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What is Backup Software?

Backup software is software that stores all your files and data in a safe place. The safe place is generally in the cloud. The data you store in the cloud can be accessed anytime you want, and it’s a secure place where you can store the data.

The data should be safe, and you should be able to recover it with backup software.

There are different types of backup software. Some of them will be helpful to take the data backup from your computer, whereas some of them will help you to take the data backup from your server.

Here, we are talking about all the backup software. Depending on your need, you can get the software that matches your requirement. You can have your home files backup, or you can also have your business files backup. 

In case of business backup, the software will back up your business data. It’s usually a scheduled run where the software will take the backup regularly once a week or day, depending on what you select. It integrates with your service (CRM) and takes the backup directly from there.

Thereafter, you can surely have peace of mind as your data is safe. The software team constantly monitors their servers to ensure that your data is safe and you can recover it with ease.

This was all about what backup software is. Now that you know about the backup software, you will have to ensure that you select the best one.

Acronis Cyber

The first tool that you can go with is Acronis Cyber. It’s one of the oldest backup software that you can use. They provide both Home and Business backup.

There are three different products that you can go with. One of them is fr the service provider, which will save the data in the cloud. The next one is for the business, which is also known as Cyber Protection. The last product will cover the home backup. You can surely have any of them as per your choice.


  1. Easy integration to all the APIs.
  2. Disaster management is the best.
  3. They have constant monitoring, which will make sure that your data is safe and secure.
  4. Flexible platform.
  5. Easy dashboard to control all the things.

The feature might vary depending on the product you choose to go with. These are the common features that you will have.


  1. They have great licensing terms.
  2. You are keeping your data safe as there are many disaster recovery features.
  3. Ransomware free.
  4. Supports many apps for business.
  5. Free trial to test.


  1. The home version is missing some of the features.
  2. Less third-party cloud backup integration.


  1. The basic plan starts at $69 for 1 year.
  2. You can go with a Standard server plan that costs $499 per year.
  3. The virtual host will cost you roughly $610 for a 1-year subscription.


The next backup software that you can go with is OwnBackup. As the name says, it’s a backup and recovery tool that allows you to take the backup of your files.

The software is for the people who are using Salesforce. If you are using it and you want to backup all your Salesforce data, you can surely use OwnBackup.

This tool will quickly take the data backup as per your schedule. As you might have guessed, you can surely schedule your data backup time. The overall features provided here are less as compared to other software.

However, there is very little software that allows you to take the backup directly from Salesforce. So, you are at an advantage here.


  1. Backup log.
  2. You can schedule all the backups. The software will take all the backup directly as per your scheduled time.
  3. Continuous backup option.
  4. Works great with Salesforce.


  1. Reliable software that you can use.
  2. You can easily recover all your Salesforce data.
  3. Scheduling is just another boon you will get here.
  4. Daily backup option.


  1. One of the biggest disadvantages it has is the sandbox mode. You will have to disable all the workflow, and then you will have to update the metadata of the sandbox every time you update. This is a bit annoying.
  2. The recovery process might get tidy sometimes. However, it’s great once you know the tool very well.


  1. Enterprise plan will cost you $2.75 per salesforce user per month. The minimum contract size is $500.
  2. $3.45 for an unlimited plan where the minimum contract size is still the same.
  3. Governance plus is where you will get 25 years of retention with a $6.25 per user charge per month. The minimum contract size is $1000.


Carbonite is a great tool you can use if you are running a small business and don’t want to worry about your data.

You can keep all your data safe in the cloud with the help of Carbonite, which is an Open Text Company. It’s a popular company that has many products to have a look at.

They have in-house antivirus (WebRoot). All your files will be protected by the same antivirus. The good thing is that there is no extra cost for the same.


  1. Automatic cloud backup.
  2. WebRoot antivirus included with no additional cost.
  3. External hard disk backup is for extra safety.
  4. Lighting fast scan with antivirus.
  5. You can access your files remotely with this.


  1. UI is easy to use.
  2. Preferred by Small Businesses due to many reasons.
  3. Free antivirus is included for every plan, which is a great thing.
  4. Unlimited storage.
  5. Trusted company.
  6. The pricing is affordable.


  1. Sometimes, the backup is too slow. You will start feeling annoying by this.
  2. Not supported in mobile devices. The software is different in Windows and Mac. When you switch, it will take some time to figure out the differences, and then you can use it.


  1. For home products, the plan starts at $6 per month, which is extremely affordable.
  2. For businesses, you will have to pay at least $24 per month, which will cover the basic computer backup, which includes ransom recovery too.
  3. The third plan for business starts at $36 a month.
  4. You can surely go with other business solutions depending on your needs.


You can surely use Backblaze to ensure your backup are safe and secure. It allows you to have cloud storage where you can backup your personal or business data.

It’s a cloud server where you can also distribute your content globally. Further, it has various support for different apps. You will surely find your business platform here. In this way, you can take the backup of your data with few clicks.


  1. Content delivery with CDN partners.
  2. Unlimited cloud storage. You can upload as much data as you want with almost no restrictions.
  3. Media management with ease.
  4. You can take Veam backup, NAS backup, computer backup, etc.


  1. Easy integration
  2. You will get many options for backup.
  3. Many other products such as CDN.
  4. Super affordable. The pricing is the same for a home plan as well as for a business plan. So, you can go with any of them as per your choice.


  1. Limited features.
  2. Lacks some of the integrations.
  3. There are fewer differences between home and business plans. A business plan should have more features.


  1. $6 per month.
  2. You can go with the annual plan, and it will cost you the price of only 10 months. You can pay $60 and get the annual plan.
  3. A two-year plan will cost you $110.
  4. The pricing is the same for a personal and business plan.


If you are looking for backup software with easy UI, you have arrived at your solution. You can surely go with Veeam backup and replication software.

You can directly download the software, and it will start your backup work. All the data is stored in the cloud. It allows you to scale up as much as you need.

Veeam is easily integrated with many apps and software. As you might have read in the previous one, Backblaze allows you to take the backups directly in your Veeam.

It’s useful for VM too.


  1. It’s a simple software you can use.
  2. You will get more than 50 integrations that will allow you to grab the backup from anywhere.
  3. Automation features are awesome.
  4. As it stored your data in the cloud, you can easily scale it up as per your need and to a huge extent.


  1. The user interface is great.
  2. You will find all the information you will need on a single page. You don’t need to mess around in the software to find your feature.
  3. 50+ integrations are available where you can easily integrate any app or service with the backup software.
  4. Security is at its peak. You will get ransomware prevention as well as all the other security that you will need.
  5. Supports VM.


  1. Pricing is not clearly shown.
  2. Expensive for medium businesses.


  1. You can surely download the free trial to test.
  2. They allow you to customize the pricing as per your need.
  3. It’s roughly $42.50 for one VM per year.


If you are looking for a simple and managed backup service, you should have a look at MSP360. As the same says, it will allow you to take the backup from anywhere and store it in your cloud.

You can surely take the backup from AES, Backblaze, etc., and store it here. You don’t need to worry about the management as this is a managed service.

They will manage all the things for you. Of course, the price is more as compared to the normal backup software.

The software is recommended for people who want to minimize their work or they don’t want to get into any technical things. Here, you can leave everything on the company.


  1. Web-based console with centralized management to manage your backup.
  2. A quick report about storage, billing, etc.
  3. You can use remote installation and job deployment too.
  4. APIs are also available to integrate other apps or services which are not on the list or not supported by default.
  5. There is a separate workstation backup that will help you to backup your data from the workstation, including SQL server backup.


  1. Fully managed.
  2. Even though it’s a managed service, you will have access to all the places.
  3. Remote access with installation and deployment.
  4. Custom API.
  5. Supports VM.


  1. A bit complex for newbies.
  2. Expensive


  1. There is a free trial available.
  2. The price is not directly given. You will get the price as per your configuration details.


Druva offers Endpoint backup that can easily backup the data from anywhere without impacting the productivity of the user.

You can directly connect it with a personal computer or mobile device. As you might have noticed, there is very little software that allows you to manage things directly from mobile. Here, you will get that.


  1. Invisible backup when the Windows is idle.
  2. Global source available for deduplication.
  3. Their backup model is awesome.
  4. Endpoint data management will protect your data from ransom as well as from all the OS migration and similar stuff.
  5. You will get DLP with the remote wipe feature. DLP stands for Data Wipe Protection.
  6. Security is great, and you will get an easy management option.


  1. Easy options for management.
  2. Does most of the work itself.
  3. Also available for the government.
  4. Pricing plans are unique. You will have to pay separately.


  1. Some of the basic features are missing, which are important for small businesses.


  1. Free trial available.
  2. It will cost you $8 for the basic plan.
  3. If you want to go with the advanced plan, it will cost you $10.
  4. The last plan will cost you $15.

Please note that the above pricing is only for Endpoints. You will have to pay more if you want o get other things too.

Solarwinds MSP

SolarWinds MSP is yet another interesting backup software that is easy to use and will give you the features that you want.

They have got physical and virtual and virtual servers where you can back up your data.

Solarwinds MSP offers many products that you can go with. Backup is one of their software. Here, they have cloud servers where they will store your data. It’s not a managed service.

It’s recommended for MSP or internal IT services teams that need the cloud data backup and recovery system.


  1. Server backup
  2. Bare metal recovery
  3. Recovery testing is the new feature that they recently introduced.
  4. You will have faster backups.
  5. Secure
  6. You can also backup your business documents and workstation.
  7. Easy console.


  1. The backup software is extremely easy to use. You won’t find it hard to know about the features.
  2. Supports bare metal recovery.
  3. Different recovery methods are available for different types of disasters.


  1. Not secure enough. There was a breach in the company a few years back. They have upgraded their systems, but it’s worth keeping in mind while you pay a huge sum of money.
  2. Talking about money, it’s way too expensive for businesses.


  1. You can try it for free with no credit card required.
  2. The pricing is not directly stated on the website. You will have to contact them to know about the pricing and other details. You can surely contact them and get the pricing of the software else, and you can surely try the free trial.


Nakivo is a leading VMware backup solution available for people. You can surely use replication to protect your data.

If you are using virtualization or any agile IT infrastructure, you will need vSphere data protection. Nakivo’s software provides all these things that you are looking for.

They have an advanced disaster recovery system that will protect your data. It will also automate the recovery is not just one location but across multiple sites. This is a unique thing that is offered by Nakivo.

It’s one of the best backup software you can use for VMware. You will find very few options available if you are using a virtual machine. So, you can surely go with this backup software. Have a look at the features, pros, and cons before you make your final choice.


  1. The features are advanced, but the usage is simple.
  2. Better RTOs and RPOs.
  3. The speed of the backup is great. They are constantly working on it to make it better.
  4. It will save your cost as all the solutions will help you solve all the tools.


  1. Deploy the app directly on NAS.
  2. It will do the work for you while you can have a piece of mind.
  3. Works on Java and Linux.


  1. Sometimes, integrity is an issue for some people.
  2. Backup fails to recover on the first try (happens only sometimes).


  1. The pricing starts at $25 a year.
  2. You can surely try out the software as there is a free version available.


Now, if you are looking for simple yet powerful backup software and don’t want to go with the above-mentioned ones, we have got one more tool for you. The software you can go with is BackupRadar.

It’s a global leader in backup and monitoring. It will allow you to integrate the software with any of your favorite tools, including Veeam, MSP360, and Solarwinds MSP. There are many other tools you can integrate your software with. However, these are the ones that are on our list.


  1. It supports more than 300 integrations.
  2. You can easily manage all the backups with a simple and easy-to-use UI.
  3. Intelligent de-duplication.
  4. Custom branding is a great thing you will get here.
  5. You can customize the thresholds and define the policies yourself.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. There are a lot of customization features available in this software.
  3. You can use custom branding.
  4. There is a rapid search to find the right backup that you want to recover.


  1. The backup software is Very Expensive.
  2. There is no option for the people who want to monitor less than 50 servers.


  1. It will cost you $99 per month if you go with the annual plan. It can monitor up to 50 servers a month.
  2. You can increase the number of servers by 50, and it will cost you $139.
  3. In the same way, you can go with different plans depending on the number of servers you want to backup.


AOMEI is a data insurance leader. They have many tools that play s around with the data. You can surely browse through all their products if you have got some time.

However, in this list, we are going to focus on their backup software. The name of the software is Backuppper. It’s one of the software using which you can take the backup, clone, or sync the data.

It provides unlimited storage. You can save as much data as you want with no restrictions. That’s a huge thing for software like this.

There are three products available here that you can go with. All of them are for backup purposes. It’s mostly suited for computers only and not for the services.

You can either go with Backupper, Centralized Backupper, or you can also go with the OneKey Recovery. All these have different features as well as you can choose from two versions. You can either go home or go with the business version. 


  1. You will get free unlimited cloud storage.
  2. You will get iPhone backup manager. This is not given in many of the tools. So, if you are using iPhone, you can surely use this.
  3. Centralized backup.
  4. Recovery is pretty fast. You can even clone the system.
  5. It is stable, secure, and reliable.


  1. Simple to use the software.
  2. Unlimited storage space is another good feature.
  3. Made for Windows.


  1. Limited features.
  2. Not recommended for businesses who use any services or apps as there is no integration available here.


  1. The personal edition will cost you $49.95, which allows lifetime upgrades.
  2. The workstation will cost you $59.95, which also has lifetime upgrades.

How to Choose Good Backup Software?

Choosing good backup software is not hard if you know what you are looking for. The main thing that you need to understand is what type of backup software you are looking for.

Know the Requirements

All the backup software is not the same. Some software is made for individuals, whereas some tools are made for the service provider. You need to understand your requirement first.

Once you know about your requirement, you are all set to browse through features.


Knowing how secure your data is extremely important. For example, you need to know whether they are having any physical backup of your backup. What do they do in case of disaster? These are some of the questions that you need to ask before you finalize your deal. The backup software should protect your data from ransomware and other viruses.

Integration and extra Features

It is not just limited to choosing the most secure software, and you need to see whether it will integrate with your services.

Let’s suppose your business is using Salesforce for handling and managing all the client’s information. Can the backup software directly take the backup from there? These are some of the things you need to look for.

Further, it’s all about the features they have. If you have a huge client base, you also need to look for monitoring features. There should be all the monitoring features. It allows you to see whether the data integrity is good enough or not. All these analyses are also important.

Pricing and User Interface

Lastly, you need to see the price and have a look at the different features it provides. If the price is too high for you, you will have no option but to go with a different software provider. Therefore, you will have to make sure that the price range is within your budget. You also need to make sure that UI is good.

Which software is best for Beginner?

If you are a beginner, you will need to choose the software that will work most efficiently. Now, there are two types of backup software. One of them is for personal usage, whereas the second is for business usage.

The home product will allow you to save all your files that are on your computer. The business version can easily integrate with all the famous CRM and get the data directly from there as per your scheduling.

Depending on what you want, you can select the software. You can either go with OwnBackup or you can also go with Veeam. Both of these are useful for different purposes. You can choose the one as per your need.

It doesn’t matter which software you choose. It’s important to keep in mind that if you want to upgrade the automation and get better features, you will have to eventually move to the new software where you will learn new things.

Therefore, you can also go with the managed service, which will handle most of the things for you. In that case, you will have minimum things to keep in mind.

Lastly, most of the backup software will offer a free trial. You can surely take the trial to see if the software is good for you or not.

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