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GEMINI MAN 3D+HFR HIGH FRAME RATE,ジェミニマン 4K Ultra HD UHD 60FPS ウィル・スミス 3D HFR ハイ・フレーム・レート

I appreciated Ang Lee’s first high frame rate film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, released in 2016. I left the theatre mesmerized by the cinematography. As Ang Lee said about the film, “I have integrated the narrative into the movie itself.” Over the next few years, I waited in anticipation to see how Ang Lee would approach his next high frame rate movie. Then came Gemini Man, my most anticipated movie release in 2019.

On the first day of the film’s release, I entered the theater with excitement and high expectations, and it didn’t disappoint. However, I couldn’t watch the movie in the highest specifications of 120FPS 4K 3D, the 60FPS 2K version that was screened still created an immersive experience for me.

Details commonly overlooked, such as the reflection of puddles in the street, the rapid bolt of motorcycles, close combat, and the shattering of glass, are stunningly shown without any afterimages with 3D and high frame rate technology.

And with the film’s outstanding native 3D experience, the naked eye can perceive the foreground’s depth, middle ground, and background in each scene. The three-dimensional effect of this film and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk was surprisingly realistic. This is how a 3D movie should be experienced. After seeing this film, I cannot recommend ordinary 3D movies. They are simply a waste of money.

Apart from the film quality, I also have to mention that the soundtrack is outstanding as well. It has a very charming, lyrical quality and sticks with you even after leaving the theater. The first time I listened to it, I could feel deeply imprinted in my mind.

While I thoroughly enjoyed both Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and Gemini Man, not all moviegoers and film critics agreed. Critics such as Youtuber Chris Stuckman didn’t see the 3D + HFR version of Gemini Man. He only saw the 24FPS version, and his negative review reflected that. Another critic on Rotten Tomatoes, Grace Randolph, went to Dolby Cinema to see the 120FPS, 2K version of Gemini Man, and she gave it a glowing review.

After seeing Gemini Man, I am confident that Ang Lee has proven himself a capable director of action films. In the future, I hope that he can branch out and look to film other genres such as musicals and horror movies in 120FPS, 4K, and 3D.

In the film, the exciting motorcycle chase in Cartagena, Colombia, and the one-on-one flight in the catacombs employed a long shot with a high frame rate to create a sense of tension in the scene. This shattered the notion that action movies must use fast editing to generate the same effect. Ang Lee has taken on a new cinematic style altogether, and perhaps the action design of this film will become the new standard in the future.

The presence of a mirror is employed as a metaphor throughout the film. The motorcycle’s rear-view mirror, street puddles, a stairwell mirror, and water reflecting off surfaces in the catacomb all reflect on Henry and Junior as characters.

Where was GEMINI MAN filmed?

By mirroring the self, even duplicators of the same gene are two bodies with different souls. The characters’ conflicts, intense arguments, and reconciliation intentions cause the audience to reflect on themselves. “Who am I?”

In the past, Ang Lee’s films often explored father/son issues, and those familiar plotlines are also present in Gemini Man. Clay and Junior can be thought of as symbols of a father and son. They have a typical patriarchal relationship found in Asian cultures. In addition to the action scenes, the eagerly divided yet inseparable bond Clay and Junior share draws you in.

Gemini Man from Paramount Pictures, Skydance, and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

Clive Owen delivered an outstanding performance, and his embodiment of a father with a strong desire to control was admirable. His sharp sight and incontrovertible attitude were impactful.

Will Smith interpreted the expressions, body, and tone of the two important characters how an actor of his caliber is expected. His portrayal of middle-aged Henry’s sophistication and the hesitation of young Junior came to life at a high frame rate.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead shed the old-fashioned, love-making relationship character she is known for and turned into a tough heroine for this role, which was incredibly refreshing to watch on the big screen.


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(4K UHD support 60fps definitely, I’m not sure about online streaming)

Watch 4K、60fps, you need:
1. 4K TV with HDR
2. Ultra HD Blu-ray player or PlayStation 5 console
3. A HDMI 2.0 Cable

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