer satisfaction.

Centralized Platform

Many BPMS collaborate with other systems like CRMs and ERPs to create an open platform for the entire company. This facilitates better collaboration between in-company departments.

Best for Beginners

After going through the 11 Best Business Process Management Softwares in the global market, we have handpicked a few BPMS best suitable for the growth of small businesses that have just started. 

Small businesses may not have much capital to invest in expensive software and hire too many experienced data analysts.

This is why they need a business process management tool that is economical and can be used by beginners and other employees in your company. 

We have chosen the best BPMS brands based on solid features, good company reputation, affordability, and cutting-edge technologies that suit your small businesses the most.

These brands have proven their commitment to helping small businesses grow into large ones out of the best business process management software in current times.


Kissflow offers a mix of drag and drops features that integrate your business with more than 45 applications already installed in it.

It helps you create a flawless form and complete workflows starting from training new employees, setting up a budget, recording transactions between buyers and sellers. 

Within seconds approval of workflows can be requested. It also allows you to ask questions and clear out doubts. 

You can manage your work from anywhere as Kissflow can be used from any device. It eliminates useless steps and creates a systematic workflow with the help of diagram tools. 

Your workflows can be secured and configured to be hidden or readable, or partially visible. Kissflow also provides you with a free trial.


Nintex comes up with a wide range of solutions for project management and automatic actions. Nintex’s recent addition Foxtrot Robot process Automation and e-signature features can handle easy to complicated workflow and automaton of content. 

Secure digital transactions and management can be achieved through its cloud-based technology. RPA uses bots, and even non-technical, and beginners can solve complex transactions in a remarkable amount of less time.

Its powerful integration tools can allow your business to avail itself to span out to multiple branches and places.

Nintex increases accountability and generates more productivity at work. The automation process becomes very easy for companies who have just started with Nintex’s custom forms and fields, RPA technology.


The famous Kanban framework influences this business process management software. Pipefy refers to each process as a pipe and implements agile decision-making, and allows full transparency. 

Pipefy facilitates the graphic development, deployment, and management of primary or complex internal processes and procedures without coding experience.

An analytical method allows them to calculate and optimize the outcomes of the operations.

With alerts and other response triggers, the process stages are moved through the final step’s graphic panels. This feature ensures that you can comply with and maintain SLAs. 

You produce reports to see how the method or teams work. This can be quickly adapted to give you an insight into the things you need to develop or draw in with your following projects.

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