First 120FPS Movie ☆Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk★ REVIEW

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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 120fps movie poster,ビリー・リンの永遠の一日 4K 120FPS 3D

While PlayStation 5(PS5) video games are still catching up with 120fps, the movie has successfully reached its goal in 2016. Since Ang Lee’s new work published 120FPS, 4K, 3D specifications, I have been looking forward to seeing it.

There are only five cinemas(New York City, Los Angeles, Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai) in the world that can show this highest specification. I am very lucky to enjoy it without going abroad.

Let me say how I feel about the proud technology used in this work:

120FPS is smooth to the extreme, especially the fast panning lens is presented. The audience can penetrate the character’s emotions and inner and strengthen the projection of the character.

Besides, this time it uses nine times the brightness of ordinary 3D movies, just like the 2D version, the distant objects are visible. Of course, when I first encountered such a brand-new technology, I was a little bit uncomfortable.

It looks like a documentary, but after about ten or fifteen minutes, my eyes gradually get used to this.

Amazing 60fps 3D

Especially in the halftime show, the noisy and gorgeous sparks around the scene were amazing. In the future, 120 FPS will enrich the entertainment of science fiction and action movies. In the type of drama, the recognition of the role has been greatly improved, but relatively dependent on actors acting.

After appreciating this movie, I am very sure that it will be number one in my 2016 film, until the end of the credits, I seem to be pinned on the seat and to digest the clear picture in my brain.

Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk Kristen Stewart best performance

Sharp dialogue and abrupt face, no ups and downs progress, regular tit-for-tat, but in the latter part of the plot, there was a heated spark. Finally left disconsolate and frustrated. Ang Lee‘s narrative is still no trivial matter, I truly admired it.

Audiences who have watched war psychological films in the past may think this is still cliché, but like the title, the main story from the viewpoint of Billy Lynn, this vegetable soldier stereotypes.

By contrast between the halftime show, the family, and the Iraqi battlefield to set off the growth of Billy Lynn. The multiple angles are the highlight.

Although some foreign film critics are not very satisfied with the cross-cutting to break the story, I like the cross-narrative approach of the halftime show, battlefields, and family through Billy Lynn’s thoughts.

More seize the audience’s gaze, where the absurdity and irony meet the mind of the deep-India viewer is lingering. If it is well-formed and described in a linear structure, it is flat and straightforward, lacking strength.

Ang Lee’s skill in selecting newcomers is top-notch, Joe Alwyn’s debut show is very impressive. He shows his salad days and experiences the trauma of the battlefield at a glance.

Kristen Stewart, who plays Kathryn with resolute and sends sympathy to the audience. She got rid of resting bitch face from The Twilight Saga and get Academy Award can be expected soon.

Vin Diesel still maintains his tough-guy image in The Fast and the Furious Saga. His part is too little, If there is a little more friendly with Joe Alwyn, it will strengthen the comparison with the halftime show.

Garrett Hedlund delivered the best performance of his life. David Dime, who plays, perfectly shows the friendship of brother love. Although his words are not forgiving, he revealed his sincerity when he faced the oil magnate.

Steve Martin and Chris Tucker often perform well in comedy performances, this time it is still dazzling in the setting of serious themes. Although the role of the agent is close to comedy and witty. However, there is still a deep needle in the heavy script, and the pain makes the audience sympathize.

I bought 4K UHD BD. This is the first Blu-ray to support 60FPS in history, and it is real 4K.
A total of three BDs, 4K UHD, 2K, and 3D.

Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk 4K UHD Blu ray BD
Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk UNBOXING

Take a chance. You never know

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(4K UHD support 60fps definitely, I’m not sure about online streaming)

Watch 4K、60fps, you need:
1. 4K TV with HDR
2. Ultra HD Blu-ray player or PlayStation 5 console
3. A HDMI 2.0 Cable

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